Chapter 1

Gela everyone, this is my first fan fiction so please be gentle. This takes place after new moon, kind of. I don't own twilight, or anything related to the twilight franchise. I'm simply playing with the characters. Enjoy!

68 years.

It had been 68 years,to the day, since I was abandoned by my first love. Again. Edward Cullen. He did it once, and he came back, i forgave him and even moved on. Then he betrayed me and left a second time. He left me in the school parking lot, a shell of what I used to be...Jacob had pieced me back together, again, but soon he imprinted and the wolves saw me as a danger to the tribe. They didn't tell me to go away, but I got the message that it was time to move on.

"Bella..Bella..Earth to Bella.."
My head shot up seeing my now best friend, Maddy.
"You're kinda zoning out again.."
"Oh,'s just..the whole Edward thing." I explained.

She then gracefully leapt out of the tree and landed next to me.
"Look Bella, you're like a sister to me, and I hate seeing you like this. It's been a couple of decades, and sure he's a jerk but you can do much better. Cmon, lets cheer you up. Thirsty?"

I shrugged, "Sure, maybe it'll help me feel better."
"That's the spirit! Now up, let's go"

I know I can always count on Maddy to make me feel better. She's been my best friend basically ever since i was turned.


After robotically making dinner for Charlie and taking a shower, I sat on the bathroom floor wrapped in a robe. It's been a month. A month since Edward left. A month since my world came crashing down. Again. Everything is gone. I have nothing left.

I have to pull it together. At least until I can make Charlie believe I'm going to bed, and escape to my room, to carry out my plan.
I hadn't noticed I was crying until I stood up and caught my reflection in the mirror. I quickly turned away from it, not wanting to see a failure staring back at me. I hurried out of the bathroom and down the steps.

"Dad, I'm gonna get some sleep." I said after faking a yawn stretch maneuver.

He turned and looked up at me from his laptop. "Bells, it's only a quarter to 7 on a Saturday night. Isn't it a little early for bed?"

"It's been a long week for me, and I gotta catch up on some sleep." I cracked a phony half smile before turning on my heels to go back upstairs. When I got in my room I thought I saw a flash of white, but assumed it was wishful thinking and ignored it. I shuffled to my closet and grabbed my favorite socks in attempt to find comfort. Sighing, I climbed into my bed and revised my plan.

"Ah, Bella." a gentle voice called me.
My eyes flew open only to see none other than, Aro standing at the foot on my bed.
"A-A-ro?" instinctively I backed up as far as the headboard would allow.
"Shhh.. Don't be scared. I only come to talk to you. I went to visit the Cullens but found the house empty. Where did they go?"
"Um..Edward and I sort of..took an extended break." I could feel the tears threatening to expose me.
"Silly Bella, that's not what I heard. It seems to me they left you here, I thought you meant more to them than that. But, seeing as you know of our kind, and the Cullens are no longer around, I'm afraid things will have to change. Now before you say anything, I want to inform you of your..options." He told me carefully.

"Options?" I breathed.

"Yes. This will have to go one of two ways. Option one, I can give you immortality, give you what you've always wanted. Option two,I can completely put you out of your misery, for good. Regardless, the secret of our kind needs to remain a secret to the humans. What will it be?"

Without a second thought, I blurted my answer "One."

Without any further questioning, Aro lifted me into his arms and flew out the window. Eventually, we ended up in the woods. Next thing I knew, there was an intense burning pulsing relentlessly through my vains.

3 days later I awoke with perfect vision and clarity. I could hear every sound in the forest and smell the moss hanging from the trees. Suddenly I saw a vampire girl, about my age, emerge from the brush and introduce herself. I learned her formal name was Madeline, but she preferred Maddy.

-end of flashback-

"Bella! You gotta stop doing that."
I sighed sarcastically, "Sorry. Now, what is that I smell? Deer...elk...?
"Ugh, Wheres the mountain lion! That's my favorite!" She stomped her foot like a 5 year old.

I stiffened.

"Oh Bella, I'm so sorry. I..I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to bring that up."

"Shh! Maddy do you smell that? It's so familiar.. But I .." Then I realized whose scent I was picking up.