The Most Ominous Threat: Osama bin Laden
Chapter One: Tranquility to Fear

Peaceful. That's one word to decribe the world before this event.
What event?
Some sort of cataclysm.
Like Kefka's?

The event that temporarily took the world hostage.
The event that proved a victory for the villains.
The event that gave second thoughts about security.
The World Trade Center disaster.


"AAAAAAA!!!!" The sound of intensive fear covered the rooms of four otherwise brave boys.
The spikey-haired dude, the SeeD gunblade expert, the blonde monkey-tailed thief, the beach
bum cum blitzball star.

Instead of getting charged up for the day ahead, the four feel like they are wilted


Cloud suddenly woke up in his childhood home in Nibelheim, recovering from the unexpected
shock that spoiled his sleep.

"That's strange... I just recovered from a mental disorder in the Lifestream... Is that
nightmare Sephiroth's final revenge against me?"

Just then some other voice entered his room.

"Hey! You forgot your breakfast!"


"Good morning, Cloud. Is something bugging you?"

"Uh... nothing."

"But look at you. You feel like... the way you were back in Mideel."

"You know my dream?"

"No. But I sense a great danger coming to us."

"Is it... of this world?"

"No. It's of an another world."

"Hey! Did you acquire your sensing powers from Aeris?"

"No. It's just that I didn't know it was there."


Squall moves and jerks his body during sleep and mumbles the following thoughts:
"The world is at peace... Ultimecia's gone... But why did I see images of two towers
being destroyed by two airplanes? Those towers are not of this world... and Galbadia has
no plans of building tall buildings... What is this...?"

He wakes up in his dorm at Balamb Garden, shocked. He then walks outside in an unnatural
and lousy way while being greeted by his buddies.

"Yo, Squall! Get yourself some exercise! You look so clumsy." It was Zell.

"Hi, Squall! Don't be like a turtle. Cheer up!" It was Selphie.

"Hey, Squall. You don't look like a SeeD when you act like this." It was Quistis.

"Squall, you seem to have woke up in the wrong side of the bed." It was Irvine.

"Squall, good morning. Your morning seems to be bad. What's the matter?" It was Rinoa.

And Squall's response to the five? Nothing. He just continues his walk to the cafeteria
for his breakfast.


Zidane, now the king of Alexandria, has good feelings he felt in his dream, until that
dark image boggled his mind later.

"towers... destruction... airplane... terrorists?! NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!"

He then wakes up shouting, which also woke up Queen Garnet.

"Zidane? What happened to you?" said Garnet as she approached the traumatized Zidane.

He never said a word from the exhaustion he got from shouting.

"What? You got a nightmare? Guards, call Regent Cid immediately!" Garnet alarmed.

Sometime later... Regent Cid and Zidane's friends went to the castle to check on him.

"This is terrible, Queen Garnet," Cid worried. "King Zidane is now suffering from extreme
trauma mixed with sadness... the same disorder that affected you before."

"What? This can't be..." Garnet said.

"Never in my lifetime did I see something as shocking as what happened last time," Steiner

"You suffer nightmare?" Quina interrupted. "No good food will cure nightmare."

The others worry in silence.


Tidus, despite his cheery outlook, seems to act strange this morning. He gets all the
symptoms decribed earlier: clumsy actions, sadness, sudden negative feelings. Here's

At his home in Zanarkand, he wakes up in a slow, grotesque manner, as if a zombie or
vampire woke up from a grave. He then greets his family, friends, and neighbors in a
monotonous voice. He then slowly walks into the table while waiting for breakfast. And
when Yuna serves him his favorite breakfast, his face falls flat into the table.

"Tidus! You fainted! Is this some kind of a curse?" Yuna exclaimed.


You will soon see my wrath...
A wrath greater than the foes you fought before.
A wrath hell-bent on destroying so many innocent lives.
A wrath that will bring me satisfaction.
A wrath that is...

(end of chapter)