Everything hurts, and he's trying to think of happier times, back when they weren't all so broken...

Julian hugs his legs closer, trying to not cry. Think happy thoughts, he reminds himself. So he thinks of blonde hair and green eyes and it's really not helping at all.

Then he remembers the ninth grade, when everything was briefly, blissfully normal. He remembers freshman orientation and sitting in that empty seat next to the tall blonde... The tall blonde that he so recklessly fell in love with. That's really when everything started going downhill, wasn't it? That very first day when he made the mistake of being intrigued by Logan Wright.

Julian shakes his head, trying to free himself of those thoughts. But in the end, Logan was really the only thing on his mind.

He remembers overhearing that Windsor hobbit a few weeks ago talking to the object of Logan's affections. He'd said something... Something worth remembering.

Oh, right. Courage.