I hope you enjoy this.

This was the prompt used:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. (obviously H/A)

2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.

3. Write a drabblet/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterward! No matter how whacked out your drabble is.

4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my ideas. *sigh*

Come Back Song -Darius Rucker

The rain was all I could think about and I burned the coffee again. How your eyes sparked in the when I held the umbrella over you. Oh, how I miss you so much. How could I have let you go so easily. I writing a song about you and hoping that you would here this and come back to me again cause I miss you so much. Helga please come back to me.

Little Moments - Brad Paisley

The first time you cook for me on that third date and you burnt the cake. I wanted to laugh but you were so upset that every thing wasn't perfect for the date. I kissed you and watched you melt into my arms and tell you it fine she can have "ice cream" later.

Lover, Lover - Jerrod Niemann

What happened to us? We had this love that could concur the world but, you don't treat me like you love me any more. I still love you with all my heart. So that's why I'm leaving you and if you want me back come and chase me if you love me anymore.

Here comes goodbye- Rascal Flatts

She's coming to tell me good-bye but I can't let it happen. I love her to much. Helga baby I'm sorry but she passes me by as if she doesn't see me. Where is she going? Whats in the backyard that's more important than me. I try to stop her but the sad look on her face stops me dead in my tracks. In the backyard there is a stone that she goes up to and I crumble at her good-bye.

Anything is Possible - Darius Rucker

I sit in the sand listening to you and the kids and feel like it's a dream that I have dreamed for so long. I pinch myself hard just to make sure it's not and that this is possible. That you're here with me and those are our kids. I know anything is possible with you beside me, Arnold. Oh, how I love you.

She's My Kind of Rain - Tim McGraw

There she is sitting in the park with her head down thinking as always. Just as I reach her it starts to rain and if possible she looks even more beautiful and I can't hold back and go to her. She looks up at me confuse and I'm not sure if she is going to kill me. I kiss her passiantely and pull back and look at her.

I Still Miss You - Kieth Anderson

I tried everything to get you out of my head but I still miss you. I moved out of the country but everything reminds me of you, Arnold. I didn't realize that I had over a 100 volumes of poetry just about you. How am I suppose to get over you if your memory is haunting me. I look out over at the Eiffel Tower when there is a tap on my shoulder and I turn around...

Gimmie That Girl - Joe Nichols

"You know what Helga, let's stay in tonight."

"Huh, but we have reservations!"

"So, I wanna see you like I do everyday cuz no one see you like this with the messy hair, the soft attitude, and the sweatpants with my old t-shirts" grrrs and pounces Helga.

Wasting My Time - Default

I wonder if I'm wasting my time waiting on him to notice me. He would probably never notice me any way. Even after I told him and took it back he still didn't believe me. You know what, forget the waiting, I'm going to take charge and if he comes around than just maybe I won't be wasting my time.

Stand - Rascal Flatts

I've been alone for so much I don't know if I can get back up again. I've been pushed by my family so much but you know what I get out of here soon. I can stand on my own once I get out of this house. I've had enough and I know I'm strong enough to make it on my own because I've been doing it forever.

Had lots of fun with this. Have an adventure if you can with this. *giggle*

I didn't notice until after I wrote these that most of the artist are country. :D