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Show Me You Love Me, Forever

Kuroshitsuji / Beauty and the Beast

Chapter I: In A Hurry

xMiss Shizaya Michealisx


Oh dear God.

From my peripheral vision, I saw a flurry of light pink and cream frills charging towards me from behind.

Oh no.

I forced myself to carry on walking as she skipped around me and skidded to stop right in front of me, stopping me altogether.


My throat released a silent gutteral groan of annoyance.

Not her again.

I rolled my eyes under my lids and took in a much-needed breath to calm my growing nerves. I just had to greet her and hope for the best that she will just pass by without trying to grope me (or perhaps try to do something worse to me) this time. I was still completely mortified just thinking about what happened last time. I inwardly shivered.

"Hello Elizabeth." I greeted her with a forced, innocent smile. I averted my eyes back to my book, hoping with every fibre in my being that she would just skip off and leave me be. I had been enjoying my own company before she interrupted me. I tried to side-step my way around her, but before I could even blink, she lunged towards me and grabbed my book out from my hands and waved it teasingly above my head. I clenched my fists at my sides and gritted my teeth, "Elizabeth, may I have my book back, please?" I held out my hand, not even attempting to make a fool out of myself to try to reach for it.

"But Ciel!" she whined, bringing the book in front of her face and holding it upside down in the process. She scrunched her eyes as if to somehow get a better look at the words, "How can you possibly read this?" she asked, as if the idea of reading such a simple (to me) yet a complex book (to her) was utterly preposterous. She then looked past the pages, probably to see a very annoyed forced smile in return, "It looks like complete gibberish to me." she answered her own question matter-of-factly, "Is it in a foreign language?"

It was hard to surpress the sigh that wanted to escape me. Oh Lizzy... Looking at her face I could tell that she seriously didn't realise that the book was, in fact, English and that she was stupidly holding it upside down. She was truly hopeless. I resisted the urge to hit my palm to my forehead and instead, I plucked the book from her hands and flipped it the right way up.

"Oh!" I noticed a rosy blush colour her usually pale cheeks, "Still," she rambled on, "these are big words here, Ciel. Where are the pictures of princes and princesses? This book isn't cute at all!" she cried, poking at the pages.

I cleared my throat, annoyed that I was to be behind schedule, yet again. I'm supposed to meet with my uncle in about five minutes and my capricious future wife was delaying me, again, "Elizabeth, people tend to use their imaginations while reading instead of depending on badly drawn art. And why on Earth would I read about fairy tales and the like?" I grabbed for the book but she held it up further out of my reach. It didn't help that she was actually taller than me too. That just added to my growing frustration.

"But Ciel," she whined, again, "why would you pay any attention to silly books like these?" she waved the book in her hand and lightly tossed it to the ground, unfortunately landing in a dirt puddle, before she spun back in front of me, "You should pay more attention to your future wife, Ciel. Not those books." she scolded, pointing to the soiled book on the ground. I sighed and bent down to retrieve it. I opened a few pages and was thankful that it was a hardback book or it would have been completely unreadable, "If you read too much than that means you will be thinking too much. Just enjoy life, Ciel." she giggled happily while I shook the book to rid it of any droplets of muddy water.

I blanched. I tightened my grip on my book in my hand when she took a step forward.

"So I see you're not busy then, hm?" she sidled up to me and took my free hand in hers, causing me to sigh in annoyance, "You can help me pick out a dress for the ball next week! Oh I can just see it!" I could practically see the stars in her eyes, "We will be so cute together in our matching outfits!" she squealed and hauled me behind her like a sack of potatoes, a very light sack of potatoes. I dug my heals into the path under me which slowed her down enough so that I could at least attempt to try to talk sense into her.

"Elizabeth," I muttered, prying her fingers away from around my own, "I have duties to attend to and I must not get distracted." I backed away from her and tried to wave goodbye before she cried out.

"But Ciel~! I need your help. We must get you an outfit too!" her eyes flashed angrily and she stomped her foot, initiating a light splash of dirty water to soak my shorts. I grumbled something even I couldn't understand in response.

"Maybe another time." I suggested. I thought a smile would do the trick but she stomped her foot again, further ruining my shorts, "Besides, my uncle is expecting me."

A woman appeared beside Elizabeth. She wore a light brown dress that reached down nearly to the ground. It was rather plain if I say so myself. Her name was Paula, Elizabeth's maid, and I also caught how she was stifling a laugh. I folded my arms across my chest and drummed my gloved fingers on the hardback of my book, "Is there something you wish to share with us, Paula?" I nearly spat, knowing all too well what was making her go into a fit of giggles.

"He's just a-" she couldn't even finish her sentence and I impatiently tapped my foot as she brought her hand to her mouth and chuckled into her palm.

"Oh please, take your time. It's not like I'm in a hurry or anything." I muttered sarcastically while doing my best to glare at the slightly gormless maid. My glare usually worked and terrified most who had the displeasure of receiving it.

"He's just a crazy old loon!" she blurted out, "I suppose he does need all the help he can get." she side-whispered to Elizabeth who did nothing to correct her maid's behaviour.

"I don't think it is your place to talk about an Earl's uncle that way. Elizabeth, teach that pest of your's some manners."

"Ciel, how many times must I tell you? Call me Lizzy. Where are you going? Ciel don't go!"

I ignored her and promptly turned on my heel and made my way towards my uncle's workplace.

I stared up at the large purple sign above the shop and sighed. Did everyone really think of Undertaker as a 'crazy old loon'? I admit that I do find him strange in some ways and odd in others... and maybe a tad bit creepy but he certainly wasn't crazy or mad or even manic - Wait. No. I take that back. He has had his manic moments and I unfortunately happened to witness them. Even though he's not my real uncle, he was good enough to take me in after my parents had been murdered. I must admit, he's looked after me well. If it wasn't for him, I'd be still out on the streets.

I pushed open the door and did my best to close it as silently as possible so it wouldn't slam shut because usually it did, "Undertaker, are you here?" I called out into the darkness. Coffins littered the floor. Coffins of all colours and sizes. Some glossy brown, some pure black and one was even white as snow... but very small. I averted my eyes quickly.

I mentally counted.




"Ah~ Earl Phantomhive, you have returned to me?"

I couldn't help but smile, no matter how foreign it felt. He was right on time, as usual.

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