for (int temp = 0; temp unencrypted += encrypted[temp] ^ (int(key) + temp) % 255;

cout: "nUnencrypted data = "unencrypt;

Dossier #███████
FWD: ███████████████

To █████ ██████████ As Well as Whom it May Concern,

You asked for me to retrieve a list of findings for you from ███████████████,███████, Texas on 'subject: Anomaly ' and the following entrie/s were able to be copied from their databases.

If this is in fact true, may God himself help us all.



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int main ()


string str ("███████");


-2015. Earth is now called Universe Prime and is in disarray, chaos reigns. People going missing, people coming back from the dead and people gaining supernatural and super human powers are now an everyday occurrence since 2011GSY. The United States of America has become a highly militarized state with even stricter regulations imposed upon those having Crossed Over, mutants, specials, and anyone fitting the bill "nonhuman". Then a record breaking Class 1 breach occurred in the space-time continuum, ripping through Ground Zero of New York City.

for ( it=() ; it cout *it;
return 0;}The FBI, CIA, ARC, ATFP and other unnamed agencies have since confined the area and other anomaly sites, kept them under the strictest observation and are ready to implement the Amber techniques from ███████ ███████ if necessary.



Anomaly One was first observed shortly after 8.11.2006GSY when a bomb detonated in New York City. However, Late ARC Scientist and Professor Nick Cutter postulated that the bombing and timing of anomaly were unrelated events, but we believe it may have been credited to ██████████ an unknown special who manifested at the time of the accident. Furthermore, Cutter disclosed irrefutable proof regarding anomalies occurring before Anomaly One, possibly as long as the universe has existed.

No one can verify his statements as Professor Cutter and his team have since vanished from existence.

Because of the sudden vanishings and limited manpower, we are now working in conjunction with ARC, Fringe Division, FBI, CIA and other special interest groups like ███████ ███████ to address this issue with the Anomaly Task Force Project, being led by Senior Fringe Agent Lincoln Lee.


Anomaly One (and all anomalies thereafter) resemble glowing shattered pieces of glass floating in mid-air, through which we have documented proof people, animals and objects can travel. We have yet determine if an anomaly can have a fixed location at both "ends" of the anomaly or if one end may be unstable and thus move location, nor do we know the reason they continue sporadically and without observable human influence. Thankfully we have concluded that the strength of the anomalies weaken over time and often close soon after initially opening. We have witnessed most Class 3 and below anomalies slowly lose their power, shrink in size, and collapse in on themselves in periods of time shorter than 24 hours [[[██████████; as witnessed in the Class 3 Berlin Airport Anomaly of 2012GSY.[1]

It has not yet been established how many times anomalies have occurred, nor where their originator resides, nor have we found a way to manipulate them yet. ATFP tech regarding the anomalies is limited to further upgrading of specialized magnetometers and radio transmitters to detect them after opening. No tech to date has been able to predict them opening, though we are running statistical algorithms with our already collected data on prime locations for anomalies to occur.

if ( memcmp (cstr, (), length ) == 0 )cout
"str and cstr have the same content.\n";

Stepping directly into one of these anomalies, colloquially called "Crossing Over" is not limited by /the confines of the timeline when Anomaly One was first observed, as we have observed and recorded both flora, fauna, and otherwise presumed deceased people alive and well in multiple locations around Universe Prime. [edit;]We have undeniable, documented proof crossing over is not always time specific, anomalies can also transport, as an agent volunteering to cross over in Newark was later spotted in Los Angeles intact and presumably unharmed seconds later. 10123211010]]

The ATFP have implemented strict protocols regarding processing CO victims and objects. Detention, quarantining, and interrogation by local military until questioned and inspected by ATFP should be implemented to any persons caught unchipped or without a show-me. Lethal force should not be used under ANY circumstances unless absolutely necessary and authorized by senior ATFP agents.

Another curious phenomenon of Anomaly One is evolution of powers, as we have observed both non-specials, specials and mutants alike with documented abilities gaining and losing new powers. This occurrence seems to not be limited to just those who have Crossed Over and has created numerous dangerous individuals now being detained permanently. There is no known "cure" or neutralization of powers at this time, with exception of death, and empathic absorption [last observed by: Arthur Petrelli (████-2007)].

Perhaps most unsettling of all is the disappearance of key individuals since Anomaly One in a phenomenon regarded to as The Missing. Though Crossing Over is a possible explanation for a good majority of these cases, certain undeniably GPS recorded objects, places and people have vanished unexpectedly. ;[ We have no information why the people and objects targeted are chosen, just that it is likely due to the Butterfly Effect the anomalies are having on our universe Professor Cutter postulated. \\;


We now categorize this current universe, Universe Prime, a "soft universe" that is now unstable due to the amount of timeline shifts created by Anomaly One and further anomalies. ATFP scientists currently predict it will collapse entirely on itself if its timeline remains undisrupted in the next forty to fifty years, barring further Class 3 or above anomaly occurrences that may accelerate the timeline degradation or eradication. As our expected collapse approaches more and more reports of minor (Class 4 and below) anomalies occurring have been reported and people are now willingly breaching restricted areas to Cross Over.

Despite numerous accounts of people crossing over and returning, no one has yet to be successful in erasing what we believe is the root of the original timeline distortion. This of course brings us to the point that we believe more structurally stable parallel universes exist than the ones we currently have access to, though these reports have yet to be substantiated by someone who has Crossed Over to our timeline. Surely we can then theorize tha█████████████-error; 1024242[421048240824=[= return 0;


string original = "███████";

cout "Original data = "original;
string encrypted = "";
string unencrypt = "";
char key = 'x';

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