Author's Note: Another little story I came up with on the spot. Some more EricxAlan stuff :D These two seriously don't get enough love :/ Anyway, I'm thinking of adding a second chapter if you guys like this little one, so let me know, and enjoy :D

Eric sat up faster than a person could blink, panting, eyes wide, sweat running down his face. His heart beat so violently in his chest that he thought at any minute it may burst free. Placing a calloused palm on his chest, right over where said muscle was located, he swallowed, shakily trying to regain his breath.

Calm down, Eric, his brain told the rest of his body. Glancing over, Eric's vision was compromised by both the darkness, and his lack of glasses. The all-important tools of a Shinigami were only mandatory during work hours. Besides, it was incredibly uncomfortable to sleep with them on.

Even with his vision incredibly impaired, Eric could recognize that the figure next to him was beginning to stir. Glancing at the alarm clock, he squinted and somehow made out the numbers. It was Three twenty-seven in the morning.

"Hm, Eric?" Alan's voice was tired, somewhat scratchy from lack of use over the past few hours. "You okay?"

"'m fine," he lied, scratching the back of his head and acting like he hadn't just woken up in a panic. The smaller brunette looked at him in a daze, somehow not believing the words leaving his partner's lips. Reaching over to the bedside table, he retrieved his glasses, blinking when the world became much less blurry. It only took him a minute to look at Eric and see he wasn't fine.

"You're breathing heavy," he stated, seeing Eric's chest rise and fall in somewhat strangled breaths.

"Bad dream," he cracked as much of a grin as he could. "Nothin' to worry about."

In somewhat of stupor, Alan was confused by the notion that Eric had a bad dream. That was unusual. Still, it was early in the morning, and if he said it was fine, then it was probably nothing.

"Alright," he yawned, taking his glasses off once again and setting them on the table. "Let's just get back to sleep. We've got work in the morning." He chuckled. "And unlike some people, I plan on being on time."

Eric chuckled a bit, but his lungs were still trying to catch up with the rest of his body on the relaxing front. He watched as Alan slid down into the blankets again, completely comfortable, with his head resting on the soft pillow. He was completely asleep within five seconds.

Well, Eric's brain reasoned, no use sitting up and thinking about it. Better get some more sleep.

And so Eric, too, settled himself back down and pulled the blankets up and to his shoulders. Shifting a bit, he stretched his arm to circle around Alan's back, drawing him closer. Being asleep, Alan had no knowledge that he was being nuzzled into the shirtless, well-muscled chest of his partner, but that didn't matter. He wouldn't have minded. All Eric wanted was to keep his partner close.

It was lucky that Alan hadn't asked what his bad dream was about, because Eric wouldn't have had a way to answer.

I dreamt I lost you.

I dreamt you died.

I dreamt you were taken from me.

I dreamt I couldn't save you.

I dreamt it was my fault.

Those were all the things that he could have said, but wouldn't have. It would be like him to have an emotional outburst over a dream, even one as horrific and realistic as that one had been. No, it was good that Alan hadn't asked what he had dreamed about.

"I won't lose you," Eric whispered, so quietly there was almost the question to whether or not he had said it at all. "I swear it." If it took everything he had, Eric wouldn't lose Alan. He refused. His little ray of light would not be extinguished, even if it took Eric's every waking moment, he'd find a way to keep him.

That he promised.