AN: Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile. Anyway, here's a cute little RanxShinichi Christmas story for you all. Figured it fit because today's 2/25, which is a pretty close date to 12/25.

It was snowing pretty heavily that night - one of the first snowfalls of the year, despite it being the end of February. Ran sat in the OK Diner, swirling her straw around her water glass. The ice had already melted. A gift bag sat sullenly on the bench next to her. She let her head fall into her hand and looked out the window for what felt like the hundredth time that night. She pondered her relationship with her not-boyfriend, Shinichi, as she watched the flakes fall carefully to the ground. A waitress approached her and informed her that the diner would be closing in fifteen minutes. Ran thanked her and resumed her musing.

What had happened was Shinichi had called her up the other day and asked her to eat a Christmas dinner with her at the diner. He told her that he was stopping into the town briefly to pick some things up from his house but then was going off to pursue his case in other cities and would not be back to Beika in a long time. He told her that this would probably be the last time he could see her for a long time. Of course she accepted - how could she not? They were friends, even if she wanted more. But he was gone so often that the feelings she had for him were starting to feel stagnant and stale. Was it time to finally move on?

The waitress came by as a clock beeped in the distance, telling Ran it was midnight. She had sat there for four hours, waiting. The waitress quietly and sympathetically ushered Ran out of the diner, informing her that it was time for them to close. As she walked her out, she told Ran, "I was really hoping, for you, that he would come. I'm sorry."

But Ran bit her tongue and smiled her thanks at the young waitress. "It's okay," Ran found herself telling her as she clutched the gift bag close to her heart. "He does this to me all the time."

"I don't think I'd wait for a guy that stood me up every chance he got," the waitress commented. "I bet you can do better than him."

"Maybe," Ran agreed, and stepped out into the snowy streets. As she walked dejectedly down the sidewalk towards her father's agency, she found herself changing paths to walk towards Shinichi's house. As she realized the direction that she was taking, she stopped on the sidewalk and pondered her actions. She also pondered Shinichi and the way he had stood her up. Perhaps, she thought, he had at least gone back to his house to pick up whatever he needed, and she could catch him on his way out. Perhaps he was running late and that's why he didn't show up? Making up her mind, consciously now, she continued on the way to Shinichi's house. Hopefully he would be there. The gift bag she was carrying knocked against her leg as if to remind her that it was there.

Finally she reached Shinichi's house. In the snow, she saw footsteps tracking to and from the front door. Her heart sunk with realization, but she went up and knocked on the door anyway. "Shinichi? Shinichi? Are you home? Shinichi?"

Of course, there was no response. Ran's eyes searched, unenthusiastically, for a note that Shinichi might have left for her that would have explained the night. Finding none, as usual, she left the gift bag at the door and walked the rest of the way home, with a bitter heart and dry eyes.