E/O Challenge Word:

hold /hōld/ n. – A way of influencing someone.

Spoilers/Warnings: episode 4.20

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 141

I'm hooked right back on you. Maybe it looked like we were through; but baby, I'm hooked right back on you. Ain't a thing I can do... ~ Mayer Hawthorne

He didn't want to call her.

He didn't.

But he was out.

He had stood in the soft illuminated glow of the vending machines on the backside of the motel and had desperately shaken the silver flask; had eagerly licked the resulting trickle of her blood off his fingers like the addict he was.

And now he was completely out.

Sam swallowed against his dry throat and released a shaky breath; feeling his sweaty bangs stick to his forehead as he eyed his cell phone warily.

Because he didn't want to call her.

But he had to.

He needed it.

Sam swallowed again – wondering how he had let her get such a hold on him – and reached for his phone; his trembling fingers barely dialing the correct number.

Ruby picked up on the first ring, like she knew he would call.