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A/N: This is a section of an, as of yet, unwritten story in the EllieWorld(Children of Megatron) plot line. It takes place about 15 years after Children of Megatron. Rated T for safety's sake. Sequel to "Hard Answers to Hard Questions." Tracy

Disease of a Long Dead Planet

"It has completely engulfed her lungs and major blood vessels. Her heart seems to be the only organ not encased," Livewire stated in awe.

"That's the only thing we have going for us," Alpha Quatrus confirmed. "This disease coats the blood vessels with a metallic molecule. As they start to harden, the organs they supply blood to start to become rigid and the valves within the blood vessels become stuck open. This eliminates the efficiency of the circulatory system, letting the blood slosh back and forth from the veins to the arteries and heart. It also prevents the blood from oxygenating the organs because the cells simply cannot get through the vessel walls.

"This is considered the second stage of the disease. The metallic molecules are still primarily contained within the vessels, and the major vessels still have some elasticity. When the molecules start to harden the arteries and appear to be in more than two muscles, that is when it moves to the final stage.

"The final stage is painful. Many don't survive more than three days when the muscles that begin to harden are the heart and the lungs. That is when the disease becomes contagious because the body is trying to eliminate the metals that are collecting in the lungs and digestive systems.

"The molecules become so prevalent that they will literally replace the blood in the vessels. Finally, the whole body just shuts down and the person dies."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Thundercracker asked quietly from the door, Soundwave and Bumblebee behind him.

"Because you've already done everything you could to keep me alive as long as I have been," Ellie answered honestly.

"Is there a cure?" Bumblebee asked hopefully.

"If there is, it would be in his journal."

"We already possess his ledger, there's nothing in it about treatments," Optimus admitted sadly.

"That's why I said his journal dad," Ellie said with an unusual degree of calmness.