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Dib's face lit up when he heard his alien's unique voice fill the room. The happy human jumped off the coach in a rush to meet his alien.

With a death hold disguised as a hug, Dib said happily "you're back!" and the human wasted no time planting his mouth onto Zim's, licking and nibbling at the irken's bottom lip.

Zim took the action as no surprise because he wanted the same from his Dib. Zim wrapped his arms around Dib's neck and pulled him closer. Zim moaned and played with his wet and warm tongue. The irken purred and growled in a smooth, wanting way. Grabbing his shirt and tugging on it, Zim shivered in the rush of pleasure and force. He completely melted in bliss, sinking into his human's arms.

Dib could feel the cold air on Zim's skin and instantly the human was on the move. Slipping his hands under Zim's clothes and rubbing him all over to warm him up.

Dib pulled away from the kiss and said "I need to cuddle you. Now." and without a word from Zim for approval, Dib scooped the little green menace and carried him to the coach.

Dib made sure to completely consume Zim with his body heat by shoving him against the couch and wrapping his arms and legs around him.

The human sighed in content.

Zim blushed super dark and smiled up at Dib as he laid under him. Zim rubbed Dib's lower back and purred soothingly. "Mmm...Damn I love you." He said breathlessly and kissed him deeply. Zim just melting under him, his touch and warmth was overwhelming for the small irken, and his taller body on top of him, making him feel so small and helpless. "Oh Dib~"

"Mmmm." Dib moaned into Zim's kiss and he began to slide his hands under Zim's shirt again. Continuing to rub every surface on Zim's front and back, Dib asked "How was dinner with Liz?"

Zim shivered in need of his warmth and attention. "Mm...Good, real good." He said, not wanting to really talk about it, but tried to keep things casual. "The food was great. I might take you there sometime."

Dib smiled at Zim's lack of concentration. It was adorable, so adorable that Dib wanted to test it. The human slowly licked Zim's face from the bottom of his jaw to his temple and even nibbled the area a bit.

"Mmm, yeah? What did you eat?" Dib asked in a husky voice as his hands slowly rubbed Zim's back side, it must be cold too.

Zim moaned and wrapped his arms tight around his neck. He smirked at him. "I ate...some...a salad, yeah..." He said dreamy like as he began to purr and snuggle Dib's neck. "Mmm, you are so warm~"

Dib smirked. "Just a salad, how boring space boy." Dib commented. "Yes, I'm pretty warm." Dib hummed as he lay there with Zim in his arms. Then something dawned on the 22 year old.

"You know, as youngsters, we wouldn't get off each other's backs..." Dib chuckled at the memory. "But I don't think much has changed that, huh?" Dib looked at Zim and smiled, seeing the same old Zim somehow.

Zim smiled up at him with glowing reddish maroon eyes. "I never want you off my back. I love it when you tease me." He smiled and stroked Dib's face and kissed him deeply with a moan.

Dib held Zim close when they kissed. He never wanted anything more than this alien and it felt so good to finally have him. Dib felt even better knowing that Zim wanted him just as bad. The human had never been wanted like this by anyone but Dib would be damned if it wasn't Zim constantly paying attention to him, good or bad.

Zim felt warm and safe in Dib's arms, he never knew he could feel so safe with the human. It was all too magical. Too surreal. Zim pulled away with a sweet smile. "What did you do today baby?

Dib blushed at the question. 'Should I tell him now? Or wait until the right time...' the human mused. But when Dib looked at Zim curious face, he just HAD to tell the alien.

"What do you think I did?" Dib asked with a perverted smirk. Of course Dib wasn't going to GIVE Zim the answer.

Zim smiled wide. "You got me a puppy?!" He said and laughed. "No, you went to the porn shop down the street, didn't you?" Zim smiled and nuzzled Dib more. He stroked up his neck to his ear, toying with it, rubbing it gently as he ran his fingers along the ridges. Zim lost track as he stared at his ear, wanting to lick it so badly.

Dib laughed with Zim. "Yup! And I got the cutest..." Dib paused, he knew a concentrated and not listening Zim face when he saw it.

"What are you staring at?" Dib asked, suddenly self-conscious since Zim was staring at something on him it seemed.

Zim went to his ear and began to lick it gently with kisses. "This..is attractive." He whispered as he pulled Dib closer.

Dib flinched a bit at the feeling of Zim's tongue on his ear but then he giggled. "Y-You think my ear is attractive?" Dib asked in confusion. "Mmm, then again, I think you're antennae are really hot..." Dib blushed at thet comment. It would sound really weird to any human.

"I like it. I find it kinda...adorable and...fleshy." Zim sat up, gently pushing Dib up with him. He stroked over his chest with a content sigh. He looked back up at Dib with dreamy eyes. "Soooo...what did you get me, Diblet?" Zim asked with a warm purr.

Dib blushed at Zim's little touches; they gave him goose bumps, good Goosebumps. "A maid outfit of course." Dib giggled but then felt self-conscious all of a sudden. "Y-You'll wear it, right?" Dib looked down in embarrassment. There was something really humiliating about Dib buying Zim a maid out fit and then telling him he actually did. Maybe Zim was joking about it and the human took it seriously.

Zim smiled and kissed his nose. "I would love to see it." Zim said, stroking his legs roughly and playfully. Zim purred and looked at Dib very dreamy. "Just get me the bag, I'll go change...I want it to be a surprise for you."

Dib smiled like a happy little girl at Zim's reply. His alien boyfriend cooking him dinner in a maid outfit he bought especially for him, what more could a 22 year old paranormal-loving homosexual ask for!

Dib got up from the couch and headed to Zim's room where he put the present hours ago. Returning to Zim in the living room, Dib couldn't help but blush when giving Zim the bag.

Zim snatched it and stood up. "I'll be back." He trailed a finger along his nose and kissed his forehead romantically.

Zim went to his room and got undressed before pulling out the dress. Once he did, he blushed really dark. "Damn...this is kinda...hot." He smirked and slipped it on. It fit perfectly, and a tad bit snug. He put the wrist band on and then went out to the hall.

Standing in the hall he called out. "Close your eyes Dib, It's a surprise."

Dib quickly placed his hands over his eyes with glee. He could just picture what the alien looked like in his head but he was sure it would be 10 times more rewarding in reality. And the fact that Dib refused to peek, despite his urge to, made him that much more excited.

Zim came into the living room, standing in front of Dib. He wanted to sit in his lap and kiss him as romantically as possible, or do a very attractive pose, but he decided against it. He wanted him just to look for now. See his true response with no other exciting add-ons to the outfit.

"Open your eyes now baby~" He said smoothly.

Hesitant for a moment, Dib opened his eyes and felt instantly blessed. The human reached out and felt the skirts ruffles and smiled bashfully.

"I did a good job, didn't I?" Dib flattered himself and looked up at Zim. "You look so precious!"

Zim blushed and smiled. "Really good." he leaned down and kissed his forehead. "So Dib, what would you like your maid to do for you? Make the bed? Clean your dirty face? Or...make you a nice dinner and feed it to you." Zim slithered his fingers along his chest loving and teasingly.

Zim remembered Dib's joy of the thought of Zim feeding him as if he was a baby earth monkey. Zim didn't mind- if that made him happy, he would do it.

Dib's mind went on hyper drive when hearing that alien's voice and the things it was saying.

"Aw man, they all sound sooo good... except the face thing...but I would like that too..."Dib mussed over the options, they ALL were good. But Dib did want his food feed to him the most.

"I'm going to go with the dinner option." The human said in a dreamy voice as he moaned and traced his fingertips outside Zim's thighs.

Zim shivered and moaned once his exposed thighs where touched. Giggling he pulling Dib's hands away slowly. "Not yet my hot boy, not yet~" He purred and walked off- swaying his wide hips that fit perfectly in the outfit as he walked to the kitchen.

Dib pouted and followed his little maid alien into the kitchen, paying very close attention to how Zim moved. It was dangerous to be able to move that way.

Then Zim sat up on the counter and spread his legs a bit, holding a spoon in his hand. His long and skinny fingers glided up and down the handle of it- back and forth quickly and teasingly.

"So what do you want to eat Dib-baby?' Zim licked his lips and winked teasingly.

Dib felt an instant boner at the display the alien purposely created. The human walked in between the alien's legs and snaked an arm around his neck and placed his other hand on top of the spoon, but making sure not to interrupt Zim's playing around on it.

Dib's voice was husky. "You are terrible, you know that?" and he kissed the alien hard as he snaked his hand up his dress but pulled it out, not wanting to started the irken too much. But it wasn't fair; Dib wanted the alien now, really bad.

Zim moaned into the kiss, flinching at bit at the touch from under his skirt. He blushed and pulled away, and looking down. "Let me make you some food, my big boy~" He said, but was still very flustered at the moment.

Zim was still very shy about the thought of sex, and the idea of the skin breaking was terrifying. He jumped off the counter and went to the fridge, bending down as low as he could to show off his underwear. He began to grab food to start making.

Dib stepped back from the alien, suddenly self-conscious. He was very turn on but he bit his lip nervously as he looked away from Zim. The human's heart hurt from shame and slight rejection.

'I need to calm down' Dib advised himself but it was so hard. Getting Zim a maid outfit was a bad idea, it gave Zim too much power. The alien was such a tease yet so shy, it was killing the human slowly. But Dib took a breath and knew that he too was nervous about sex and just because he was horny doesn't mean he was any more confident.

With that in mind, Dib relaxed and looked over to Zim and died inside.

'Panty shot' the human cried silently. As a defense mechanism, Dib sat on the counter where Zim was and looked at the wall until Zim was standing again and the human could see a face, a less seductive part of the body but with Zim, that was just as dangerous.

"I kinda feel for some pasta." The human said a little dismayed but smiled, he loved pasta, that would satisfy something at least.