Okay so this is my 2nd, Reba fan fiction story. I just want to take the time to thank everyone who read my first one and a special thank you to those who reviewed it.

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Family Ties

Chapter 1

"Welcome Home."

Reba adjusts her sunglasses, they were completely tinted so no one could see her eyes and more importantly the tears that filled them. The tires of her car crunch across the gravelled pathway that leads in to the car park of the church.

"We are here." Reba's driver Tony informs Reba looking over his shoulder to Reba in the back seat. Reba gives a nod and takes in a deep breath, her head racing with worry and grief that she fights not to show.

"Thank you Tony." Reba replies in a soft tone as she does up the top button of her coat and moves her hand up to the door handle.

"You are welcome. Do you want me to stay for after the service?" He asks calmly, wanting to be of any help that he could. Reba may be his boss but she was also a close friend who he valued highly and felt for in this tragic time.

"No, um I'm going to go back with my family after the service. I'll ring you later tonight to come and pick me up if that's okay? It won't be too late, I just want enough time to show my face and say hi to a few people." Reba answers as her hand that was gripping the door handle starts to tremble. Tony nods understanding and gives a soft smile, as he looks to Reba through the reflection in the rear view mirror.

"Not a problem Reba. Give your family my deepest sympathies. You know if you would like me to stay with you, come in maybe for support I'd do it." Tony offers hole heartedly and Reba gives a thankful nod as her eyes fix on her hand to try and calm her shaking.

"Thank you Tony but I will be fine. It means a lot to me that you would offer though." Reba replies as the trembling of her hand starts to waver. Reba moves her eyes to look out through the window, she takes in a sharp breath of courage before opening the door and stepping out of the car.

Reba's high heels click on the gravel pavement beneath her feet as she stands up and holds her hand on the frame of the car door. The second the door opened all eyes were fixed on Reba, it was overwhelming and breathtaking for Reba, she was used to eyes being on her but never for the reason they were now. Judgemental stares from the people that supposedly knew her best, her family and close childhood friends, those stares were expected but also painful. Reba reaches up and pulls away her glasses from her face as the mummers and whispers started all around her.

"Oh, so you actually turned up did you?" A voice shouted from near the church doors, a voice that ripped right through Reba's heart. "Don't ignore me Reba!" The voice shouts again as they move, briskly and aggressively towards Reba at the car.

"Of course I came." Reba replies, quietly unable to raise her voice any louder.

"Yeah, yeah you did. But it's a bit late isn't it? She's dead Reba, Momma is dead so you decided this is your time to come home." The voice screams in a grief stricken rage as Reba's crystal blue eyes finally make contact with theirs. Reba gulps hard as her emotions start to rise to the surface. "You pick now to come home, you have had ten years to come home Reba. Ten years when your momma would have loved to have seen you, be around you and love you. But you chose not to come Reba, you were too busy with your career, too busy turning in to a superstar to come back home and be with your family!" The voice screams at the top of their lungs, the full anger and rage seeping through their eyes that were fixed on Reba's.

Reba wanted to fight back so badly but as she had all of her life she bites on her lip and keeps her emotions under check.

"Okay that's ENOUGH!" Another voice screams from another direction making everyone's head turn. It was Lily, Reba's younger sister appearing from the crowd and walking towards both Reba and her father who was spitting venom. Reba lets out a sigh of relief hearing her baby sister's voice and seeing her walking towards her. Reba and Lily's father Andy refuses to calm down though and takes another step forward to Reba but Lily quickly jumps between them. She lays her hand on to her fathers chest and shakes her head just fighting to stop a scene from breaking out more than it already had. "This is not the place or the time. This is momma's funeral daddy, her funeral. You have lost your wife but and me and Reba have lost our mother. Anything and everything else needs to be forgotten even if it's just for today. It is what Momma would have wanted and what she deserves." Lily affirms, her voice sweet and tender but it was clear she meant every word. Andy just lets out a snuff of air through is nostrils and turns around heading back over to the church doors with some other family members.

Lily just lets out a soft breath and turns in the direction of her big sister and gives a tender smile.

"You always did know how to make an entrance didn't ya?" Lily says with a smirk, her eyes filled with tears but that tender, cheekiness still shone through. Reba lets out a chuckle and nods, an aching ripping at her heart as she takes in all the changes that her baby sister had been through since the last time they saw one another.

"Well, I see you have inherited that trait as well. Parting through the sea of family, nice touch." Reba replies with the same cheekiness that makes Lily smile and let out a breath as she leans back against the car Reba was stood in front of.

"Nice car, you have a driver as well, very fancy." Lily teases and Reba nods in agreement as she leans back against the car next to her sister. Lily was only fifteen and Reba was thirty so there was a large age gap and all though Lily hadn't been around Reba regularly since she was five the two were still very close. "But then I guess being a world famous singer gives you them sorta perks." Lily continues and Reba just shrugs. "I'm glad you came Reba, Momma would have wanted you here and despite how he is acting Daddy does too. We all miss ya, you know? Daddy is just lashing out Reba, the night Momma died he wrecked the house. There wasn't a piece of furniture he didn't turn over I don't think, I just got on the phone and started ringing people. Daddy got on his horse and started riding around the farm, doing any job he could find or invent to take his mind off of the fact she was gone. I didn't see him for two days after she died, he didn't eat or sleep or anything. When I did see him again, he wasn't the same and I don't suppose he will be again. When she died a part of him died. Don't take it personally Reba, honestly he loves you believe me." Lily explains, rubbing her hands together before placing them in the pockets of her coat.

"When did you go and get so grown up?" Reba asks completely hypnotised by how much her sister had grown up. Lily looks at her and knows she is avoiding talking about their Dad or Mom.

"Reba, I know you think they blamed you for leaving and not coming home all that much but they didn't, not really. They know like I know you had your reasons and whatever they are we respect them. Doesn't mean we haven't missed you though or they haven't been as proud as punch over everything you've done. It's all I hear 'Reba's done this and Reba's done that… You know Reba…'" Lily quotes jokingly and Reba feels her lips part for a smile.

"I'm sorry it's been so long. I'm sorry I didn't visit more when Momma was sick, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you and Daddy. I wish I could explain to you why I left or why I've stayed away but…" Reba starts to explain but Lily just holds up her hand and shakes her head as her long brown hair shakes loose from her coat.

"You don't have to explain Reba, not to me. I'm just glad you are here now and besides you've never been away totally. There's always been my birthday cards and letters, our emails and phone calls. I feel likes you've always been around for me even if it wasn't always in person. So you have nothing to explain, lets just get through today and try and stop Daddy drinking himself in to the plot next to her." Lily interjects as Reba's heart tears with pain and guilt. Reba's hand starts to shake like before and she reaches over and loops her hand in between her sisters arm and grips her hand tightly.

"I am here now okay? In person, the one and only." Reba giggles. "I have been away for too long but now I'm back. We are family Lily and I promise I'm here for you now, I know it's a bit late but I mean it." Reba explains with a tearful gaze locked on Lily who sways slightly to the side and lays her head on her sisters shoulder as a single tear drop run across her cheek.

"I'm so glad your home Reba." Lily whispers as Reba kisses the top of her head and wraps her arm around her tightly and lets out a breath.

"Me too Lily, me too." Reba replies as she looks up to see her dad starring nothing but a glare of rage in her direction. "Lets get inside, it's cold and we don't want my make up to start running that really wouldn't be a pretty sight." Reba chuckles as Lily nods and steps forward and walks over to the church entrance with Reba following closely behind.

Lily wanders inside but as Reba goes to follow Andy appears beside her and whispers in to her ear.

"Don't even think about it Reba, you stay for the funeral and the wake and then you leave. You leave me and your sister alone but this time you leave for good." Andy orders coldly and Reba just grits her teeth.

"Me and you both know why I left in the first place Daddy. We know why I didn't come back all that much. Me and you both know why it was far to painful for me to have to sit and play happy families. I'm not here for you Daddy, I'm here for Momma and I'm here for Lily." Reba explains sternly and Andy grips at her arm tightly and tugs her towards him.

"You listen to me, you stay away from your baby sister. I mean it Reba, or god help you." Andy threatens and Reba is left standing alone in the archway as her father makes his way inside. She feels herself choke on a breath as his words sink in to her mind, she quickly searches in to her purse in a panic as tears start to fall.

Just as Reba's fluster was getting the better of her, a hand reaches over and places a tissue under her nose. Reba slowly raises her head from looking at the hand and follows up the arm to the owners face.

"I never did like to see you cry." Brock says tenderly, his smile warming Reba's breaking heart as memories of the times they had shared years before come creeping in to her mind. Reba takes the tissue in to her hand and tilts her head to the side with a smile as she wipes away her tears and her eyes lock in a gaze with Brock's that makes her heartbeat flutter. Out of all the people Reba had readied herself to see today, Brock was the last person on her list and his appearance had taken her completely off guard. Reba tried to speak but just couldn't find the words and somehow saying nothing fit the moment perfectly as both Brock and Reba just shared a look that said more than words ever could.