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Chapter 23

"What He Would Have Wanted"

There is an old saying that for a new soul to enter this world a previous one has to leave it, most of the time it's within the same family. Maybe it was that or maybe just coincidence, Reba didn't know but what she did know was she missed her father. Andy had been dead for just over two years now and in those two years a lot had changed and it was all for the better but the worst part was Andy wasn't there to see it all.

It was a Thursday, bright and early on the ranch. Since Andy had died it seemed quieter and almost bigger without his huge presence filling the place. Reba, Brock, Lily and the baby were living back in the house, together as a family, as it always should have been. There were times, mostly in the very early morning or the dead of night where Reba and Lily could swear they could smell Andy and feel him near. It was a comforting thought that he was still around, watching over them and keeping them safe. An odd thing happened after Andy's passing; along with the feeling of Andy's presence both girls could both swear they also felt the presence of their mother too. They were finally reunited and all though selfishly both Reba and Lily missed Andy the thought of knowing he was finally back with the woman he loved was enough to give them the strength to carry on.

The house normally quiet so early in the morning was filled with activity, people rushing around and trying to get things ready.
"Mom, are you ready? Everything is finally sorted out downstairs; Alice has finally let me put her dress on..." Lily asks appearing in the door of Reba's bedroom but stops dead seeing her mother all dressed in a white lace dress. "Oh mom you look... you look beautiful." Lily says softly taking a step inside and just looking up at her in awe. Reba turns and blushes softly at her daughter who had grown up so much since becoming a mother and was a fantastic one at that.
"Thank you baby, do you think your father will approve?" Reba asks with a giggle her stomach fluttering so much with nerves she could barely see straight.
"Oh I know he will approve, he is probably more nervous than you." Lily answers sweetly heading over and gently helping Reba clip in her veil to her hair. "Perfect." She leans in and kisses her mother's cheek softly. "Are you ready to finally become Mrs Reba Hart?"
"I've been ready since the day I met him. Let's hope he is." Reba says with a giggle and Lily just nods in agreement.
"Oh, I found this when we were cleaning out grandpa's things and it said I should give it to you today." Lily explains handing her mother a note. Reba frowns but takes it and slowly opens it up, sitting down on the edge of the bed to read it.

'Dear Reba,
if you're reading this note than my predictions came true and I'm dead. I'm sorry I won't be with you today in person, to walk you down the aisle like I had always imagined. I know you will look more beautiful than you ever have in your life and that is no easy feat. Don't be nervous honey, Brock is a good man and he loves you, nearly as much as I do. I know I haven't always been the best father in the world and I've made mistakes but if there is one thing I can assure you of it's that anything I have ever done I've done with love. You are my baby girl and you always will be no matter what happens. Don't be sad today, today is a day to be happy and no one deserves to be happy more than you. When you walk down that aisle today to marry the man of your dreams just know I will be by your side every step of the way. And when it's said who gives this woman to this man, I'll be smiling proudly and nodding in agreement but baby I will never truly give you to anyone. He may be your husband and he'll be a good one but I'll always be your daddy. I love you Reba, I have from the second you were born and that love has never changed or stopped, only grown stronger. I know as I write this you will make a wonderful wife and a beautiful bride and I just want you to know nothing in my life has made me as proud as being your father. Have a wonderful day and I hope you and Brock have a marriage half a strong as mine and your momma's. I knew the second I met her and she told me her name, 'Alice' that one day I would make her my wife. You remind me a lot of her Reba, strong and kind, beautiful and wise you are a credit to her and a credit to me. All though I don't like to think of being gone knowing I will be reunited with her makes all my fears go away, especially knowing you have such a good man to look after you when I'm gone. We'll both be watching you girl, not just today but every day and we'll be watching with a smile.
Love always Daddy.'

By the time Reba was through reading most of the words had been smudged with her tears that were rolling continuously from her cheeks. Lily was also in tears having read it before hand and seeing her mother's reaction to it just melted her heart. She lays her head softly on her mother's shoulder and wraps her arms around her waist tightly.
"Are you okay?" She asks concerned and Reba just takes in a deep breath and nods with a smile, pushing her tears away with the side of her fingers.
"Yeah baby, I'm okay. Thank you for giving me this." She says kissing her daughter's cheek tenderly and reaches up and strokes her face softly. "He'll be with me today just like he always is." Reba says honestly and Lily just nods as the two share a tender moment.

"Brock, are you okay? You look a little bit, well pale." Brock's best man points out noticing how considerably Brock's complexion had changed in just a matter of seconds. Brock nods as he looks up at the large stone church in front of him and lets out a long drawn out breath.
"Yeah, yeah I'm fine I just, I can't believe it, it's finally happening. I'm finally getting to marry the woman I love." Brock says with such honest and tenderness you couldn't help but smile.
"You're a lucky man." His best man points out softly slapping his shoulder and Brock just nods as his smile grows wider.
"You have no idea."

"Mama..." A tiny voice calls out in tears as a little tiny person comes pottering in to the bedroom holding her little arms out for her mom. Lily frowns down at her little girl and kneels down in front of her.
"Oh Princess, what's wrong?" Lily asks concerned as she runs her fingers across her now two year old daughter's light brown hair. The little girl wipes her tear filled eyes and holds out her finger that was slightly read.
"I hurt it mama, I need special kisses" She says sadly, pouting deeply as the tears blur her vision.
"Oh baby, come here." Lily says as she pulls her daughter up into her arms and sits back down on the bed with her on her lap. She smiles at her sweetly as she gently holds her daughter's hand to her lips and kisses her hurt finger softly. "Better?" She asks with a knowing smirk and her baby just nods snuggling her head in against her mother's shoulder.
"Thank you" She says softly and just like that she was okay again and looks up to Reba with a huge grin on her cheeky little face.

"Well don't you look cute as a button?" Reba says looking into her beautiful granddaughter's big brown eyes that closely mirrored her mothers. The bubbly little girl looks up at her grandmother and jumps up from her mother's lap and dives forward with her arms wide open.
"Cuddles Nana!" The little girl exclaims excitedly and Reba gladly pulls her in to a hug kissing her lips softly.
"Cuddles Alice... don't you look pretty in that dress. Do you like it?"
"Yeah" The little girl says gurgling, she was very advanced for her age and just an all round happy little thing that everyone adored.
"Nana, you ook weally pretty." Alice says with a giggle running her tiny little fingers across her grandmother's cheek.
"Well thank you sweetheart, so do you. I love your dress and your little flowers in your hair, do you like them?" Reba asks with a chuckle and Alice nods.
"I love them, they my favourite colour. PINK!" The little girl shouts and Lily just smiles watching the two of them interact.
"Well I'm glad you do because you have a very important job today." Reba starts to remind her but the little toddler was already way ahead of her.
"I know, I got to throw all the flowers before you walks! Don'ts worry Nana, I won't let you down." Alice says proudly and Reba looks to Lily who just holds back a laugh.
"Oh I know you won't honey, now do you remember what Mommy told you, about what was happening today?" Reba asks as Alice sits on her lap and thinks it over for a second and then nods.
"You and Gargar dance." The little girl replies and Lily just laughs and shakes her head.
"Well yeah eventually they will but first they're going to get married." Lily explains and Alice puckers her lips in thought and nods and picks up Reba's left hand and fiddles with her engagement ring.
"More rings?" She says sweetly and Reba nods kissing the top of her little head.
"Exactly, well done baby girl" Reba says with a grin as she rubs her nose in against hers softly.

"Well speaking of rings, I think it's about time we go and put on that special one." Lily says hearing the car beep from outside. Reba nods in agreement and Lily gently takes Alice in to her arms and sits her on her hip as she turns to look at her mom. "Are you ready?"
"I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life." Reba explains letting out a breath as they all hurry downstairs and in to the car.

The church looked beautiful all filled up with flowers and ribbons and jam-packed with family and friends all there to wish the couple the best. Standing at the end of the aisle, trying his best to control his breathing was a very nervous and anxious Brock, just waiting to get the first look of the woman he loved. He beamed from ear to ear seeing his little granddaughter tiptoeing down the aisle throwing up the petals in to the air before reaching the end and looking at him and grinning before taking her seat. Outside Lily looks to her mom and smiles before handing her a small box.
"What's this?" Reba asks with a frown as she opens it up and inside was a silver heart necklace that engraved on it had. 'I love you mom' engraved on the back. Reba fills up instantly as she reads it but Lily stops her and just puts it on for her.
"You can cry afterwards but right now we need to get you married." Lily says filling up as well but just links arms with her mother as the music hits and they walk down towards Reba's future as Mrs Reba Hart.

As the music plays out softly through the church Brock and Reba's eyes meet together and the smiles they were both wearing was enough to light up a house. Brock could have been knocked down with a feather as he looks in to the eyes of the woman who had his heart. As Reba walks closer and closer towards him she could hear her daddy's words from his letter ringing through her ears and feel his presence next to her just like he had said. She reaches Brock and looks to Lily who just kisses her cheek before going and sitting down next to Alice who was swinging her legs over the edge of the pew.
"You look... well Reba you look so stunning I could never find the right words." Brock says honestly and Reba just blushes her hand slipping in to his eyes.
"You don't need to say any things Brock; the look in your eyes says it all." Reba explains as they turn to face the front and exchange their vows.

When the ceremony was done and Brock and Reba were talking with people outside the church before going to the reception, Lily looks over to the best man and smiles.
"You know you look very handsome in that suit I must say." She says with a smile and he grins pulling her in close by the hips and kissing her tenderly.
"And you look amazing in that dress." He replies as they both feel Alice squeeze in between them and tug at each of their legs as she strains her neck up to look at them.
"What about me Daddy? What about me?" She asks with wide eyes and Danny bends down scooping her up into his arms and holding her in against his hip.
"You my beautiful baby girl look like ballerina; you did such a great job with those flowers. Did you have fun?" He asks and she giggles and nods laying her little head on his shoulder gently.
"Lots and lots" Alice grins and Lily smiles stroking her cheek before looking over to the side for a second.
"Danny, can you just give me a second? I just need to do something." Lily asks and Danny nods taking Alice to say hi to Reba and Brock.

Lily smiles watching them so thankful she had found a good man in her life that not only accepted Alice but loved her like his own. In the past two years Danny and Lily had been pretty much inseparable and he had been there for her every step of the way, from losing Andy to helping to raise Alice. He worked hard on the ranch and basically ran on it on his own since Andy had died as well as looked after Lily and Alice when Reba went on tour. Danny and Lily had just dated for a year, nothing less and nothing more but like everything in time it progressed and Lily and Danny both realised they couldn't be without each other. At first both Reba and Brock were both apprehensive but thankful and glad Danny and Lily had tried their best to take things slow. Lily knew he was one of a kind and that what they had was not only real but special, just like what Reba and Brock had and just like what Alice and Andy had as well and she was determined to make it last.

Reba smiles at Alice who comes running over to her and Brock full of the joys of spring.
"Did you see me Nana? Did you see?!" She shouts excitedly and Reba nods bending down and scooping her up in to her arms for a hug.
"I sure did baby girl, I sure did. You did such a great job, I'm so proud of you." Reba replies kissing her granddaughters forehead softly before looking over to Danny. "Where's Lily?"
"She said she had to do something real quick."
"Oh, okay." Reba smiles and hands Alice to Brock, kissing him once before walking over to where she knew Lily would be.

Lily slowly walks over to the graves where both Alice and Andy were now lying together in peace and a single tear drops down her face and hits the ground.
"I still love you guys, I hope you know that. Just because I now know you weren't my parents doesn't mean I have ever stopped loving you. You were my grandparents and you both mean the world to me and always will. Reba's happy now and safe and so am I and so is Alice, you'd love her I know you would. She knows who you both are, she can point you out in pictures, I show them to her all the time. I miss you both but I know you're back together now and you're still with us every day. I just needed you to know I don't hate you for what you did but I do thank you for finally letting me have my momma and my family." Lily says softly just running her hand over the headstone. Reba appears from behind one of the trees and she smiles laying her hand on Lily's shoulder softly and kisses her head.
"You okay?" Reba whispers tenderly and Lily just nods leaning into her mother.
"Yeah, are you Mrs Hart?"
"I'm fantastic. We're going to get going to the reception in a minute." Reba explains and Lily nods standing up and heading over towards Brock, Danny and Lily. Reba stands watching her daughter, husband, granddaughter and she was sure one day son in law and just beams. "Thank you daddy, thank you. Thank you for giving me my baby back and letting me have a shot of being really happy. I am now, I have my family and that will always mean you and momma, always. I love you both." Reba whispers softly kissing the headstone before rushing back over to her family to start her life as Mrs Reba Hart, a wife, mother and grandmother... all she had ever wanted.