Chapter 19

Laura came into view from around the side of the door; it seemed she was against the wall the whole time.

"You know no-humanity Damon better than I do," She continued as she walked down to me "and if he is anything like the Damon I know, and I'm pretty sure he is, you know he means it. Also, if anyone else dies as well as me I will haunt you and only Jeremy will no. No pressure Jer." She turned around and smiled at him.

It wasn't the smile that she gave me; this one didn't reach her eyes. there is so much history for me and Laura, I don't know why I switch my humanity of when I'm not with her. I suppose it's the easy way to be without her.

Laura's POV

What Damon did was amazing, I got as far as the door frame when I heard his voice and I just had to stay and see what he would say. It was perfect and beautiful and so true and…I love him for it. For everything he has done since I got here. I just walked over to where he was and s=just stood there, looking at him. Yeah, there have been times when I have wanted to stake the idiot because he wasn't the guy I knew but secretly, and he will never know this, I like the badass him, not the complete jack ass who treats me like trash, or the monster who wanted to eat a little girl.

The guy who is in-between humanity, who cares about life but knows how to fight for it, which can put up a fight and win. The guy who is so gentle one moment but switches dramatically to stand up for his friends and family. Who is sarcastic all the time but so loving all at once. Damon is, misunderstood. Everyone only ever sees the bad in him or the good, if he ever shows it. With Damon, I see it all, every flaw and every shining moment, he's not perfect, no one is, but he is Damon and he is badass and that is sexy.

I turned around to say something but I hadn't realised that everyone had left me and Damon alone; I know that Sasha followed me out but I have no idea where she went. I turned back to Damon and he was giving me that crocked smile that just melted my core. I took in a deep breathe.

"Thank you."

"For what?" he asked taking a step closer, I looked up into his eyes,

"For what you said, to get them to agree. I never thought you would see this from my point of view…"

"It was hard, I'll admit that, you wanting to die and everything…"I took a step back, I want to die?

"Excuse me?" I asked, a bit confused by his statement

"You know with your strange suicide wish thing…"

"Suicide wish thing? Damon, are you insane? I don't want to die, I have to die, and there is a massive difference between the two. Klaus doesn't want me dead but if I am dead he can't use me to do his dirty work and it gives you the time to kill him.

"I didn't run from the brothers with you just to have suicide wish twenty years down the line, and you want me to move back in here when you seem to have a knack for screwing things up whenever something starts going right, good luck." I turned on my heel and walked out of the room, straight down the corridor, out the door and into my car. I sat there, hand on the steering wheel staring out the front window, much like the day I turned up at Caroline's, however that is not where I am headed now. Sasha! Meet me at the Lockwood Lake, the other side to the mansion. Fifteen minutes! I put the keys in the ignition and drove.

I'm driving, I don't know where I am going but I'm driving, away from Boston, Away from the life I had created and destroyed within a week. How they found out I don't know, some teacher who knew of us I guess. As I drive I think of one person, one place I want to be, but where that is I don't have a clue, I only know one thing, in order to be where I want to be I have to take the next plane out of England. I took a U-turn and headed straight towards the midland airport.

When I reached the lake, Sasha was already there, sitting at the edge staring out at eh Lockwood estate beyond.

"You summoned, well, pretty much demanded and shouted me that I meet you here." Sasha said as I came up behind her

"I need to die but I don't want to die, I need a loop hole Sasha, I'm pretty sure you don't want me to die either and you're the only witch I trust." She just stood there, looking out across the water and not bothering to turn round so I walked and stopped in front of her.

"And do you expect me to do Laura? And why did we meet here?"

"I need you to do a spell, I just don't know what kind yet and we met here so we could talk without people over hearing us and this is the kind of conversation to do out loud."

"Right okay, understood, I figured as much so I brought this," and out of her bag she pulled her family's grimore. It was old and big and full of spells. "I have been thinking about something like this since you declared you were to die, I came across one spell. It gives you the appearance of death for four hours,"

"Four hours? That's it?"

"That is more than enough time for you to die and us to finish Klaus off and then when this is all over we can either wait for the spell to be off or I can wake you. That part is up to you." Sasha looked at me and I had never seen her so serious, never, in all the years that I had known her. I though about it, would I wait the four hours or be woken up straight away, be with the people I love again.

"You wake me up straight away, but you tell them first. You tell Damon at least as soon as Klaus is dead, you need to tell Damon before he goes off the rails," I grabbed Sasha by the shoulders "Promise me Sasha, out of everything this is the most important, you have to tell Damon as soon as Klaus is dead."

"Laura, I promise, okay, I get it. I'll tell him as soon as Klaus cold dead body hits the floor; it'll be the first thing I say." Sasha turned and left before I could say thank you.

The only things I had left to figure out was when this was going down, who would do what as I pretty sure Klaus will not be alone, he will have vampire's on his side but how many I have no idea. All I know is I am going to die. One way or another. Klaus is mine that much is certain, I take him on and I take him on alone. No one else is going to get hurt. I must teach Bonnie how to use her mind to talk and teach Stefan to listen.

I sat down on the bank and planned. Jeremy, and Alaric will teach Matt to fight and they will be tasked with killing vampires. Caroline and Tyler will have the job of keeping everyone away from me, the witches and Klaus, Stefan is getting Elena out and Damon, well Damon will fight whoever gets in his way in getting to me. This is going to be hard; I don't doubt that, I don't think any of us do, however, we have to all work together and no I have it figured out I have to tell them.

But I don't get up. I stay seated, on the grass at the side of the lake, going nowhere, my thoughts training back to one person. Always one person. Damon. Why does he always have a way of screwing things up just when they are getting back to normal?

I got up quickly and went back to my car and didn't hesitate this time when I jammed the keys into the ignition and floored it to Caroline's. the door was unlocked and I could tell immediately that Liz wasn't home, so I was safe to slam through the front door, slam it behind me and storm into the living room where Caroline was sat on the couch watching the T.V, at least she was until I turned it off.

"Do you think I'm suicidal?!" I demanded as I turned and folded my arms across my chest in front of her.

"What? No! Who said that?"

"I'll give you one guess Caroline." I said as I dropped down next to her.

"For God sake!" she said as she got to her feet, "Why does he always do this? Whenever things are going his way he always screws it up he is just a selfish little piece of vampire crap!" I couldn't help but laugh at Caroline, she took things like this worse than me and to hear her call Damon names really cheered me up.

"I know..."

"Every single time, what does it take for him to understand that he is losing you and fast by the look on your face right now. I'll talk to him. Do you want me to talk to him? I'm not sure whether I should talk to him."

"Caroline! Calm down would you? You don't need to talk to him, I'm here not there, this is punishment enough for him… do you know what I fancy?" I asked a massive smile on my face.

"Oh, prey do tell. Although I fear I already know what is on your mind. First words beginning with 'G' second word beginning with 'N'."

"Girls Night!" we said together and with vampire speed we pulled out our phones. I mentally called Sasha, then texted Bonnie while Caroline rang Elena and then had to convince Stefan that I was safe to be around.

That really got on my nervous, I was saving his brothers ass when I was compelled to hurt Elena, saving his brother, does he not get that, without me, he wouldn't have a brother left, however I don't think that ever crosses his mind. He doesn't even care about Damon anymore I don't think. Just then, my phone rang and of course, It was Damon. I placed my phone down in front of me and I just stared at it as Elena walked through the door.

"Hey guys, Laura, what did you and Damon fight about, he is going mental over there, throwing glasses at the wall, hating himself…"

"Let him," I cut her off, "Might teach him to think before he talks."

"Okay." She drew out the word and I had to control myself.

"He told me I had a suicide wish, which I don't, before you even say anything. The reason I am doing this, as I'm pretty sure I have said this before, is not because of you Elena, sorry, it's so I am rid of Klaus. If there was a way to do this without me dying, don't you think I would be doing it that way already? I don't want to die, I don't want to leave the friends I have made here, I don't want to leave my best friend, and I sure as hell don't want to leave Damon, not matter how much of a dick he is sometime, I love him, and no matter where I have been and who I have been with, it has always been Damon, and it will always be him."

Okay, I have never said that out loud and now everyone was staring at me, even Caroline who knew already, the countless times I have come home and ranted to her about how Damon has pissed me off and that I am kicking myself because I am still in love with him. I was saved by anymore explaining as there was a knock at the door and soon after Bonnie and Sasha walked into my bedroom.

"It's weird coming in here, I don't think I have before, normally its down the hall" bonnie said as she plonked herself down on the end of the bed, Sasha slide down the wall next to the window, all talk of boys was pushed aside and I pulled out me secret stash of girls stuff. Face masks; make up, false nails, curlers. Tonight we were going all out and then hitting the Grill later on, I think there is a band playing tonight or something.

Let's hope that it is a good night although we are going to the Grill which means Caroline is going to see Matt and she may not know it but he is still in love with her and deep down, she is still in love with him and I'm sorry, but Tyler, he is not for her. She deserves so much more than that, so much more than he can give her and from what I have been told out the whole Caroline/Matt situation, he fought for her for so long until she pushed him away because of what she became, that's a story I still don't know but I'm sure Caroline will tell me when she is ready.

I know the story of the Salvatore brother's, Stefan doesn't even know it but I have met him before, with a vampire named Lexi I believe, he was recovering from falling off the wagon or something, I do remember Damon telling me something about Stefan being a ripper or something, I don't know, I have Matt drama to deal with.

Damon's POV

Why the hell do I keep messing up with her? First I break her neck and lock her in the basement and now I say the she has a death wish when I know full well that she doesn't.

I'm hurting her. I'm hurting the woman I love, the woman I have always loved and always will love. No matter how far from my humanity I go, it's always Laura that pulls me back, no one else can do it quite like she can. No matter how lost I get and no matter how many women I have when she isn't around, I don't love any of them because I love Laura, it has always been Laura and it always will be.