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"Everybody down! Cover your heads!"

Jade couldn't help but frown as she watched Beck grab Cat and pull her to safety in the doorway of the living room. She briefly noticed Robbie ducking his head under the side table before realising that maybe she should move too. It was too late to move to the other doorway, so she leaped onto the couch and helplessly covered her head with a pillow as the house began to shake violently.

Beck held Cat close to his body as the building shook. She whimpered into her hands and closed her eyes. Beck was all too aware of Jade who was only covered by a pillow, too vulnerable to any possible falling debris. If anything happened to her, he would only blame himself for not protecting her. He didn't care about the fact that they weren't dating anymore. He still loves her. He never stopped.

As soon as he had decided to heroically go and grab Jade to pull her to safety with himself and Cat, the ceiling began to fall in. His eyes widened as they caught Jade's own terrified ones from under the pillow she was grasping to her head. He could only watch in horror as a large part of the ceiling came down right on top of her, trapping her underneath it.

"JADE!" he yelled. He was faintly aware of Cat beginning to cry, whimpering Jade's name and repeating that she was 'under her bed, under her bed'. The force of the ceiling hitting Jade had caused her to be thrown off of the couch and onto the floor, right onto the broken shards of glass that used to be the coffee table.

"Jadey!" Cat cried, watching in horror as her best friend fell face first onto the piles of glass in the middle of the floor. She tried to break away from Beck to go help her, but he pulled her back violently, refusing to let her get hurt too. He already blamed himself for Jade getting hurt, he'd be damned if Cat got hurt too because of him.

Beck's eyes were locked on Jade's body for the rest of the earthquake, acutely aware of the fact that she wasn't moving at all. He prayed in his head over and over again that she was at least alive. The house shook violently again and he and Cat were hurled to the floor. Beck grunted as his wrist twisted as he hit the floor, but he ignored the pain, convinced that Jade's injuries were already ten times worse than a twisted wrist.

Cooper, the puppy that Cat had been dog-sitting, rushed over to Cat and hid in her lap. She whimpered and curled into the foetal position, praying that the whole ordeal would be over soon. Across the room, Robbie still had his head underneath the table, but with his body hanging out, several things had fallen on him, effectively injuring him in the process. He managed to look out across the room, gasping to himself as he saw Jade's motionless body, but then managing to relax as he saw that Cat was still okay.

Suddenly, a huge rumble sounded out, and the house shook more violently than before. Something was going completely wrong. Beck only managed to look up just in time as he saw the ceiling completely collapse, caving in inside the small room, with Jade and Robbie right in the middle of it. He groaned as a piece of the ceiling hit his leg. Cat gasped and curled up tighter, not wanting to get hit by any of the falling debris.

The house shook one more time, before finally stilling. It was eerily quiet with not a sound in the room. Everything was completely still once more, and birds began chirping outside as if nothing had ever happened. As it was night, everything was completely dark inside the room, with only a few streetlamps from outside lighting what was left of the room.

Beck was the first to get up, ignoring the shooting pain in his leg and wrist. He grasped onto the doorway to keep steady as he helped Cat stand up. She whimpered as she got up, and Beck guessed that she had gotten hit at some point as well. She had Cooper clasped to her chest, hanging onto him for dear life.

"Robbie?" Cat's hoarse voice called out across the room. The boy in question removed his head from under the table and attempted to stand up but cried out at the pain in his left leg. Cat gasped and rushed over to help him before Beck could tell her to be careful. She helped to move the items that had fallen on his legs and then got him on his feet. He groaned and shifted his weight on his right leg and leaned on her for support.

The three of them fell silent as they looked to the middle of the room where Jade lay motionless. Tears filled Cat's eyes and she whimpered into her hand, terrified for her best friend. Beck swallowed hard and limped over to the mess of glass and debris to where his ex-girlfriend lay. "Help me get her up. I don't think it's over yet and I want to get to a safe place," he ordered, taking charge of the situation.

Robbie and Cat helped to move the debris lying on top of Jade before Beck carefully lifted her body up and into his arms. Suddenly, the house shook again as another rumble sounded. Cat gasped and grabbed Robbie's arm. Beck cursed under his breath, "We don't have much time, c'mon," he ordered. The three of them made their way out of what was left of the living room to find somewhere safe to hide before the next earthquake hit them with full force.

As Beck led them out of the room, he tried to stay strong as he glanced down at the unconscious Jade in his arms. He had to stay strong. For her.