Title: Training Sessions

Author: Karina

Rating: PG

Pairing: Relena + Stephen + Helen

Notes: Challenge 197. Baby Series 4 #48. Takes place following Personable Young Men.

Spoilers: None


Many thanks to Shenlong Deb for her work betaing this set of fics.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or the Characters from the series but the baby is mine.

Title: Training Sessions

Helen studied the child nestled against Relena's breast for a long moment before marching over to a cupboard and producing from it a low child's seat complete with self explanatory depression. The woman acquired a determined glint in her eye as she turned back to the Princess and child.

"It's time for a fairytale and our next session, Young Sir. Not even your Aunt will disrupt the proceedings, so don't think she will save you."

The potty was placed firmly on the floor in front of the rocking chair and Stephen was removed from Relena's arms, his pants and training pants whipped off in an efficient flash of movement and his bare behind unceremoniously deposited on the 'seat'. An instant thunderstorm gathered in the previously happy blue eyes, and just as quickly that bare behind was off the seat and chubby legs were headed off in the opposite direction.

Relena stifled a giggle, watching as Rosy set off in quick pursuit, catching the escapee and returning him to his 'throne', as Helen fetched the book of fairytales and settled into the rocking chair. Stephen allowed his displeasure with the entire experience of potty training be known as Rosy hovered behind him, prepared to thwart any and all escape attempts. Relena hesitated, uncertain if she should stay or go, but giggled as Stephen thrust himself up off the potty in a renewed bid for freedom.

Rosy pounced, hauling him back to the potty and presented him with a colourful assortment of blocks as a distraction.

"Being the Crown Prince of a fairytale kingdom is not an excuse to avoid necessary training, young man. This is not the most pleasant of training sessions, admittedly, and indisputably you will learn as you grow that it is certainly not the worst of what will be expected of you in later years."

"Up!" And Stephen thrust himself up and off the offending furniture, arms held out to Relena.

"Really, Your Highness, flashing your Aunt is hardly becoming." Rosy sat him back down again.

"Flashing your personal bits at impressionable young women at your age might be considered cute, but you will, for the moment, cease and desist. You'll no doubt be doing enough flashing of those bits to entirely agreeable young ladies with no brains and visions of wealth and position in later years. And they'll be most delighted at the view, it's pointedly obvious you have your father's attributes."

"Up! Ena!" Stephen held his hands out to Relena with quivering lip and huge puppy dog eyes and stood up again, only to be gently but firmly deposited on the potty.

"Sorry, sweetheart. Potty training gets priority I'm afraid."

"Now then, where did we get up to with Snow White, hmm? Three minutes, Stephen. That's not so long."

He was his father's son, Relena mused, as she skipped out of the nursery. Those brilliant blue eyes were so expressive and he had a look that could kill when he was in a royal snit.


Karina Robertson 2012