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Chapter 22

"One Comes In, One Leaves."

Lily walks to the nearest bathroom trying to gather her composure again knowing getting so upset wasn't good for her or the baby. She leans against the sink and stares in to the mirror just looking at her reflection almost unable to recognise it. How had things gotten to be the way they were now? Here she is sixteen years old, pregnant and on her own. Lily sighs a little at how disappointed she was with herself for allowing things to get to this state. She jumps a little feeling a kick in her stomach, it was something she knew she would never get use to feeling her baby move inside her like that.
"I'm sorry baby. I've made some stupid mistakes, stupid choices made because I was upset and grieving and just plain foolish sometimes as well. But things are going to be okay, I think it's about time I give your grandma a shot at being my mom don't you?" Lily says speaking to her baby but also to herself as the realisation kicks in. Lily grins feeling the baby kick again and she rubs her hand over the spot softly and nods in agreement. "I'm glad you agree. It won't easy but they love me and I love them and they are my parents it's about time we started acting like a family. You're gonna need one when you're born and if I'm honest I had a great family growing up and I want you too as well and with your grandma and me and your grandpa and of course great grandpa you will as well. You deserve that, despite everything my family made sure I had it so I have to do the same thing for you." She says sweetly as if making a promise to not only her baby but herself as well. She runs the water in the sink and splashes some over her face just trying to calm herself down when the door to the bathroom opens up.

Lily had no reason to take notice so she didn't see that Randy was now stood less than ten feet away from her with a sly smile across his lips. He leans against the wall folding his arms over his chest and narrows his eyes at Lily looking her up and down giving an almost impressed nod.
"Considering you're pregnant I've gotta say you are looking very sexy right now Lily." Randy points out his voice sending a cold shiver clean down Lily's spine. Her brown eyes become wide and her hands instinctively wrap over her bump protectively. She stares at the mirror for a second almost in disbelief at what she had just heard and far too frightened to actually look to see if it was him all though she already knew it was. "Come on Lily, not like you to go all quiet on me now is it?" Randy teases his jaw clenching a little before a sick grin breaks on his lips and his blue eyes pierce a stare right at Lily knowing she was trying to avoid his gaze. Lily gulps down her fear that was stuck in the middle of her throat and she slowly turns her head to look at him.

Lily has to hold her hand to her mouth to stifle a scream when her eyes actually connect with his again, her knees go to jelly and she grips the side of the sink to stay up right.
"What... what do you want Randy?" Lily stutters her voice shaking harder with each word, her eyes now glazed over with terrified tears.
"You" Randy says coldly almost as if it was a stupid question to ask. "I want you Lily, I love you. I'm here to bring you back home with me where you belong." Randy explains almost making Lily laugh out loud with how ludicrous the notion was. Randy's face falls at her reaction and he takes a step forward which just forces Lily to take a step back away from him. "Lily, don't act like you're scared of me. Come on stop being childish and stupid, let's go home." Randy orders reaching out to grab Lily's arm but she flinches away and darts for the door.

Randy had cat like reactions and reaches the door before her and uses his strong hand to force it shut his head next to Lily's he sniffs her neck and smirks. "You're smarter than that Lily." Randy whispers his free hand reaching up and holding a strand of Lily's hair, just twirling it around his finger. "You still smell the same." Randy says with a pleased smiled on his face as Lily cringes at his presence. He runs his finger over her cheek and strokes it over her lips to which Lily moves her head away. Randy shakes his head and grips her jaw hard pushing her backwards in to the wall. "Don't test me Lily!" Randy sneers holding her in place as he looks her up and down and licks his lips. "You never thought I'd find you did you?" Randy asks his voice hushed but still menacing and Lily doesn't answer. "You think I'm stupid don't you?" Randy whispers his lips next to her ear as he moves her head to turn sideways. Lily tries to shake her head but his grip was too tight around her chin for her to move. Randy suddenly snaps "DON'T LIE TO ME!" He screams right in to her eardrum making Lily jump clean out of her skin. Randy looks down and frowns seeing a liquid covering his boots "Jesus Lily did you just piss yourself?" He asks disgusted letting go of Lily's chin and Lily looks down in terror.

"Oh my god Randy that's my waters! My waters have broke I'm having the baby!" Lily screams in panic as the pain suddenly hits her and she slides back in to the wall clutching at her stomach. "Randy you have to help me... please." Lily pleads her face scrunching up in agony as it felt like she was being ripped from the inside out. "RANDY!" Lily screams as Randy takes a step back watching Lily fall clean to the floor, legs spread, panting for air. Randy shakes his head at her and licks his lips a little thinking over what he should do next it all of a sudden hits him though and his face becomes smug.
"You wanted to be on your own then that is the way you can have it." Randy says with a huge smirk as he takes yet another step back before turning his back on Lily completely. Lily's heart is hit with terror, shaking her head in disbelief that he could actually do this to her.
"Randy no! PLEASE RANDY THIS IS YOUR CHILD I'M GIVING BIRTH TO HERE. RANDY!" Lily screams with the little energy she had and Randy just laughs keeping his back to her as he walks out of the bathroom pleased with himself and his actions.

Lily takes in a breath between contractions and pushes down with all the strength she had in to her hands, leaning back against the wall trying to push herself up the wall back to her feet. She gets half way up before falling back down hard and letting out a scream of terror and pure pain. Tears streams her young face as her body cramps and crunches up in yet another pain filled contraction. The pain and pure worry was taking it out of her young body, she felt like she was dying and could barely find the strength to keep her eyes open.
"H... Help" She stutters out in nothing more than a whisper her hand laying on her bump as she starts to sob. "Someone... please help me... please help my baby... please."

Danny happened to be walking down the corridor when he heard a noise that just didn't sound right come from the bathroom. He hesitates for a second before he hears it again, seeing it was the ladies bathroom he just subtly pushes the door open and shouts inside.
"Is everything okay in there?" He asks calmly trying to avert his eyes and just look down at his feet and the floor.
"Help" A voice calls out before a completely primal scream rings out through the room and Danny pushes the door open fully and runs inside.

There was Lily, sixteen years old sat on the floor, legs spread, head laid back against the wall, her eyes rolling back in her head.
"LILY" Danny screams out in panic rushing over before falling to his knees with a thud beside her. Danny's hand grips Lily's tightly as he moves Lily's body so it was leaning in against his chest. "Lily, just breathe okay?" Danny says trying his best to calm her knowing she was clearly in labour. Lily looks up at Danny panting for breath and grips on to his hand as tightly as she possibly can.
"My baby it's coming help, please help me!" Lily screams with her last bit of strength and Danny does no more scoops her up in to his strong arms and carries her out of the bathroom and rushes with her down the corridor shouting out for help as he goes.

Reba and Brock were completely oblivious that anything was wrong as they were waiting for Lily to come back so they could go and see Andy. Reba frowns a little looking to her watch with a sigh.
"She's been ages do you think everything is okay?" Reba asks Brock but before he could respond Reba had already made up her mind to the answer. "I'll go and see what is holding her up." Reba says walking towards the waiting room door when it was suddenly pulled open from the outside. It was Danny clearly out of breath and filled with fear.
"It's Lily, she's in labour I just found her on the floor in the bathroom." Danny quickly rattles off doing his best to tell them what had happened and was going on. Reba felt her heart jump in to her mouth and she looks at him with her fierce blue eyes and grips at his hand.
"Well where is she?! IS SHE OKAY?" Reba panics and Danny just nods trying to stay calm himself.
"She's being rushed to maternity as we speak." Danny explains and Reba nods pushing Danny out of the door again.
"Well lead the way!" She shouts turning and looking to Brock for a second before physically grabbing his arm and dragging him with her as she follows Danny down to the maternity ward.

Outside the room Brock puts the breaks on and looks to Reba with wide eyes and he just gulps hard shaking his head.
"I can't go in there when she's giving birth." He explains and Reba looks him up and down and nods in agreement.
"You're right you wouldn't last a second." She turns to go in to the room herself but stops her hand hovering over the door.
"What is it?" Brock asks confused and Reba just gulps hard tears welling up in her crystal blue eyes. She shrugs a little and turns her head back to Brock with a sigh.
"Well, she might not want me there. I mean I shouldn't just burst in there should I?" Reba says with a sigh wishing things had been different in so many ways. Brock grips her hand gently and pulls her in towards him and looks in to her eyes and kisses her softly on the lips before holding his hand on her hip and smiling at her.
"She'll want you in there, I promise." He assures her and Reba just looks at him with a 'how can you promise that' look and Brock just smiles. "I just know, I can't explain it but I know it." Brock replies and Reba shoots him a frown.
"So I'm supposed to go in there just because you have a feeling?" Reba asks sarcastically and Brock laugh s a little but nods.
"Take a chance." Brock assures her and Reba punches his shoulder before turning back to face the door still hesitating on what to do.

"I WANT MY MOM!" Lily screams out so loud everyone in the ward could hear her, Reba's eyes fill with tears and she smiles looking over her shoulder to Brock for a second before rushing in.
"She's right here baby." Reba says sweetly as she runs to her daughter's side and gives her a tender, loving smile that only a mother could give to her baby. Lily looks up at her and smiles tearfully her breath still short and panted she reaches out her shaking hand to Reba as she stares in to her eyes deeply. Reba's heart felt like it was going to break at the gesture and she softly takes it in hers and squeezes it gently before holding it to her lips and kissing the back of it before using her other hand to rub over it. "Everything is going to be okay, just breathe." Reba instructs her and Lily nods taking in a deep breath as the midwife looks up and smiles at them.
"Not long now and you'll be able to push." She informs them and Lily feels light headed again and she just shakes her head.
"I don't think I can do this, I'm scared." She turns to Reba in sheer terror. "I'm scared out of my mind, what if I can't do it? What if I'm a bad mom, what if they hate me? What if I do it all wrong? What do I do? I'm sixteen I don't know what to do with a baby." Lily rambles off in panic and Reba just shakes her head.
"You will know what to do i promise you. This baby will never hate you, sure it will say it when it's older but all kids say that at one time or another to their parents doesn't mean it's true. You're going to be an amazing mother Lily and okay you're sixteen but you are not on your own. You have me and Brock and daddy and by the looks of things that knight in shining armour of yours too." Reba jokes and Lily blushes a little at the mention of Danny.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being so hard on you Reba. For not giving you a chance but I want to... i want us to all start again and for you to be my mom and me to be your daughter. I want to be a family, a proper family. How it should have been all along. I want my mom and my dad, I want my baby to have its grandma and grandpa... do you think we can do that?" Lily asks as tears stream across her face and Reba's heart melts in her chest and she nods choking on tears of her own.
"I know we can and we will but right now you need to be brave and give birth to your baby okay? I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere okay?" Reba assures her holding her hand tightly in hers as Lily nods and as another contraction hits her she bites down and pushes as hard as she can.

Half an hour later a loud cry is heard from the room as Lily gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, at 9 pound 7oz she wasn't small by any means but with being at least a month early it was a good thing. Lily was completely exhausted but hearing her baby's cry made everything worth it in that one moment right there. She was carefully bundled up and then placed in to Lily's weak, tired arms and Lily's eyes just fix on the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.
"Hello baby." Lily whispers softly kissing her forehead softly just taking in every inch of her daughter. Reba watches on tearfully finding it almost impossible to believe her daughter was now a mother and she was a grandmother. Lily looks to her mom and smiles as tears of joy stream down her face she looks at her daughter for a second before looking back up at Reba. "Do you wanna meet your granddaughter?" Lily asks with a chuckle to her voice and Reba nods.
"Oh yes please more than anything." Reba replies gently taking the baby in to her arms and just biting her lip as she looks at her. "She is perfect Lily you did such an amazing job. I'm so proud of you, I always have been and I always will be." Reba explains as lily watches on with great pride.
"Thank you for being here with me I don't think I would of been able to do it otherwise." Lily says with a smile as her little girl's hand reaches up at Reba and Reba kisses it gently.
"Yeah you are perfect, yes you are." Reba coos smiling from ear to ear at this precious little miracle that was lying in her arms.

Brock walks in to the room with tears filling his eyes as he looks at the three generations of his family all together. He gulps hard and looks to Reba who frowns noticing the tears didn't seem to be from happiness at all.
"Brock what is it? What's happened?" Reba asks in fear as she hands the baby back to Lily who looks on concerned as well. Brock bows his head sadly unable to look her in the eyes as he told her.
"I'm so sorry but... but your dad had died Reba." Brock reveals as Reba loses all control and just falls to her knees.