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Time certainly tells lies.

Ichigo awoke slowly, his body was numb, the only sensation he felt was that of a tingling in his fingertips.

"He's in critical condition, you need to leave." A female nurse protested. She was arguing with someone outside of the room.

"To hell with ya! I dare you to try and stop me." Grimmjow purred dangerously.

"M-Mr Jaegerjaques!" The nurse called as Grimmjow pushed her aside and flung open the door.

Ichigo's eyes cracked open, harsh white light pierced his eyes like hot needles. Ichigo wheezed and snapped them shut again.

"Alright Berry-tan?" Grimmjow's voice was mocking with the slightest hint of concern.

"Ah, I suppose so?" Ichigo's voice was hoarse and he felt like his windpipe was made of sandpaper.

"Here," A small click echoed from Grimmjow's direction, "Open you eyes now." Grimmjow instructed.

Ichigo cracked his eyes open slowly, Ichigo's eyes opened to a dark, blurred room. Ichigo blinked a few times before some form of clarity materialized. It was night-time and moonlight streamed through the open curtains, casting an unearthly glow about the room.

"Grimmjow...Why?" Was all Ichigo could force out of his dry mouth.

"I dunno, Yylfordt wanted me ta help, I didn't see why not." Grimmjow's hand were dug in his pockets, his expression neutral bordering on uninterested. He was dressed in fairly tight jeans which were loosely tied with a worn leather belt and an open necked black shirt, his eyes sported the ever-present blue eye-liner and his eyes shone brightly in the moonlight.

"How ironic." Ichigo chuckled, this sent splitting pain flaring out from his chest. He gasped and cried out in pain.

"Calm down ya daft fuck." Grimmjow laughed at Ichigo grimly.

"Fuck off." Ichigo hissed between blenched teeth, "Why're you here anyway?"

The question threw Grimmjow off, Why am I here? He asked himself, "I...uh..." Grimmjow trailed off feebly.

Ichigo's brow furrowed at this, Grimmjow at a loss for words? What the fuck?

"Don't give me that look or I'll put you back into this bed when you get out." Grimmjow snarled playfully.

"Always with the empty threats," Ichigo chimed teasingly.

"Fuck you." Grimmjow snarled.

"I hope that one was an empty threat." Ichigo grinned slyly.

"Fu- Shut up." Grimmjow hissed, his face set in an arrogant snarl. Yylfordt's mocking resonated inside of his mind.

"I know how the male mind works."

Stop thinking about it asshole, you're not gay! Grimmjow chastised himself. A tiny doubt niggled at the back of his mind but he pushed it away.

"Mr Jaegerjaques," Uryuu had stepped into the room, "Why may I ask are you in here after visiting hours?"

"Because I had to go to work." Grimmjow retorted, defiance playing on his lips.

"Well, come back tomorrow morning, visiting hours are over." Uryuu Countered calmly, trying not to anger the hot headed man.

"Fine, but I will be back." Grimmjow's tone lowered, becoming less aggressive.

"That's fine, nine-thirty to eleven a.m in the morning or seven to nine in the evening." Uryuu roled off poiltely.

"Yeah I know, cya Berry-tan, don't die before I'm back."

"I'll try." Ichigo called hoarsely as he watched Grimmjow leave, finding himself admiring the cyan haired individual.

"Looks like you have an admirer?" Uryuu smiled, closing the door behind him.

"Shut up, it's Grimmjow! Like he'd 'admire' me." Ichigo scoffed, Grimmjow and he had grown up but it didn't mean they were pally.

"Why would he break into your room after hours ad want back tomorrow?" Uryuu teased.

Ichigo opened his mouth to protest but Uryuu held his had up to protest. "I'm obviously teasing, now I'm here to talk seriously to you." Uryuu's tone darkened.

"Okay..." Ichigo didn't like the sound of this.

"You've been unconscious for a week, your left tibia and your ulna and radius of your left arm are broken also your jaw has a few hairline fractures along the bottom edge near your chin and your right cheekbone is also fractured" Uryuu paused, "That's not all, your nose didn't break thank goodness but two of your ribs on the left side had completely snapped and the one is dangerously close to your lung, we need to operate as soon as possible." Uryuu's sapphire eyes were cold.

"What time is it?" Ichigo was tired, maybe it was all the medication and sedatives he was being given.

"Midnight, you should get some rest." Uryuu squeezed Ichigo's hand, though he couldn't feel it.

"Night Ishida." Ichigo closed his eyes.

"Night Kurosaki." The door closed behind him and Ichigo relaxed, falling into a dreamless sleep.

Ichigo woke with a start, triggering a series of searing pain along his left side. Ichigo breathed slowly, freezing his position, trying to stop the grating of his bones. He had dreamt that he had been attacked by a gang again, this time they consisted of Nnoitra, Szayel, Nel, Harribel and a few of their acquaintances that he couldn't name. He had been beaten quite nearly to death and they had used weapons and he had cried out, screaming for someone to help him. Ichigo had woken just as he saw an azure haired saviour swinging a katana towards Nnoitra's head.

"Feeling better Berry-tan?" Ichigo jolted again, sending splitting pain raging across his body.

"Fuck Grimmjow knock?" Ichigo snarled as bright lights flashed across his field of vision.

"Pfft, get a grip!" Grimmjow snarled, his face set in an arrogant smile as he leant against the door frame, hands dug into his dark jeans, a black polo top clung tightly against his muscled torso. Ichigo closed his eyes, feigning pain. Stop looking at him in so much detail.

"Fuck off if you're gunna be an asswipe." Ichigo hissed, pain apparent in his voice.

"Fine ya dick, I was only providing moral support!" Grimmjow's expression had turned sour, the edges of his mouth turning down in a grimace. "Cya Berry-tan." Grimmjow called casually as he turned out of the doorway.

"Hey Grimmjow!" Ichigo blurt out"Don't leave..." Ichigo trailed off, embarrassment filling his cheeks with a warm blush. Why did you call for him to stay? He had impulsively called out, not thinking about it.

"That's better, appreciate having some support!" Grimmjow sauntered back into the room with a triumphant smirk alighting his face.

"Shut up and sit," Ichigo pouted.

"Alright alright," Grimmjow smiled as he slumped on the armchair next to Ichigo's hospital bed, his legs splayed open casually, his arms resting behind his head.

"Why'd you come back Grimmjow?" Ichigo had difficulty turning his head but gritted through the pain.

"I felt obliged, I felt that I had to." Grimmjow confessed weakly, scratching his cheek slowly.

"I see." Ichigo sighed, unconvinced.

"Don't go thinkin' I like ya or nothin'!" Grimmjow growled, his azure eyes daring to turn to lock with Ichigo's.

"I know that dude, we hated each other in high school remember?" Ichigo laughed off the twinge of pain in his chest, he couldn't figure if it was his injuries or something else.

"Yeah we did." Grimmjow mumbled with an air of nostalgia, "I'm sorry about that."

The apology startled Ichigo, never would he have imagined that Grimmjow Jaegerjaques would every apologize to him. "What did you do after school?" Ichigo asked, trying to distract his thoughts.

"I travelled for a while, did a few bar jobs and now I'm looking at applying for that woman's club." Grimmjow sighed, seeming discontented.

"Is bar tending a worthwhile job?" Ichigo asked, genuinely interested in Grimmjow's life.

Grimmjow shot him a confused look, "Why the twenty questions?"

Ichigo blushed, "No reason."

Grimmjow simply nodded and an awkward silence crept upon the room. Ichigo adjusted himself carefully, pulling himself up slowly. It wasn't until he twisted his torso in a stretch before something snapped inside of him, blinding pain ricocheted through his chest cavity and he blacked out.

Grimmjow jumped up and roared, "Get someone in here!" He looked down on the orange haired man, he was convulsing in some form of a fit and his eyed had rolled into the back of his head.

"What happened? Uryuu rushed in, immediately checking Ichigo's chart.

"I don't know he just started twitching then this." Grimmjow's usually strong voice broke slightly.

"You need to leave, we'll handle this!" Uryuu bellowed, needing Grimmjow to leave.

Grimmjow regained his arrogant expression and sauntered out of the room, all the while fear was gnawing away at him. What if he dies? Was Grimmjow's main thought, combated by Man up, you're just making sure he's ok! A small thought in the back of his mind asked, Why?

"Kurosaki." A far off voice called, as if through water.

Ichigo slowly began to become aware of something. Ichigo tried to concentrate on what the something was but his mind wandered, he thought of Orihime, Chad, Uryuu...Grimmjow. Grimmjow? Ichigo asked himself.

"Kurosaki!" The voice was closer this time, it actually sounded familiar.

"Naaaani?" Ichigo groaned, his thoughts clearing slightly.

"Can you here me Kurosaki?" The voice echoed oddly, like thousands of tiny voices combining to create a cacophony of sounds.

"Unicorns are real y'no?" Ichigo beamed broadly, "There's one talking to me!"

"Kurosaki, I'm not a unicorn..." The thousands of voices laughed.

"Not you Mr. many men!" Ichigo sighed, his thoughts fading again, his eyes barely even opening.

"Kurosaki stay awake," The thousands of voices pleaded softly.

"G'night!" Ichigo giggled before losing consciousness.

The sun glared angrily down on the ginger's head, he was hot, pissed off and stupidly irritable. It had been a month since he and Orihime had broken up and the burden of her shattered heart lay heavily on his shoulders.

"Hey, Berry-tan!" Grimmjow sneered, Ichigo opened his eyes and sat up, he was lying on the top of his favourite hill, it overlooked the park and the small duck pond. His mood soured immediately when he saw the cocky, cyan haired, make-up wearing-

"Well, you gunna reply?" Grimmjow's impatient snarl interrupted Ichigo's mental rant.

"What do you want?" Ichigo crossed his legs and rested his elbow on his calf, providing a ledge to rest his head.

"To talk." Grimmjow's usual edge had disappeared, an almost desperate look had penetrated his hardened features. His usually arrogant smirk now a half-hearted twitch of his lips, his deep blue eyes glazed with distraction. He hadn't bothered with his usual eye liner and he wore a blue polo-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. He looked generally deflated.

"What happened to you?" Ichigo almost laughed, though it was short lived as he saw true pain In Grimmjow's eyes, causing him to stop himself in shock.

"My mother committed suicide last night." Grimmjow breathed, his head hung in shame for the tears that had begun to flow so freely from his glazed eyes.

Ichigo froze, unable to comprehend what was going on. He was pitiful for the teenager in front of him but also at a loss as to how to comfort him.

"Oh..." Ichigo felt pathetic that he couldn't think of anything better to say.

"Yeah, and worst of all?" Grimmjow paused to control his wrenching sobs, "They asked me if I had provoked her!" Grimmjow roared in desperation, anger, sadness. So many emotions were flowing from this rock solid teen.

"Hey," Ichigo stood and did the first thing that came to mind, hugged him. Grimmjow immediately stopped sobbing and froze, his whole body rigid.

"What're you-?"

"Shut up, just let it out, no one will see us." Ichigo whispered gently, knowing how it felt to lose a parent.

"But-" Grimmjow began to protest but Ichigo pressed him in tighter. A feeling deep down within him compelling him to keep holding onto the man in his arms.

"Losing your mother sucks, trust me I know." Ichigo murmured.

"Yeah..." Grimmjow relaxed into the smaller teen's arms, feeling oddly comforted. Alarm bells sounded in Grimmjow's foggy mind, "Get off me man!" Grimmjow Pushed violently away from Ichigo, sending them both stumbling away. Ichigo's heart felt sore, abused, memories of his mother's death flooded him, overwhelming his emotions. Bitterness and self loathing being the main factors.

"You know what? I'm sorry," Ichigo's head was bowed, "Sorry I ever thought you could actually be a decent human being deep down." Ichigo snarled, his feelings oddly hurt in a different way, as if Grimmjow had abused his heart directly through his actions.

"Well I'm sorry!" Grimmjow spat, anger and an unknown sensation coursing though his system. "Sorry that I'm just as heartless as everyone thinks!"

Ichigo was trembling with rage, wanting to lash out at any moment. His hands were balled into fists and were shaking violently. His head still bowed, angry tears beginning to drop from his face.

What the fuck is wrong with me? He's a jerk!

"Why?" Ichigo asked bluntly, both to himself and Grimmjow.

"Why what?" Grimmjow snarled, anger playing across his lips.

"You know exactly what." Ichigo hissed through clenched teeth.

"I-I, Fuck you!" Grimmjow stuttered and stormed off. A new and unwanted emotion clutching at his chest.

Ichigo turned and flung his fist blindly into the tree, crying out as the jagged bark ripped at the thin skin of his knuckles. Ichigo slumped to his knees, his head resting against the rough bark of the tree. Tears flowed like miniature waterfalls down his smooth cheeks.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Ichigo's eyes opened slowly to a brightly lit hospital room, his eyes burning slightly, causing him to blink suddenly.

"Awake then are we?" Grimmjow's voice called gentle from the side of him.

"Hey..." Ichigo wheezed sleepily, "What happened?" A lazy, sluggish smile had formed on his haggard face.

"You passed out and fitted." Grimmjow's smile was soft, "You've had your operation now though you're gunna be out of action for a while."

"Oh..." Ichigo nodded, not quite understanding what Grimmjow meant.

"You won't be able to work for a few weeks." Grimmjow smiled amusedly at the muddled strawberry.

"Oh I see, what about Szayel?" Ichigo asked slowly, trying to think everything through.

"He's in a coma upstairs." Grimmjow responded carefully, "Yylfordt is with him."

"I see, at least he has his family around him." Ichigo smiled softly.

"Your family have visited, Karin, Yuzu even your dad." Grimmjow smirked at the memory of the old, bearded man, crying about his son being so wounded.

"Hah, I bet the old man made a scene right?"

"Ah." Grimmjow nodded and smiled.

"Trust him," Ichigo let out a slight sigh and he closed his eyes. "Grimmjow?" Ichigo asked, cracking his left eyes open to look at the man beside his bed.

"Yeah?" Grimmjow glanced sideways at him.

"Why did you come and see me when your mother died?" Ichigo tried not to sound prying.

"Because, I-"

"Mr. Jaegerjaques," An annoyed Uryuu threatened from the door way.

"All right I'll leave!" Grimmjow sighed and smirked at Ichigo, " Cya round Berry-tan..." He winked and left.

Ichigo's heart leapt, did Grimmjow just wink at him? Why did he care? Why was his heart racing a mile a minute?

"How are you feeling Kurosaki?" Uryuu asked as he slumped on the now unoccupied seat next to his bed.

"Better actually, sore but less...broken." Ichigo smiled at the loss of a better word.

"That's good, you should be able to leave by next Tuesday." Uryuu smiled, "Although you better not be in work for the next month or so, you can't walk on your left leg and your ribs are severely damaged and will take a while to mend." Uryuu finished adjusting his glassed habitually.

Ichigo sighed, his thought process functioning at a normal rate, "Thanks Ishida." Ichigo smiled.

"No problem." Uryuu stood again, "I know you have just woken but you need to rest some more, I'll have a nurse wake you in the morning and breakfast will be provided." Uryuu turned to leave.

"Ishida?" Ichigo called impulsively.

"Yes?" He looked over his shoulder at the other.

"When did you know that you were gay?" Ichigo blushed slightly.

"I figured it out back in high school, when I had a crush on you." Uryuu smiled and left. This left Ichigo with thousands of unanswered questions.

"Just great." Ichigo sighed, closing his eyes before drifting back slowly into his memories.

Ichigo sat in the lecture hall, scribbling notes down frantically, it was his final lecture before his final exam. T-minus four days.

"Now to conclude my lecture..." Ginrei Kuchiki smiled brightly, "Good luck to you all and I hope I don't see any of your ugly faces back here next year!"

Ichigo looked up and Ginrei caught his eye, "Kurosaki a word before you leave?" Ichigo nodded and closed his notebook and neatly slotted it in with his laptop.

"Hai sensei?" Ichigo skipped down the steps.

"I have contacts with a semi-famous law firm," Ginrei paused, "Would you be interested in an internship to gain your experience."

"Yeah? Which one Ojii-san?" Ichigo's tone was casual.

"Espada inc. It always has a steady flow of clients and they won't pay you too badly." Ginrei smiled, his aged face creasing like a Chow Chow.

"I see..." Ichigo frowned, he'd not heard of Espada inc. before. Ginrei wouldn't set me up though...whatever.

"Sure, gimme a number and I'll check it out." Ichigo smirked.

"Good, Aizen Sousuke will be your boss, he's the main lawyer there, you don't need luck in your final exam but here." Ginrei held out a silver chain with an onyx pendant, it was in the shape of a swastika.

"Ban?" Ichigo shot a puzzled look at the old man.

"Think of it as a final gift from me, I've given you my knowledge as a gift and now a token of my respect for you, I hope you do well, Kurosaki." Ginrei's words troubled Ichigo, they were too close to a goodbye. Ichigo let Ginrei place the pendant in his hand.

Ichigo opened his mouth to ask but Ginrei simply held his palm up, "Don't ask, just go." Ginrei smiled a final time, sadness fringing his eyes.

"Sayonara, Ojii-san." Ichigo called hesitantly, walking out of the empty lecture hall, out into his future.

Ichigo woke slowly this time, no jarring fears, no searing pain, just the grogginess of a good night's sleep.

"Morning Berry-tan," Grimmjow looked up from his iPod, "Sleep alright this time?"

"Ah, I suppose," Ichigo smiled, wincing as the tender skin off his cheeks was pulled at.

"You're pretty fucked up y'no?" Grimmjow sneered playfully.

"Yeah, you seem pretty rough yourself..." Ichigo frowned, looking the man up and down, he looked like he hadn't slept in days, he was wearing a stained white tank top under a leather jacket and faded blue jeans, eye liner had returned to his face and azure stubble clung to his jawline.

"Nah, just tired." Grimmjow brushed the comment off quickly.

A peaceful silence descended on the pair, not an awkward one, just an absence of noise.

"Shit." Ichigo moaned as a severe pressure was realized.

"What?" Grimmjow eyed Ichigo worriedly.

"I need a piss." Ichigo blushed, "Help me to the bathroom?"

Grimmjow smiled at his embarrassment, "No problem, you've gotta take the IV with you." Grimmjow gestured at the tubes connected to his arm.

"Fine, just help me!" Ichigo's pressure had become painful. He swung his legs over the side of the bed slowly and placed his bare feet on the floor. He pushed himself up with his hands and a soft jingle emitted from his neck. He stood for a second, adjusting to being stood.

"You gunna be alright or do you need me as a crutch?" Grimmjow smirked.

"Fuck you then." Ichigo snapped and began to move his legs, "See I can-" Ichigo stumbled as his left leg collapsed underneath him.

"Gotcha." Grimmjow whispered softly, as he caught Ichigo in his arms.

"Uh- Thanks..." Ichigo blushed at the contact. Grow the fuck up Ichigo, he hasn't changed and neither have you.

"No problem," Grimmjow smiled triumphantly, lifting Ichigo into a bridal hold.

"Hey, put me down teme!" Ichigo roared, pink flushing under his bruised skin.

"Why? Uncomfortable?" Grimmjow teased.

"Yes!" Ichigo pouted. Fucking hell, it's like I'm flirting with him... Ichigo blinked a few times and realised, he was flirting with him.

"Fine, but I'll only let you down if you let me support you kay?" Grimmjow's face was soft, compassionate.

"Yeah, yeah, hurry up, I'm gunna piss myself." Ichigo grumbled.

Grimmjow slowly lowered Ichigo's feet to the floor and draped Ichigo's arm over his shoulder, "Just one step at a time kay?"

Ichigo just nodded and tried not to think about who was holding him. Old woman, saggy boobs, Old woman, saggy boobs! Ichigo recited furiously, trying to forget the solid, warmth that held him close, but not tight against him.

"Right, I'll turn away and hold you up ok?" Grimmjow had already begun to shift his grip on Ichigo, he linked his arm around Ichigo's chest and tried not to put too much pressure on his ribs.

Grimmjow ground his teeth, trying to block out the sounds of Ichigo's bodily relief.

The flush was a welcome sound, Grimmjow released a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding.

"I just gotta wash my hands..." Ichigo nigh on whispered. Grimmjow just smiled and shuffled around, guiding Ichigo to the sink.

Ichigo scrubbed his hand thoroughly and dried them slowly on fluffy towels. Ichigo risked an upwards glance at the mirror above the sink and gasped.

His right cheek was swollen and bruised a deep maroon. His chin also swollen and split was covered in long, bristly ginger hairs. His body was covered in a hospital gown so he couldn't see the extent of his injuries.

"Do you mind?" Ichigo tugged at his gown and Grimmjow shook his head and carefully removed the gown, letting in fall in a heap at Ichigo's feet.

Grimmjow averted his gaze in a mixture of shame and sickness, he found Ichigo very attractive and hated it. He was raised to be a masculine, woman using prick, not a camp, man loving faggot.

Ichigo stared blankly at himself, bruises criss crossed over his right side, at least the skin he could see, most of his torso was wrapped in bandages that had begun to bleed through, Ichigo was bowed over, frail and defenceless. It had been years since he had truly felt weak enough to cry, but that didn't stop the tears that now flooded his face. The necklace that Ginrei had given him still rested against his skin, a crack had formed in the middle, evidence of the abuse he had received.

"I'm sorry Grimmjow, I hate people seeing my like this!" Ichigo wailed, unable to cease the tears that flowed so freely.

"Don't, I won't say a word, just man up some time soon." Grimmjow tried to growl but couldn't muster more than a flat murmur.

"I know." Ichigo sniffled.

Grimmjow shot him a questioning look and Ichigo just smiled, chocolate eyes waterlogged with shimmering tears.

"Ichigo-" Grimmjow began but Ichigo held up a hand.

"Grimmjow..." Ichigo smiled again, "Tell me why? Why did you come to me?"

"I needed to talk to someone, I had a reputation." Grimmjow's eyes were downcast, looking away from Ichigo.

"Okay..." Ichigo encouraged.

"You were the only one who never gave a shit, you never started a fight, you never judged me, you just defended others, you were a good guy." Grimmjow paused, "I felt that you would understand.

Ichigo nodded, "Why did you leave?" Ichigo propped himself against the sink, disentangling himself from Grimmjow's muscled arms.

"I was afraid." Grimmjow admitted, feeling like a teenage boy again.

Ichigo cocked his head inquiringly.

"I was afraid of how you made me feel." Grimmjow snarled, angry at himself for admitting such a taboo.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked, concern fringing his voice.

"Well when I was younger my homelife had never been good..."

"Grimmjow you little fuck, come here!" A booming voice rolled around the small apartment.

"Hai Okasan!" A tiny, feeble voice called fearfully. An eight year old Grimmjow flinched and placed his lone action figure, Haro from Gundam, on the windowsill and scurried into the hallway, to be met by a violent slap across the face.

"Little fuck, you kept your momma waiting." His mother's new boyfriend grabbed him by the throat. "Go outside and play, your momma and I have some business to attend to." The man was stick thin, greasy and his two front teeth were missing.

Grimmjow glanced behind the man to see dark storm clouds and rain lashing out of the small window.

"But-" Grimmjow's windpipe was squeezed to the point of asphyxiation.

"But what?" The man growled, his breath rancid.

"N-Nothing...Kain-san!" Grimmjow's small voice choked.

"There we go, now be a good boy!" Kain dropped Grimmjow to the floor and sauntered back into the bedroom.

"You weren't too harsh were you darling?" His mother's voice was hazed with some kind of a high, drug or sexually induced Grimmjow couldn't tell. The small boy dashed into his room, grabbed his action figure, and trotted out of the apartment, stubby hands reaching for the door handle. Grimmjow's eyes squeezed tight as he heard the familiar sounds of his mother groaning at the pain being inflicted upon her. A tingle tear escaped before he closed the door behind him, cradling his Haro figure and trying to muster the courage to move.

Okasan... Grimmjow thought of his mother when his dad was still around. I miss you... Grimmjow clutched at his action figure and plodded outside, his hair powder blue and fluffy, his eyes were round and child-like, glowing orbs of innocence.

The rain pelted down onto Grimmjow, soaking him through within seconds. This had become routine, his mother bringing home scum, being forced to leave while they did...things. Grimmjow scurried across the busy road, dodging a large truck that almost blind sided him, the horn blared and Grimmjow leapt onto the pavement, falling forwards and crushing his Haro. No real damage was done, bringing a relieved smile to Grimmjow's cracked lips.

I don't know what I'd do without you Haro... Grimmjow pretended that Haro could read his mind, he also pretended that he could respond, giving him advice and comforting him.

"Oh it's loser boy!" A snide voice called to a group behind Grimmjow.

"Go away Luppi!" Grimmjow snarled, trying to hide Haro in his hoodie pocket.

"Oh, Grimmjow has claws!" Luppi Antenor chirped sarcastically. Grimmjow turned to see who was there, Luppi Antenor with his long, choppy hair and stupid pink make-up, Wonderweiss Margela stood, seemingly unaware of his surroundings, his blonde hair covering his violet eyes and Yammy Llargo, a bull of a boy, his shaven head and ginger eyebrows struck fear into Grimmjow like no other.

"Luppi, leave me alone." Grimmjow turned to walk in the other direction, the rain had turned to hail. Grimmjow knew what was going to happen, he knew how this was going to end but he was wishing it wouldn't, just this once.

"Don't walk away from us!" Luppi cried frantically, Grimmjow knew the punch was coming before Luppi had even begun to run at him.

Grimmjow doubled his speed a second too late, Luppi's fist collided with the small of his back, sending him flying forwards onto the concrete.

"Leave me alone..." Grimmjow whimpered as the right side of his face scraped along the pavement.

"Sorry!" Luppi sneered sarcastically, picking Grimmjow up, "Yammy, get the scalpel." Luppi grinned maliciously.

"Sc-Scalpel?" Gimmjow's lip quivered, "What're you doing?" Grimmjow screamed as he saw the glinting of steel protrude from Yammy's meaty hands.

"Hold still or it'll be wonky!" Luppi released Grimmjow, only for Wonderweiss to pin Grimmjow's arms behind his back, restricting any kind of movement.

Grimmjow's heart began to race, the hail stung his face like a thousand tiny bee stings. There was a pregnant pause and the old sound was Wonderweiss' steady breathing. Luppi lunged at Grimmjow and drove the scalpel down into the flesh under Grimmjow's right eye. The pain was excruciating and Grimmjow felt the blood trickle down his face, this was the second time they had attacked him like this. The last time was with sticks, they beat him around until he had fallen unconscious, he woke with concussion in the dead of night, unaware of who he was.

Grimmjow didn't dare move, fearing that the scalpel would dig into his eye. The pain numbed slowly as the hail froze his cheek. Luppi's tongue stuck out and would've been comival if not for the torture. He was digging some kind of pattern into Grimmjow's jawline.

Forty-five agonising minutes passed before Luppi stood back and admired his handiwork sadistically.

"Perfect, let him go Wonderweiss." Luppi barked, glee running through his system, it literally made him bounce. Wonderweiss obediently released Grimmjow, the loss of blood sent Grimmjow to his knees. His eyes had become heavy lidded and his thoughts were sluggish.

"Fucking prick!" Yammy hooted, excited also by the blood shed, "Lemme have a turn Luppi!" Yammy pleaded.

"No, lets leave him," Luppi glared at Yammy's over enthusiasm, "You will not leave that block of flats got it?" Luppi snarled in Grimmjow's blood soaked face.

"Ok." Grimmjow whimpered.

"Now fuck off!" Luppi snarled and spat in Grimmjow's face.

Grimmjow struggled to his feet, tears cascading down his face, mixing with blood, saliva and melted hail.

Grimmjow marched into his apartment, barging in on his mother and her boyfriend's 'love' making.

"You need to get the fuck out." Grimmjow's lethargic voice droned.

"Fuck you kid." Kain threw a beer bottle at Grimmjow, which he dodge and stormed over to his mother.

"Look what a happened to me Okasan. This is your fault, he leaves or I do." He pointed at his now clotting wound. Grimmjow's childish voice had hardened into something completely different, his voice was blank, emotionless. The encounter with Luppi had opened his eyes, life didn't get any better. He had always wished it would.

"Leave kid I ain't goin' nowhere." The vulgar man resumed thrusting into Grimmjow's mother.

"I see," Grimmjow looked into his mother's vacant eyes, the drugs and alcohol were in full swing, "Hope you don't see me again, if I do, turn in the opposite direction and run."

With that Grimmjow left, not a single belonging to his name save the clothes on his back and Haro.

"Four months later I got caught by the police and put into care, I still have a scar from Luppi's sick humour." During the course of Grimmjow's talk Ichigo had ended up fully clothed and back in bed with Grimmjow perched on the edge.

"Can I?" Ichigo asked quietly.

Grimmjow nodded and leapt off the bed turning out the lights. He settled back on the bed and pulled out a small torch from his pocket and shone it upwards, highlighting jagged, white lines. They seemed to form a jawbone and serrated teeth, giving a ghostly snarl on the right side of his face.

"God..." Ichigo breathed, in all the years he had known Grimmjow he had never noticed the scarring on his face, "How come I've never seen them?" Ichigo reached out and traced the puckered skin.

"I wear make-up, not just eye liner but the foundation girls wear, I hate this scar, it's the worst memory I have." Grimmjow's teeth ground together dangerously as he recalled the memory.

"Hey it's ok, I think it's kind of...cute." Ichigo finished lamely, blushing.

"Thanks..." Grimmjow shifted awkwardly.

"Grimmjow, do you like me?" Ichigo blushed again, heat flooding most of his body.

"I think so." Grimmjow looked at Ichigo solemnly, "You're the first person who's seen my scars since I was eight." Grimmjow smiled grimly.

"Really?" Ichigo's heart leapt.

"Yes." Grimmjow's eyes were a liquid sea of relief.

"Grimmjow?" Ichigo whispered.

"Yes?" Grimmjow smiled at the continual use of his name.

Ichigo leant forward and planted his lips on Grimmjow's, a soft, innocent kiss.

"Thank you..." Ichigo blushed.

"For what?" Grimmjow smirked, forcing his lips onto Ichigo's forcefully, pushing him flat onto the hospital sheets, gently of course.

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