Dad Becomes Him

by Fuuko no Miko


Author notes:

This one's for you, Bronwynn.

Yes, thank you for the idea! Just thinking about how I was going to go about it made me laugh so hard I'm sure even the bugs here think I'm nuts.

I can totally relate, mostly because I've been in their shoes and I also work in healthcare. I used to deliver babies with one hand tied behind my back.

Just kidding about the hand tying behind the back. Goodness knows you cannot deliver babies that way. Or that you're supposed to.

Hints of smut and what-not. Lots of WAFF (Warm and fuzzy feelings). Little OOC (maybe lots of OOC more from some than others, actually) behavior from everyone since this was intended to be a light hearted tale (sure we've heard that one before). To quote my favorite incarnation of the Joker, "Why so serious?"

The Thundercats and all of its characters are NOT mine. But some supporting characters that my cerebrum made up are.

It had been the longest three weeks of his life. It already felt like an eternity just traveling to Astera, and the journey back felt even longer. He had lost a straw drawing (which he still thought had been rigged from the start) and got the short end of the deal, thus the journey to the far away land to establish diplomatic ties with the mountain-dwelling siberian cats. It would have been more tolerable if he at least had a scenic route, but such was not the case. He had to pass through 3 days of sandy dune, 4 days of bitter cold arctic wasteland and 2 more days of barren nothing to get there. His only consolation was that he wasn't alone in his journey to the remote mountain kingdom.

"Are we there yet?"

"Shut up, Bengali."

"Why couldn't they let us use the Thundertank?" the younger tiger wailed, pulling his boot and emptying it of icy rocks. They were on steeds but sitting on them for hours on end left their behinds sore so from time to time they set out on foot.

"First of all, you're going to have to sedate Panthro and tie him up in chains for a good month before you can even touch his baby." the older tiger said. "Plus, the tank is too heavy for those icy planes we just passed. We'd otherwise sink to the bottom of the river."

"I can't wait to go home." the white tiger grumbled. He got the short end of the stick too and had ended up in this assignment with the tiger prince. That was his consolation though, at least, since Tygra was at least entertaining especially when he got all snarky. Had Bengali ended up with someone boring he would have probably stabbed himself in the eye repeatedly.

"Me too, kiddo." Tygra agreed. He spoke to his comrade as though he was a kid, even if he was only a year or two younger than Lion-O. He felt like a mentor to him in more ways than one, as he did with WilyKat. The younger ones seemed to develop more of a bond with him than Lion-O, but he figured it was because he was older and acted more maturely.

For the most part.

By the 21st day, the two tigers stood at the peak of Mount Claudus, the one last mountain they had to cross to get home. From the very peak of the mountain named after the late king, they could view New Thundera in all its' splendor. They still had ways to go for the kingdom to be restored to its former glory, but they are getting there. Tygra couldn't be prouder of his brother and all they've accomplished in a relatively short time. It took a lot of arguing, bickering and at times physical aggression, but they're headed the right direction.

"I hope Pumyra hasn't ditched me yet." Bengali joked as they made their way down the mountain. "I hear that out of sight is out of mind."

Tygra smiled at the younger cat. He's yet to learn a thing or two about relationships. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." he quoted something he read in a book years ago.

"Among other things."

That drew a laugh out of Tygra. Bengali had hit that one right on the head. Absence not only made the heart grow fonder, but makes the loins grow antsier.

Especially when you have a beautiful spouse waiting for you, one who he considered an equal to himself when it came to carnal pursuits, if not greater.

The first thing Tygra did after their battle ended with Mumm-Ra was to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.

He was bruised, battered and bleeding when he did. He had feared he was going to be at death's door and pass to the afterlife without letting her know how important she was to him. So significant that he didn't want to die not having given her the ultimate proof of his love and devotion. So with a makeshift ring he had one of the kittens make for him from a sliver of copper wire, he proposed to her.

He swore he had never seen her cry that hard. Literally.

She was sobbing and mumbling so uncharacteristically that for a second there he thought she was going to reject him and say it was just a fling he misunderstood and that she actually wanted to be queen of Thundera.

When she smothered him with a kiss that just about choked him to death, he knew that she meant yes.

That was two years ago of course. The minute they set foot on the spot that was to be New Thundera he had grabbed the first clergy he could get a hold of to legally pronounce them married. There was no fancy aisle to walk down on, no grand ceremonies or elaborate banquets to mark the occasion. Just a bunch of Thundercats and a few new allies, toasting the new bride and groom and getting intoxicated until the wee hours of the morning. There was nothing extravagant about it, but he considered it the most beautiful day of his existence.

The honeymoon phase, however, proved to be trickier. It took a lot of both their craftiness to sneak in a few private moments while they rebuilt Thundera. Sure they dabbled in a few things here and there before they got officially hitched, but a lot of the times they were in the woods and could get away with certain things. Now that they were technically husband and wife and can officially get away with more explicit intimacies, they didn't exactly have the place to do it in. Until they had their own little private shack built, they had to sneak out whenever one of them got a little frisky. That was no easy feat either, since Tygra was eherm, frisky all the time, to put it lightly. One look, one smile, one wink from his wife makes him want tackle her then and there and show her things her own imagination couldn't even make up. Lion-O was no particular help either. He always seemed to be on the tiger's hiney all the time, asking for his opinion on where to build what. He's pretty damn sure his brother didn't do it on purpose just to annoy him, but sometimes he wondered. Especially one time when Cheetara and him were getting intimate behind a gigantic tree and the lion just happened to mosey on over and ask him for the infinite time how big the throne room should be and what should be placed where.

Tygra had to literally tear his wife off his lap and pull his cloak over his shoulders to cover himself up. "What do you want?" he all but snarled when he came up from behind the tree and faced his brother whose face was buried in pages and pages of plans.

"Where do you want to put your throne? The left or the right?" the lion lifted his head from the papers he had brought. "Maybe we should put yours on the right, since you are literally my right hand man, and maybe put one for Cheetara on the left, since she is head cleric and all that. Do you remember where Jaga used to sit?"

"I agree with whatever you're planning." the tiger tried to dismiss his brother. If Lion-O left off fast enough he can still get to finishing what he started. "You know we can always move the thrones if we ever change our minds."

Cheetara was dusting off herself after her husband knocked her off of him. "Jaga sat on the left side of King Claudus." she replied, as if that would make the lion go away. She tried to fix her ruffled hair and slow her breathing down before she faced her brother-in-law.

Lion-O marked what the couple said on his plans, before flashing a smile at them and walking away. "Thanks! Hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Cheetara had to pull the tiger away before he leaped and throttled the king. She whispered in his ear as she dragged him back behind the tree, "Now, where were we?"

It would've been easier too if he could make her invisible too, but unfortunately his ability didn't extend that far. They had tried to do that one time and she got all freaked out about feeling him but not seeing him. That was a particularly less than pleasing experience as she fumbled around trying to entice him and end up making him laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons.

His thoughts wandered off to the present as he arrived at their little abode. It was a fairly simple house with a small garden and a spot for sparring and training. Lion-O had wanted them to live at the palace but he had declined for now. They were at the palace almost every day anyway, so he considered this tiny spot at the outskirts of the main thoroughfare their hideaway from prying eyes. The smell of freshly baked honey bread and grilled meat wafted into his nostrils as he approached. There weren't any other houses for a good distance so he knew it was coming from his.

Oh no.

I hope she didn't mess with the oven again.

For all of the perfect female that she was, that was the one thing Cheetara could not do properly.

Make a home cooked meal.

Not that she didn't try, because she did. For one reason or another she couldn't find the right balance and either over or underdid things. She's even singed more than a few arm hairs in the process. That's why he had always gotten her help from the palace whenever he was away. Either that or she stayed at the palace where the chef was a former drill sergeant who knew to keep her away from messing with the meals. That didn't deter her from trying to learn anyhow.

"I'm home."

He had barely gotten a handle on the door when he felt a whoosh of air hit him. He felt the air squeeze out of his lungs as he felt her arms come around his chest, her lips sealing his mouth before he could utter another word. He had rapidly responded to her enthusiastic welcome by returning her kiss with a very thorough invasion of her mouth. His hands came up to her back, embracing her tighter to him, making sure she felt every single inch of him against her. His body had reacted very quickly to his wife's homecoming greeting.


The sudden clearing of a throat snapped them both back into reality.

"Oh hey, Pumyra." Tygra smiled sheepishly as he released Cheetara who went about bringing his travel gear inside the house.

Thank heavens for his suit of armor. He would otherwise be revealing a little too much to their house guest.

The young puma smiled at the tiger, knowing exactly what he was thinking. "Hi." she took off her apron and put it on the back of a chair. On top of the kitchen table was the freshly made food he could smell from outside. It didn't take a genius to figure whose been helping the cheetah prepare a welcome home meal for him. "Well I best be going." she told the couple. "That you're here means Bengali is too."

"Yeah." Tygra agreed. "He's been itching to see you. He left the palace a good half hour before I did."

Pumyra flashed him a knowing smile before turning to the cheetah. "If you need me again, just let me know." she called out to her. Cheetara thanked her and hugged her goodbye before closing the door behind her.

"Do you realize how much I missed you?" Tygra smirked as he pulled his wife towards him. He crushed her mouth with a deep kiss before she could say anything more. His hands rapidly undid her cleric uniform faster than he thinks she could even do.

"Welcome home, babe." she managed to get a word in before he swept her off her feet and headed to their bedroom.

The food had gotten cold by the time the couple emerged from their room. Tygra was hungry but something else had needed satiating before his stomach. He had gotten most of his fill by the time he marched into the kitchen.

"Pumyra helped you with this?" he asked as he sliced the roasted meat and prepared a plate for each of them. Bengali was in for a treat if this was how well the puma made food.

"A little bit." she replied as she marched into the kitchen. She sat across her husband as he enthusiastically dove into the food. "Is it good?"

"Very." he answered as he licked his lips. He met her gaze with his as he did, "Not half as delectable as what I've had a little while ago, though."

She laughed at his innuendo before starting to eat her food as well. "You are worst pervert on third earth." she joked. "The most insatiable one, too."

He winked at her. "Which is why you married me." he paused before adding, "That I'm an extremely gorgeous, sexy and smart specimen too doesn't hurt."

She laughed even harder before kicking him gently under the table.

They talked about his recent journey as they went through the rest of their meal. Cheetara did mostly the listening part of it as Tygra started ranting about the long, annoying journey. He did like the Siberian cat kingdom as beautiful and technologically advanced as it was. He would've enjoyed it more if it wasn't such a pain to travel there.

"I'll take you next time." he said as she started clearing the table. "Though I think we should have something like a lighter version of the thundertank to take us there." he paused to hug her and plant a kiss on her cheek. "The last thing I want is for my wife to get her behind sore from sitting on a steed that long."

"That would be nice." she smiled back. "We might have to wait on that a bit, though." she said.

"I suppose." he agreed. "How's cleric training?" he asked as he helped her clear the table.

"Well, there's more enthusiasm out there than I accounted for," she said. "It's so hard to say no especially when you see how badly they want to be in. I have to exercise quality control you know."

"Was that why Pumyra was here?" he joked, "Bribing you with food to make her a cleric?"

"Oh stop." She corrected him, "To be sequestered in a nunnery and be away from her Bengali is that last thing she would want." She laughed.

"Can you blame her? Tigers are very irresistible, but you know that already." he snuck his arms around her waist as she stood by the sink cleaning the dishes. He started kissing the back of her neck and gently nibbling. His body temperature began to rise as she felt him press against her.


"I can never, ever get enough of you." He growled in her ear as he nibbled there too. He was about to pull her away from the sink when he felt her push him away. Not just a little push, but a big push enough to get him a few feet away. He was about to pounce back, thinking she was playing hard to get when she bent over the sink and started retching.

"Babe, are you okay?" concern crossed the tiger's features as he approached the cheetah. She seemed to have spilled all her guts out with her vomiting. She looked a little pale and the tiger helped her sit down on a nearby chair.

"My kiss can't be that disgusting." He said which elicited a little chuckle from her.

It took a minute or two before she spoke up. "I need to tell you something."

She had been vomiting the last two weeks and after seeing the palace doctor, she had been anxiously waiting for her husband to come back, more anxiously than she usually gets when he's gone. She was literally bursting at the seams trying to keep the news to herself, but Pumyra seemed to have picked up on her cues after seeing her run to the bathroom for the infinite time as they were in the middle of a baking lesson. Pumyra had traded cooking lessons for sparring to get her battle skills up. They had cultivated a genuine friendship over the last few months. That they were both in relationships with tigers was another bonding point.

"Are you pregnant?"

Her mouth dropped open at the suggestion. "Ummmm…do you think so?"

"Well, you sure are acting like you are." The puma suggested. "You forget I've got some medical training under my belt."

Cheetara paused and touched her stomach thoughtfully, confirming the younger feline's theory.

"I knew it." She happily hugged Cheetara. "Congratulations!"

The cheetara felt a tear fall from her cheek. "Thank you."

Pumyra had excitement written all over her features. "Oh I'm so happy for you two!" she exclaimed, "Oh, but I'm sure you want him to know first hand, so, your secret is safe with me!" she motioned a cross over her chest, "Thundercats honor!"

Cheetara smiled. "I can't wait to tell him."

"He'll be over the moon! All three of them!"

"I am too."

Pumyra then started rambling on about pregnancy and its quirks and all about baby names the entire time she was there. Cheetara smiled the whole time. She hoped Tygra's reaction would be just as enthusiastic as Pumyra's.

"You're going to be a dad?"

The tiger swallowed. "Yeah."

"Congratulations!" the panther smacked him on the back. "Although I have to admit, I kind of expected the news a little sooner…knowing you and your erm, reputation." Panthro then let out a bellowing laugh as he patted the tiger on the back.

Tygra laughed too, although he had a hint of nervousness in his. This didn't escape the panther's sharp ears. "You look a little pale there, DADDY." He teased, "I hope that's not how you responded to your wife when she told you."

Far from it, actually. When she nervously let out that she is with child, Tygra exclaimed so loud he was sure the walls of their house were going to cave in. He picked her up, swung her around until she threatened to vomit again and kissed her senseless.

It was only until now, 24 hours later and he was working with Panthro on the thundertank that it all came down on him.

He was going to be a father.

Just like the late King Claudus.

He was going to have a little version of himself or his wife, running around, getting into all sorts of mischief and making him worry his head silly.

For the first time in his life, he had been gripped with a fear like he had never known.

The fear of fatherhood.

It was nothing like facing Mumm-Ra or his army of fully armed henchmen. That one he can handle without batting an eyelash.

This one was more powerful.

He was going to be responsible for a life.

For a little one who was part of him, and part of the woman he loved the most.

That thought scared him more than anything he could even remotely think of.

He had broken out into a cold sweat.

I'm going to have a child.

This morning Cheetara made him some breakfast before she headed out, she had left him a note that read, "We love you Daddy." From Cheetara and your little one.

A little Tygra. Or a little Cheetara.

"Can't say I know how you feel, bro." Panthro seemed to have read his thoughts. "Never been in your shoes," he said, "But there are books for those, you know."

"For anxiety?"

"For parenthood."

The news reached Lion-O faster than lightning.

"We should throw a ball! A party! Something!" he enthusiastically exclaimed when his brother came in at one of their meetings. The lion gave him an overjoyed embrace, "I'm going to be an uncle!"

The tiger annoyingly pushed his brother away. He's gotten so many hugs and handshakes from everyone he passed by the hallway today he was pretty sure he needed another shower. He didn't remember the last time Lion-O gave him a hug like that one. They were probably still children. He did sense the genuine happiness in that gesture and for that he smiled.

"You should be becoming a father too." Tygra told his younger brother.

"Not right now." Lion-O counteracted. "Thundera is priority, and then maybe we'll think about that. Besides, you need a wife to produce children."

"The princess over at Astera seems to like you. She was asking why I didn't bring you along." The tiger teased, "Then there's Willa, and maybe Nayda. You can have a whole harem if you wanted to."

Lion-O smirked, "Only because you're married already, otherwise you know they'd all be hankering for you."

"They can dream all they want." The tiger's statement made Lion-O roll his eyes heavenward. "I'm taken, and its' staying that way."

"So do you want a boy or a girl?"

"I'll accept whatever. If it's a girl though, I've got to start building a fortress around my house."

"What for?"

"To keep her away from cats like me."

Cheetara felt like she was literally glowing since she had let the cat out of the bag. She was in a way petrified that he wasn't going to take the news well and tell her he wasn't ready to become a dad. But his happiness at her pregnancy relieved her greatly. There were other things to worry about of course. She can't be running and bouncing around like she used to during cleric training, as she was afraid of hurting her baby. This was particularly evident one time she had been sparring with one of her new trainees.

Tigris was a huge dark orange tiger, a whole foot taller than Cheetara and at least twice her body weight. He was one of the best cleric recruits Cheetara has had in the last few weeks and showed a lot of promise. He was also an eager beaver, always willing to learn new things so he often volunteered to be her demo cat (that he had a big crush on her probably was the other reason). Today Cheetara was demonstrating how to use speed over size and he was the first one to raise his hand to step up to the plate.

"You know she's married right?" one of the other new clerics whispered to the tiger.

"I know better than to cross Prince Tygra." Tigris winked at his comrade before stepping up. Cheetara motioned him to attack her full force. The young tiger started charging full force towards his teacher.

Cheetara quickly leapt out of the way, landing on the trainee's shoulder while giving him a mild whack across the back with her staff. She jumped to get off of him when he quickly turned about and grabbed the one end of the staff and yanking it from her. Cheetara landed on her feet but her weapon was now in the hands of her student.

"Pretty good." She commented as she disappeared from his view. She had dashed towards the side and made for the other end of the staff he wasn't holding and tried to pull it from his grasp. He was, however, quite strong and held on to the staff for dear life so she couldn't take it from him. She had but a split second opportunity to take it from him and was unable to because of his strength.

Smart kid, she thought, learned from her no doubt. She again disappeared from view and started attacking. He was able to fend off some of her blows by holding her own staff in front of him but for the most part got himself quite clobbered. He wasn't fading fast though, and after a few more blows, Cheetara landed on her two feet, her brows rising in amazement as the young tiger was still standing, out of breath, but still on his two feet. She charged one more time, this time she was able to yank her staff away but he had tripped her and rapidly put her in a bear hug. His huge arms came around her and held on tight.

Cheetara wondered how he was able to get a hold of her as he held on to squeeze the air out her lungs. Did pregnancy make her slower? Tire her easier? Make her less sharp?

He's going to squish my baby!

That thought released her maternal instincts and with a defensive feral growl that her students have never heard before, she freed her arms by pulling on Tigris' thumb and rapidly struck his toes with the tip of her staff. That earned a loud howl from the tiger as the cheetah released herself and smashed Tigris with her staff. She beat him up so fast that the tiger didn't know what hit him.

By the time she was done, Tigris fell on his back and had lifted his arm in surrender.

That the clerics were astounded was an understatement. They stood, open-mouthed (though this wasn't quite evident as they had their masks on), wide-eyed in amazement as Tigris lay in a pulped heap on the floor.


Cheetara was breathing hard, trying to catch one as she saw her student on the floor. He was okay but he did take quite a beating. She suddenly felt all guilty for overdoing it.

"You okay?" she approached the student who was flat as a pancake on the training floor.

The young tiger looked up at her and managed a half smile. "Wow. You're fast."

She was suddenly reminded of another tiger who told her the exact same thing over a decade ago, which made her laugh a little. She reached out her hand to him to help him up. "And that," she told her trainees, "Is how you take down a behemoth."

The future clerics clapped their hands in unison.

"Did he hurt you? Did he hurt my baby?" Tygra growled as his wife joined him in the throne room with Lion-O. She had just told him about what had transpired earlier in the day.

"Relax." She reassured him, "I probably beat him up enough for the two of us." She shook her head. "Poor thing, he just might quit tomorrow."

"Then he's not fit to be a cleric." The tiger snarled. He wasn't too enthusiastic hearing how the youngster tried to squeeze the life out of his beloved.

Lion-O appeared just at that time and approached them. He put a hand on Cheetara's now slowly growing abdomen, "Hey, how's my niece or nephew coming along?"

The king then felt a slap upside the head, "Hey! I'm the king! You can't smack me around."

"No touching my wife's belly you pervert!"

The cheetah just had to laugh at the one. As she did, she felt gurgling on her stomach and tasted bile on her throat. She made a dash for the commode not too far from the throne room. Her spewing her guts out can be heard all the way down the hallway.

"Poor Cheetara." Lion-O shook his head. "Sure am glad we males don't have to suffer through that." He turned to look at his brother who was nowhere to be seen. "Tygra?"

From across the other hallway, he could hear his brother retching too, almost in unison to the cheetah's.

All he could do was scratch his head in wonder.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

To say that her husband was the most overprotective cat this side of third earth was an understatement. He wouldn't let her go anywhere by herself, not even the bathroom. He would sit and watch her every move, much to her chagrin. Tygra wouldn't let her carry anything so he ended up holding her staff, using it as a deterrent to anyone who even looked like they were going to touch her growing belly. He even watched the food she ate, tasted it first to make sure it wasn't poisoned or going bad. He carried a pregnancy book around, checking everything she did if it was going to be of harm to their unborn.

"Quit it! You're driving me crazy." she had barked at him one time when he finally got on her last nerve.

"I'm just protecting you and our baby!"

"You're overreacting again!"

"Me? Who's the one doing the yelling!"

"Get lost!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me!"

The next thing he knew, she had slammed the door in his face.

From behind it, Tygra could hear her sobbing.

"Babe, crying can't be good for you or our baby." He tried to speak gently through the door.

"Go away!"

The tiger swallowed. He felt his heart sink as he heard her sob louder. She even slammed the door of the bedroom. He finally decided to give her some space and walked away. He didn't want to leave her by herself so he took a side trip to Pumyra's house where he found the young cat knitting a blanket.

"I didn't want to leave her alone but she's kind of upset at me right now." He scratched his head as he sheepishly related this to the puma.

The other cat smiled at him in understanding. "I'll drop by and check on her." She put a hand on his shoulder. "It's hard I know. I've never had kids but I've dealt with enough parents to know."

"So, you think I'm overdoing it?" he asked her tentatively.

She nodded, not exactly the answer he was looking for, but he bit back his tongue before he retorted. "She's having a difficult time now as it is." She said. "The last thing she needs is a mother hen."

Tygra sighed. "I just want what's best for her and our baby."

"I know." Pumyra placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure she's looking out for the best of your baby too. Just give her a little breathing room okay?"

He was thoughtful for a little bit before speaking again. "Say, you know about pregnancy and all right? With your medical training and all?"

"Most things I do." She said. "What did you want to know?"

The color rose in his cheeks, "Uhm….can we still do…uh, you know…" he paused to look at the puma who was staring wide-eyed at him.

"No, your highness, I don't know."

He turned to scratch an imaginary itch. "You're probably not the right person to ask."

"Try me."

"He wants to know if they can still get dirty." Bengali piped up from nowhere, laughing, causing the other tiger to turn beet red and Pumyra to blush as well.

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"I was right though," Bengali winked.

"Erm, you're right, I'm not the right person to ask." Pumyra was still flushed with embarrassment. "Maybe you can ask the palace doctor."

"Yeah I guess." Tygra shot a menacing look at Bengali before heading for the door. "Well, I'm gonna get going." He bid them. "Thanks Pumyra."


"You," he turned to Bengali, "Will be getting a little extra tomorrow." He referred to their military exercises the following day, to which the white tiger groaned, complaining about the unfairness of it all to which his senior answered him with a grunt.

"You know better than to tick him off." Pumyra teased her beau as she closed the door.

"Can you though?" Bengali turned Tygra's question to his girlfriend.

"I am not answering that."

"I've got to know!"

"Why? Did you get anyone pregnant?"

Bengali turned silent.

"I swear you male cats all think the same!" Pumyra shook her head and went back to her knitting.

Cheetara stared at herself in the mirror. She felt bad yelling at Tygra earlier for hovering over her like a hen but she had enough of him getting into her hair. She rubbed her pregnant belly, amazed at its increasing size. At one point she had feared she won't be able to carry the thing, given her small frame. She had started to feel the little one move and kick. During one of her doctor visits, he had even let her listen to the baby's heart. Tygra was holding her hand at the time and they had both shed tears of happiness hearing that strong heart beat rapidly. It was a beautiful sign of life.

"So how are you expectant parents getting ready?" the doctor asked as he applied his sonogram on Cheetara's growing belly.

"Nursery's up." Tygra declared proudly. "And I've read all the pregnancy books my busy schedule will allow me to."

The doctor laughed. "You won't feel ready until you're actually there." He paused as he pushed the sonogram harder on Cheetara's abdomen. "And sometimes regardless, you won't feel ready at all."

"So…are we having a boy? A girl?" Cheetara asked excitedly.

"Boys!" the doctor exclaimed.

Both cats blinked.

"You mean a boy?" Tygra spoke up first.

"Boys." The doctor repeated. "You're having twins."

Cheetara gasped.

Tygra grew pale.

He was going to have two children, at once.

"Is he going to be okay?" the palace doctor asked as the tiger seemed to be in a trance.

"He will be soon." Cheetara smiled at the physician as she dragged her husband out of the clinic. "Thank you, doctor!"

"I'll see you in a few weeks." He called out to her before waving goodbye.

At least I don't have to build a fortress around my house, he thought as they marched out the clinic.

Two boys.

Two rambunctious, crazy, out of control boys.

It would be like having him and Lion-O come out at the same time.

Tygra couldn't help but remember his own childhood. The fist fights, the tugs-of-war over the last cookie, rolling in the mud until their governess dragged them out of it, the battle to see who gets to sit on Claudus' lap or who gets read their favorite bedtime story first. This time it was going to be two boys of the same age, not a smaller one and a bigger one.

Tygra felt he's going to need his own visit to the doctor, he thinks he needed anxiety medication.

To be continued…

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