Sitting in the bus station watching people coming and going Xander reflected back on his summer. While not exactly the road trip he had dreamed of it had turned out pretty nicely. He'd met a lot of interesting people and done things he wouldn't have considered before.

Leaving was bittersweet. Unlike his departure from Sunnydale he had a whole slew of people seeing him off. Well, not at the moment, but the night before Mr. Deline had thrown him a party. Most of his friends from work had come, Mr. McCoy and some of the guys from the crew joined them. Even Greg had popped in for a short time, forcing a promise from him to write emails. Earlier in the week Kitty had also thrown him a little party, most of her girls managing to kiss him at least once. Habbel had gone to that celebration and they had worked out for Danny to act as a liaison between the two cultures of Vegas. In the end it felt more like he was leaving his family, than when he had left Sunnydale.

"Hey, you okay?" Xander looked up to find Danny handing him a coke.

"Yeah, just thinking," he replied softly. "I'm really gonna miss this place and everyone here."

"Vegas does grow on you." Danny smirked. "We're going to miss you too. H*ll you're not even gone and already Sam's whining about the 'Golden Girls' and Mary's bugging Ed to find a way to haul you back to help her planning sessions."

Xander snorted. "I'm never living the 'Golden Girls' down am I?"

"Nope." He took a seat next to the teen. "You know for someone so intent on going, you really look like you want to stay."

"Yeah. But I told you what Drusilla said. I have to go back."

"You sure you can trust her?" Danny gave him a doubtful look.

"Trust her? No. Trust what she said? Yes. She's called the Mad Seer for a reason. What she says may not always be clear, but it's important." He sighed heavily, turning hopeful eyes on Danny. "But she also said I shouldn't stay too long. So maybe once I deal with what they need me for… I can come back?"

"Of course you can. In fact myself and quite a few people would insist on it," Danny assured him. "And if you ever need help, you just call us. I expect emails anyway, so does dad."

Xander ducked down sheepishly. "Thanks to Greg I have a great computer so it won't be a problem. Can you thank your dad again for that recommendation? That'll help a lot getting a job."

"No problem. And you deserve it, you're a good worker."

306 to Los Angeles now boarding at Gate 4. 306 to Los Angeles now boarding at Gate 4.

"That's my queue." Xander rose up holding a hand out to Danny which the other promptly shook. "Thanks for everything Danny. I'll let you know I got there safe."

"I want updates too," the other demanded, pulling the teen into a manly hug. "Leave nothing out! I'll probably need advice too on this end."

"Will do."

With one more goodbye Xander headed to his bus, bag slung over his shoulder. Maybe one day he'd be back, but regardless he now knew he wasn't alone. He had people that cared for him and accepted him as is. The memories of this summer would keep him warm on the darkest of nights. For now though, it was time to leave Las Vegas.

The End.