"Wow, Perce, I don't think I've heard you joke since you were - " I never get the chance to finish teasing Percy, because all of a sudden there is more chaos than before, and explosions taking place all around. A deafening, crashing sound makes me freeze in place for a second. There is a broken wall stopping me from running anywhere. I am trapped and I know it. I see everyone's shocked faces as they jump out of the way of hundreds of spells being directed at us. I try to move but there are people in front of me, people behind me, people and broken walls everywhere. Some kind of instinct tells me I will not be able to escape now, no matter how hard I try. My hope vanishes. Only a few seconds have passed, but everything seems to have changed. The laughter has vanished from my face, all of a sudden I don't feel the need to lighten the atmosphere. Everyone else is safe, and this makes me happy, but there is a sadness that I cannot explain now. I try one more attempt to get out of this chaos that surrounds me, but another explosion takes place. And then another. The smoke makes me cough, it clouds my vision and suffocates me. Someone fires a spell in my direction. I see the tear-stained faces of my family, of my friends. They aren't looking at me, just trying to save themselves and each other, as I am trying to to do too. But now, for reasons I cannot explain, I feel far, far away from them. Percy screams, and George...George seems frozen. I want to ask him what's wrong, but I am frozen too. I cannot move, cannot do anything to save myself or anyone else. Everything seems to be happening so slowly, but so quickly at the same time. Am I in a different time zone from everyone else? It certainly feels that way. I wonder why I am thinking this and not trying to get out, but then I realise I have given up, which is not like me...but I have no choice. There is no option, nothing else I can do. I am trapped, like a caged animal as people fire away at me. It all seems like one big explosion, and maybe it is one, but everything is so confusing, especially the time. Is is going differently for everyone else? Every second seems to be stretched out in front of me, as if it is my last, as if this is the last chance I have in this world, and I have to make the most of it. I realise my smile is still there, frozen in place from when I was teasing Percy before, which now seems like a distant, ghostly memory. Everything is so hazy. I want someone to tell me what is going on, to make the time go by in a normal way again, instead of every second being magnified, but still seeming so little. I don't think I can ever explain this to anyone no matter how hard I try. And then...I don't even get time to feel scared as there is another big explosion, and I am being convulsed in darkness.