A few weeks later, Cat was out of the hospital and her legs were much better already. One leg had healed faster than the other, so she was only on crutches now instead of the wheelchair that she hated so much. And Beck's knee was already better thanks to the physiotherapy sessions he had been going to a few times a week.

Now, Cat, Robbie, Beck and Jade were hanging out as usual in Beck's RV which was back to it's normal spot in Beck's parent's driveway. It was raining outside, which wasn't a surprise since it had been doing that a lot since the storm hit over a month ago. Inside, it was quiet - only the sound of Beck strumming on his guitar every so often, it was a relaxing scene.

"I dreamed about it last night," Cat spoke up from her place under Robbie's arm on the couch. They had officially been dating for six weeks now. Robbie couldn't believe it, he thought every day that he would wake up and realise that he was still a loser who took a puppet to school. But in reality, Rex had been put into a box and shoved into the basement of Robbie's house; it was time for a new beginning.

"Dreamed about what?" Jade asked from her position on the carpeted floor as she clicked through the photographs on Beck's digital camera, smiling every so often at particular photos.

"When we were trapped. But I dreamed that we were stuck for a month and we ran out of food. It was horrible," Cat whispered sadly as she explained her dream.

"We're fine now, don't worry," Robbie assured her, pressing a kiss to her red hair. She smiled softly and snuggled into him.

Jade smiled to herself as she stopped on one photo on the camera. It was of herself and Beck at a party at Tori's house two weeks ago. They were standing in the corner of Tori's living room with their arms around each other with their eyes locked together. She moved over to Beck's feet and reached up to show him the picture. He smiled as his eyes ran over it before placing his guitar to one side and pulling her up to rest in his arms, resting his chin on her shoulder as she clicked through more pictures.

A few minutes later, Beck pulled out his phone to check the time, "Hey, it's almost seven. Do you guys want to get food or something?" he asked.

Cat nodded first, "Yes! I'm starving!"

Jade laughed, "Me too, I'm kinda in the mood for pizza," she said. Robbie nodded in agreement.

"Okay, I'll go pick up a pizza. Is cheese okay with everyone?" Beck decided, standing up and grabbing his car keys. They all nodded in agreement. "I'll be back soon," he said, leaning down to peck Jade's lips before leaving the warm RV and heading out into the cold rain.

"Man, what is with all this rain?" Robbie muttered as he looked out of the window behind him.

Cat shrugged, "I don't know, but I don't like it. I miss the sun," she pouted, watching the rain beat against the window.

A short while later, Beck returned with a large pizza box and was soaked from the rain. Cat had to look away as it brought back bad memories of when Beck left them to go out into the storm when they were trapped. Nevertheless, she and Robbie moved to join Jade and Beck on the carpet, creating a circle around the pizza.

Silence fell over them as they devoured the pizza, until Robbie spoke as he grabbed another slice, "I love moments like these," he said.

Cat nodded, "Me too, they're so peaceful."

Beck nodded in agreement and slid his arm around Jade's waist, pulling her to lean against him. "I drove past Hollywood Arts," he said as he reached forward for another slice.

"How is it?" Jade asked, looking up at him hopefully.

He nodded, "It's getting there. The roof's almost completely fixed," he said positively.

"Yay! I hope they fix it soon, I miss it so much," Cat said, her heart yearning for the school she loved and missed so much.

Once the pizza had been finished, they went back to relaxing. Cat and Robbie lounged on the couch with a blanket wrapped around them, while Beck and Jade curled up on the bed as Beck played with his guitar. But suddenly, their peace was completely disturbed as Tori and Andre burst through the door of the RV, completely soaked from the rain.

"Uh, come in?" Jade called sarcastically as she and Beck sat up straight.

"Turn on the tv!" Tori cried as Andre closed the door behind them.

Beck reached for the tv remote and turned the small flatscreen tv on, wondering what Tori and Andre were freaked out about, until it became clear.

"Breaking news here in Los Angeles tonight. It has been discovered that another devistating storm is headed straight for the city of LA with winds at over 150mph. Citizens are only just beginning to recover from the storm we had a number of weeks ago, but this one is said to be much worse. Everyone is being told right now to pack their bags and leave. It's for their own good," the news reporter read.

Silence fell through the RV as each teenager took in the terrifying news. Their faces all showed the same horrified expressions as their eyes were glued to the small tv screen in the corner of the room. The silence was broken by Cat bursting into tears.

"Not again," she cried, burying her face into her hands.

Beck ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily, his mind working in overdrive as he tried to figure out what to do.

Jade stood up from the bed, "We have to get out of here. Now," she said, trying not to panic.

"Where are we going to go?" Andre asked.

"We're going to drive. We'll just keep driving until we're out of LA. It's our only option. Everyone go home, pack your things and then come back here. We're leaving as soon as possible," he ordered. Tori and Andre rushed out of the RV while Robbie helped Cat onto her feet with her crutches before helping her out of the RV.

Jade pulled on her red combat boots, "I'm going to get some of my things. I'll stop at the store and get a bunch of food and stuff too," she said as she picked up her purse.

Beck nodded, "Okay, I'll hook this up to my car and then we'll leave," he said. She nodded and pecked his lips before rushing out of the RV.

Everyone returned half an hour later with everything they needed. Jade was the last to arrive with several bags filled with food and other necessities they would need for however long they would be gone for.

"Are we ready?" Robbie asked, looking at everyone.

They looked around at each other and nodded, jumping in fright as thunder crashed loudly outside. Beck reached into his pocket and pulled out his car keys.

"Lets go."

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