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Chapter 2: What?

Edward POV...

I immedetly got up and ran into the house. When I got to the kitchen I saw Bella curled into a ball with her arms wrapped around her stomach. She was still screaming in pure agony. I ran over to her but when I was about 5 feet away from her it felt like I hit a brick wall.

"CARLISE!" I yelled, even though it wasn't necessary. Within half a second Carlisle and the rest of the family were next to me.

"What is it Edward?" Carlisle asked franticly, looking between me and Bella, wondering why I wasn't next to her.

"I CAN'T GET TO HER!" I yelled.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked still worried.

"Watch." I said. I took a few steps back and walked into the wall and fell backwards. Bella is still screaming, though this time she was actually getting words out.

"EDWARD IT HURTS...THE PAIN WON'T STOP...HELP ME!" She screamed looking me straight in the eyes. Her eyes were filled with complete pain.

"Bella I know baby. Please stop screaming, I know it hurts but screaming about it isn't going to help anything." I said to her, I placed my hand on the invisible brick wall.

"EDWARD MAKE IT STOP! IT HURTS EDWARD! COME HERE... Help me." She whimpered the last two words. Her screams of agony have dulled a little but she is still screaming out in pain.

"Jasper can you help her any? Carlisle what's keeping us apart? Alice who or what did this?" I asked them. Everyone was silent while Bella and I were talking. I looked over at Jasper.

"I-I-I can't feel her." He said, staring intently at Bella, trying to fell something from her.

"What do you mean Jasper?" Carlisle asked.

"I can't feel her. It like she's not even in the room." He said looking very panicked over to Carlisle.

"Hmm, Alice can you see Bella's future at all?" Carlisle asked. Alice concentrated on her visions. I watched along with her. All she was getting is blurring images of the kitchen area, no matter how far she looks into the future.

"I can't get anything, but really blurry images of the kitchen." Alice said also very panicked.

"Hmm, Edward can you get anything from her mind?" Carlisle asked. I concentrated for a moment even though I knew it was hopeless. Suddenly I gasped, grabbed my head in my hands and fell to my knees.

"What is it?" Em, Jazz, Ali, Rose, Esme and Carlisle all asked in unison.

"I...feel...her...pain." I choked out. I can feel Bella's pain though her mind.

(AN: It's like Jasper's gift, but only for Edward it's like he's reading Bella's mind and all she is thinking about is the pain. Though he can't actually read her mind.)

"WHAT?" Six differnet voices and thoughts coursed. I finally lifted my head out of my hands and looked over at a very panicked Bella, she had finally stopped her screams but she was still whimpering.

"Is that what you are really feeling?" I asked her. She nodded her head, yes. I placed both of my hands on the invisable wall and stared into her deep brown eyes.

"Edward what's going on?" Carlisle asked.

"I can feel Bella's pain. Only it's not like Jasper. More like I'm reading her pain through her mind." I explained. Without looking away from Bella.

"Can you get anything else from her, like her thoughts? Words? Anything but the pain?" Carlisle asked. I focused on Bella's pain for a minute, which made me wince.

"Bella can you think anything? Like a word or something for a minute?" I asked her. But all I got was her pain still.

"Are you thinking of a word?" I asked. She nodded, yes.

"No I can't get anything from her except the pain." I said, finally looking over at Carlisle.

"Carlisle what's wrong with her?" Esme asked, speaking for the first time. She walked over and took his hand in hers. I looked over at Jasper who was staring at me.

"I don't know what's wrong. Or why we can't get to her." Carlisle said sadly.

"Edward is that what she's feeling?" Jasper asked incrediously.

"Yes, but how can you tell, if you can't feel her?" I asked him.

"I can feel it coming of you, only it has a hint of Bella's feeling aura." Jasper explained.

"Amazing, It's almost like Bella's pain is your pain!" Carlise exclaimed.

Just then I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Bella was crawing over to me. She had an arm wrapped around her stomach, so she was limping on her knees and one hand. When she got to the egde of the invisible wall she layed on her back and placed her hand on mine, through the invisible wall. I can feel the warmth of her hand but not her actual flesh.

"Amazing." I murmered.

"What is it, Edward?" Emmett asked kneeling down next to me.

"I can feel the warmth of Bella's hand but not her actual flesh." I explained.

"I can feel the coldness of your hand too, just not your hand." Bella said suddenly. Everyone looked over to her.

"Bella where is the pain the worst?" Carlisle asked kneeling down at my other side.

"My stomach area, that's the only place I can feel it." She answered.

"Hmm, Just before the pain set in, what were you doing?"

"I was-" Suddenly she whimpered, wrapped both of her arms around her stomach and curled in on herself. I whimpered at the sight of my love in pain. She relaxed a little and took a few deep breaths. Then she placed her one hand back on mine, sort of.

"I was just getting a glass of water, and then suddlenly there was a sharp pain in my stomach area and I screamed out, and dropped the glass. Then I fell to the floor under the weight of the pain." She explained.

"Hmm, well, this is definitly interesting. Emmett place your hand near Edward's and walk around keeping your hand on the... wall and see which way it goes." Emmett got to his feet and walked around the kitchen. He walked in a big circle and ended up on Carlisle's other side.

"Interesting, the wall is about 5 feet away from where Bella was laying all around. Bella did anything seem different when you felt the pain in the first place?" Carlisle asked.

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