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Chapter 3: Their Mistress, On A New Mission

By the time I reached home, I was fuming.

"My lady, you should relax a bit." Sebastian gently touched the side of my face. I simply shoved his hand away.

"Those fucking morons don't know when to piss me off, do they?" I asked, frustrated.

Sebastian refrained from replying.

"Aunt Vivian, what the Hell are you doing?"

My neat, tidy hall of my near, tidy manor had been transformed into a…bunny-shop kind of thing. Wow.

"As you can see, I'm trying to make your house look presentable."

"What was so darn 'unpresentable' about it in the first place? My butlers work 24/7 to keep this place top-notch! Nothing can possibly have a fu-" I caught myself, " -freaking speck on it!" I yelled in frustration. Could this day get any worse?

Aunt Vivian waggled her finger at me. "This house shall be holding a party. It should look like a party is going to be held."

Okay, now that was it.

I rushed up to the stairs and tore out a large number of streamers. Gosh, they were all over the place!

I threw it at her feet, and didn't bother to mind my language this time. "What the fuck is with all these streamers and decorations? What am I, a five-year old?"

"Azalea!" Aunt Vivian roared. "Mind your language!"

"Perhaps I'd consider it if you'd stop trying to act like you're my mother!" Aunt Vivian gasped, but I ranted on. "Because you're no one to lecture me on how I'm supposed to act and how not." I hissed before retreating to my bedroom.

-bittersweet vengeance-

"Ash Landers, what is it that you wish to inform me of?" I asked with a bored expression on my face as I studied the white-clad Queen's butler before me.

Ash chuckled cheerfully and hand me an envelope, sealed with the emblem of royalty. "The Royal Majesty requests you to look into the matter at hand. I shall take my leave now, for I have work to attend to. You shall have all the details in the letter." Ash bowed politely before exiting the parlour. Claude followed him.

"Sebastian, read out the letter and tell me what the old hag wants now…" I tossed the envelope to Sebastian, who caught it between two fingers. Claude entered with my afternoon tea.

"If it may be of concern to you ,your Highness, the tea for our guests has been served in the pavilion. Do you wish to accompany-" I interrupted Claude.

"You know I don't have the time to be the kindest and most hospitable host. I have business to handle." I snarled.

Claude bowed. "I shall inform them of your absence for the tea."

"You do that." I said, waving him off. "What are you waiting for?" I snapped at Sebastian.

He smirked and began reading the letter.

"Duchess Azalea Bellatrix Draconia,

We have been informed that certain harbours have been detected as being the spot for the illegal import of expensive and potentially harmful drugs. We do not wish to offend you of doubt of illegal activity, but we suspect that you may know of this shipping program, since a lot of the harbours are under your command. As Draconia & Frederickson's head-of-board, we believe you have been informed of all imports and exports, and hope that you will know if there have been any illegal drugs in circulation within the city. Your company is respected and the primary supplier of most drugs and medication in Britain. So we would like to know if you are aware of this, since it may or may not have a negative effect on your sales due to the availability of foreign drugs. We are sure you would not prefer too much competition in the industrial arena, and we hope you will look into the matters.

Another reason of concern is the numerous murders occurring along the sides of these docks. We believe that there is a circulation agency involved in the shipping of illegal drugs, and they also have a circle of robbers and killers spread throughout a network of underground channels. Scotland Yard has confirmed our suspicions.

We have also received report that the Barcelona branch of your company has been caught dishing out morphine to all those who would pay a handsome sum for it. Matthew Frederickson, director of the Barcelona plant of your factory, claims no involvement, and through his sources, all charges of his involvement in the drug-dealing area has been vindicated. But the question remains: who is responsible for it in actuality?

I hope that you will kindly look into the whole case, and terminate the murderers, who have threatened the purity of our city. It would also be a great help if you would find out about the people involved in the dealing of these harmful drugs and whether or not they have infiltrated into your company.


Royal Highness of the British Empire
Her majesty, Queen Victoria."

"My, my…" Sebastian said, folding the letter.

"That bunch of useless morons…they don't know when to inform me, do they? And I get a letter from the Queen, clearly stating in a polite fashion, that they doubt me of all this smuggling!" I huffed. "Sullying the reputation of the business I have devoted my life to…they're not getting away with this."

"I'm sure we'll solve the case, my Lady." Sebastian replied.

"Yeah, but before that, I need to get this birthday party off my hands…cursed social circle…and society."

Sebastian simply chuckled.

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