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After the Struggle

It was finally over. The war to end all wars between the shinigami and the hollows finally came to a close. It has been three days since the Winter War had ended and there was only one word used to describe its aftermath.

Chaos. Complete and utter chaos.

With the defeat of the traitor Sosuke Aizen by the hands of substitute soul reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, the Soul Society had finally calmed down, for now. Aizen's army was defeated and ended with the survivors either escaping back to Hueco Mundo or being captured by the remaining shinigami forces. However, the end of the war was not a time of celebration or merriment. Things still had to be done and loose ends needed tying up.

The only good news besides Aizen's defeat was that none of the soul reapers who fought in the final moments of the war were killed. However, this didn't mean that they came out without a scratch. Several captains and lieutenants were placed under immediate medical attention and were healed by Captain Unohana, Lieutenant Isane, and Inoue Orihime. This included the Vizards, Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Ichigo's fiends as well.

For now, the shinigami and their allies were staying in the condemned ruins of Fake Karakura Town. Due to the town being an exact replica of the original town, the soul reapers decided to station themselves in the home of Isshin Kurosaki, much to the delight of said former soul reaper. The present doctor was practically hopping off the walls at the prospect of having his former colleagues staying at his home and gave those who weren't injured a tour of the house and clinic. Needless to say, the non-wounded considered their unconscious friends to be the lucky ones since they didn't need to deal with a hyperactive Kurosaki for the pass three days.

However, this didn't keep the uninjured soul reapers from performing their regular duties in patrolling both the human world and the fake town for signs of Aizen's forces. It was decided that the soul reapers were to patrol in groups of two every few hours before passing the shift onto the next group.

However, it seems that one little soul reaper had decided to go a little rogue with the order. The shinigami wasn't very intimidating and was actually only about five feet in height. He had mid-length black hair and pale blue eyes that looked almost gray in the right light. He carried a small white shoulder bag with the symbol for relief on it. Attached to his hip was a katana and he wore the standard shinigami uniform, however, it was in white.

This was our own timid healer, Hanataro Yamada.

The little soul reaper had come out and decided to go for a walk as well as doing a little patrol, while most of the others had drifted off to rest. The night sky shined with its ever glowing moon and the dark blanket was dotted in twinkling stars. A gentle breeze glided throughout the town. It was a feeling of peace that contradicted greatly from the fury of war that happened here a few days ago.

'Ah. I love such peaceful walks. I'm glad that no one died but I guess the fourth division's going to be packed for a while.'

'Hm, is it strange that I don't have any real problems from the war? I know that wounds could be healed but minds cannot. Most people would either become cold and reserved or go crazy from the horrors they saw. I guess I'm luckier since I was unconscious most of the time, but I know that the others are strong. They can face any problems that may occur and we have each other to look to.'

Truth be told, Hanataro had left his bed for a walk because he had trouble sleeping. The healer felt useless and guilty because he wasn't strong enough to help the other warriors fight off the hollows. He also felt guilty for not being able to help Rukia from that pumpkin shaped Arrancar. Hanataro continued to walk through the ruins of the fake town before finally stopping near a downed building to rest his weary feet. He was still healing from his injury and knew that it would most likely leave a large scar.

"Well, I always knew Rukia-san was strong. I just didn't know that she was that strong," Hanataro laughed meekly.

However, the sound of shifting rock startled the little soul reaper out of his thoughts. Turning quickly to the left, Hanataro shifted his trembling hands to his sword and prepared to draw it just in case it was a hollow. He knew that he wouldn't be able to fight against any of the Espada or their minions but he could at least cause enough of a ruckus to wake up the other soul reapers. When no other sound or movement was heard, Hanataro's worried mind relaxed to a more nervous curiosity.

The noise had come from a narrow alley between two buildings and was completely shrouded by the night's darkness. Giving in to his curious nature, the healer slowly walked towards the alley in order to investigate it. It was dark but not enough to completely blind a person. It was then that Hanataro could make out a silhouette near the end of the alley. The healer knew that the person was wounded from the way their body was collapsed and leaned against the wall. Hanataro knew that it was a hollow because the rest of the soul reapers were back at the Kurosaki residence. However, the hollow was not something Hanataro had expected.

The hollow was definitely an Arrancar because of its human shaped form and mask fragment but it was an unexpected one. The Arrancar was a woman, a very beautiful woman in fact. The woman had dark skin, green eyes, blonde eyelashes, and messy short blonde hair that had three braided locks. Unknown to Hanataro, this was the third espada, Tia Harribel, however, he was more concerned by the large diagonal slash wound on her front body at the moment.

Immediately forgoing about drawing his sword, Hanataro rushed to the wounded woman's side. Examining the wound and her condition, Hanataro took out his medical supplies and began gathering spiritual energy to his hands. They glowed gently with a soothing green and slowly inched to the wound that began at the torso. However, the healer had not noticed that the woman was conscious and was completely startled when she spoke.

"W-w-who are y-y-you?" she asked weakly.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" screamed Hanataro who immediately jumped away. Unfortunately, he ended up tripping against a piece of rock before falling flatly on his back. "I-I-I-I'm s-sorry! I j-just t-thought you needed s-some help."

"Y-you mean, you are not g-going to kill me?"

"N-no, why would I-I do that?"

"B-but I am the e-enemy."

Looking down for a moment, the healer appeared to be in thought before getting up and approaching the fallen woman again. "I don't care. Y-you are injured and cannot f-fight. B-besides, I am a medic. I heal people no matter who it is. I-it goes against what I s-stand for a-and that is to help people."

Hanataro had spoken this as he approached the wounded arrancar, who would have been impressed by the man's conviction if he didn't trip on a rock in front of him. The result was a faceplant to the ground and a sweatdrop from the blonde beauty. Regaining his composure, Hanataro immediately began to heal the woman's wounds again. A few minutes passed, as the two were silent, however, Harribel could see a small blush on the healer's face. Of course, who wouldn't blush when you have your hands directly in front of a woman's chest, and a very ample chest as well?

Feeling slightly better, the beautiful woman decided to make a conversation with the timid healer.

"Why are you helping me?"

The timid healer sighed with relief for the more comfortable distraction but that didn't stop Hanataro from concentrating on his healing.

"Like I said, it doesn't matter who is injured. I am a healer first and a shinigami second. I made a promise to myself to help anyone who is hurt no matter which side they're from."

"But I am a hollow. I could kill you the moment I am healed."

"I know, but I don't care. Besides, I heard the story from the captains and I knew that none of them defeated you."

This surprised the Harribel completely. Here was a soul reaper who not only wanted to help her but also didn't care whether or not she was a hollow. She had believed that shinigami and hollows could never coexist peacefully with each other and that both sides wanted to kill the other. However, this little soul reaper had taken those beliefs and metaphorically tossed them out the window!

"Who won?"


"Which side won? The shinigami or the hollows?"

"The shinigami I guess. A lot of us got hurt from the fighting but Aizen was defeated by Kurosaki-san."

"He lied to us," Harribel said angrily.

"He lied to all of us. I am sorry, but I don't know your name."

"What happens now?"


"What will you do with me? Will you have me executed by the shinigami or kill me yourself?"

"I…I don't know. It depends if I can heal you enough. Your wound is very severe and it is amazing that you didn't die from blood loss."

Harribel was again surprised by the medic's change of confidence. The healer originally seemed to be very timid and quite clumsy as well. Now, Hanataro acted like a different soul reaper. He still had his timid personality but carried a certain confidence that gave off a serious look. The very same look a doctor has when they are trying to save a patient from dying. One thing Harribel was certain of was that Hanataro didn't act like the average soul reaper.

'Maybe the shinigami aren't all the same we thought them to be.'

The two stayed in their positions for sometime. One sitting against a brick wall and bathed in a soothing glow. The other diligently worked to save another life. A few more moments passed before the soothing green light vanished, as Hanataro took a seat in front of the female arrancar. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, the medic nodded to Harribel and had a small smile.

"It was a little difficult but I was able to heal most your injury," sighed a tired Hanataro.

Harribel then shifted to examine her wound and found that the damage was reduced to a point that it was just a small scratch. Her natural regenerating power would be more than enough to finish the healing but it would be a while before she could be in combat again. Standing up, the woman looked down to Hanataro and gave him another surprise this night.

"Thank you."

Freezing, the soul reaper glanced up to Harribel but immediately looking back down. Although Harribel couldn't see it, Hanataro had a bright red blush that would have been able to give a tomato a run for its money. The little healer blushed because of embarrassment, but it was more due to Harribel's current appearance than her voice of thanks.

"Y-you're w-welcome. B-but c-could y-you p-please put s-something o-on."

Confused, Harribel didn't know what the little soul reaper was talking about until she looked back to her torso. The small jacket she had worn was completely shredded from both the battle and Aizen's slash. The result was that the piece of clothing no longer covered the female hollow's ample…assets.

Blushing slightly in embarrassment, Harribel brought her arms up to cover her breasts and turning around so that her back was turned towards Hanataro. Despite her instincts telling her not to turn her back on the enemy, Harribel knew that Hanataro wouldn't be able to fight her even in her weakened condition. A moment passed, as Harribel shivered slightly from the cold night air.

Feeling a soft fabric draped around her shoulders, the female arrancar turned around to find that Hanataro had taken off his top robe. Now, the young soul reaper had only his bottom robes and a thin, loose white shirt on. Being one of the Kurosakis' hospital shirts, the piece of clothing was almost a size larger than Hanataro's body. This allowed Harribel to see the wound Hanataro had received back in Hueco Mundo. The woman knew that the scar was fresh and still tender due to experience. Although surprised that such a gentle shinigami could have such a large wound, Harribel chose not to question him about it and tightened the robe around her chest.

"Thank you."

"N-no problem. Y-you looked like y-you were cold," blushed Hanataro.

"What about you? Aren't you cold?"

"No. I'm f-fine."

However, a sudden small gust of wind said otherwise, as Hanataro tried, and failing miserably, not to shiver in front of the beautiful woman. Harribel chuckled slightly before thanking the little healer again, causing him to blush deeper at the thanks. A moment passed, as the two stood in the alley in silence.

"So…" started Hanataro awkwardly.

"Little shinigami…"

"Hanataro," interrupted said soul reaper.


"H-Hanataro. M-my name is H-Hanataro Yamada."

"Thank you Hanataro Yamada. I am Tia Harribel."

"Just Hanataro please, Harribel-san."

"Very well, Hanataro-san. I would like to ask again what you plan to do with me."


"I am healed. Do you plan on alerting the shinigami of my presence?"

A moment passed, as Hanataro looked down but he soon looked back up again. "No. I-I heard t-that you fought us but y-you didn't k-kill anyone during the b-battle. B-Besides, it was A-Aizen that hurt you n-not a shinigami."

The little medic again astounded Harribel. Not only did this soul reaper heal Harribel but also told said arrancar that he was not alerting the other shinigami!

'We were wrong to believe that the shinigami wanted to exterminate us hollows. Not all of them are the same. Perhaps I should introduce him to Mila Rose…'

The thought was never completed because Harribel was too focused about her precious people.

"I must find my Fracción, my friends Hanataro-san."

"O-Oh. A-Alright let's go find them then."

"What? You want to help me find Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun?"

"S-Sure. B-besides, if they were hurt then y-you would need me r-right?"


It wasn't long till the two began heading to the location of Harribel's closest friends. It was pretty hard to miss the crater that Head-Captain Yamamoto made anyway. The walk was peaceful and quiet and brought both Hanataro and Harribel some relief, as it was a sign that no one had sensed the latter's spiritual pressure yet. If the two were found out then there would be a lot to explain about and neither wanted to be the focus of a group of angry shinigami.

They had to deal with that on a daily basis anyway.

The two eventually found the area that Harribel had seen her friends fight in and began searching through the debris. The two didn't seem to be having much luck and both were still in weak conditions to be moving any large slabs of stone. However, Harribel's worry soon vanished when Hanataro had yelled out that he found them. Although she did sweatdrop from how the little medic had found her injured friends.

Apparently Hanataro had slipped on a large stone and tumbled down a small pile of rubble near the edge of the crater. It was after the shinigami had gathered his bearings enough that he had found the unconscious forms of the three female arrancars. Harribel immediately joined him and rushed to see Hanataro examining the three. She breathed a sigh of relief when the soul reaper had told her that each of them was alive.

It wasn't long till Hanataro had bathed each of them in his healing kido and was able to reduce their wounds to only minor injuries. However, there were different reactions from the three female arrancars when they regained consciousness.

Sung-Sun was the first to be healed and upon waking up to see a male soul reaper with his hands right above her she immediately slapped Hanataro's face, while aggressively chastising him about respecting a woman's personal space.

Mila-Rose was the next to reenter the world and Hanataro was met with an attack that crushed even the strongest of men. The lioness had kicked Hanataro in the groin with her foot. Hard.

Apacci was the last to recover from her injuries and subsequently punched Hanataro in the eye.

Needless to say, the reactions were a bit amusing to Harribel and required her to keep each of them from killing their savior. However, she felt a little sorry for Hanataro from having to endure three painful attacks to his person. Especially when he was still healing from Mila-Rose's attack. But Harribel knew that she would be eternally grateful to Hanataro for saving their lives.

Hanataro for his part was still healing his newly acquired injuries. The three women didn't hold back on their attacks and he was still reeling in from the lioness's kick to his manhood.

*About a half-hour later*

After healing the three injured arrancar, Hanataro had taken the time to rest his weary body, while Harribel filled the three in on what happened after Yamamoto defeated them. She also admonished the girls for attacking the very person who had healed them. This led to a slightly humorous apology since Mila-Rose and Apacci ended up with having an argument about who should apologize first. This only resulted in another argument between all three arrancar when Sung-sun insulted her two companions. Both Harribel and Hanataro sweatdropped at the behavior before the two turned to each other.

"I must thank you again Hanataro-san. You have saved both myself and my friends, and for that I am eternally grateful to you."

"I-it was nothing H-Harribel-san. I j-just wanted to help," an embarrassed Hanataro laughed.

"No. It was not. You decided to save us instead of killing us and like what most soul reapers would do."

"W-well, y-you're welcome Harribel-san."

A few moments later, the arguments between the three girls had died down and Harribel had opened a Garganta so that the four of them could return to Hueco Mundo. When the portal was fully opened, Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-Sun stepped through the portal and began the journey home. However, Harribel had stayed behind to speak to Hanataro one last time.

"So…this is goodbye then."


"W-Will I see you again?"

"You want to see us again?"

"W-Why not? I-I think that we could be g-great friends if we g-got to k-know each other."

"I am sure we will meet again one day Hanataro-san. I just hope it will be on better terms though."

The little medic was happy for Harribel but was also sad in having to see her go. He couldn't quite place it, but this woman had given him a sense of peace and warmth that he had never felt before. However, unknown to the little soul reaper, Hanataro was about to get one last surprise for the night.

What most hollows and shinigami didn't know was that Harribel had the ability to change the form of her mask fragment. Usually the mask would cover her entire mouth but Harribel had the ability to change its form so that her mask fragment were only two long fang-shaped fragments and only covered her cheeks. This allowed others to see the bottom portion of her face and it really did reveal Harribel's beauty.

It was this very same ability that Harribel had just used so that she may give Hanataro a little present for all his work. Walking up to the medic, Harribel slowly brought his head up with her hands on his cheeks before gently giving him a kiss on the lips.

It was a gentle kiss and didn't last very long but it did leave a lasting impression on Hanataro though. Saying that the little soul reaper was stunned would be a huge understatement, as Hanataro soon flushed a red brighter than the sun!

Chuckling at the reaction, Harribel had thanked a stunned Hanataro one last time before entering the portal to Hueco Mundo.

"Good-bye Hanataro-san. Thank you for all you have done and I hope we meet again in the future."

It took a few minutes for Hanataro's brain to function again and the little medic's shocked face was soon replaced with a goofy grin. Hanataro then began to walk back to the Kurosaki residence, however, he seemed to have a slight spring to his step this time.

"I hope we meet again soon…Harribel-san," blushed a goofy grinning Hanataro.

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