Time goes by so fast then when it's gone, it's gone. I never spent much time with my family in England from 1831-1848, now they are all dead, gone and buried. I know this all so well. It changed me, changed me all too much. In 1848 I resisted hunting those I loved, so I ran, ran as far from this little English town as I could. How could I not after knowing that my parents watched me die in front of them, in our living room? Not long after I was 'alive'. There was no way I could go home: "Hello mother, father. I'm alive as you can see, however, I regret to inform you, that for me to continue like this, I'm afraid I am going to have to feed off you," yes, because I could just walk through the front door and say that!

To leave was not a choice I wanted to make; it was something I had to do in order to protect my family, my friends and myself. I don't want to be this...this monster that I now am. I hate it, hate is so much. I was happy so why did he take that from me? Was he so blind as he could not see that? My parents had made him my protector. For being at such a young girl in a very old world they saw it fit to appoint him to me, to keep the 'big, nasty, old men' away from me. I was seventeen and life back then was so different to life now. If you wanted a girl you took her. He became a monster.

A monster like me. He forced me to drink his blood in front of my family who sat across the room from where we stood, disgusted at what they had placed upon me but unable to save me. He then proceeds to kill me with his blood in my system knowing full well what it would to. He strangled me, cut off my breathing and crushed my neck. Then from what I understand, he moved my limp body into his house which was the same side of town as my own and left me there to awaken with a pain. A thirst, a thirst for blood. He had told me before he killed me what he was doing, what I would become and what I had to do if I wanted to live my life

I had become a vampire and in order to 'survive' I had to drink human blood. I really didn't want to however I felt I had no choice. His house was too close, too close for me to risk hurting those who knew me as dead. I left in search of a soul outside town that would not be missed. They would be my first and last drop of human blood I would taste. Surely animal would do. I had to run...

Now, in 2011, I'm chained to a chair -at 163 years old- in some basement in Mystic Falls, facing the monster that had created me, changed me, turned me.

"Why look so stubborn Laura?" It was barely a sound but I heard.

"Why do you think? You're the reason I am like this. You're the reason I cannot stay in one place for more than a year. You're the reason I have no friends...the reason why I cannot fall in love. Hell, you're the reason I'm dead!"

"Aha! So you do remember 1848..."

"How could I forget?"

Here I am, an English girl vampire, in an American town, locking gazes with the terrifying Original who risked so much to change me. Risked his own existence to destroy mine.


Chapter 1

It was only this morning that I bumped into Klaus for the first time since I ran from him 163 years ago. Our meeting was not long after I had met an old friend of mine on the streets of Mystic Falls: Damon Salvatore. The first time we met was 1850, just two years after I had been turned and eight years after he had been turned. He had travelled to England that year and is where our paths first crossed and have done numerous times since. Today was no exception.

I was heading towards the Mystic Grill for a drink after walking around their beautiful little square about five times. I was texting my only friend (excluding Damon) Sasha and telling her how perfect this quiet little town was and how I would love to be able to finally settle but couldn't. I'm stuck in a seventeen year olds body, I suppose I could pass for eighteen, hence the one-year-move-on rule that I had created for myself. Life sucks, and come to think of does me.

So I was consequently not looking where I was going and neither was Damon. Typical. We crashed into each other which lead to the dropping of both our phones and picking up one another. We mumbled our apologies which is when I looked up and met those deep, mysterious yet comfortable familiar eyes. However, I had no idea where I had seen them before.

This stranger was wearing smart, high glossed shoes with black denim jeans. He had a slightly tight fitting plain white T-shirt and a smooth leather jacket. Very dangerous. His pale skin was flawless and his perfect blue eyes continued to draw you in like a predator sourcing out his prey. He wore his thick jet black hair in a sexy emo style mess upon his head. He smiled a brilliant smiled in thanks when we returned our phones and carried on as we were. That's when I had my flash back...

Damon and I walking side by side along a beautiful cannel in England on one of his visits. The banks were vivid green and the grass cut to perfection dotted with daffodils here and there. The water was a peaceful crystal blue and you could clearly see the fish swimming in the depths. We were messing around with each other, laughing and joking. Damon was trying to push me in however I could give as well as I got. I was stumbling along the grass verge while Damon was safely on the path beside me. The gentle breeze was blowing my short black curls back as we walked and left Damon looking like a handsome scarecrow.

"Now, now, Mr Salvatore. Not fair, surely you were brought up to know it is not kind to push around a lady, were you not?" I mocked him in my poshest voice that I knew would surely cause annoyance. I shoved against his left shoulder and he moved enabling me to be back on the path and out of the 'danger zone'.

"Now, now, Miss Smith. Not fair, no annoy crazy posh accents whilst with me. You know the rules missy." Damon really couldn't pull of the whole posh thing. Oh don't get me wrong. He could speak in proper English if he so wished...

Back in the present, I stopped dead in my tracks as I felt a smile of joy and surprise spread across my face. I spun round and watched the brooding figure of him walk away from me for a while before I had to shout him.

"Damon!" I called and watched as he turned round to stare at me. I didn't need to move, he always came to me. I could see the exact moment that it registered with him who I was. His eyes lit up and a magnificent smile spread across his face like a mirror image of mine show his pearly white teeth. He closed the distance between us in a matter of second. At the point of impact he lifted me of the floor in a hug and spun me round, once again sending my black curls sailing before setting me back on my feet and stepping back to look at me.

I never was able to get over his smile, it always did melt me to my core and the one he gave me now was just pure perfection.

"Laura Smith. And to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Don't do the whole posh thing Mr Salvatore. It does not work with me, remember?" he looked astonished at me and then I realised what it must be. I've been the states a while and lost the poshness to my accent, kind of.

"My, my Miss Smith. You have lost all your English."

"Ha, not quiet. There are still a few things with a posh wash on them"

"Oh yeah, like what?" oh how he loves a challenge.

"Now, now, Mr Salvatore. Not fair, surely you were brought up to know it is not kind to push around a lady, were you not?" I smirked at him.

"Okay you win. It's so nice to see you! What brings you to Mystic Falls?"

"Damon, surely you remember my whole one-year-move-one rule that I created for myself..."

"How could I forget? You make it god damn impossible to track you down you know?" ah, so he has tried to find me at some point.

"That's the point!" we laughed. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure I shall see you around. Meet up for a well needed catch up soon? Bye." And I began to walk off in the direction of The Mystic Grill. If I didn't have a drink soon I would die. Well, no, I wouldn't but you know what I mean.

It was so nice to hear that he had at least tried to find me at some point, you know? Maybe I did make things a little too hard for my friend, because surely that's what he is right a friend? I would stop anything at the drop of a hat to help him if he needed it. He was the first person I spent time with after two years. I had been on my own since 1848 and in 1850 I met Damon. We have been friends since.

"Laura!" Damon called after a while. I turned and saw that Damon hadn't moved from where we had been talking and by his crumpled but hot expression he had been thinking about something. I stayed where I was and once again Damon closed the distance between us. "Hey, do you need a place to stay while you're here or would you rather find one of your own because there are plenty of spare rooms in the Boarding House where I live with Stefan, you know Stefan..."

"Damon, you're rambling again. The Boarding House would be perfect thank you. I'll follow your scent don't worry."

"Laura one more thing, how can you..." I tucked my hair behind my ears to reveal my Lapis Lazuli earrings that keep me from burning in the sun. Damon smiled and walked away. He asks that every single time which is strange as he brought them for me. He could just be making sure I still have them; after all I do have a bracelet that I woke up wearing that Klaus must have put on me.

Finally I made it to my destination, god how I could kill a vodka and coke and I was really looking forward to it, however, I need not have, seventeen remember, which meant no vodka so I settled for the coke instead. I was sat at the bar part of the charming little restaurant type place. Very American and very rustic, wood everywhere, this place would be gone in a good fire, and so would I. The Mystic Grill had a certain charm about it, a hidden one, a bit like Damon. Two girls sat laughing and talking with a member of staff, like there was no care in the world that could stop them having fun. Well it's easy for them; they don't have the burden of craving blood hanging over them. You had guys playing pool over in a corner of the Grill, some band was playing on the stereo, a band I didn't know and someone slid into the bar stool next to me.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see that he was a he and that he had blond brown hair and green eyes I think, not completely sure, how could someone be sure of someone eyes colour from looking at them from the corner of their on eyes. It's impossible, for a human, for a vampire it is merely an issue. Green eyes.

He turned his head to look at me and I saw that I was correct. His cheek bones where superbly diffident on his oval head. He looked seriously filmier and warning signs where going off widely in my head, I couldn't think of a reason why know. Oh well...

"You look like you could do with something a bit stronger"

"I certainly could." I put my empty glass down and pushed at across the counter towards the bar man and smiled and he gave me the check, I paid and left my seat.

"So let me buy you a drink?"

"No thanks." I turned my back to him and began to walk but something grabbed my wrist.

"Come on now; don't play hard to get..." I could hear the purr in his voice and it made me feel sick to my stomach.

"Seriously..." I spun round and pulled my wrist free "not interested, sorry." I was half way across the room to the door when I had another flash back. As I had seen the guy face on, my memories could place him...

I walked into the fire lit parlour in 1845 side by side with my mother. As mother took her usual seat I noticed a man standing at the fire side, his brown/blonde hair flickering red in its glow. At my fathers entrance he turned to greet him and I could see that it was the man who had gotten me out of trouble earlier that night. He never did mention his name but I suppose I'm about to find out.

"Laura dear?"

"Yes father."

"I would like to formally introduce you to your savour. This here is Klaus." My father stepped aside in order for Klaus to approach me, he held out his hand and I place mine in his. He kissed the top of my hand gently. I curtsied in return.

"How do you do, Miss?"

"Very well, due to your wonderful heroics earlier, I believe I am still to thank you for that, am I not Sir?"

"No thanks necessary Miss, it was my pleasure to aid such a beautiful young lady as yourself." He smiled, his green eyes gleaming as much as the fire as he let go of my hand. We both stepped back at the same moment. Klaus folded his hands behind his back, a sign of respect in a house that was not his. I folded mine in front as all young mistresses of the house did.

"Due to the earlier events of this evening, your mother and I have decided to appoint Klaus as your protector Laura if he shall oblige?"

"It would be a great honour to serve you Sir."

"Thank you Klaus," my mother said for the first time upon entering this meeting. "Julie will see you out." And with that mother rang the small brass bell on the table next to her and Klaus was escorted out of the house...

I gasped and spun back around to where he had been sat, but he had gone. Shit! I scanned the whole of the Grill but he was no where to be seen. God, Damon was going to get such a shouting at for this. Surely he knew that Klaus was here in Mystic Falls and he failed to mention it...stupid friend!

I scanned the room one last time and head outside into the blaring afternoon sun it was about half three so I decided I would head to the Boarding House. I back tracked to where I had met Damon and followed his scent from there. I turned a corner onto another street, when I was out of site of people I would run but until then I had to be human. As I walked past an ally a cold solid hand reached out and grabbed me by the throat.

Klaus pulled me round the corner and slammed me hard against the cold wall. His green eyes were boring into mine, and I knew this meant trouble. He had crushed my neck once; it would be so easy to do it again. He scrapped my back against the wall as he lifted me off the ground. My hands were clasped against his but they were no good, Klaus was too strong, I could not pry him off me.

"Klaus...Please..." I gasped between breaths. He just laughed and down came his fangs. I was useless against him, stuck in a mortal state. Even if I tried the best I could do was bite him and that wouldn't do much damage.

"You ran from me little Katarina...Laura, you ran..."

"No! Klaus please?" he lifted me higher and I could feel the blood trickling down my back and soaking my shirt. He let go and I dropped to the floor clutching my throbbing neck, by the time I had looked up he was gone. I now had gashes on my knees and hands from the impact on hitting the uneven concrete floor. The floor had taken some damage to. Four bloody dents.

I got painfully to my feet and following Damon's scent ran to the Boarding House. Oh man he was so going to get it in the neck for this. This incident would hurt him more than it had hurt me. He promised me, a long time ago, that he would never let anything hurt me, ever again. God Klaus had better start running from this town. He has no idea what he has just got himself into...