Dad Becomes Him

By Fuuko no Miko

Part 2


Author Notes:

I'm juggling two fics on my computer, and another two in my head. Not the most fun since the ideas are trying to outdo each other in the limited capacity of my cerebrum, lol. But anyway, here's part 2. I hope to get unstuck in writer-block world and get things done sooner. I should really stop looking at fanart at Deviant Art because all it does is throw more ideas in my head. Bad! Bad! Bad!

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Here goes….

"How about Claudus II and Claudus III?"

"Tytara and Cheegra!"

"Tygra Jr and Cheetara Jr?"

"They're both boys dingbat."

Tygra smacked his forehead. He had gathered his lower-ranking generals for a strategy meeting today and they ended up talking about names for his future twins. The news apparently spreads like the plague around the castle and Tygra realized he was never going to hear the end of it even after the kids were born.

"I say Lionel and Lionardo." His younger brother chimed in as he made his way into the room followed by Panthro.

"You do know they're not going to look anything like you so I don't know how appropriate those names are going to be." Tygra remarked and just about elbowed his brother when the king flashed him a "You never know" look.

"I wonder who they're going to look like." One other older officer spoke up. "Are they going to be like, tigers with spots?"

"Or cheetahs with stripes."

"An orange cheetah and a yellow tiger maybe?"

"They could both be tigers or both cheetahs."

Tygra buried his face in his hands as his officers debated incessantly. At this point they were never going to be done with this meeting.

Cheetara was on the other side of the palace in one of the banquet halls. Pumyra had been sweet enough to throw her a baby shower. It was attended by all the ladies of the court and some other royals from neighboring kingdoms. She wondered if any of the women had flings with her husband years ago because some of them were shooting her a look that would kill her on the spot if they could.

Pumyra noticed that too.

"I have a feeling some of these ladies were errr…Tygra's former girlfriends." The puma whispered when she noted that some of them weren't exactly sincere and friendly.

"Why did you invite them then?" Cheetara whispered under a pseudo-smile she tried to flash to everyone in attendance.

"I didn't."

"Cheetara!" a familiar voice made the cheetah turn about. She recognized the sisters Willa and Nayda of the Amazon kingdom. It was a relief to see their friendly faces as they were great allies of the Thundercats. She welcomed the sisters with genuine hugs.

"You look like a flower in bloom!" Willa kissed her on the cheek as she presented Cheetara with a brightly wrapped package.

"I bet your boys will be future heartbreakers!" Nayda exclaimed, "But we can teach them a thing or two if you send them to our village." The amazon laughed heartily when Cheetara's eyes widened like saucers. "I'm talking about fighting." She laughed harder.

Cheetara laughed out loud. The amazon sisters were always fun to have around. She opened their present to reveal a pair of hand carved wooden swords.

"We made those ourselves." Willa mentioned proudly. "Never too early to teach the kids how to defend themselves you know."

The amazons giggled as Cheetara proceeded to open more presents and chat to the friendlier guests that were there.

"What ever did Tygra see in her? I'm so much prettier than she is." One gate crasher lamented.

"I heard she's quite the tigress in bed."

"She's a cheetah, duh."

"I didn't mean literally, cripes. No wonder Tygra didn't want you."

Things have lightened up in Tygra and Cheetara's abode. Tygra learned to not stalk his wife everywhere and Cheetara didn't snap at him as much when he did. Her belly had been growing quite fast and the little ones were moving quite rambunctiously already. Cheetara knew they were already going to be a handful even before they came out. Her taste in food had greatly altered as her pregnancy progressed. She couldn't tolerate things she used to love and developed a fondness for things she used to loathe. It was the strangest thing. Her mood swings were just as volatile and extreme. The doctor had said it was mostly from her hormonal surges. The fact that she was having twins doubled the changes.

"How's my gorgeous wife doing?" Tygra greeted her with a kiss one time he came home from a construction project in one wing of the palace.

"Frisky." She replied as she returned his kiss with an invasion of his open mouth. She playfully pushed him against the couch and disrobed. Under her velvet robe was a night gown that outlined her fuller figure. Tygra smiled as she turned on her femme fatale look, a hungry look in her eyes. His gaze couldn't help but move to where she carried the product of their love.

She stopped.


"Do I look fat?"

Tygra's jaw fell open. "What?"

She looked at her pregnancy. "I'm huge."

"Babe!" Tygra scratched his confused head. "You're pregnant."

"I know that."

"You're beautiful, babe." He stood up and embraced her, giving her a kiss on the neck. "You're as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on you, if not more so."

"You think so?" she turned to him, eyes misting. "You don't think I look like a whale?"

Tygra tried not to burst out laughing. "Of course not, my love." He turned her about and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Now didn't you tell me a minute ago you were frisky?" he started kissing the side of her neck.

She turned so he could access more of her skin. She ran her hands through his hair, savoring the feel of his lips on her fur.

"What if I don't lose the baby weight?"

Tygra stopped in the middle of pulling her nightgown off. "What do you mean?"

She faced him, a genuine look of concern in her features. "What if I stay looking like this forever even after the babies are out? Like a bean bag?"

Tears rapidly started streaming down her face.

The tiger stood there mouth agape. He wasn't sure what to respond to her with. He's seen his share of felines who were never the same after they had children, some of them worse than others. "Babe," he began as he ran his claws through her soft, silken hair, his other hand wiping the tears that cascaded down her cheeks. "I love you and always will, even if you looked like two or three bean bags, okay? You'll always be beautiful in my eyes, always. That's the vow I took when we got married."

She sniffed. "You're not going to ditch me for a trophy wife? Because I've heard stories of…"

She was silenced by his mouth covering hers. Tygra bent down to scoop her into his arms. He paused a second or two to lift her, as she was getting quite heavy. He stumbled as he tried to fit both of them through the bedroom door. He tried not to wince as he felt something snap in his back as he lowered her a little too fast on their marital bed. He grimaced, hoping she didn't notice that. He took his time undressing to let his back recover a little. He then prowled on the bed to her beckoning finger.

By Thundera he hoped he won't start hurting tomorrow. He didn't want to have to explain to his troops why he's bent over like a bamboo tree that got knocked by a tornado.

"How's fatherhood treating you?" Lion-O asked as he and his older brother engaged in a friendly sparring session in the palace courtyard. It was an exercise they had started since the kingdom slowly got rebuilt. There weren't any real enemies to practice on so they tested their skills on each other. It was also a way to vent their frustrations on one another, especially when they're butting heads on certain issues.

"They're not out of the womb yet." Tygra snarkily replied to his brother as he blocked a strike. "One my generals told me they're scarier when they come out than when they're in there."

Lion-O narrowly missed a swing from his brother as he ducked. "When's Cheetara due anyway?"

"A few more weeks." Tygra replied as he took to the air and disappeared with a crack of his whip. "Although the doctor says with twins they usually come in a little earlier."

"Hey, no turning invisible!" Lion-O winced as he felt a sting of Tygra's whip on his back.

"There's no rule in the books that say I can't." his brother's voice seemed to come from everywhere.

Lion-O straightened up and put his hands on his hips. "Why Daddy Tygra, is that what you're going to teach your sons? If it's not in the book you can get away with it?"

"Oh shut up." Tygra reappeared two feet away from his brother. "Don't use that daddy card on me." He paused to walk over to a table where cold drinks were sitting. He took a gulp of some chilled wine. "I'm nervous enough as it is."

Lion-O took this as a way to take a break. They've been sparring for over an hour now. He took his own goblet of wine and sipped. "What are you so petrified about?"

Tygra shot his brother an incredulous look as he took a seat and wiped the sweat off his brow with a towel. "Everything."

Lion-O took the chair across his older brother. He put a hand under his chin as a cue he was willing to listen.

The tiger sighed. "You know me, Lion-O. I'm pretty fearless."

"Tell me about it." The lion smirked. "I've spent my entire life around you."

Tygra ignored the smart aleck remark. "I'm not afraid of facing enemies head on. I know myself. I know my limitations and my strengths. Military school, Father's guidance, real life battles prepared me for that. But this…this fatherhood." He paused to look at his brother. "Nothing is preparing me for this."

Lion-O raised a brow. "What about all those parenthood books you pour over day in and day out? I swear you've read every one of them in the library."

The tiger threw his hands in the air helplessly. "I know but they keep reiterating that every child is different and that their needs vary. And I've got two of them coming out at the same time! It doesn't even let me just practice on one first!"

"That's what you get for being a horndog." Lion-O laughed out loud. "I told you to take it easy on Cheetara. That's your bad."

"This isn't funny Lion-O." Tygra snapped. The hapless look on his face was extremely uncharacteristic that Lion-O wondered if this is a part of his brother that he's never seen. "I don't want to be a failure."

The lion put a hand on the tiger's shoulder. "Why do you feel like you've lost the battle already? It hasn't even started."

Tygra looked up at his brother. For once he thought his little brother made sense.

"Take it one day at a time." He advised the tiger. "And quit trying to be such a damn perfectionist, you're not in a contest." He paused to look in his brother's eyes. "They're your boys, take control when you can, realize when you can't and adjust. You and Cheetara are in this together. She's a very smart woman and she knows when to rein you in. I'm sure she'll let you know when you're being irrational and vice versa. That's why you're together, you complement each other."

"Make it a journey. You know you're not alone in this. You've got Cheetara, me, Panthro, the Wilys. You've got a whole kingdom behind you, cheering you on and supporting you. You know all you need to do is ask for words of wisdom when you feel stuck." The lion added. "I'm sure Gato alone is a perfect person to ask for advice." He referred to one of the palace's logistics officer. "How many children does he have? Seven?"

The tiger took a deep breath and turned to the king, seemingly seeing him in a new light. "You know, that's the smartest thing that ever came out of you, Lion-O." he smiled genuinely at his brother. A look of relief appeared in his face.

"I've learned from the best." Lion-O cast a glance at the statue of King Claudus in the middle of the courtyard. Tygra saw where he was looking at and agreed. "If we become half the man father was, we'd both make great dads. You can see the proof." The lion beamed, to which the tiger laughed.

"I'd hug you right now, but you're all sweaty." the tiger stood up and picked up his whip. "Another round?"

The king took him up on that offer and chuckled. "Like you don't sweat, you're worse than me."

"Yeah but at least I look studly when I do."

The two monarchs could be heard having a good laugh as they started sparring again.

Tygra didn't find his wife at home when he returned from the sparring session with Lion-O. He went into a panic, thinking she might have had gone into labor and made a mad dash to the Infirmary. When he got there Pumyra informed him promptly that Cheetara had gone to the House of Clerics to talk to the associate who took her place while she is unable to continue with her duties. Tygra let out a whoosh of air when he learned so. He marched on wearily to the Clerics' abode. He was having a really long day today.

He found his wife sitting on a chair looking pale and sweaty, her feet laid atop the lap of a cleric on his knees which he recognized as Tigris. The prince just about blew a fuse as he marched towards the duo, the smoke visible from his ears.

"And just what do you think you're doing to my wife?" Tygra just about barked at the younger cleric as he appeared to have his hands on Cheetara's feet. It looked like he was in the middle of massaging them. The tiger knew that the younger cleric had a crush on his spouse.

Tigris almost dropped Cheetara's feet like they were burning coals. "Good day your highness!" he stammered. "I-I-I…"

"He's just helping me put my shoes back on, babe." Cheetara shot her husband a death glare. She pointed to her overgrown abdomen. "I can't see my feet, much less put my shoes back on." she tried to sit up straight. "I was bent over out of breath when Tigris here found me."

"I'll put your shoes back on." He announced, still staring daggers at the younger tiger who made off hastily after he was dismissed. Tygra bent down on his knee, wincing as his back still hurt from trying to pick up his wife a few weeks ago. He made sure he was looking down so she didn't see his expression.

Tygra massaged his wife's swollen feet as he slowly put her shoes back on. His hands started moving up her leg, massaging them as well.

Cheetara leaned back, closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her husband's strong hands on her feet. She's been up and about all day and her legs felt like lead. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt his lips took the place of his fingers on her aching calves.


"I've missed you babe." He murmured as he kissed her puffy knees. "I haven't seen you all day."

We haven't made love all week either, he added in his head.

"Not in here!" Cheetara looked around the cleric sparring room where they were sitting in. Luckily it was supper time and everyone was likely at the mess hall.

"Why not?" he had moved his lips to the junction of her neck and shoulders, planting kisses on them. "Not like we haven't done it here before."

"That was when the building was under construction!" she tried to push him away unsuccessfully.

"I love you…my sexy wife…" the tiger whispered as he licked her ear. He continued on to her nape and swept her hair aside. He inhaled her scent that reminded him of the Thunderan gardens in the throes of spring.

"I love you too babe but we can't be doing this…" she protested quite breathlessly that he wasn't convinced she meant it.

He pulled her up and embraced her, pressing his lips to hers and running his hands gently behind her back, soothing the lower part of it which he knew ached from her carrying their babies. He had never once heard her complain about being with child. She was always beaming proudly whenever she waddled down the streets of Thundera, smiling at the well wishers and even at his exes that weren't too happy about her bearing his children. She may have had their weirdest taste in food (which he had to put up with since she did most of the cooking at home) and the silliest notions that she looked like lump of unkneaded dough, but in his eyes she was the most wonderful and beautiful pregnant cat he had ever laid eyes upon.

He couldn't be any happier.

He felt her arms go around him, though limited it was since her pregnant belly was in the way. She pressed on his back, hard, sinking her claws into the muscles of his mid-back. For a moment there he thought she was getting carried away in their making out but then she dug in them so hard he thought he was going to bleed. It was then that he pulled away and noticed her grimacing.

"Babe, are you okay?" he then noticed she was clutching on her abdomen.

"It hurts." She winced as she bent over and sat back down the chair. This lasted for about a minute and then she took a deep breath. "I think I'm having contractions."

The word "contractions" sent Tygra running into the infirmary and dragging Pumyra with him. She stayed with the cheetah while the tiger made off to the palace to get the doctor.

An hour later they were in the labor room. Cheetara had been hooked to the baby monitor and Tygra sat by her bedside with worry plastered all over his features.

"It looks like she is just in the early stages of labor." The doctor read the tracings that came from the machine. "We can keep watch. It may take a while since it's your first pregnancy."

"Are my boys going to be okay?" Cheetara asked, she knew she wasn't due for another two to three weeks.

"We expect labor to come in earlier when you have more than one baby at a time." The physician explained to her and Tygra. "But they've just about reached maturity, so they should be okay."

Tygra reached out to rub his wife's forehead. He felt his heart squeeze when she would wince during a contraction. He wished he could take her pain away and make it his. He hated seeing her like that.

"Would you like me to watch her while you get her some supplies from home?" Pumyra asked. Tygra nodded. He's had a delivery bag prepared for over a month now. Cheetara thought he was overreacting again but he always would remind her it was never too soon.

He gave her a brief kiss on the lips and murmured in her ear before he took leave. Pumyra sat by her friend as the cheetah's spouse took off.

Lion-O grumbled when he felt someone trying to rouse him from his wonderful little dream. He swatted the hand on his shoulder and was reciprocated with a smack upside the head.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" he barked as he tried to sit up. "No one smacks the King of Thundera."

"You might be king but I'm still older." The tiger's all-too familiar snappy remark made the lion pull off his sleeping mask. He squinted as all the lights in his bedroom were on full blast. He rubbed his eyes and faintly registered his brother in front of him, his face plastered with an unfamiliar expression of anxiety.

"What's wrong?" the lion snapped awake. "Is Cheetara okay?"

"She's in labor." He replied.

"Well what in Thundera's name are you doing here then?" Lion-O yawned. "You should be at your wife's side."

Tygra appeared to hesitate before speaking up. "I am headed there right now…but I…" he paused for a while before continuing. "I think I could use a…another male in there with me."

The lion smiled inwardly. He found it flattering that his older brother was asking for his support, indirectly though it may be. He threw the covers aside and hurriedly got dressed.

Cheetara was sleeping on her side when Tygra and Lion-O got there. The contractions were becoming more frequent now and slowly getting stronger, the indication mostly the pained expression on Cheetara's face. The doctor had given her a mild painkiller and sedative so she could rest somewhat.

"At the rate she's going, she's going to deliver sooner than I though." The doctor said as he reviewed more of the baby tracings. "Looks like your boys are quite feisty already."

Tygra felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement. He couldn't wait to hold his little boys, hug them, kiss them, tell them how much he loved them and their mother. But he also feared for his beloved wife. He didn't want her to suffer any of the complications that he's read about birthing. He held her hand, caressing it and giving it a squeeze to let her know he was there.

Lion-O stood in the background, elated for his brother, worried for Cheetara and a little bit envious for himself. He's always yearned to have someone of his own as well. Someone to kiss goodnight, wake up next to in the morning and have little lion cubs with. Alas, he hasn't had the luck yet of finding a compatible mate. He's had his share of relationships over the last few years but none of them panned out to anything. He remains optimistic however, that someday his soulmate will come.

The lion king's gaze shifted to Pumyra. Too bad she was taken.

Tygra passed the time alternating between the waiting room and the labor room. He paced constantly to which his little brother for once told him to chill out. The king had the royal chef deliver food for them since Tygra hasn't had anything to eat for a while, as well as some wine to soothe his nerves. Lion-O felt like the more mature of them at the moment after stopping the tiger from downing the whole wine container in one swig, reminding him that he wasn't going to be of any use to his wife if he was slobbering drunk.

Lion-O has never seen his brother this nervous.

Then again, Tygra's never had children before.

None that he knew of anyway.

"Are you ready?" The doctor poked his head out many unsettling hours later. Tygra visibly swallowed and followed him to the delivery room. Lion-O was not far behind.

Cheetara was all set up on the delivery table. Tygra went to his wife's side as she was visibly in pain, profusely covered in sweat. He held her hand. He thought she was going to crush the life out of him when she had a contraction and squeezed his hand. He tried not to show it though, as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Are you ready, Mommy to be?" he whispered in her ear. She nodded and bit her lip as another contraction made her squirm.

"Nurses ready please." The doctor called out to which Pumyra and another nurse took their places next to the doctor. "Okay Cheetara, I'm going to need you to take a deep breath and push, okay?"

"Yes…" the cheetah agreed. She took a deep breath as the doctor cued her and started pushing.

Minutes passed. The cheetah gritted her teeth and pushed. She paused, took a deep breath and pushed some more. The whole room was silent other than Cheetara's efforts to get the baby out.

A cry broke the deafening quiet of the room.

Tygra froze.

Lion-O's ears perked.

The doctor pulled, tugged, and lifted a small ball of fur that mewled before breaking into an ear piercing screech. Pumyra handed Tygra scissors to cut the baby's cord which he did although he still appeared to be in a trance. The puma wrapped the screaming cub in a blanket before handing him to his awed father.

The little squirt had Tygra's coloring and stripes on his head but had his mother's spots on his arms and legs. Tygra felt a tear fall down his cheek.

He hadn't held on to the first boy for long when he got handed a second scissor to cut the cord on the second cub that came out. This one had his mother's color and hints of stripes on his extremities. He was slightly smaller but cried just as loudly as the first. Tygra held on to his boys, not minding the tears of happiness that started streaming down his face. He moved to where his wife's head was and brought the cubs to her.

"Look at our sons, Mommy." He whispered to the exhausted cheetah. Her weary eyes opened, tearing up as she saw the two squealing balls of fur wrapped in the warm blankets. She tried to sit up a little and took them in her arms.

"They're beautiful." She spoke hoarsely as she put her cheek against each of them, feeling this warmth against her fur. They settled down as she cradled them in one arm each and kissed them. Tygra planted one on each of their furry heads and then on his spouse's tear-stained cheeks.

"I love you babe." He put an arm around her tired shoulders and held her against him.

"I love you too, babe." She leaned against his strong chest, finding comfort in them.

Lion-O came over once the doctor had finished with delivering the after-birth and cleaning everything up. His brother placed his little nephews in his arms. He smiled at them, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. One of them grabbed on to his hair and tugged. "This one's going to be trouble." Lion-O laughed as the cub held on to the strand for dear life. "You guys are going to have your hands full."

"That's what Uncle Lion-O is for." Cheetara smiled. "Take them off my hands when they're being little buttheads."

"Do you have names for them yet?" Lion-O nuzzled the orange one. It playfully scratched the tip of his nose.

"This one shall be Kastor." Tygra rubbed the fuzzy head of the one who looked like him. "And this one will be Pollux." He referred to the younger of the two.

"Strong names." Lion-O smiled. He raised a brow at his brother. "Are you sure you don't want to call him Lion-O the second?"

"Save that for your own children." The tiger laughed.




Tygra blissfully ignored everyone surrounding him as they threw in more name suggestions, choosing to focus on the sleepy little cubs in his and his wife's arms. He kissed his wife lovingly and took the baby from her. Her eyelids were getting heavy and he decided to let her get some rest.

"How come he gets the bigger sword?"

"Coz I'm the better swordsman!"

"Says who? You never beat me."

"That's coz you cheat!"

"The swords are the same size!" Tygra barked out finally after having to hear this argument for the infinite time. He exasperatedly rubbed his forehead that was beginning to throb. These were the days he wished the boys were still babies. They may have cried and screamed but typically giving them a toy or food kept them quiet.

They're both five now. Loud, hyperactive and perpetually arguing, he thought they were worse than him and Lion-O when they were young.

Not that he didn't love his boys, Gods knew that he would lay his life over for them many times over. There are just some days he wished he could turn off their bickering for a little peace and quiet.

He wondered if it was time to send them to the palace again. Lion-O didn't seem to mind their company. But then again Lion-O also has an army of ladies of the court who wouldn't mind looking after the boys from time to time. Tygra didn't have that luxury. He wanted to raise his boys first hand and not have to deal with a live-in nanny.

When Tygra opened his eyes, the twins were in front of him, their shoulders down, their faces repentant, their saucer-like eyes misty.

"I'm sorry Daddy."

"I'm sorry too."

"We don't want to you to get mad."

"Please don't give us away to Mumm-Ra."

Tygra tried not to laugh at their logic. The thought of giving them to Mumm-Ra was something Panthro had threatened them with one time they messed around with the Thundertank. It apparently had worked, he just never remembered to use it.

The tiger opened his arms to which the duo ran into. He gave them a big squeeze, murmuring in their pointy ears. "Of course Daddy won't give you boys to Mumm-Ra, Daddy loves you both very, very much." He reassured them, banishing the tears that threatened to run down their sweet little faces. "Daddy just wishes you would love each other more instead of fighting all the time."

It was this sight that greeted Cheetara when she walked into the backyard. She felt her heart tug seeing the males in her life in a big, loving hug, particularly the twins. There was a never a day when they don't try to outdo each other, always competing for attention. They certainly reminded her of two competing brothers many years ago, just a little bit worse.

"Thank the Gods you're home." Tygra breathed a sigh of relief as the two boys disengaged and started running around the yard with their wooden swords. "For a minute there I was this close to giving them away to the first person who passes by the street."

Cheetara laughed as she planted a kiss on her husband's cheek. She had been gone for the last week to help train future clerics in Astera. Luckily Panthro had designed a vehicle light and fast enough to get to the mountainous kingdom without much trouble. This enabled the cheetah to come home sooner than the three weeks it usually took to get there and back by steed.

"I know what you mean." she smiled as she took a seat next to her husband. He wrapped his arms around her. Back in the day, he would've greeted her enthusiastically before she even reached the gate and carried her off to their bedroom. These days its a little trickier with the boys growing up. They can't just randomly disappear for a few hours without one or both of the kids trying to find them. Luckily they haven't mastered the trick of invisibility yet, and that was one lesson Tygra was hoping to postpone as long as he possibly could.

"I missed you babe." Tygra kissed her longingly.

"I missed you too." the cheetah responded, returning his kiss with just as much enthusiasm.


The tiger pulled away from his wife to chase the two boys who had the most disgusted expression on their faces. She laughed as he caught both of them, taking them up in his arms and swinging them in the air. Much as she knew he complained about their shenanigans, the cheetah knew how much her better half loved their little monsters.

She wondered how he was going to react when she tells him that they're going to have a third one.

The End

Author Notes:

I tried to be as technically correct with the birthing process as much as I could. Though I figured you guys won't mind so much, and they are part cats of course. Their physiology is one way or another a little different than ours will be.

I had fun writing this insane little fix. I know most of the characters are extremely OOC and bordered on the ridiculous, but that was intentional. ThunderCats is quite serious and I think this would be a nice break for us loyal followers.

Some scenes in here are a nod to some of my favorite movies. The tiger getting in trouble for "massaging another man's wife's feet" is a nod to Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction. The names Kastor and Pollux, although derived from the signs of the Zodiac (Gemini) were inspired by the movie "Face/Off" where the villainous brothers have the same name.

There is also a nod to the fic "The Better Cat" by lyn452 which is also one of my favorite stories. Check it out if you haven't yet!

You might wonder why Tygra has "Exes" in this fic when Thundera got wiped out. These exes of his were from another kingdom that wasn't leveled by the lizards.

My thanks again to Bronwynn for throwing this idea at me!

And if you have requests or ideas, please let me know. I appreciate your feedback! Read and review if you will and thank you!