A RP I'm doing with a good Da friend of mine, GOGGLOR! I'm Dib and GOGGLOR is Zim. C:

It was a typical day in the small city of (insert city name here), every human had a life to life and they were living it the way they did.

"ZIM! It's YOUR turn to work the cash register! Get over here!" called Zim's boss. Zim groaned as he was bowling fries into hot grease; it splatting at his fine skin, making him wince every time a bubble popped.

"C-coming!" Zim shouted, dropping the fries as someone else took over the bubbly grease job. Zim was now about 20 years old and working at Mcmeaty's. He was tall and looked more like a 16 year old geek teen than a man. He was hunched over, lanky, out of place and most of all...working at a fast food place, which he hated.

"Zim! You better not fail at this! Take the people's orders, and DON'T bad talk them or you're FIRED!" shouted Zim's boss before he disappeared behind the kitchen to yell at the other people working there.
Zim huffed at the cranky old fart.

"Yeah...that won't keep me from bad talking you, you motherfucking ass." Zim mumbled under his breath as he stood there, hunched over and bored; watching people eat with their mouths open, smacking their sickly foods making Zim shiver with disgust. 'My break is almost over, thank fucking god of unholiness!' Zim thought to himself.


Dib sat in his big, black leather chair as he wrote down the dates and times for scheduled travel arrangements for his boss. The smell of ink from his ball point pen gave him a headache, but he was used to that.

Dib was in his twenties and worked as a receptionist at a company he didn't give two shits about. He was only there because he qualified and he needed money. Appearance wise, Dib looked the same, just taller, not even his age caught up with him for that he still looked quite young. Many people would stare at him when they first see him.

"Excuse me?" came a shy voice.

"Yes, how may I help you?" Dib said with disinterest as he continued to write down his notes.

"Um I was wondering where I could find Mr. Bruary." The soft voice said.

Dib didn't even look at the women when he said "second floor, third door to your left."

"Thank you." The woman said and was off.

Dib sighed as he finished writing the arrangements. Technically this was his boss' job, but what the boss had to know Dib had to know, to some extent. It was not that Dib hated his boss, compared to most bosses, Dib had a good one. It was he 'fellow' employees who pissed him off. They were all at least 5 to 10 years older than Dib and quite frankly, they were jealous for reasons unknown to Dib.

Dib looked to the clock to see that his lunch break started in four minutes and just as he stood up to back his things, Mitchell came strolling by, this man took Dib's place until the black haired boy came back.

"Little Dibby going for wunch now?" Mitchell teased and Dib glared at the 25 year old with complete annoyance. Mitchell was the second youngest but was the most unpleasant worker here and he LOVED to tease Dib. Why? Literally because his name was Dib; it was a cute name apparently, cute enough to be teased about.

"Grow up." was all Dib said as he quickly gathered his things so he could take his half an hour break; the only good part about his job.

Mitchel just laughed as Dib walked by him. "I will when you get laid, Dibby-poo~" the 25 year old cooed the nick name and got a middle finger for a reply and just like that Dib was down the elevator and on his way to his favourite cafe.