I do not own BVTS or Las Vegas. This is simply a fun story crossing the two. Hope you enjoy.

Xander sighed and cracked his neck to ease the tension of the past eight hours. Who knew that dealing cards could be so tiresome? Not that he was complaining. He needed the money for the repairs to his car so he took what he could get and after the horror that was Ladies Night in Oxford, dealing cards was the lesser evil. Then again he should have known then to turn back towards Sunnydale, but he just had to try and persevere in his road trip. To be fair the car had made it to Vegas before it died completely, however with little to no money and only a recent high school diploma to his name, job opportunities were limited.

He had tried to get a dishwashing job like he found in Oxford, but those had already been taken. The only jobs open had to do with actual casino staff most of which had age requirements over 21 years. He lucked out to find the flyer proclaiming need for a card dealer at the Montecito and the very important disclaimer that 18 or older would do. To think he had thought all those card tricks his Uncle Rory had taught him wouldn't amount to anything.

Armed with potential employment he cleaned up as best he could, marched down to the Casino and applied for the job. He had to go through a preliminary interview with a Ms. Mary Connell and the head of the dealers Marcus Smith, both of whom were very nice. When they told him it was only a temporary position due to summer influx he couldn't be happier. He had explained he was only trying to save up enough for the car repairs then return home. In the end everyone was pleased with the outcome and he had walked out with a nifty new uniform and a schedule.

So far he'd been working for two weeks and he could honestly say he enjoyed himself. He had a small black jack table he ran and on occasion he handled a poker table. Most of the clientele were human, though he had marked a few of the more human looking demons that managed to pass through. None of them caused any problems and security was amazingly tight here so he left them alone. In truth ever sense finding out about demons and vampires he had no problems with those that just wanted to live peacefully. It was the ones trying to destroy the world or feed off of innocent humans that he had issues with.

Back in Sunnydale he had often patrolled on his own, especially when Buffy and Willow got on the 'push-Xander-to-the-side' kick they seemed to enjoy so much. So he didn't have super strength or the fledging witchy skills, he had still done a damn good job protecting his hometown and had come through for all of them on more than one occasion. He even helped out more in researching than they gave him credit for. Sure he pulled off the 'slacker' image perfectly but he was a teenage guy, it was a social requirement. Regardless when it counted he applied himself. Plus Giles little spell to allow him and Willow to read several of the dead and demonic languages had helped. So much so that he found himself picking up a few of the languages on a more fluent basis. Sometimes he read the books during his free periods to educate himself as to the different breeds of demons so he would be prepared. After the Halloween where he became soldier-boy he had learned the value of being prepared.

Those self-study sessions along with his experience from patrolling on his own had taught him a lot. He learned which demons were benign and even some to steer clear of completely. Amazingly enough he had even made a few friends and contacts among the Sunnydale demon community, usually a result of his rescuing one or another from the nastier demons. Even Willy the snitch liked him better, but that wasn't too hard to guess why. Money always did talk better than fists, something Buffy hadn't learned yet.

Of course from Xander's perspective there were a lot of things Buffy hadn't learned yet. Angel being the most glaring example. They all thought he disliked the souled vamp because of jealousy and yeah he would admit a little of that. But he really disliked the guy because he was a 200 plus old dead dude hitting on a sixteen-year-old child. Can anyone define pedophile? Besides since when did having a soul automatically make someone good? His parents had souls and he certainly wouldn't categorize them as good. Then again what did Xander know? He's the normal useless one.

Snorting in derision Xander finished placing his uniform in his locker and pulled on his t-shirt. His shift had finally ended and he planned on heading to the dump of a motel he rented while here and sleeping the rest of the morning away. Taking the late shift was a pain, but tended to pay well, especially the tips. On some nights when he wasn't wiped out he would patrol. Not an easy thing to do in Vegas with all the cameras around, but with the memories from soldier-guy and his own practice in Sunny-D he managed. Luckily there were very few vampires and fewer demons looking to cause problems.

"Hey Alex!"

At the call he turned to see Johnny leaning in the room. He was a nice older guy who helped show him the ropes the first few days. Xander liked him a lot and didn't correct him or anyone else for that matter when they called him Alex instead of Xander. It was a nice change if he was honest with himself.

"Yeah Johnny?"

"Marc wants to see you. He's in the main office."

"Did I do something I don't know about?" He looked slightly worried and tried to think of anything but came up short.

Johnny chuckled, shaking his head at Alex. He liked the kid. Alex was a hard worker and always had a smile. "No man. He's stuck up there doing paper work and can't come down."

"Oh good. Well I'll just head on up then." Nodding to Johnny and a few others as he passed he made his way up the back stairs to the main office.

He had only seen the place once on his initial tour. Impressive didn't even begin to describe the huge security room and set of offices that existed there. If Sunnydale Police ever got their act together like these guys then Buffy would be in a lot more trouble.

On his way he passed several people nodding to each of them politely. A glimpse inside the security room told him that the heads of security Danny McCoy and Mike Cannon were out and about. However a glance towards the boss' office and the closed screens indicated they were likely in there. While Xander had not met Mr. Deline just yet he had heard enough about the man from the other employees. An ex-CIA operative he was a fair man, but one did not cross him. Then again he hadn't really met McCoy or Cannon yet and he'd heard similar rumors about them. One of the reasons he kept his head down and his nose clean.

It took a bit of navigating but he finally found Mr. Smith. He was holed up in an office with Nessa Holt going over some report or other. Knocking on the doorframe he waited patiently to be called in. Despite what Cordy and the other girls thought he did have manners.

"Alex, good Johnny caught you." Marcus smiled up at him. "Have you met Nessa before?"

"I haven't had the pleasure of a personal introduction but I have heard many good things about her and been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her from afar." He smiled his trademark goofy grin and shook the woman's hand receiving a smile in return.

"Are you sure he's only 18 Marc? With charm like that most would be fooled."

"Well he is popular with our older female clientele." The smirk Marc wore had Xander squirming.

"You said you wouldn't tease me about that anymore." Xander pouted cutely, using his patent puppy dog eyes in defense.

Marc threw his hands up eyes shut to protect himself much to Nessa's amusement. "Ok, ok! I surrender! Jeez kid! Those things are lethal!"

"Perhaps that's why you're so popular?" The woman joked barely refraining from melting into a puddle when the whiskey brown pools turned to her. "Oh yes…dangerous…"

"It's so tough to be me." Xander sighed dramatically, defusing the slight tension with a joke, pleased when they laughed. "So you needed to see me boss?"

"Yes. Lou called in sick. I was hoping you wouldn't mind a double shift tomorrow? I already approved the over time." He tried to pull his own version of puppy-dog eyes only to fail miserably.

"I'll do it but not because of your attempt at cuteness, which was really pathetic boss. No wonder you can't pull anything on your wife."

Smith harrumphed while Nessa chuckled at the by play. "I get no respect. Anyway his shift is the one right before yours and you'll be handling the poker table during that time. You ok with that?"

"Should be fine. 'S not like I'll be stripping." He muttered the last part but both adults heard him clearly.

"Oh? Do I sense a story there?" Marc sat up straighter eyes twinkling with mischief.

"And that's my queue to leave." As he stepped out into the hallway to avoid Marc's continued hounding a crashing sound caught his attention.

Turning just enough he caught movement from Nessa's office and the door opening to reveal a man running full force from the room. Following the escapee were several shouts. The noise had attracted other attention as well. One of the other office doors opened and Mary stepped out face pinched in confusion. Xander nearly cursed when he saw the guy running at them, spot Mary, his next decision practically written on his face. The glint in one of his hands also left nothing to the imagination. Never one for allowing others to get hurt Xander moved.

Dashing forward he grabbed Mary by her shoulder and pushed her back into her office, turning his body just to the right angle to knock the other guy off course and into the wall. Twisting he grabbed the wrist with the weapon and snapped it downward using his momentum and leg to trip the guy down onto the floor. Following him down Xander landed his knee into the small of the man's back and used his weight to hold the guy in place. Grip still firmly on the wrist holding the now fully visible knife he slammed it to the floor forcing the weapon free. Ignoring all else he studied the man below him, though the feeling in his gut told him the man was in fact a demon. In fact if he looked just right he could see the beginning of scales under the collar of his shirt. In fact he reminded him of a Grathnar Demon.

Taking a chance he leaned over and spoke softly to the still struggling male in his own language. Stop moving.

The instant compliance and wide eyes of his captive confirmed his theory. He didn't say anything else when a second pair of hands reached into his view and cuffed the suspect. Carefully removing himself from the scene Xander stood and looked towards Mary who leaned heavily against the doorway to her office, eyes wide.

"You ok Ms. Connell? I didn't push you too hard did I?" He frowned in worry when she just looked at him as if unable to speak.

Blinking back the shock she shook her head. "No, I'm fine. Thank you Alex."

"Are you ok Alex?" Marc pulled him to the side while Danny and Mike hauled the guy up and checked him for further weapons. The latter sporting a nasty looking cut lip while the former had a nice bruise forming on his eye. "You could have been hurt!"

"Sorry. I just saw him going at Ms. Connell and reacted." He slumped his shoulders a bit to play off the harmless kid act a bit more. Hopefully it would keep them from realizing exactly how fast he'd taken the guy, uh… demon down.

"That was very brave of you." A new voice had him turning to see Mr. Ed Deline himself standing there eying him curiously. "What's your name son?"

"Uh…Alexander Harris, sir." Xander extended a hand in greeting. No one missed the gasp that came from their detainee who now looked at Xander as if death had come calling. More than a little perplexed he decided to ignore the look for now, as well as the looks from Danny and Mike. "Though several of my friends would probably disagree with you on the brave part."

Ed shook his hand his look telling Xander he didn't quite believe that. "You don't happen to know our friend here do you?"

"No. Never seen him before." Xander frowned as he studied the demon taking a better look at him. "Who is he?"

"NOBODY! I'm nobody!" The demon squeaked out in desperation. "I'm sorry! I'll tell ya everything ya want ta know Mr. Deline! Just don't get him involved!"

Everyone looked from the man to Xander who appeared just as confused and surprised as the rest of them. Ed cocked his head to the side and decided to play a small hunch and see just how afraid this man was of the kid.

"I'm not sure I can do that seeing as he is already involved…"

The man seemed to pale even further before looking to Xander with the most pathetic look. "Please! I'll never do it again! It was a moment of weakness! I'll give all the money I stole back! I didn't know you were here!"

"Uh…Ok…" Xander gave the other another strange look but shrugged when Ed just nodded him on. "But you know you shouldn't steal even if I'm not here. It's not exactly a good thing. Illegal too now that I think of it. In fact it's frowned upon in ALL societies."

The demon nodded in agreement mumbling promises to not do such things in the future.

"Danny, why don't you and Mike take Mr. Kurther to the holding room to wait for the police?" Ed finally broke in, deciding this had gone on long enough.

"You got it Ed." Danny nodded sparing one last look at Xander before dragging the man away with Mike on the other side.

Silence reigned for a moment before Xander had to break it. "Wow…That was weird."

Ed chuckled quietly before turning to his girls. "You ok there Mary?" The red head nodded though he could tell she suffered some small amount of shock. "Why don't you take a break? Nessa, go with her to make sure she's ok."

"Sure thing Ed. Come on Mary. Let's get a drink. Lord knows I could use one." The exotic Brit led her friend out with an arm around her shoulder.

"Is she gonna be ok?" Xander fretted. He liked Mary a lot and didn't like to see her so shaken.

"She's much better than she could have been had you not been there." Ed praised lightly. "That was a nice move by-the-way. You in the service?"

"Uh definitely not. I just had a neighbor that used to be in the military." He added quickly at the raised brow. "He saw I was getting bullied and gave me some pointers. Some of it stuck."

Ed didn't buy it. The kid's reflexes were too sharp for just standard bully defense. His eyes also hinted at things no one his age should see…which begged the question. How old was this kid? "You work for me right?"

"Yes sir. I'm a dealer in the casino. But only for the summer."

"Ah…college student? Junior? Senior?"

"No…I uh just finished high school." Xander blushed slightly ashamed that he hadn't been able to apply to college like the girls. But without the money and only sub par grades it just wasn't in the future. At the shocked look on the other man's face he continued. "But I am eighteen so totally legal to work here. And I don't touch any alcohol not that I would if I could because alcohol and Harris men is a non-mixy thing and I so don't want to go there and I've seen what it does to people especially when they gamble and it so doesn't look pretty and I'm gonna stop now…" He clamped his mouth shut silently cursing his tendency to babble when nervous.

Ed blinked before looking towards Marcus who also wore a rather flabbergasted look. "Did you catch that?"

"I'm not sure. But I know he didn't breath." Marc shook his head ruefully.

Rubbing his head sheepishly Xander grinned. "Sorry, I do that sometimes. It's a learned skill."

"I'll take your word for it." Ed smiled hoping to reassure the kid. "Well thank you for your assistance Alex."

"No problem sir. I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Smith?"

"Yeah kid. Take it easy." Marcus and Ed stood there silently watching as the boy left.

"That's quite a find you have there Marc. Anything unusual on his background check?"

"No, but we don't run the usual thorough one for part-timers. There were a few flags from the police of his hometown but only to mention he had been a witness to some crimes and even a victim once or twice. But nothing that suggested any issues." Marc frowned at his boss wondering where he was going with this.

"Run the full background check…and medicals." Ed murmured, eyes narrowed in thought. "Discretely.

"Is there a problem?"

"No…just a feeling."

"Yes sir, I'll get it to you ASAP."

Ed stood there for a few more minutes as he thought about the young man he had met earlier. Shaking his head he headed towards the holding room. There was more to Alexander Harris than he let on, but he had time to deal with that later.