Hey, guys. fanfiction9821 bringing you the first chapter of a new story called Vacation in Mobius. You may have seen in Upcoming Stories and a sneak peek in Previews. Now that I'm done with Heroes Divided, Heroes United and Set in Stone, I can get a move on with those stories. The first four written will be this story, Disappearing Act, Yin and Yang, Espio the Dreamwalker. Once I'm done with those stories, I can type up the next four which will be Shapeshifter, The Incredible Shrinking Sonic, The Return of Cosmo and Chip, and Body Switch. Enjoy the first chapter of a new story, my fans across the world.

The final school bell has rung, signaling the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation. Ah, summer vacation. A time to just relax from those long hours of sitting in class, waiting for the bell that is the sound of freedom. A time to get a tan, go for a swim, or go to the beach. But for me, it's just a time of great boredom. I just basically hole up in my room. But not this year. This year, I'm taking a vacation during my vacation. I'm going to Mobius, the home of Sonic the Hedgehog. I pack up everything I want to take. My PS2 and some of my PS2 games. My tablet I got as a gift for Christmas. My Xbox 360 and my Xbox games. I also grabbed my swim shorts in case I want to go for a quick swim. I also grab a bag to put my Skylanders in so I can play Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It's a lot to take with me, but I got to keep myself entertained. I also pack up some movies. I put the movies in an old backpack of mine. I grabbed the communication device Tails gave me to keep in contact with Blaze and put it in a side pocket of the backpack. I also grab a couple of CDs to take with me. I grab the transporter Tails gave me so I can travel to different worlds. I punch in the coordinates for Mobius and press the button. I was instantly teleported to Mobius. I was transformed into my hedgehog form once again. I decide to talk to Sonic to see if he could let me stay here until my vacation was over. I walked over to his place and knocked on the door. Sonic opens it and asks me what I'm doing here. I reply by saying it was summer vacation in my world and I decide to spend it here. He lets me in and tells to get adjusted in the guest room. I walk into the room and put everything down. I walked back over to Sonic and asked him if he'd seen Blaze anywhere. He said I should check out the forest. I did exactly that and saw Blaze right there, beautiful as always. I quietly walk over to her, making sure not to make any noise. Just when I was about to surprise her, I stepped on a branch that made a loud crunch. Blaze opened her eyes, leaped down from where she was meditating, grabbed me by the throat, and pressed me up against a tree. "Why did you try to do a sneak attack on me, Shadow," she asked. "I'm not Shadow," I replied, losing every ounce of oxygen in my body. "Then who are you," she asked. I pulled out the communicator Tails gave me and showed it to her. She gasped at the sight of it and immediately let go of my throat. I take in deep breaths to reclaim the oxygen lost in the stranglement. "I am so sorry. I didn't know it was you," she said. "It's alright. Just don't do it again," I replied. She asked me what I was doing here in Mobius and I tell her the same thing I told Sonic. "You're just here to relax," she asked. "Yes. I'm usually bored out of my mind back home. Plus, it gives me the chance to see you and your beauty," I replied. She thanked me for my compliment by kissing me. I returned the kiss and slid my hands down to her waist. She runs her hand through my quills. We kiss for what seemed like eternity until we broke apart for air. "That was pretty good," I said. "Thank you," she replied. I look around the forest we were in, closed my eyes, and took in the serenity and silence. I was mesmerized. I picked a good place to go for a vacation. Sonic gathers the others to tell them it was summer vacation in my world. "He's here to take a load off, huh," Rouge asked. "He is, Rouge. Nice guess, by the way," Sonic replied. "Thanks, Big Blue," she said. "So what do we do while he's here," Knuckles asked. "I guess just show him around. He had never been here before. We could a tour of this place," Tails replied. "Sounds like a good idea, Tails," Silver said. "All right. We'll just show him around Mobius. Help him get familiar with this place," Sonic said.