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Chapter 22

****Exorcist POV****

"Search throughout the castle, Tim, maybe Peeves is trying to pull one over us." Allen ordered the gold golem, while Lenalee joined him and he gave a distracted nod to the two male Exorcists as they walked to the forest. Tim gave a full body nod and zipped off to go look, while Allen turned to Lenalee.

"What are we doing today?" Lenalee asked.

"Today we're going to teach them some stretches to loosen them up then we're going to do some small exercises to get their blood moving. After that and if we have time we'll teach them how to fall properly." Allen answered.

Lenalee nodded."Sounds like a good plan."

Allen huffed a laugh as he watched the students come towards them. "Yeah well lets hope everything goes according to plan."

A few more minutes passed before all twelve students were in front of them. Allen looked them over and felt some disappointment at the fact that even these two Houses were divided. While it was no where near as bad as the other two Houses it was still significant. He exchanged glances with Lenalee before raising his voice. "Alright everyone, I want four rows of three with six feet between you and the person to the front, back, and sides of you."

It took ten minutes for them to finally get in position, much to the exasperation of both Exorcists. When they finally got into some semblance of order Lenalee and Allen went through the rows to straighten them out. Another five minutes passed before the Exorcists finally went back to standing in front of them.

"Okay we're going to start off with some stretches. This first one you're going to do is you're going to try to touch your toes."

Allen made sure all eyes were looking at him before telling them what to do. "You're going to put your legs together and bending at your waist you're gonna stretch your arms out to touch your toes. Do not bend your knees. If you can't reach your toes, that's fine. I don't expect all of you to be that flexible yet. Now I'll show you how to do it before I tell you to start."

Making sure all eyes were on them, he and Lenalee turned sideways so the students could see their profiles. They bent over at the waist and without bending their knees, touched their toes. They held that pose for a couple of moments before straightening up.

Allen once again faced the students. "Okay, when I say start you're going to do that and I'm going to count to thirty. You're going to feel a burn at the back of your thighs, that's fine, you're supposed to feel that, it means you're stretching correctly. Now ready? Start."

The students bent over and Allen started counting in a steady rhythm while he and Lenalee walked amongst them to make sure they were doing it correctly. They only had to correct a few people before Allen was done counting and they were back at the front.

"Not bad, lets continue." It went on like that going from stretching their arms to lunges. And then on to the small exercises like jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups. By the time Allen looked at his pocket watch and saw that they only had five minutes left all the students were panting and red faced. "Alright, you guys have five minutes 'til the bell rings, you're dismissed." With many looks of relief the group of students left.

Lenalee walked up to Allen. "I was honestly expecting a lot worse. At least they didn't vomit."

"Or pass out." Neah whispered.

Allen snorted and nodded. "Yeah well, that was only the first group. I'm pretty sure someone today will vomit. It's only natural."

"You know if Madame Pomfrey is anything like the Matron back home we're going to be in so much trouble for making the kids sick." Lenalee pointed out, causing Allen to grimace.

"Oh, well, this should be fun."

****Wizard POV****

Harry dived into the potions lab, just barely missing the disarming spell that came at him. He lay on the floor panting slightly before getting up with a grimace right when Malfoy came in, back first his shield still up, looking slightly disheveled. When the blond wizard was in the room he let the spell go and leaned up against one of the desks.

He turned to the panting raven haired wizard. "How many marks do we have now?"

Harry looked down at the block and huffed. "Ten. I can't believe Ron and Goyle ambushed us."

A pale eyebrow rose. "You did say to watch out for him."

Harry nodded impatiently while sitting next to Draco and taking out his stuff. "Yes, yes, I know. It's just...this is Slytherin territory. I didn't realize he knew enough about this place to make a plan to ambush us like that."

That had Draco looking thoughtful. "Maybe Greg showed him that passageway."

Harry nodded. "Yeah probably."

Suddenly Snape walked in and sneered when he saw the sitting arrangements. Harry looked around and to his slight surprise saw that instead of the clear Slytherin and Gryffindor sides the partners were sitting together. 'Huh.' Harry thought bemusedly. 'Allen's plan is already working.' He turned to Draco to see the same look on his face.

Snape flicked his wand at the board and the instructions for the Draught of Peace was written out. "Work with the person sitting beside you. You have until the end of the class. Begin."

Malfoy turned to him. "Go grab the ingredients, Potter, I'll set up the cauldron."

Harry nodded and went to the cupboards where Hermione already was. "Hey," he greeted her while grabbing what he needed.

She smiled at him. "Hey Harry," she turned to look at him fully a questioning look on her face. "Did Ron ambush you too?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah he did. Malfoy just barely got his shield up in time."

She grimaced. "He took me and Pansy completely by surprise. Now he'll never stop gloating about it."

Harry laughed and nodded before picking up his ingredients and walked back to Draco. He put the stuff down near Draco, and the blond raised a curious eyebrow and Harry answered. "It seems Ron and Goyle successfully ambushed Pansy and Hermione."

Draco smirked. "Pansy's going to be sulking about that for the rest of the month and gunning for them."

Harry grinned before looking down at the desk full of potion ingredients. "Okay tell me what to do, I actually want to pass this class."

Draco blinked before straitening in his seat and looked at the board. "Here grind the moonstone and I'll grind the porcupine quills. Keep grinding until there's no clumps and it's like powder." He quickly showed Harry how to grind the moonstone before starting on the porcupine quills. They worked in silence with only a muttered instruction from Draco or question from Harry.

Time flew by until Snape spoke. "Stop. By this time your potion should be white in color. If it is not then you have messed up at some point and your potion is useless." As he said this he sneered down at Ron and Goyle's potion whcih looked like black cement. "Put a sample on my desk, and leave."

Harry carefully scooped up a vial full of the white potion marking his and Draco's names on it before handing it over to Draco. "You best give it to him. If I do it he might toss it over the desk or something."

Draco stared at him for a moment before nodding. Harry watched carefully and didn't vanish the potion until Snape added their potion into the box with all the others. Draco helped him clean up their station before they left the dungeon carefully looking around, when Draco spoke. "You know, you're not actually that bad at potions. I don't know why professor Snape picks on you so much."

Harry looked at him in surprise. "I don't think it's actually me, I think it has something to do with my dad, which actually makes it kind of worse when you think about it." They were quiet the rest of the walk to defense.

They entered the classroom with no small amount of trepidation. By unspoken agreement everyone sat next to their partners so that instead of having two distinct sides there was a mismatch of green and red. They were all rather early, none of them wanting to get there first so they had all gone at the same time leaving the in the classroom without Umbridge.

Hermione suddenly turned to Harry and spoke, her voice loud in the silence. "Harry you mustn't lose your temper." Harry looked at her in surprise and was about to retort when she continued. "Please Harry! Please don't lose your temper. No matter what she says ignore her. She will get what's coming to her, Harry, for now just bide your time. Please Harry!" she pleaded her brown eyes wide with fear.

Harry studied her for a moment before sighing and nodding. "Alright I'll try not to let her get to me."

"Don't worry Granger," Draco suddenly spoke. "I'll kick him when he starts to get worked up." The two Gryffindors looked at him in surprise before Hermione nodded gratefully.

"That goes for everyone," Ron suddenly spoke up, making everyone look at him in shock. "No matter what she says or does everyone keep quiet and their heads down. It's about time we showed everyone why it's a bad idea to annoy us to the point where we start working together." Ron grinned and everyone suddenly remembered that Ron is the brother of the Weasley twins. "Let her become complacent, and when her shields are down, we hit her where it hurts."

Identical smiles and smirks adorned the snakes and lions faces and when Umbridge entered the classroom sometime later she couldn't hold back the shiver of foreboding that ran up her spine.

****Exorcist POV****

Allen and Lenalee got the call from Lavi in the middle of teaching, so they quickly finished what they were doing before joining their comrades. They joined Kanda and Lavi in the trees and then just stared at the very large spiders' nest. They could just barely see the green glow of the Innocence right in the middle of the nest underneath all the layers of webbing.

"Oh you have got to be joking." Lenalee whispered flatly. Lavi sighed. "That's what Kanda said. But it's there, can't you feel it?" They didn't have to ask what he meant because, yeah, they could feel it all right. It was like a heartbeat that could be felt pulsing through the air, it called to the four Exorcists.

They fell silent for a couple of minutes just studying the situation in front of them before Allen finally spoke. "So," he drawled. "Do we go in sneaky like or guns blazing?"

Lavi studied the area surrounding the cube, ignoring the spiders for the moment. "We have to get rid of the web before we can grab it. My Iron Hammer can get through it relatively easily it'll just take time and concentration on focusing the flames so I don't end up setting the whole forest on fire."

The other three nodded before Kanda spoke. "Me and Allen will stay near you and circle around you to keep them away while you work. Lenalee can fly overhead and get any that get past us and give us a heads up since she can see the area more clearly." Both Allen and Lenalee nodded their agreement before Allen turned to Timcampy who had joined them a few minutes ago.

"Tim, when Lavi gets the web off, grab the cube and fly away. Got it?" The little machine nodded.

"Alright, Lenalee, drop me off on top of the Innocence."

Lenalee nodded to Lavi and looked down at her red bangles. "Innocence activate." The bangles spread until they encased her legs in knee high, high-heeled red boots.

She grabbed Lavi around the waist and shot up. Lavi took his hammer from it's holster. "Innocence activate!" the Iron Hammer grew in his hands. Lenalee dropped him and he landed in a crouch. "Little Hammer, Big Hammer! Grow! Grow! Grow!" He swept the now big hammer around smashing any spiders that got to close. "Hellfire and Ash, stamp!" The huge fire snake shot up then curled on itself and twisted around Lavi and started to burn its way through years worth of webbing reinforced with the power of unpartnered Innocence as fast as it could, which was admittedly not very fast. Lavi gritted his teeth and put more of his energy and will into his Innocence.

Meanwhile, Kanda and Allen had joined the fight as literally hundreds of spiders of all sizes crawled out of underground tunnels to fight against the threat to their nest. They slashed and hacked their way through the monsters and fought hard to keep them away from their distracted friend.

It took a good twenty minutes and several close calls for Lavi to burn his way through the web and the fighting Exorcists were tiring. "Got it!" Lavi shouted and Tim immediately shot forward and scooped up and swallowed the cube before shooting off. Lavi deactivated his Innocence and swayed slightly in tiredness as his energy level dropped, and fell to his knees. Lenalee grabbed him again and shot off into the trees Kanda and Allen following close behind.

It took an extra thirty minutes to lose the spiders and slow down. They finally stopped in the outskirts of the forest panting and gasping for breath while sweat trickled down their bodies. Lenalee gently set Lavi on the ground before deactivating her Innocence, the other two boys doing the same.

Tim fluttered down to Allen, who held out his hand. The Innocence fell into the white haired teen's hand. "This is the only one right?"

Lavi nodded. "Yeah, that was the only one reported and we've been all over this place and haven't sensed anymore."

Allen bit his lip and studied the little green cube before coming to a decision. "Here, Tim, you hold it." Tim scooped it back up. "Guys? There's something I need to tell you."

"What is it Allen?" Lenalee asked curiously.

Allen gave them anxious looks. "Now, please don't freak out." Then he changed into his Noah appearance. His skin turned gray, his hair black, and his eyes gold. The seven crosses branded themselves into his forehead.

Strangled gasps left the other three Exorcists and their Innocence activated once more. Allen looked at them dryly. "I ask you not to panic and that's the first thing you do."

"How?" Lenalee asked, her voice strained and her purple eyes distressed.

Allen sighed. "There's a lot I have to tell you, especially about my past. I'm asking for you to let me tell it. Please." Allen looked at them pleadingly, and finally one by one they nodded. The bell rang for end of class and Allen looked at the school, his appearance turning back to normal. "I have a free period now so I can tell you guys now." With that he sat down, the other three joining him and Timcampy sitting on his head. Then he started his story.

****Wizard POV****

"Detention, Harry! Really?" Hermione growled at the boy.

"Hermione! That was completely not my fault!" Harry yelped indignantly. "She said the detention was for not reading the book! The fact that more than half the class weren't reading just goes to show that she really doesn't like me."

"You can't afford another detention! Not with what she's making you do!" She went on, completely ignoring his protests.

"What does she make you do?" Draco asked curiously.

Harry was going to lie but Ron answered faster than he could. "She makes him write lines with a blood quill." The horrified looks Harry got from the rather large gathering of lions and snakes that clustered together after class made him want to hit the red head.

Ron ignored the rather murderous green glare trying to burn a hole into the side of his head. "His detention starts an hour after dinner and lasts until sometime after midnight. After the first week, the words stopped healing."

Pansy's hand shot out. "Let me see!" she demanded. Harry opened his mouth to say he was fine and that it was nothing but one look into furious brown eyes and he handed his hand over. Pansy gently took his hand into her's while another Slytherin with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes named Daphne Greengrass looked over her shoulder.

"Have you treated it with anything?" The blonde asked.

Hermione nodded while answering. "Murtlap essence."

An Italian boy named Blaise Zabini nodded. "Cleans and soothes irritated injuries. Also lessens scar tissue."

Neville spoke up, his shyness taking a backseat at the injustice his friend was suffering from. "Have you told any of the teachers?"

Harry sighed and finally spoke up. "I tried going to Mcgonagall but she just tells me to keep my head down. I've tried going to the headmaster but he's never in his office and when I see him in the halls he ignores my calls and I always lose sight of him. I even considered going to Snape but the man won't give me the time of day."

"What about the Combat teachers?" Lavender asked. Everyone looked at her in surprise and she smiled while shrugging. "I figure that they may be our age but Umbridge does fear them, especially Allen."

A black haired Slytherin girl named Tracy Davis nodded thoughtfully. "That's true. If the Hogwarts teachers won't do anything than maybe they will."

Harry looked around at the mixed group of Slytherins and Gryffindors and knew he was severely outnumbered. Finally with a sigh he nodded. "I'll tell him when I see him next."

"We'll tell him," Parvati added. "All of us." Everyone looked at her and she shrugged. "If we all go together then Harry has no choice but to tell Allen instead of backing out."

Snorts of laughter burst out of Hermione and Ron. "Wow, mate, she has you pegged." Ron laughed while Harry pouted slightly. Before anyone could add anything to the conversation a cough interrupted them. The group of teenagers reacted on instinct, wands coming out of pockets and holsters to point at Mcgonagall, Snape, and the headmaster standing a few feet from them.

The teenagers got two raised eyebrows and a sneer from Snape for their troubles. "Well," the headmaster said brightly, eyes twinkling madly. "It's nice to see professor Walker's instructions are being taken to heart."

The group of teens lowered their wands with slightly sheepish expressions on their faces but didn't put them away, something that didn't go unnoticed by the three adults. Harry stepped forward. "Sorry about that Professor. We were distracted."

"Hmm, yes and what was so distracting, Potter?" Snape sneered. Harry opened his mouth to retort, but quieted when Draco stepped up with light touch to his arm, which the adults also noticed. "Nothing to concern yourself about, professor Snape."

Mcgonagall spoke through thin lips. "All things to do with students are our concern, Mr. Malfoy."

Neville stepped up beside Harry, firmly squashing any nervousness. "With all due respect, Professor, but the teachers of Hogwarts are the last people we would trust our concerns to."

"Ten points from Gryffindor for your disrespect, Longbottom." Snape hissed.

Theodore Nott stepped forward, hazel eyes cold. "Then take ten points from Slytherin, Professor, because I absolutely agree with him."

The three adults looked stunned. Never before have they seen the Slytherins and Gryffindors so united. Suddenly the bell rung and Ron spoke up. "C'mon guys lets go to lunch." The rest of the teens followed leaving three amazed adults behind.

As the teens cleared the corner, Dumbledore hummed thoughtfully. "What just happened, Albus?" Mcgonagall asked shakily.

The old headmaster was quiet for a few moments before answering. "That my dear was Change forming."

The two professors shivered as an unknown wind blew through the corridor making the torches flicker and the shadows dance.

****Exorcists POV****

Lunch had come and gone when Allen finished telling and showing his past. Allen looked to the school before looking back to his fellow Exorcists. "Look guys, it's a lot to take in I know, but I do have to teach so lets talk after dinner, okay?" Slowly the other teens nodded and they went their separate ways. Lavi and Kanda back to their rooms and Lenalee and Allen back to the lake. Time passed all to quickly for the four Exorcists and before they knew it they were eating in their rooms, instinctively knowing that none of them would be going to the great hall.

When they were done eating they sat down around the fireplace. "What do you plan to do, Allen?" Lavi asked.

Allen looked at the red head. "I'm gonna finish what I started 35 years ago."

"You're not going back to the Order are you." Kanda stated more than asked, but Allen answered anyways.


"I'll fight with you then." Lenalee said.

Allen looked at her in surprise. "What about your brother?"

Lenalee smiled. "Komui can take care of himself and we can always grab him using the Ark."

Kanda sighed and rolled his eyes. "Count me in, Lord only knows what trouble you lot will get into without someone to bail you out."

Everyone looked at Lavi who was studying his hands intently before his face hardened and he growled, "fuck it," before looking up at Allen, his one green eye filled with determination. "You can count on me Allen."

Allen smiled. "Never doubted it." He said honestly.

Before they could continue there was a knock on their door. Allen raised an eyebrow before getting up to answer. His other brow joined it when he saw the group of students. "Um," he scratched the back of his head. "Can I help you?"

"Can we come in Allen?" Hermione asked. "We have to talk to you about something." Allen studied them for a moment before nodding and stepping aside. The group of teens entered and sat wherever there was room giving nods to the other Exorcists. Allen took his seat and waited for everyone to get comfortable before asking what was wrong.

"It's Umbridge." A lion named Fay Dunbar spoke.

Lavi rolled his eye. "What has that toad done now?"

"She's been making Harry carve the words 'I must not tell lies' into his hand every night for the past week with a blood quill." Seamus spoke up helpfully.

There was dead silence before Lenalee erupted. "She's what?!"

Kanda pulled her back down from where she had sprang out of her seat, and looked to the teens again. "Explain."

So with that Harry explained his detentions and how he tried telling his head of house and headmaster with helpful interruptions from Ron and Hermione when he forgot something. When he was done the four Exorcists were practically oozing killing intent and vibrating with fury. "Right," Lenalee said flatly. "If you'll excuse me I'm gonna go kill me a toad." Kanda grabbed her before she could get up.

The students turned to see how Allen was taking it and were surprised to see that his appearance had changed. His skin was gray, his eyes were gold, and his hair was black. The three Hogwarts students who knew what the Noah looked like, eyes widened with fear and surprise but they calmed down when they saw the other three Exorcists looked unconcerned.

"Allen?" Hermione asked hesitantly.

He started laughing and looked at Harry. "You have great timing, Harry."

Harry frowned with confusion. "Why's that?"

Allen grinned. "Because we found what we were looking for and now we have more time to dedicate to teaching you how to defend yourselves better, and something a little more important than that."

"What?" Millicent Bulstrode asked warily.

Allen turned his slightly to large smile on her. "How to Rebel of course."

****Black Order****

Sometime later that night...

Alarms blared out through the Black Order and Reever ran into Komui's office, which was hosting a meeting between Komui, Leverrier, and Link. "Komui!" Reever shouted.

"What is it? What's going on? Are we being attacked?" Komui demanded.

Reever shook his head. "No, but the Ark! It's disappearing!"

Komui's eyes widened and he ran out closely followed by the other two men. They made their way to the Ark room and saw that Reever was right.

"Report!" Leverrier barked.

Johnnie spoke. "It's happening everywhere there's a door and any one who's inside has been ejected!"

They watched, helpless, as the door shrunk until there was just a small opening, from which an envelope flew out of before it too closed. Komui picked up the letter and saw the names of the only four Exorcists not in HQ on it.

He opened it and read it aloud, ignoring the sinking feeling in his gut.

"Consider the Ark disappearing as our way of saying that we refuse to work for the Black Order anymore. You can consider this letter as our resignation letter if you want. We have decided to fight this war our way. Anyone who would like to join us just has to say my name (Allen Walker) and I will hear you.

Formerly yours,

Allen Walker

Kanda Yu

Lenalee Lee


Dead silence reigned before Leverrier growled and stalked out.


Reever's voice spoke over the intercom, shaking slightly. And as the Exorcists, Finders, Scientists, and Cooking staff listened they paled.

"By the Order of Central Command the former Exorcists Allen Walker, Kanda Yu, Lenalee Lee, and Lavi are hereby announced as traitors. They are to be killed on sight."


To be continued in

The Rebellion

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