And the hair ran away from...

'ok before you say anything,dont say anything ok?'

Martin finds it difficult to speak at the moment however as his mouth makes a dramatic 'o' shape.

never before had they imagined this seismic event would almost didnt recognise Mac... until he walked past them the fourth time and that time it was his familiar lanky strut that gave him away.

'finally got that pube hair transplant then?' typical smug sarcastic Guy

'ya,ya,you know they could actually put your arsehole back in the right place if you wanted'

Guy:'nuh nuh nuh nuh'

Mac:'although i'm pretty certain they can't ensure you would automatically stop talking bullshit'

Guy:'you do know you look like a mangy ginger cat right?' He gives Mac a critical glare and adds 'a tall skinny mangy cat'

Mac:'does that make you the alley rat then?'

Marin:'i like it, it's kind of different'

Guy:'oh shut up Midget,do you wanna lick his arse while your down there?'

Mac:'ay be nice,as i am the alley king you have to obey me'

Martin likes how Mac stands up for him especially against Guy since he played that cruel joke regarding his exam results.

As he says this they walk past Sue White who seems to be half choking and half coughing as she takes in Mac's new haircut,the mane of hair has been dramatically reduced to a close crop.

Other nurses naturally step over her as she falls to the floor in a is nothing to the reactin on Caroline's face as she walks down the hall toward them.

Her nervous skittish disposition always makes Mac smile and only encourages Guy,what is with her and him? Mac thinks to Guy's women only wore the nurses uniform at night and for a considerable fee!

Guy:'yup can you believe it,he's a big boy now? he rolls his eyes at Martin for support and emphasis,while simultaneously smacking Mac on the back...a little too hard for a friendly slap,Mac thought.

Caroline'oh never mind Guy,at least you have enough hair to share'

She looks at the floor smiling slyly at her joke.

Mac smiles quietly too because he knows she said that to defend him.

Guy snorts and moves off saying 'maybe you two can gel your mullets together?'

Martin:'oh my god...did you just owned him didnt you?' but as he goes to give Caroline a high five he realises they didnt hear a word he said and shuffles off mumbling 'i wish i still had my imaginary friend...'

Caroline:'i like it by the way'

Mac:'do you?' he replies a little too eager and instantly regrets it,why is it so awkward and tense between them now?Did something happen while he wasnt looking...h he does like looking at her...she was kind of nice in her own pixie way.

'thats well that's good thank you,i'm so glad my hair is providing some entertainment today,will I be featured in any of the fashion magazines do you think?'

'ooh I don't know could be a close call what with my mismatched clothes,but then again what's a little friendly competition between friends?'

and as easy as that they fall back into the light banter.

she pokes him in the arm and gives him the flirty eye while he nudges her and replies 'you my friend are on'

while in the background on the intercom a clinical voice says 'could Miss White please clear hallway 6'