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Chapter 10: What a predicament

Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Choji and Ino took turn in taking care of Sasuke. Some went out to look for some enemies and some scroll, and others looked for food, everyone ruled out Choji because they knew he'll eat it all.

Naruto was currently sitting with Choji, guarding Sasuke while the girls took a bath.

Hinata was happily washing her hair in the small lake.

'I'm happy that I finally able to wash the sweat off of me.' Hinata thought.

'Why?' Hinata heard Kurama asked.

'Because, I won't be able to win Naruto-kun hearts by being sweaty and gross.' Hinata said.

'Of course.' Kurama rolled her eyes.

Hinata looked up at Sakura and Ino only to almost jump in their stare.

"Um… can I help you?" Hinata asked.

Both Sakura and Ino turned their back on Hinata in a huff.

"I'm fine." Sakura and Ino said at once.

'Why that little… she thinks she can have bigger breast than me, she'll see, when I get older my breast will be bigger.' Sakura thought.

'Just because her breast is bigger doesn't mean she can fluent it everywhere she goes! If she thinks she'll get Naruto-kun's attention like that, she got another think coming.' Ino thought.

Hinata rolled her eyes, already knowing what they were thinking.

'They really should get over the fact that we're taking a bath together, we're all girls. Right Kurama?' Hinata thought.

Kurama groaned while rubbing her forehead, unlike Hinata, she knew why they were mad.

'Hina-hime just… just tells them it's time to get out.' Kurama said.

Hinata shrugged her shoulder and stood. "Girls, it's about time we leave." Hinata said.

"But I want to stay." Ino whined while crossing her arms, Sakura doing the same.

Hinata sighed. "I know but-"

"And sit down already!" Ino interrupted. "I don't want to stare at your pussy!" Ino yelled.

Hinata looked down and immediately blushed before quickly retreating to the water.

Sakura sighed. "Fine whatever gets me to prevent looking at you naked." Sakura said as she got out of the water.

"No one forced you!" Hinata retorted.

'Nice.' Kurama laughed.

Hinata and Ino stood and left the lake.

They found Sakura looking around frantically.

"Sakura-san, what's wrong?" Hinata said, reaching to grab her panties only to grab air. Hinata looked down in shock to find her clothes gone. "Ah, where's my clothes!?" Hinata asked.

"That's what I like to wonder!" Ino yelled as she also found her clothes missing.

"Who would steal our…" Sakura stopped mid-rant when she found a piece of paper at the floor, she picked it up. "Hinata, this is for you." Sakura said.

Hinata grabbed the letter and opened it.

'Hinata-Chan, sorry for your clothes disappearing, I'll be borrowing them for a while, it is really important, your pal Naruto Uzumaki.' Hinata's face turned red when she read this.

"Who has it?" Ino asked.

"Apparently Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

"Naruto-kun!?" Ino asked in shock and joy.

"Naruto actually stole my clothes?" Sakura asked. "Why that little pervert!" Sakura said in anger while clenching her fist.

'Why would he want out clothes?' Hinata thought.

'Maybe to sniff your panties?' Kurama offered.

'That's gross!'

'Don't knock till you try it.'

'Why would you tell me to… you know what, forget it.'

(With Naruto)
"Are you sure this'll work?" Choji asked.

"Of course." Naruto said, taping the girls' panties to a tree. "Everyone knows that if a pervert sees a pair of panties, he won't be able to resist smelling them so when that pervert comes, you and I will jump out of the bushes, kick his ass and take the scroll." Naruto said, glowing in pride by his 'brilliant' plan.

"Yeah but, what if the pervert doesn't have the scroll?" Choji asked.

"Then we'll use the pervert as bait for his other teammates then kick their asses and take the scroll."

"But what if they have the same scroll as the both of us?' Choji asked again.

"We both have the heaven and earth scroll so one of us will get something out of this."

"But what if-"

"You know what Choji? If you're gonna be so negative then shut the hell up and leave!" Naruto snapped. "Didn't I ask you to guard Sasuke anyway?"

Choji blinked. "Oh no! You're right!" and with that, Choji dashed off in high speed.

Naruto sighed; he looked at the panties and admired his handiwork.

"This is so gonna work." Naruto said with confident before going and hiding in a nearby bush.

(The girls)
They were all back in the lake, opting to stay there and think rather than stay naked in the forest.

"So how will we get our clothes back?" Sakura asked.

"Can't we just wait for Naruto-kun to give our clothes back?" Hinata asked.

"No!" Sakura yelled.

"Ok ok."

Ino sighed. "Doesn't matter to me, knowing that Naruto-kun is interested in me enough to steal my panties give me a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach" Ino said with a giggle.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "I think you're reading too much into it."

Ino huffed. "Well I don't see any boys try to steal your panties." Ino pointed out.

"Exactly, they know that if they try that, I'll break their arm." Sakura said proudly.

Hinata sighed and face palmed.

'They aren't going to be of any help are they?' Hinata thought.

'No they aren't' Kurama sighed too.

(With Naruto)
Naruto continued to watch the panties eagerly, waiting for the chance to jump the pervert that would dare steal his love ones panties.

Wait, love ones?

'I don't love them?' Naruto thought with a blushing face. 'I know Ino-Chan loves me but she's really weird in the way she shows her love.' Naruto thought, turning from the panties and laid his back against the bush. 'Sakura-san diffidently hates me so I don't know how I could love her, and even if she did love me she has the weirdest way of showing them.' Unknown to him, like he predicted, a perverted man came across the panties. His eyes turned into hearts as he quickly ran into them and started to check every detail of them before grabbing all threes and leaving with them.

'And Hinata-Chan, she's really nice to me, the nicest out of all of them, and those clear pearl lavender eyes.' Naruto smiled, imagining those eyes before furiously shaking his heads. 'No time for that, I need to pay attention to the…' when he turned around, he notice the panties gone, what surprised him was that they were a note stuck on the tree.

Naruto walked towards it and read it.

'Hahaha, did you think I would fall for the oldest trick in the book? Well you're stupider than… uh… stupider than Peter Griffin, yeah, you're that stupid… STUPID!' Naruto continue to read the letter, hoping to Kami that he wasn't imagining it.

"Sakura is gonna kill me." Naruto said with fear in his voice.

The girls got an annoyed look on their faces.

"Did anyone have any ideas?" Hinata asked.

"No." Both answer.

They heard rustling in the bushes and they quickly ducked until the water reaches their chin.

Out of the bushes came out Naruto.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, blushing deeply.

"Naruto-kun!" Ino said in joy, rising from the water.

Naruto's face turned completely red and turned from her.

"Where's our clothes you pervert!" Sakura snapped.

"Hey, I'm not a pervert! I only used your panties as bait for perverts, kick their asses and take their scroll!" Naruto explained.

Ino blinked. "So let me get this straight, you took my panties not to smell them?" she asked.

"Exac… wha…?" Naruto asked, genuinely confused.

Ino giggled nervously. "Nothing, so did you get the scroll?" she asked.

"Um…" Naruto rubbed his head nervously. "No the… the guy escaped… with the panties." he said that low, hoping they didn't heard him.

"WHAT!?" all three yelled, Sakura and Hinata standing up in shock.

Due to Hinata's large breast they jiggled and some of the water on them splashed Naruto on the head.

"Hey! Just because I lost your panties doesn't mean that…" Naruto stopped mid-rant when he turned around in anger and saw all three girls naked in front of him.

All three girls were completely oblivious to this and just glared at him.

"How could you let my panties be stolen by a perverted freak!?" Sakura asked.

"This is just horrible!" Ino yelled.

"How could you do such a thing Naruto-kun!?" Hinata asked.

They waited for Naruto's answer.

"Well!?" they asked.

Before they knew it, a huge torrent of blood came from Naruto's nose and he collapse on the ground with swirly eyes.

"What the… what's his problem?" Sakura asked.

Hinata looked down on herself then the others girls.

"I think I might have an idea." she said, getting back down on the water, though Sakura and Ino still looked confused.

'I do wonder who was the one that ran off with my panties.' Hinata said.

(With the panty thief)

The sand retreated back to the gourd of Gaara, Temari and Kankuro behind him, not even flinching.

"Thank you, that guy was too noisy." Kankuro said.

"Mh…" Temari walked towards the dead guy. "Here's the…" Temari took out the scroll but also pulled out the panties. "Panties?" she asked curiously.

"Panties!?" Kankuro asked in excitement and snatched the panties from Temari's hands. "Hey, they all different, this one is really soft." Kankuro said as he stretched a pearl white one.

Temari pulled another one out and almost laughed out loud, there was the heart shaped one with Naruto's face on them.

"Who would wear this one!?" she said suppressing her laughter, due Kankuro didn't even put effort and laughed while rolling on the floor.

Gaara walked towards them and looked at the panties closely, narrowing his eyes when they landed on Naruto.

"Isn't that Naruto Uzumaki?" Gaara asked, upon hearing his brother talk, Kankuro stopped laughing and looked at the panties again, Temari doing the same.

"You're right." Temari said. "So whoever these panties belong to… must know Naruto… and not only that but they must have some kind of obsession with him." Temari said with a raised eyebrow.

"Maybe you shouldn't have killed the guy; we could've forced him to tell us where he found it." Kankuro said.

"Did you… did you just said something intelligent?" Temari asked.

"How rude!" Kankuro yelled.

Gaara looked at the dead guy then at the panties. "There's nothing left for us here, we got the scroll so there's no reason for us to look for this girl." Gaara said as he turned to leave.

"Uh, right." Temari said, pocketing the panty before following Gaara, Kankuro grabbed the last two panties and ran after them.

Hinata tugged at her pants. "It feels weird not wearing panties under this." she said.

"I'll said, the only thing covering me are my bandages and they could get easily ripped in battle." Ino groaned.

"This tight shorts are really uncomfortable." Sakura said, constantly moving while sitting in an attempt to get comfortable.

"Thanks Naruto." all three said with a glare at Naruto's direction.

"It wasn't my fault, I got distracted!" Naruto yelled.

"By what!?" Sakura challenged.

Naruto was about to say but quickly shut his mouth.

The girls sighed.

"Well, it might not be so bad." Hinata said would rubbing her legs together and blushing.

'Are you getting turned on?' Kurama asked.

'What? No!'

'You are! This is too good! Do you want me to-?'

'If it has the word 'licking', then I don't want to hear it!'

'Ok ok… can I eat you out?'

Hinata groaned.

"What's wrong with you?" Sakura asked.

"Huh? Oh uh… nothing." Hinata laughed nervously.

Naruto watched as the girls rubbed their legs together in discomfort, Naruto doesn't know why but the scene makes him feel a little uncomfortable.

Ino noticed this and smiled slyly at him. "Naruto-kun~" she said, making Naruto almost jump. "Why do you look nervous?" she asked.

Sakura blinked, slightly confuse before catching up and also smiled at Naruto slyly.

"Yeah, does being around three panty-less girls make you feel uncomfortable?" she asked.

Naruto's face turned completely red. "I don't know what you're talking about, three *gulp* panties-less girls doesn't… affect me." Naruto said nervously.

Ino giggled. "Your erection says otherwise." Ino said.

Naruto looked down in alarm only to find Ino to be lying. Ino started laughing as she fell over the rock, clutching her stomach.

"Looks like someone is having a good time."

"Yeah, we're really-" Ino abruptly stops, and turned to see three unknown people.

One was a girl, the other was a boy, the one in the middle was wrapped in the face like a mummy.

"Who are you?" Ino asked.

"No one important." the mummy said.

"Ok, now what was I…" Ino got interrupted when Hinata roughly grabbed Ino's wrist and pulled her up, doing the same with Sakura and brought them in front of the tree that Sasuke was resting on.

"Ow, what was that for!?" Sakura asked, rubbing her wrist.

"Six people?" the girl asked. "There's no way this is a six-man squad, this is probably two teams working together." she said.

"Wow, you can count, I'm impressed." Sakura said while rolling her eyes.

"What did you say!?"

"I said; 'Wow, you can count, I'm impressed!' what are you hard of hearing!?" Sakura asked.

Kin glared at Sakura. "That's it, this girl is mine."

"Ew, no lesbo." Sakura said.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" Kin gave a battle cry as she charged at Sakura.

Dosu went for Sasuke but Hinata blocked his path.

"You won't get through." she said with her byakugan blaring.

'So this is the people that wanted to hurt Sasuke-san?' Hinata thought.

'Yep, even though my container was sleeping, I wasn't, and I gotta say, Sakura was really pathetic.' Kurama said.

Hinata turned to see Sakura giving Kin a hard time in hand-to-hand combat.

'She's better now that's for true.'

'Oh, and before you engage that guy, its important how you dodge." Kurama said.

'Why?' Hinata asked, before she quickly jumped back from a jab from Dosu.

Hinata suddenly became and dizzy and fell on one knee. 'I'm guessing this is the reason why.'


"What's the matter girl…?" Dosu asked as he walks towards her. "Can't take the sound of defeat?"

"Terrible pun."

"What would you know!?" Dosu said as he charged at Hinata again.

'Be careful how you dodge!'

Hinata jumped over Dosu as he punched the ground.

Hinata turned back to him only to block a punch from him.

'Oh yeah, you also don't want to block his attacks.'

'Now you tell me!?' Hinata fell her eardrums ache in pain due to the high pitching sound. She staggered back and fell to her knee; she did her best not to throw up.

'Ok, how do we defeat him?' Hinata asked Kurama.

'No idea.'

'Lot of help you are.'

'Hey, don't give me sass. I don't see you coming up with any ideas.' Kurama said with a huff.

Naruto and Choji glared at Zaku as he smirked at them.

"You're not getting anywhere near Sasuke." Naruto said with a growl.

"Ha, you think you can stop me all by yourself!?" Zaku asked.

Choji blinked. "Um, he also has me for help."

Zaku stared at Choji and blinked. "Where did you come from?"


Naruto deepen his glare as he made his famous cross. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" several Narutos appeared and immediately charged towards Naruto.

Zaku smirked and raised his arms and pointed them at the many Narutos.

"SLICING SOUND WAVE!" he swings his arms in an arc, making all the clones to pop. "Heh, weak." Zaku grinned.

"Ha, please, that was just a warm-up!" Naruto said as he made more clones and have them dive at Zaku.

"SLICING SOUND WAVE!" Zaku again popped all of the clones without breaking a sweat. "Anything else that doesn't blow?"

"Mh…" Naruto took a thinking pose.


"That's it, human…" Naruto blinked and looked to his left, Zaku looking the same direction to see Choji rolling towards Zaku.

"Damn it!" Zaku blew at Choji but it only stopped him in his track.

'Huh, deja-vu.' Kurama mused.

"Alright, keep it up Choji!" Naruto said. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" more clones were created. "CHARGE!" all of them dive towards Zaku.

"Ahh!" Naruto turned to see Kin grabbed Sakura air.

"What!?" Naruto yelled in shock.

'How did that happen?' Hinata asked as she ran from Dosu.

"Come back here!" Dosu yelled.

"Nah-nah, you can't get me!"

"You little prick!"

"I know you are but what am I!"

Sakura kicked Kin in the stomach, making her skid a couple feet away from her.

"You're pretty weak. What made you think you could enter this chunin exam?" Sakura asked.

Kin growled. "That's because I haven't been showing my full skill."

"Oh you're holding back, that most diffidently means my defeat." Sakura said sarcastically.

Kin grinned as she threw some senbons at her which Sakura dodged easily.

"Wow, that's your whole-" Sakura stopped when she heard ringing; she looked back at the senbons which implanted themselves in the tree Sasuke was resting in. One of the senbons had a bell tied into it.

"Wow, a bell, you really went all out with that one." Sakura said.

"I am just about sick of your stupid mouth." Kin growled.

"Then do something about."

Kin quickly threw some senbon at Sakura which she either dodged or blocked.

"Yep, this is really-" Sakura heard the ringing again. "Wha…?" she looked back to see the bell of the other senbons seemed to be moving, she was so distracted that some senbons hit her back.

Sasuke gave a yell of pain as she staggered forward slightly before turning back to Kin to was smirking.

"Not so hot now huh?" she asked.

"Never knew you were a lesbian." Sakura remarked with a grinned.

Kin glared at her again and threw more senbons, Sakura had more difficulties with this one's as some started to graze. When the bell rings again a full batch of senbon pierced Sakura's skin.

Sakura resisted screaming, instead groaning in pain and falling on one knee.

Kin grinned widely. "Aw, what's the matter hot shot, out of those annoying remarks?" Kin asked.

Sakura cough some blood before slowly standing, feeling slightly dizzy due to the bell. "Naw, just waiting for you to start screeching at me like the banshee that you are." Sakura said with a grin.

Kin narrowed her eyes at her. "Little bitch!" she threw torrents of senbons at Sakura almost all of them hit their marks except for some that Sakura blocked weakly. Sakura heard the ringing again and covered her ears, sadly that left her sides too open as this time Kin threw a kunai which gave a deep cut to Sakura's side.

Sakura screamed in pain before Kin quickly grabbed Sakura's hair and pulled hard, making her fall on her butt.

"Heh, look at you, so high and mighty before and now you're life depend on how badly you pissed me off."

Sakura weakly opened an eye. "Yay me…" she groaned again.

"Sakura!" Sakura opened her eyes to see Ino starting to run towards her before she left something sharp in her neck.

"One more step and she gets it." Kin threaten as she pressed the kunai to Sakura's neck, drawing some blood.

Hinata continue to jump back from Dosu.

"Don't you ever get tired of running?" Dosu asked.

"Nope, I can keep this up all day?" Hinata said.

'So you seriously do not know how to beat him?'

'No, I never saw how he died. The last time he left us before Sasuke showed his power in his level 1 cursed mark state, and that won't happen for a while.' Kurama said.

Hinata quickly covered her ears as she ducked under a punch from Dosu, she felt slightly dizzy but not as dizzy as she would've felt.

'We can't just wait for-'


"What is it no-" Hinata looked in shock at Sakura who was holding her bleeding size and Kin holding her hair. "Sakura-san!"

'Seems like she's as useless as ever.' Kurama said.


'What? You know it's true.'

'If that was true, then Sakura-san would've gotten captured a long time ago.' Hinata said before turning to Dosu who was charging at her, before he could throw a punch, Hinata kicked him in the chin.

"Ah, my tongue, you made me bit my tongue!" Dosu said as he gripped his mouth.

"Sakura-san." Hinata was about to run to her but Kin turned to her and held the kunai on Sakura's throat.

"One step and she's gone." Kin said.

Hinata froze there and looked at Sakura's bleeding size; she seems to have lost a decent amount of blood.

'What do I do?' Hinata thought nervously.

Zaku was finally able to throw Choji off and blasted Naruto with the air wave, piercing his shoulder.

Naruto yelled in pain before falling on one knee and clutching his shoulder.

'Damn it!' Hinata looked alarmed.

'Damn, these guys are better than last time.' Kurama mused.

Zaku walked towards Naruto and kicked his stomach with all his might.

Naruto gasped in pain before rolling on his back, at that Zaku stomped his chest, constantly.

"Ah my ribs! I think you crushed my ribs!"

"Do you think I care?" Zaku asked as he stomped on them again, Zaku turned to Hinata. "So what will it be girly? The boy?" he pointed one of his hand at Naruto head. "Or the girl?" Kin added pressure to the kunai, Sakura also looked a little pale.

Kin ringed the bell again when she notice Sakura getting some of her bearings.

Sakura groaned in pain.

Hinata looked between the two. 'What should I do?'

'I'll tell you what you should do? Dump the-'

'If it involves abandoning anyone then I don't want to hear it.' Hinata interrupted harshly.

'Geez, touchy.' Kurama said with a huff.

"Hinata…" Hinata turned to Naruto. "Just save Sakura-san, she's bleeding too much, she doesn't have enough time!" Naruto yelled before Zaku stomped his chest again.

"Pretty brave for someone who's about to lose his head." Zaku said as he fired his air wave next to Naruto's head, leaving a deep hole on the ground.

Hinata almost jumped to save Naruto at that moment but stopped herself.

"Urg…" Hinata turned to Choji who just came out of the bushes. "What going… on?" Choji took the scene in front of him, Naruto on the ground with Zaku foot on top of his chest and aiming his hand blaster to his face, Sakura bleeding profusely and in the clutches of Kin, Ino perfectly untouched and Hinata's stressed out face.

"What the heck did I miss?" Choji asked bluntly.

Zaku aimed his other blaster at Choji. "Move one muscle and you're done for." he threatens.

Hinata looked even more freaked out. 'Open for suggestion that doesn't involved sacrifice.'

Kurama thought about it for a moment. 'I got nothing.' Hinata looked more alarmed. 'But our salvation should come in three… two… one…'

Hinata gasped, feeling that dark chakra and turned to see Sasuke up with the dark chakra swirling around him.

'There's out help, and he won't kill us… for now at least.' Kurama said with a smile first before switching to a thinking frown.

Sasuke looked around the field, taking in his surroundings. When his eyes landed on Naruto it narrows.

"Let him go." he said, stepping forward threatening.

Zaku smirked. "Heh, you don't scare me." he says.

Sasuke took out a kunai and Zaku prepared himself to deflect it but instead of throwing at him, Sasuke threw it at Kin's arm that was holding the kunai. She screamed in pain and momentarily let go of Sakura.

Hinata quickly used that moment and Kicked Kin in the face before anyone could blink, throwing her to a tree and jumping away with Sakura.

Dosu became alarmed and started to step back. Zaku however was as cocky as ever.

"Heh, getting too close to me is a mistake you should never make." Zaku said.

"Opening your big mouth is a mistake you always make, ever since you could talk." Sasuke said with narrowed eyes.

Zaku also narrowed his eyes and aimed his blaster at Naruto, before anyone could do anything; Zaku blasted his airwaves, making a dust of dirt come up.

"Naruto-kun!" Ino and Hinata yelled, worried for the blond knucklehead.

Zaku was smirking the whole time, when the dust cleared; he was shocked to find nothing under his foot.

"What the… how the hell did he escape? More importantly… how the hell didn't I notice!?" Zaku asked.

"Because you're you…" He turned to see Sasuke behind him and a dizzy Naruto. "Nuff said."

"You little shit!" Zaku aimed both hands at Sasuke. Zaku then smirked and aimed at the others. "SUPERSONIC SLICING WAVE!" the giant airwave blasted anything in his way, even his teammates if he wasn't careful… which he wasn't.

Naruto looked in shock at the destruction he cost, Sasuke also looked in shocked.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes dangerously at Zaku. "What did you do?"

Zaku opened his mouth to answer.

"Don't you mean, what didn't he do?" they both turned to see Hinata on the floor, panting slightly, Choji, Sakura and Ino behind her, Zaku's teammates were near a tree, glaring dangerously at him.

"W-what?" Zaku asked in shock.

Sasuke smirked. "Well then, does arms of yours are pretty dangerous, even to your own teammates." he said walking forward.

"Hey, stay back!" Zaku aimed his blaster at Sasuke before he found himself on the ground with Sasuke pinning his arms behind his back.

"Why don't I do everyone a favor and take care of them." he started twitching them forward.

"No wait, stop!" Everyone cringed at the sight before them and the sound. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Kin shuddered. "Damn and I thought we were the evil ones." she said.

Sasuke looked down at the downed Zaku before turning his gaze at Kin and Dosu. Sasuke started walking towards them as they both stepped back in fear.

Sasuke stopped a couple of feet away from them and held out his hand.

"Give us the scroll and I might not kill you." Sasuke said.

'Huh, in the other timeline, Sasuke was going to kill them too.' Kurama pointed out.

'Maybe it's because this Sasuke has less darkness in his heart.' Hinata pointed out.

Dosu nodded quickly and took out his scroll. "Ok ok, here… we'll leave." Dosu put the scroll down and quickly appeared next to Zaku and picked him. "We'll be living, but we will come back." Dosu said as he and Kin vanished.

Sasuke looked down at the scroll and gasped as the surge of dark energy suddenly left him, he almost fell but Choji caught him. "Thanks Naruto." Sasuke said.

"I'm Choji."



Naruto quickly ran at Sakura who still looked pale. "Sakura-Chan, will you be alright?"

"Not until I stop bleeding." Sakura said, adding pressure to her cut.

"Let me see the cut." Hinata said, Sakura reluctantly took her arm out of her cut, Hinata winced. "That's a deep cut." Hinata quickly ran to her backpack and grabbed her first aid kit and ran back.

Sasuke grabbed the scroll and walked towards the others and watched as Hinata wrapped a cloth around Sakura waist.

"I'm telling you, it's better if you take your shirt off." Hinata said.

"And I'm telling you that I rather die rather than take off my shirt in front of anyone." Sakura replied.

"If you didn't take off your shirt you might've actually died." Hinata said as she tightens the knot. Sakura winced in slight pain. "Sorry, did I make it too tight?"

"Nah, it just fine." Sakura said, she tried to sit up but her sides immediately hurt.

"I would suggest not to move for now." Hinata said, Sakura groaned in disappointment but was otherwise thankful.

Hinata turned to Sasuke. "How are you Sasuke-san?"

Sasuke nodded. "Doing quite fine, I'm pretty great actually, can't even feel the stupid mark on my neck." he said.

"Well… it's a mark… I don't think you can fell marks." Hinata pointed out.

Sasuke shrugged. "Still, I feel like a badass." Sasuke proudly.

"At least someone feel like they did something." Sakura said with a frowned.

"Don't feel sad Sakura-Chan." Naruto said. "You still held your own against Kin, even though it was for a short while; you were able to keep your cool and tough out any punishment Kin gave you." Naruto said.

Sakura had a light blush on her check but quickly frown and turned from him, trying to hide the blush. "B-baka." she muttered but Naruto only laughed.

Hinata's eyebrow twitched but she ignored it completely.

'Oh, someone is jea-'

'Not now!'

'Geez, touchy.' though Kurama say this, she had a smirk on her lips.

"So, who does the scroll belong to?" Ino asked Sasuke.

Sasuke blinked. "Oh yeah!" he took it out and showed them to be a heaven scroll.

Naruto, Sakura and Hinata faltered as Ino cheered.

"Yes, we're done here!" she said.

"You… you can't seriously be thinking of leaving us when one of our teammates are down." Hinata said.

"Hey, Sasuke is my teammate and he got that scroll fair and square so therefore, we're leaving." Ino said.

"Please, Ino-Chan, we really need you to stay with us." Naruto said.

"Well as long as Naruto-kun wants me on his side." Ino giggled while hugging Naruto tightly.

'Seriously!? I'm the one that fought and came out ok as Sakura came out half-dead and Ino didn't even fight!' Hinata rant in her head with a twitching eyebrow.

'The man's an idiot!' Kurama said exasperated.

Choji and Sasuke sighed.

"How unlucky of us." Sasuke said with a sigh before sitting, along with Choji.

They stayed sitting down, just staring at each other for longs period of times, they would say that it was an awkward moment but they oddly didn't feel awkward at all.

Sakura opened her mouth. "I want to take a bath." she says, everyone stared at her with an eyebrow raised. "I can't move because of my sides." she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But that would involve seeing you naked." Naruto said while poking his fingers together.

"I would make an exception this time." Sakura said.

"You actually think someone will want to see your naked form?" Ino asked with a smirk.

Sakura smirked back. "Well Naruto already saw us naked." she pointed out, making Hinata, Naruto and Ino to turn a dark shade of red. "So Naruto, mind helping me take a bath?" she asked.

"B-but… that would involve me touching your bare body." Naruto said nervously, his face getting redder.

"I'll let you this time if it gets me clean in the end." she said flirtatious, complete with a wink.

'Looks like the game to claim Naruto-kun has already begun.' Kurama said with a predators smirk. 'Remember my little vixen… strike fiercely.' Hinata didn't complain as she was too busy glaring daggers to Sakura.

Naruto grabbed Sakura's side and started to lift her up before he got roughly pushed down, Naruto was about to yell at the person before seeing Hinata.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I got this." Hinata said with a fake smile.

"Uh, Hinata... I asked for-"

"I know but, who's better at washing all the right spot in a girl than another girl? Plus you still have your nasty cut; I'll be able to treat it immediately after your bath." Hinata said, and frowned at Sakura, daring her to say something else.

Sakura sighed. "Fine."

They both left, leaving a very confused Sasuke, Naruto and Choji. Ino just sighed in relief.

Sakura was naked and was waist deep in the water as Hinata scrubbed her back, they both had a frowned in their faces, avoiding at all cost to look each other in the eye.

'Someone is jealous~'

'Not now.'

Hinata grabbed a bucket of icy cold water and dumped them all at once at Sakura's back, making her scream in shock and arched her back. Hinata smirked.

"The hell was that for!?" Sakura yelled, turning to glare at Hinata.

"For shamelessly flirting with Naruto-kun." Hinata growled.

"Oh, excuse me, I wasn't aware that he was your boyfriend… oh wait, he isn't!" Sakura yelled. "So I can flirt with him if I so please." she said smugly and turned with her arm crossed.

Hinata glared holes at Sakura's back.

'If she thinks that I'll let her hurt Naruto like in my timeline, she got another thing coming.' Hinata thought, scrubbing Sakura's back more roughly.

"Ow, ow! Hey, take it easy!" Sakura yelled.

Ino was snuggling to Naruto while rubbing her cheek to his cheek, Naruto looked as if he wasn't to get away but Ino was holding him too tightly.

Sasuke and Choji had scowls in their faces.

'Why does he get all the girls?' they both thought.

Suddenly they heard Sakura scream 'ow'.

Ino sighed and stood up, I'll check what's wrong with them, don't do anything stupid." Ino said, mostly directed at Sasuke and Choji.

Ino arrived shortly to see Sakura trying to push Hinata away.

"Quit it, you're hurting me!" Sakura yelled.

"I have to clean you and that also include your cut." Hinata said, trying to reason with Sakura.

"Alright alright, break it up." Ino said with an exhausted sigh. "Sakura, just let her clean your cut, it'll get infected if you don't let her."

"But it hurt!" Sakura whined.

"It'll hurt even more if we don't clean it so suck it up." Ino said.

Sakura stood from the water. "Well what if I don't want to-"

All three heard a thud from behind them; Sakura immediately dived to the water while Ino and Hinata took fighting stance. The person raised his head to reveal himself to be Kabuto.

"Kabuto!?" all three yelled in surprise.

"Um… hi…" Kabuto said nervously.

Before Kabuto knew what was happening, he found him in the floor, tied up, with everyone contemplating what to do with him.

'W-what just happened?' Kabuto thought, visibly confused.

"Are you sure we can't just kill him?" Sasuke asked.

"No, we can't just kill people randomly." Hinata said.

"I vote for Sasuke-kun idea." Sakura said, raising her hand only for Ino to slap it down.

"This isn't school; you don't have to raise your hand." Ino scolded.

"Who the hell are you, my mom?"

"Why you-" Hinata slapped both of them in the back of their heads.

"Not now." Hinata said.

"I know!" Naruto said, also raising his hand but unlike Sakura, Ino didn't slap it down. "How about we keep him hostage until his teammate come looking for him! We threaten them that we'll kill Kabuto unless they give us the scroll." Naruto said with a smile the whole time.

Everyone stood in shock and stare at Naruto. Naruto looked confused at them.

"What? The plan wasn't good enough?" Naruto asked.

"That actually was a good idea." Sasuke started.

"And to think that you were the one to come up with it." Choji said in awe.

"Hey, what about you, you practically don't exist since people always have a hard time noticing you and you are as fat as a whale!" Naruto yelled at Choji.

"Ouch." Sasuke winced.

"I'M NOT FAT!" Choji yelled with righteous flame flaring around him, which was gone in the next second. "I'm just chubby." he said lamely and slumped under the tree that they used to rest Sasuke in.

"Don't you think you went a little too hard?" Hinata asked only to be answered with silence. "Yeah me neither."

"Hey, I got an idea." Kabuto said nervously. "How about you let me go and-"


"Well I tried."

"I think we search him to see if he has the scroll?" Sakura asked.

Hinata shrugged her shoulder and went to Kabuto and checked every pocket she could think of but came up with nothing.

"It doesn't seem like he has anything." Hinata answered.

"Strip him." Sakura said.

"I'm out." Hinata said.

"Good luck forehead." Ino said while goodbye.

"Wait, I'm not going to strip him, I'm a…" Sakura turned to Naruto and Sasuke. She gave him a sweet smile. "So-"

"I'm out." Sasuke said, walking off.

Naruto blinked as he watched Sasuke leave, he turned to Sakura only to have her grab his arm.

"So… Naruto-kun… mind stripping this guy so that we're 100% sure that he has no scroll?" Sakura asked.

"Uh… well… since I'm a guy and he is also a guy, it would be uncomfortable to-"

"Strip him and I'll give you a kiss on the lips." Sakura interrupted.

Naruto froze and thought over it.


"Don't I get a say in this?" Kabuto asked.

"No!" Naruto and Sakura yelled before they both dived at him.

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