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"Are we set to go?" Kurt asked the lights and sound technician. His watched would hit seven pm sharp in three minutes. He got the nod that everything was running and ready.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Kurt addressed the large crowd of people. "Thank you for all the support you've given me. I was a nobody; well actually, I was the gayest nobody in Lima Ohio until I came to New York and met so many wonderful people. I want to thank Miss Isabella who was the first person to inspire me to walk along this path, I want to thank…"

The sound of Kurt's voice barely reached the ears of Santana and Brittany. They hadn't seen each other all week, and the first chance they got; Santana dragged Brittany into her changing room. She was pressed against the wall and rid of her jeans in seconds.

"You really couldn't wait Santana." Brittany panted and shook at the touch of Santana's palm against her stomach.

Santana shook her head. Both she and Brittany had been busy for the past week. There were so many things to do as they settled into their apartment in L.A. She had flown to New York to do photo shoots for Kurt's clothes brand and prepare for the opening of his grand gallery in New York. Here, she had been reunited with Blaine who had freshly graduated and had completed his first film; he was representing Kurt's brand as well.

"I missed you," Santana whispered in Brittany's ear as her hand traveled south. She found wet heat and took to satisfying her girlfriend. Brittany's moans were delicious and she wished they had the time to enjoy some hot sex. Yet, she knew full well that soon somebody would be knocking on her door and telling her to standby behind the stage, so she doubled her speed bringing Brittany closer to the edge.

"San, I can't hold it. I'm going to come," Brittany cried. She held onto Santana even tighter; her whole body pressed against Santana's. Good thing Santana's designer dress wasn't fluffy or it would be ruined.

"Come for me baby," Santana whispered hotly in Brittany's ear.

Brittany broke and shouted Santana's name. Santana kneeled as carefully as possible in her tight dressed and slipped her tongue through Brittany's folds, cleaning her up. She didn't want Brittany to be dripping uncomfortably all evening. The added stimulation made Brittany come again. Santana caught her juices with her tongue until there was none left.

"You are amazing," Brittany panted and helped pull Santana off the floor. She kissed her soundly, enjoying her own taste in Santana's mouth. "I love you."

"I love you too," Santana returned. Their kissing was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Looks like it's time. Do I look like I just fucked my girlfriend and ate her out?" Santana asked worriedly, smoothing the material as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her lipstick was clearly smudged.

Brittany nodded, "It looks good on you. But really, you look beautiful." She traced the contours of Santana's made-up face, removing the mess around Santana's mouth, "super sexy."

Abashed, Santana fitted her hands in Brittany's and led her out to the waiting crowd.

"And here they are everybody, Santana Lopez and Blaine Anderson!" The clapping was drowned out by the upbeat music. Either way, Brittany squealed the loudest when Santana came out. Santana instantly found the face of her girlfriend and gave a flirty air kiss and wave. Blaine came out after her. A group of teen fangirls screamed for him but the only one he paid attention to was Kurt. He whispered 'I love you' before joining Santana. They walked together from one end of the stage to the other stopping at the center to pose for the cameras.

The evening was extremely successful.

Santana and Brittany opted to leave the after party early. Neither of them had drunk enough to be completely intoxicated. They caught a cab from the club to Santana's hotel. The whole ride back was torture. Brittany tried every advance on Santana but she wouldn't let Brittany touch her in the back of a taxi. It was difficult because she was equally as horny.

At the hotel, Santana paid the driver and hurriedly dragged Brittany into the elevator. She punched in the 20th floor before pinning Brittany against the back of the elevator. It was empty this time of night. The elevator pinged and opened at the 20th floor. Santana groaned did it have to be that fast? She soon forgot all about the elevator as Brittany dug her hands into Santana's clutch looking for the key.

They were in her room before she could count to ten. Now she was grinding between the wall and Brittany's body. Their lips were like magnets, never able to stay apart for long, always drawn to each other.

"Britt," Santana moaned, pushing the other girl away lightly. She could see Brittany was confused. With a smirk, Santana pulled the zipper down along the side of her body from under her arm to her hip. She was wearing nothing under it. Brittany was hypnotized by Santana's curves in the moonlight, it was too late. She reached out to touch but didn't get a chance to grab Santana again. Santana walked seductively to the room's mini bar.

Taking her time, she took out two champagne glasses and filled them with the bubbly liquid. When she lifted her eyes, Brittany was completely naked. Her hair was wild and God she's so hot and fuckable.

Santana calmed herself down with a sip of the cold drink. It fizzled down her throat perfectly. "Do you want one sweetheart?" She lifted the other glass and held it out for Brittany. The girl took a blatant look over Santana's toned body and quirked her eyebrow. She remained as silent as Santana. Both girls moved to the lounging area comfortably bare in each other's presence. Santana sat on one of the couches and Brittany followed, sitting as close as possible.

"How's your week been Britt?" Her girlfriend was getting accustomed to the California Academy of Performing Art's campus. She wouldn't start her classes for another two months which gave her time to adjust to the fast pace of the city.

"It's good. I met some of the faculty members from my dance major. They asked me to be in the promo for the upcoming school year so, that's what I've been doing most of the week. I also scouted out the restaurants, 24 hour stores, and bakeries in our area. I think I really like our neighborhood. I made a friend at 'Mother Mary' she's an old lady and guess what? Mother Mary was her mother so the bakery has probably been there a long time."

"That's great Britt, are you looking forward to going back to Lima for Christmas?"

"I miss mom," Brittany nodded. "I missed you too when you were here in New York."

"I'm here now, why don't you show me how much you missed me? I think I did a pretty good job of showing you under time constraints."

Brittany blushed. Santana was magic when it came to pleasuring her. She was an expert at making her feel good, the effects of which had not yet faded. "Come here," Brittany stood up and scooped Santana in her arms bridal style.

Entering the bedroom, Brittany lowered Santana gently onto the bed and then straddled her body. Santana moaned, feeling Brittany's wetness slick against her stomach.

"God, I love you so much," Santana lifted her upper body to meet Brittany's. Tentatively, she reached her hand forward to tuck a string of blonde hair behind Brittany's ear. She brought her lips closer to the other girls and nudged slowly. Her heart was beating so fast against Brittany's, the girl made her lose control completely.

Brittany made the final move to close her lips against Santana's. They were everything she wished them to be, soft, moist, gentle, delicious. One hand tangled in Santana's head while the other ran through her slick folds. "You're so wet for me."

"Always for you," Santana replied. Brittany pressed lower until one finger entered Santana's waiting hole. She rocked gently, listening to the sounds falling off Santana's lips. She added a second finger and was rewarded with a louder moan. Santana stifled her sounds of pleasure by burying her face against Brittany's chest. She sucked a nipple into her mouth and used her hands to push Brittany's chest closer to her. Her tongue circled the hard nub and then she switched to flicking. Arousal shot straight to Brittany's core each time Santana manipulated her breasts.

"Touch me, please Santana," Brittany whined. Santana had a hard time focusing as she neared the edge. Brittany had added a third finger and she felt so full. Expertly, Brittany also knew how to curl her fingers just right. Struggling to fulfill Brittany's wish, Santana dragged the back of her short nails down Brittany's stomach. She went lower and found Brittany's clit already swelling and aching to be touched. Slowly, she moved her thumb in tight circles.

"Britt, oh Britt," Santana's cries turned Brittany on one-hundred fold. Brittany knew she was gushing down there. She slowed her thrusting and began kissing up Santana's shoulder to her ear. Through their past love making, Brittany found that Santana's cute ears were one of her major erogenous spots. Her tongue explored the thin canals and she playfully nipped at the soft skin there.

Santana moaned louder and louder. She couldn't stop her body from finally coming.

"Britttttttt," her body shuddered all over. She dropped her back to the bed and grabbed at the sheets as Brittany continued to pump her fingers in and out. It was a few long minutes before Santana regained control over her body. "I fucking love you."

Brittany lay beside Santana, letting her recuperate. Santana took the chance to top Brittany, bringing her fingers to where they were before. Brittany moaned appreciatively. With all her strength, Santana put her whole body behind her wrist, thrusting fast and powerful till Brittany's orgasm overtook her. Brittany let out a heavy breath of satisfaction.

"I love you like I love my orgasms," Brittany said, waiting for Santana to crack up.

"I love you like I love my pumps, and I don't mean the sexual kind." Santana replied mid-laugh. They were both completely spent. With a final, long, slow, kiss, Santana snuggled into Brittany's side. She felt Brittany's heart slow and even out, and then she fell asleep.

There was no need to rush the next day. Their flight to Ohio was at three pm, giving them ample time to laze around in bed. Santana surprised Brittany with a late brunch to which Brittany showed great appreciation. Santana found herself in bed again, willingly.

Although it was mid-winter, the weather was not acting up. Santana was glad for that. She and Brittany arrived in Lima late in the evening. Bridget wasn't expecting them until the next day so Santana called a cab to take them to her home.

It was chilly but there was no lack of warmth between the sheets.

The next day, Brittany woke up alone in bed. "San," she whined knowing her girlfriend wouldn't leave her hanging for long. "Come back to bed."

Dressed in only a bath robe, Santana appeared in the door frame. "We could do that, or we could go see Quinn? Beth's been asking for you." Brittany was up and dressed within minutes.

The rest of the morning was spent with Quinn and Beth in the park. Santana had the opportunity to chat with her friend while Brittany kept Beth busy throwing snowballs, and making a mini snowman.

"So how did the election go? I've been trying to keep track but things have been busy."

Quinn let out a purely amused laugh, "You were never that interested in the first place admit it."

"Alright, maybe I didn't try hard enough."

They fell into a comfortable silence watching Brittany and Beth make snow angels.

"I didn't win, but I'm totally okay with it. My mother is heartbroken." Quinn didn't look sorry; rather her face was rested and happy.

"You were always good at bullshitting but I guess the others beat you at it,"

"Yeah, right, no wonder you'll never touch politics…with that kind of attitude."

Santana grinned. This Quinn was more like the girl she had grown up with; her bite and vigor was back with more life than ever.

"What have you been up to?" Quinn asked.

"You know about Kurt opening his new clothes gallery. I and Blaine were presenters on opening night. There was a lot of publicity work to do so that's what I was really busy with. Rachel was there…" Santana caught herself before she fully opened that can of worms.

"It's alright Santana," Quinn shook her head; "we're okay now." "We had a serious heart to heart which put us on the same page."

"So, friends or lovers?"

"Just friends, I did meet a guy last week."

"You did? How far along are you?"

"Santana!" Quinn slapped her, "we just met!"

"Gosh, calm your whopper Quinn, I'm happy for you. Although, there was something else that I wanted to ask you about but I haven't had the chance to yet."

Quinn raised her eyebrow in question.

"It's about Puck. That night you were drunk and we talked, Brittany told me that Beth talked about you guys visiting Puck. I guess, I want to know what that's all about."

"Oh, that is surprisingly one of the good things going on in my life."

"How?" Santana was surprised.

"Well, Beth and I have been visiting him. He's doing very well, he's changing. I think getting away o from Hollywood for a while has helped him to see life differently. I mean, he's reading the Torah and everything"

"No way!" Santana screamed.

"He is," Quinn tried to convince Santana, "He even goes by his real name Noah now."

"Okay, but I won't really believe it till I see for myself."

Quinn was wearing a serene sort of smile, like she was content with her life. "I take Beth to see him every week."

"Is that safe?" Santana was still cautious.

"He's not under the effects of drugs anymore, and he's like the guy he was in high-school when I first got knocked up with him. He promised that when he got out, he would do everything to make Beth proud of him, even get a respectable job. I know you're worried for me, but, I want to give him a chance. I want Beth to have a chance to have a father. I want a chance to have a complete family."

"So, Puck's the guy you met?" Santana asked.

"No, I'm just having fun with him. We're co-workers on the governor's PR team. He's nice but we're not serious. I do love Puck still but I'm not going to sit around waiting for him. If we're meant to be then we will." Quinn shrugged.

"I am really happy for you Quinn, and it's sad we won't see each other so much now that I've moved. Will you be okay with Kurt and I leaving Lima?"

"Well, I can't say I'm elated." Quinn laughed, "But, you have to do what you have to do. And I have Beth to consider, she's my whole world. Lima's home, it's good for her. We'll be sad you're all gone though."

"We'll visit for sure," Santana promised.

The group moved from the park to McDonalds where they munched on burgers and Beth finally accomplished her dare of eating an entire bucket of Chicken with Brittany's help.

Santana and Brittany drove to see Bridget after they had said goodbye to Quinn and Beth. Santana knew they would both miss the slow pace of Lima, but their lives were just beginning and that excited them.

"Is your mom going to be mad we only just made it for dinner?" Santana worried, while doing whatever she could to fix her look; coming to have dinner with Brittany's mom felt very official for some reason.

"Unless you're planning to flirt with my mom, which is gross, then you really don't need to worry about looking awful; because you're gorgeous and you can trust me on that." Brittany kissed Santana's cheek and pushed her to get out of the car.

"Okay, okay. I'm just a little nervous." Santana knew it was silly to think Bridget would be anything but overjoyed to see them.

Brittany knocked on the door and was immediately attacked by her mother. Bridget was still wearing her kitchen apron as she gave Santana a hug as well. "Come in girls!" she said excitedly, running back to the stove to stir her hot pot.

Dinner was excellent as usual. Bridget asked all about how Santana and Brittany were settling and if they needed anything.

"We're doing well. We've both been so busy though, there's a lot of unpacking left to do." Santana said.

"Did you unpack the food?" Bridget was very concerned that the box of things to munch on she had prepared for them would go to waste.

"Oh no, we got a fridge on the first day and all that stuff went straight in. That food's been a real life saver multiple times."

"Well, I hope you girls aren't too busy to take care of yourselves." Bridget asked, "Have you been around the campus yet Brittany?"

"I have mom, it's really great. I like it there." Brittany smiled genuinely. Life seemed to have fallen into place for her. She got to do what she loved, she had the girl that she loved, and they were taking on the big city together; life couldn't be more perfect.

"And what about you Santana, what are you planning to do?"

"I'm thinking of applying to teach at UCLA"

"Well, good thing you didn't say CAPA. I was afraid you two would go down that route again." Bridget laughed at how red her daughter and girlfriend turned.

"Never say never Bridget"