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At The Park

Peter just stood there, stunned. It was happening again. The woman he loved wanted to run from him. 'How come this keeps happening?' He wondered. Without saying anything he turned to the other two and smiled, saying goodbye, and then left.

Agatha and Boris just stood there for awhile. Then Agatha began to laugh, and she ran over to her sister. "Woah! Go you! You showed that stalking rabbit pervert this time!"

Boris congratulated her as well. "I'm sure it'll take some time till he comes around looking for you." He smiled. "And since he's gone, you don't even have to go back to the Mansion."

Rose smiled at them. "He did deserve it. Acting like he's the only thing that'll make me happy and all…" She turned to her twin. "I do think I should at least thank them over at The Mansion though. Could you do that for me sister? It's been a stressful evening for me now." She chuckled.

Agatha smiled at the two. "Ok, I will. See you lovebirds later." She walked on into the woods again, on her way.


Boris hugged her tight and pecked her lips before heading to the house with her. "I know it's not as big as the room you had at the mansion, but it's the best I could get for you." He said, showing her a room next to his.

"It's absolutely perfect, Boris." She replied smiling. She leant up kissing him softly, "I will see you in the morning then," Rose shut the door with a soft click.

"Goodnight Rose." He said to her before he left. Boris went in his room and changed clothes. Then got in bed. Instead of sleeping, he kept daydreaming about the day they had had, that is, before Peter appeared.

She changed clothes curling up in the bed. This day had been great; hitting Peter had been one of the best moments. But right now she could not help but feel a little lonely. She felt inside that what she wanted most was to be in the pink cat's company. The blonde smiled to herself, wondering if she had found her reason to stay.


Finally getting to the Mansion gates, Agatha called out to Elliot. "Elliot! Good, I've found you. Rose isn't going to be staying here anymore. She's staying at the park so Peter won't know where she is. She thanks the hospitality thought." She smiled. "Should I tell Blood? He is the owner of all this."

"Oh." The Hare said looking a little down. "And no he's not in a good mood. Something about wasting his afternoon at the park…"

Agatha noticed Elliot's sudden change of mood. "U-uhm, are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine." He said smiling at her, suddenly realizing something very important. "Agatha, Blood did say to me to invite you to stay over if you happened to come by."

"W-what?" She looked surprised. "But Julius has already granted me a room."

"The Boss is well aware of that. But he insists." Elliot knew she would have to agree. And so did she.

"Well, what about poor Julius?"

"Meh, I'll send those two good for nothing twins to go inform him. Don't worry, he'll understand." He smiled, and took her hand, leading her inside.

He led her down a long corridor and opened one of the doors. "Here is your room. Please feel at home, just don't disturb Blood in his work hours. Aside from that, there are no more objections." Elliot smiled and bid her goodnight.

Agatha couldn't sleep for awhile. She kept wondering on how her sister was doing over at the Amusement Park, and on what to do the next day.

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