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Eric collapsed onto the bed, panting, body perfectly fatigued as he turned his head to look at Alan, who was in a similar state. They looked at each other a few moments, then smiled, a light shade of pink gently dusting Alan's cheeks. Even without his glasses, Eric could determine every feature of Alan's face without a problem; the soft curve of his cheeks, his bright, tired smile, and those emerald-green eyes he loved so very much. God were they beautiful. Sure, green-eyes were a feature of all Shinigami, but Alan's were... different somehow.

Without a word, Alan rolled onto his side, wrapping his arms around Eric's neck and laying his head on the larger man's shoulder. They both struggled to maintain their breath, lungs still caught up in the passionate kisses and caresses they had shared just moments ago.

Eric wrapped his arm around Alan's back, completing their warm embrace. With his other hand, Eric brought the sheets up to cover them both up halfway, not needing much other warmth than each other.

"Tired?" Eric mumbled sleepily into Alan's ear. The brunette only nodded and nuzzled further into Eric's shoulder. Eric didn't ask any further questions, and just let Alan start to fall asleep against him, kissing the mop of brown hair lazily.

Alan giggled, one of Eric's favorite sounds, and mumbled. "I love you, Eric."

Eric grinned. "I love you, too, sweetheart, now get to sleep. We've got work in the morning." Unfortunately. Oh how Eric would have loved to just stay home all of the next day, sitting around with his lover, talking, relaxing, not worrying about reports or collections for once in a long time...

He indulged in that fantasy for a while, then reminded himself that Alan would tell him he was being lazy if he even suggested it, so he pushed it aside. Sometimes Eric was able to convince the small brunette to take the day off with him, but more often than not, he was shot down.

Alan's breathing soon became shallow and regular, signaling that he was in the clutches of sleep. Smiling lazily, Eric gazed over his sleeping lover, observing the curves of his lean back and waist, the contours of his slender arms as they held around his neck. Eric loved everything about Alan's body; the soft skin, slight muscles, and gentle curves, he loved everything! Everything, except for one thing; the black, gnarled scars that made their way around every part of the younger man's body.

But now wasn't the time to focus on that, not while Alan was wrapped safely in his arms, warm and comfortable. No, for now, all Eric wanted to focus on was how nice it felt to have Alan with him, their bodies warming each other under the sheets.

Suddenly curious, Eric took a quick glance at the alarm clock on the bedside table, and could see through his blurred vision that it was at least one in the morning; about an hour past when the two of them normally would sleep. Well, Eric thought with a grin, at least we've got a good reason.

Alan suddenly shifted in his sleep, moving himself to lay more on Eric's chest, his face kept in the older man's neck. Eric smiled gently, taking the moment to kiss the top of Alan's head repeatedly, inhaling his scent.

"God, I love you so much, Alan," Eric murmured. "You don't even know."

I'd kill for you, Eric thought, too scared to say it out loud in case Alan somehow heard him. Actually, I am killing for you. And I won't stop. Fifteen down, nine-hundred-eighty-five to go. I love you, Alan, and if that means committing a thousand sins to save you, then so be it.

He kissed Alan's head one last time, finally closing his eyes to sleep.

You're mine, Alan, and I'm not letting you go, period. Maybe you'll hate me when you find out, but at least you'll be alive. That's all that matters to me.

And, finally, Eric managed to lull himself to sleep, arm wrapped around his younger lover, perfectly content. Tonight, there was no need for killing. He was content with how many souls he had so far, and could save the rest for another night.

I love you, Alan, Eric said once again in his head, I'll always love you. I'll kill for you.

I'd die for you.