Hey ya'll. So this is just a random idea I had earlier in the week. I figured I might as well write it out. So I would appreciate any feedback because I really haven't planned much out. I own nothing but my OC, Vivian.

I'd known Elena since birth. After all, we were twins. I'd known Caroline for as long, same with Bonnie, with Matt, with Tyler. Somehow, now Caroline was a vampire. Somehow, Elena had a five-hundred year old vampire doppelganger that Stefan and Damon had been in love with in the 1800s. How was that possible? How could Bonnie be a witch? Tyler is a werewolf? And no one told me anything.

Caroline was my gateway into the supernatural world. We were at the carnival and all at once, I turned and the look on her face wasn't at all human. She attacked someone and I actually saw it. Before I'd realized it, there was Damon, Caroline's ex and my sometimes friend, on the ground, screaming in agony because Bonnie had set fire to him with her mind. Elena was the one who pulled me aside that night and explained everything. Bonnie's hatred of vampires because of her Grams' death. Katherine, the vampire that Damon and Stefan had loved, had turned Caroline into a vampire out of vengeance. She was looking for a moonstone. Tyler was a werewolf and his uncle had been linked to Katherine. Somehow, Jeremy, my brother, had been caught up in this and Damon had killed him. Yet he was still alive because of some ring that my real father, John Gilbert, had given to him. Elena and I had known for a few months that we were adopted. I had had no idea that it was anything to do with Elena being a doppelganger and me being directly related to her.

Elena and I were fraternal twins. In all honesty, I looked more like Jeremy than I did her. But that didn't mean that we weren't sometimes confused. Stefan had revealed to me that Damon had thought about dating me to get over Elena but then realized I would remind him of her too much. I really appreciated that he hadn't tried to date me. I liked the fact that Damon and I could be friends on occasion, except when he was having problems. The Salvatores treated me like I was their sister and not Elena's.

I've always been intensely loyal to my family so it never bothered me to go out of my way to help Elena with Stefan and Damon and their plot against Katherine. I was glad that they were beginning to include me at all, even if it was at arm's length for information. I found it almost shocking that she'd been able to hide it from me this long, that she was still able to hide it from Jenna. Stefan told me that that they'd all been worried about how I would handle it. It's not that I would've been vindictive or mean, quite the opposite. It's that they were worried about me being eternally frightened of them.

I had to admit that I had been terrified of Caroline when I saw her attack someone at the carnival. I had been honestly grateful that I hadn't been the one to walk into the room when Damon had tried kissing Elena unsuccessfully (I would've been permanently dead, unlike Jeremy). But gradually, I warmed back up to Damon. I enjoyed having a friendship with him and Elena and Stefan always encouraged it, saying that it really benefited him. Still, I never did as much as the others. Bonnie and Caroline, of course, had their own powers and to a certain extent, I didn't want to be involved. I listened to the Salvatores when they told me it was dangerous. I listened to Elena when she told me to stay in.

But the night of the Lockwoods' masquerade ball was something neither Elena nor I could have foreseen. Elena and I hadn't been planning on being at the ball, the plan was imminent on Elena not being there. Caroline was insistent that I got nowhere near Katherine because of what she'd done to her. But for whatever reason, we were there anyway, working behind the scenes as usual. Katherine had some spell placed on her that made her injuries occur to Elena too so I tried to help as best as I could. "Bonnie, can't you fix this? What's happening?" demanded Jeremy. "Vivian, her back!" he called to me. Elena had screeched at her new batch of wounds.

"Please, Bonnie, do something," I begged, putting more pressure on everywhere I saw blood. Bonnie walked away, trying to find the witch that Katherine had brought and it wasn't long until I saw Jeremy receive a text from Stefan saying that she had been detained. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why don't you both go home?" said Jeremy. He had to clean up the mess, mainly the person that Katherine had killed at the party. I felt a little pang for the girl. She'd been in my math class.

"Sure," I replied, helping Elena up. The injuries had clearly taken a lot out of her. They'd taken a lot out of me just by knowing that there was a spell that could do that.

"I'll probably be late, Viv, so don't wait up." I nodded over at him. "Oh and I want you to wear this. I'm sure Elena agrees." I looked at him in complete shock as he handed over John's ring. I looked over at Elena, who was babying her arm, and she nodded encouragingly. "It'll help make you less nervous."

"I appreciate that, Jeremy, but it's yours. I'd rather you wear it," I said. They both still seemed so nervous that I would be unnerved by everything. Sure, I'd been on edge since our parents' death. All three of us had been but of course, since I kept to myself and was sometimes timid, I had reason to wear a supernatural protective ring over the two of them.

"Take it. For my peace of mind?" He smiled at me and I took the ring. He was my baby brother. Of course, he knew how to make me do what he wants. I looked at it closely and then put it on my index finger. It was too large for the others. Then I started walking toward the dark line of cars.

"Are you okay?" I asked Elena.

"It's not as bad as it looks," she responded.

"Just let me take a second look?"

"Vivian, you worry way too much."

"Clearly, this happens way too much if you're okay with it." She smiled at me a bit, acknowledging how weird it was. I felt in my back pocket for the keys but then we were kidnapped.