E/O Challenge Word:

hold /hōld/ v. – Keep or sustain in a specified position.

Spoilers/Warnings: none, pre-series

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 205...a double drabble

Breathe, breathe in the air. ~ Pink Floyd

Sam's eyes opened, weak and unfocused as a whistling inhalation turned into a hacking, chest-vibrating cough and then was followed by an expression of pain and panic.

"It's okay," Dean soothed, even as he was internally panicking himself; because he hated it when Sam had an asthma attack.

Sam released a strangled gasp as Dean approached the bed, inhaler in hand.

"You're okay," Dean assured, years of experience allowing him to maneuver his 12-year old brother to a sitting position with one hand – and then settling on the bed behind him, one leg on either side of Sam, his little brother's back against his chest – while shaking the inhaler with the other.

"Okay, Sammy..." Dean gently placed the white plastic mouthpiece between Sam's parted, blue-hued lips. "Let's do this, huh?" he asked conversationally, pausing long enough to get the rhythm of Sam's breathing; to allow his brother to exhale; and then pressing down on the canister, hearing the hiss of the mist as it entered Sam's mouth and hopefully, his lungs.

They waited.

"You know the drill, Sam," Dean continued to coach, his hand rubbing soothing circles on his little brother's chest, willing the medicine to work. "Hold it as long as you can, kiddo."