E/O Challenge:

A special Valentines 300 word triabble from Amber Dreams, Edina Clouds and Dizzo incorporating the EO challenge word," hold" and our own word, "brace."

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Cupid…draw back your bow

Rogue Cupid?

Oh yes, the little baby bringer of love was having a full-on toddler tantrum, creating havoc in the process.

Hearing a choking cry behind him, Sam turned only to have his brother subside bonelessly into him, a pink arrow protruding jauntily from between his shoulder-blades.

"Sonofabitch got m-me," Dean gasped, giving a painful, red-tinged exhale.

"Cupid's Arrow?" Sam held Dean braced against his chest; "I thought cupid's arrow was allegorical."

"Nuthin' aggellorical 'bout this ..." Dean croaked.

"S'okay dude," Sam reassured; "I gotcha, s'okay."

"Sam ..." Dean squirmed fretfully; "Th-there's somethin' else."

"What?" Sam froze.

"W-will you marry me?"


Cupid giggled loudly, breaking the stunned silence that followed Dean's words; the older Winchester looking as mortified by his own proposal as Sam was bemused by it.

"My work here is done!"

There was a flash of light and the rogue Cupid vanished into a fluffy pink cloud of ...

"Is that…?"

Sam gingerly tasted the sparkly stuff. "Cotton-candy, yup."

Dean waved a hand weakly and Sam got back with the programme. The trouble was, the moment skin touched skin, feelings exploded over them both like the 4th of July.

"Hold me, Sammy!"

"Y'know, this love-thing is really rather bracing!"


Castiel appeared.

"Sam…Dean," he murmured, bemused to find the Winchesters romantically entwined. "This is awkward. Perhaps now is not a good time?"

"S-stupid-f-friggin'-C-cupid," Dean stammered, nodding towards the pretty-pink arrow, protruding from his back. "P-pull…it…out."

Burying his face in Sam's fluffy-bangs, Dean held his brother closer; bracing himself. Moments later Cas had extracted the rogue-cherub's weapon; the spell was broken.

"Dude…get off me," Dean mumbled, shrugging his brother away.

"Give me that," he growled, snatching the mojo-spent arrow from Cas's hands. "When I find that sonofabitch…I'm gonna shove this up his chubby-cheeked ass."

"Here," Sam grinned. "Saved ya some cotton-candy."