It seems that Dean really is a sucker for them!

Dean gets back from the pizza run with more than just side orders; two big, tough, hardened hunters versus something small, cute and furry ... there's no contest!

A story in two seperate 100 word drabbles; there isn't a rating for gut-churning soppiness; you have been warned!

WOW Hold. Extra challenge - write about a random act of kindness.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but if anyone wants to do a random act of kindness for me then, send them over, will you?

Chapter 1


The door opened and Dean stumbled into the room holding pizza boxes.

He irritably shook his rain-soaked hair; "freakin' storm's a bitch!"

Sam's eyes narrowed suspiciously on seeing a defined bulge under Dean's jacket.

"Dude? Something you wanna tell me?"

Unfastening his jacket Dean hesitantly revealed a dishevelled scrap of wet, brown fur cowering under the thick fabric.

Sam's jaw dropped.

Clutching the trembling puppy, Dean flushed slightly; "saw the poor little guy by the road, tied up and left to die," he shrugged sheepishly; "couldn't leave him."

Sam grinned; "well, I guess he'll be useful if we have leftovers tonight!"