Nope! Jake English!

Chapter I: Damn.

Note: This is mainly Dirk/Jake, but WILL have side pairings… You will find those out later. So, there.

POV: Dirk Strider

Where did it begin? I'd known the other for so long that it could've started anywhere. Jake got all the girls. The two best female friends they had were obviously attracted to him. He attracted people with ease. I could too, but sometimes I drew in the wrong crowd. Bullies liked to make fun of the sunglasses I wore. They said that they looked dumb and should wear shades like my younger brothers which looked cooler. Sometimes, I blame my infatuation with anime that I never liked to take these off, but I would take them off in class. Sometimes, I'd get the smartass comment saying "Strider has eyes? Who knew!" That would be followed by some laughter.

This year was different, though. Class had just started and when someone made a comment when he took off his glasses, Jake got up with a huff and said "You all are a bunch of brutish barbarians for saying that. How long have you been saying these things? Grow the bloody hell up!" Everyone was stunned, including me. I'd never understood Jake and his ways. He liked so many things and had different hobbies, but he just seemed so… into it. I was known as the cool nerd of the school. I looked cool, but had the nerdiest hobbies. Anime, robots, and My Little Pony. I had trouble admitting I liked it, but I had the same problems with my feelings for Jake.

Recently, Roxy had found out about my feelings for him. She commanded that I confessed by the end of the week before she decides to tell the whole school. I get enough from the school, having another name to be called was not wanted. And what Jake had said a week before had gotten to me. He defended me for the first time ever. That made me wonder if he liked me too. As I walked down the hall, I heard "Dirk! Wait up!" I turned around to see Jane running up to me. She stopped in front of me to catch her breath and asked "Is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"That you like Jake!" she said making me happy that the hall was mostly deserted. No one else was here except for those who didn't matter. But, her saying that made my face heat up slightly in a small blush which made her gasp. "Please tell me no one else knows." I quickly said. Jane nodded which made me sigh in relief.

"Tell him." She said softly. "You deserve someone nice. I've never seen you with anyone, but I think that you two would be cute together." She seemed almost sad as she said this. Jane liked Jake, I knew this. I wanted to say that I was being blackmailed and want her to have a chance too, but all I did was sigh and say "Fine… Everyone seems to want me to do this." Jane let out a sad smile until I hugged her tightly. "You deserve someone nice too." I tell her sadly.

That night, I was online when my pesterchum sounded:

- - golgothasTerror [GT] has begun pestering timaeusTestified at 6:30 - -

GT: Hello, Dirk!

GT: I heard from Roxy you wanted to tell me something!

Oh, I am planning murder tonight…

TT: Hey.

TT: Yeah, I do have something to tell you.

I take a gulp. I should tell him. I really should. The motto of Dead Poets' Society was Carpe Diem, right? I should take a crack at it. It would be helpful.

TT: I uh…

TT: I like you.

Time to wait for the awkwardness…

GT: I like you too!

GT: You're a wonderful friend!

Okay, this was going to be REALLY awkward now…

TT: No, not that kind of like.

TT: I like you as more than a friend.

TT: I like you a lot.

TT: Fuck, I hope this won't be awkward.

I wait for the typed laughter and rejection, bracing myself, I wait. Then it sounded.

GT: Golly, that must've taken a lot to say.

More like blackmail, but I just smiled a bit at the 'golly' he was too cute sometimes. Damn, he had such a hold on me!

GT: But as for me… Gosh, I…

GT: I like Jane.

Damn, I should've seen that coming…