Chapter 47: Escaping to get Captured

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Annabeth's POV:

It's been exactly 5 minutes and counting since Percy left me alone.

I knew exactly where I was going… or at least I had a pretty good idea where I was going.

I knew for a fact that attempting to crash this mission alone was suicide and despite my curiosity, I knew I had a high chance of dying if I just went in there alone. Nico and Thalia may have been the best of the best, but in terms of numbers, this terrorist group had them outnumbered by plenty.

"Where the hell are you?!" My earpiece practically screamed in my ear.

I grimaced before answering, "It takes a while to walk from one room to another." From the other line I could hear Chris Rodriguez trying to calm down his wife.

"Well I don't have all day! What happen to the stroke of genius from the day before?!" Clarisse yelled in my ear.

"Like you said, it was a stroke of genius." I hissed, trying not to make that much noise as I disassemble the machinery. "I'm better with papers and planning, working in the field is not my type of work!"

"Well make use of that brain of yours or I'm leaving-"

"Clarisse calm down." Chris began. "It takes tim-"

"Oh no you don't!" Clarisse yelled blared over the earpiece. "I told you to stay home and take care of Caden-"

"He's over at mom's house, he'll be fine." Chris voice was barely audible compared to Clarisse loud yells.

"I don't care about that!" Clarisse insisted. I was glad that I decided to get a good quality earpiece, because with Clarisse yelling, I could've been found out a long time ago. "You know what happened the last time you were here-"

"But it's my fault!" Chris tried to reason with his wife.

"Not my fucking problem!"

"And you don't even know how to work all the wires to begin with…" Chris added mumbling quietly as if he's not use to talking back to Clarisse.

"I don't-"

"He's right Clarisse, I know a bit about mechanics, but Chris is probably the best person for this kind of job." I cut in before Clarisse could go on another yelling rant.

"ARGH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" Clarisse answered in a frustrated tone before taking a deep breath to calm herself down. "Percy better make sure he's prepared to get his ass kicked, cause he's getting a fucking ass beating when I see his face again."

"You can tell him yourself later." I tried to sound a bit optimistic.

Clarisse just sighed as Chris's voice came through the receiver, "Annabeth, you have another 15 minutes to wire everything together and we'll rendezvous at location B."

I nodded despite knowing that they couldn't see me, "Tell me what to do."

"Okay, first…" Chris went on giving me instructions as I stored them inside my head, while my hand worked on disabling each piece of machinery through his instructions. Even though Clarisse is the strength of this mission, I was glad that Chris decided to come along. With a profession in machinery, he was a great help at moments like these.

"I got it." I said after he had finished giving me the information.

"We'll surround the exits, all you need to do is shut down all their weapon supplies and resources." Chris added. "Good luck Annabeth."

The line went dead and in that moment, I felt completely alone.


I ran away from the guards. 'Close call' I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I struggled to keep my breathing under control. I finished rewiring all the camera and security system, shut down their weapons and resources, and now all I needed to do was to get the information in my hands and get my friends out of here.

From behind me, I could hear the approaching sound of footsteps. I flinched until I heard the sound of the voice. "You're late." She deadpanned.

I smiled, "You made it."

"Did you finish with everything?" Chris asked with a hopeful tone.

"Unless I'm mistaken, we have about ten seconds before the guards discovered that their weaponries have been tampered with.

"You better be right about what you said before Chase." Her eyes glared with great intensity.

I knew what she meant. I accidentally (purposely) told her that Kronos was definitely responsible for her best friend's death. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether or not that information would work, but within a couple hours I got a call back from Clarisse with an agreement to help me get to the bottom of this thing.

I threw her the files that I gathered right after I closed off all the resource and weapon within this place, "Enough proof for you?"

Clarisse quickly skimmed over the report before clenching her hands. The brunette-haired girl eyes blazed with pure hatred as if she was about to vaporize the paper, "Kronos' going to pay."

Suddenly the lights started to flash and the sound of yells and shouts could be heard from all direction. "That's our signal!" Clarisse said over the chaotic noise as she ran straight ahead. "Come on!"

I followed Clarisse and Chris, carefully looking to my sides. I knew that Clarisse had her team infiltrate the premises already, but with everyone dressed in black I couldn't tell who's the good guy and who's the bad.

"Well well well… If it isn't Pallas."

I turned around quickly to come face to face with a man holding a gun at my head. I looked down the corridor that Clarisse and Chris had ran down earlier and knew that they were long gone. I cursed under my breath. I had overestimated my physical abilities. With all that running beforehand, there was no way that I could've kept up with them.

"Still the same filthy mouth as before huh?" The man continued before raising his eyebrow. "You haven't changed at all."

"I don't know you."

The man laughed, his gold eyes pierced my soul, "The car accident years ago must've tampered with your memory huh?" He leveled his gun, "You stayed hidden well Pallas-"

I knew he was talking about my mother's accident with Percy's car.

"I'm not Pallas." I glared at him.

"Those grey eyes, that blond hair… I would recognize the top agent anywhere." He glared at me.

I was taken back, but the news didn't take me by much surprised. I should've expected it. They did say my mother was still alive… it was only right for her to be a top secret agent.

I knew I should've been scared, but the way he mentioned the car accident years ago, it was like he was the cause of it. I was curious and angry.

The man bends down for a better view of me. I got a clear view of his appearance. Blond hair with blond eyes, making him look charismatic in a rather sinister way. He probably would've looked better if his face didn't look like it was chopped into a million pieces. His mouth curled up in a cruel smile as if he's used to everything being under his control. The person in control… it didn't take long for me to figure who this guy was…

"Kronos." I managed.

"So you are Pallas." He smiled, but his smile made him look like a maniac, a madman. In other words, he was totally insane.

I don't even know the man, but he somehow manages to ruin a portion of my life.

"Sir." A familiar voice called out from the corner.

I turned around to see the familiar blond hair and blue eyed friend that I first met on the airport so long ago. Luke completely ignored me as he reported to Kronos, "We've sent guards to make sure everything is running properly."

"Good." Kronos said with ease. He acted like he had already won, like he had already achieved his goal. He acted like he had all the time in the world. The older man turned to me, "I would love to see the terror in your eyes as I annihilate the agency to pieces with your invention of course."

"Her invention?" Luke suddenly perked up and looked at me in surprised as if noticing for the first time that I was here. "But she's Annabeth-" I don't know if Luke was a good or bad guy, but I tried to tell him to shut up. "-the invention was built by Pallas."

Kronos narrowed his eyes at me, "So a new identity?"

If he thinks I'm Pallas, so be it. I wasn't planning on correcting him anymore if it meant my life would be at risk. I had a feeling that if I wasn't any use to him, he would've killed me on the spot.

I let out a breath of relief. I'm just glad that this guy was just stupid enough to assume that I just took on a new identity. "It's a world of lies and secrets Kronos." I could only hope that no one could hear the panic in my voice.

Luke studied me. It made me nervous but Kronos on the other hand seem to bought the lies.

"I see…" He studied me. He squinting his eyes despite being up close to my face. I realized with a start that he was partially blind.

"Annabeth… you're Pallas?" Luke asked, still surprised and recovering from his shock. "But-"

I looked at him, hoping to convey a message. I want to believe that Luke was not a bad guy. At least I'm hoping that our friendship was actually real to an extent. I had no idea what he was doing with a person like Kronos, but I trusted in Percy's words. Luke was a bad guy… yes, but Percy trusted him to not kill Thalia and Nico and that was enough for me.

"And you're a servant to this crap head." I retorted back, a bit angry. I didn't know whether or not he used me to get close to Percy or was it my mother, or was it just because he was sincere, but I wasn't taking any more chances.

Luke stayed silent as if debating something in his head.

Kronos grinned, "I told you before during our most recent encounter, that I will find you. Posing as a university student…" He shook his head amusingly. "You could've done better than that."

I ignored Kronos and turned to Luke, "Where are my friends?" I glared at him.

Kronos intervened, "He doesn't answer to you. With the way your agency mistreated his parents… I don't think he'll be answering to anyone of your sort anytime soon."

I glared at Kronos, "Last I check, I wasn't talking to you."

Luke looked shocked, his face held an unrecognizable emotion but for a second he hesitated and turned to Kronos. "Sir, I'm going to check on the prisoners…" Luke took a second to look over at me, "To make sure they are still alive…" Staring back at Kronos he added, "… and hopefully extract some information from them."

I was rest assured. I didn't know what changed Luke's mind, but from the moment I entered the room, he seemed to be fighting with himself over something, but the way he directed that answer toward me…

"Go." Kronos said without looking over. The gold-eyes man observed me. "So, let's make this easy. I really don't want to go through the torture like we did before."

I tried not to look scared… but torture? He tortured my mom?!

"What torture?" I scoffed, betraying the fear and anger that's circulating in my head.

Kronos laughed, "Some things just never change huh?" He took out a knife, "I don't suppose you remember this knife?"

"If it's retaining a memory of you, I don't think it should be remembered." I glared at him.

"You should be honored that I find pleasure in those snarky comment of yours, or else you'd be dead by now." Kronos warned me.

I could tell that I was really pushing it, but at the same time, I know that he can't kill me… at least not yet… not until he finds out I'm not my mother. "I dare you to hurt me. You can't find out anything."

"You really think that I wouldn't hurt you Pallas?" He raised up the bronze knife and slash across my face. I could feel the blood trickling down my face. It wasn't a killing blow, but I could feel the tears that are threatening to fall. "After all you caused me… you think I can't hurt you?!"

I grimaced, holding back the pain that's on my face, "One slash," I glared at him, trying to remember how my mother had probably felt years ago. "And you think that I'll spill out everything to you?"

"You think I'm just going to slice you once?! You really think that I would let you live in peace after you ruined my life. You caused me this!" He pointed towards his scarred up face. "You caused this! After you completely destroyed my old place, my health was in critical state. My face had to endure through a long process of healing and regenerating. My eyesight, tampered with, but don't worry I can still see you. But on the other hand, I have to thank you. Your little explosion allowed me to see the weapon that you had created… or to be more precise, what your friend Quintus has created before he died a horrible death, leaving all his life work to me."

I had no idea what nonsense this guy was talking about. However I was smart enough to figure that my mom did a bunch of crazy stuff with her life. Stuff that she never even told me.

What can I say? Curiosity kills the cat.

"Quintus… then tell me what does Percy Jackson have to do with all this?" I said playing my part and trying to find out more information.

"He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw too much as a kid. His acquaintance with Quintus already guarantees him a death sentence. He holds the key to my plan. But it's not only that, now that I have the mastermind herself, he is no use and would be disposed of accordingly along with his friends." Kronos pressed the metal of the gun against my forehead.

"He has nothing to do with this then-"

"Oh how you have changed." Kronos's laugh was like a metallic blade through my head. "A few more innocent lives doesn't matter. After all, it's because of your association with the government that so many innocent lives were killed. How does one more make a difference?"

I said nothing.

"I would normally have someone else escort you, but given the circumstances, the magnificent Pallas should get the first row seat at her catastrophic inventions." Kronos steered me down the corridor.

The main room amazed me. Despite being in a life or death situation, I have to admit that the internal designs were amazing. It's saddening to see that such beautiful structures held this sort of messed up logic.

Kronos laughed, "What is it with you and having Percy Jackson being involved?"

I looked surprised, "What?"

"Don't act like you don't know, Pallas." Kronos smiled cruelly. "Actually if I remember correctly it was because of you that he got acquainted to Quintus in the first place. You made the kid's life a living hell." Kronos sounded almost sympathetic.

I just stayed silent. For once I was at complete lost on where Kronos was getting at.

"You killed his stepdad." Kronos grinned as if he's insane. "Right in front of his eyes and told him to forget it. Told him to play the innocent kid, until he couldn't stand it anymore and so he ran away from home and became a fake child terrorist when it was actually your agency chasing after him… Interesting case that kid is huh?" Kronos paced around me. "He met Quintus, the only man who was able to explain everything to the twelve year old kid, why his hated stepfather was killed in cold blood. Percy Jackson went back to his normal life, not telling a single soul of the information he had acquire, important information like the location of your base." Kronos mused.

I tried not to let the surprise show on my face. I knew that Percy had dark secrets, but I never thought that it stretches all the way back to his childhood like that. Despite my surprise, I tried to come up with an appropriate response. "And you tortured him. You kept tailing him, up until now." I glared at Kronos, finally able to get a bit of a glimpse on Percy's life. "He's trying to move on and you're here-"

"Are you any better Pallas? You went back into his life to make sure that he won't spill anything about your so called agency." Kronos pointed out. "I need information and you are using him because you can't disclose that information… face it… you're no better than I am."

I glared at Kronos. I knew that Pallas was my mom, but at the time I'm still having a hard time believing that my mom lived in this world. A world of lies and secrets.

"I'll let you live. Just long enough to see the precious agency destroyed. As for the time being, I'll get acquainted with Percy Jackson and tell him how you completely destroyed his childhood… maybe I won't need the two agent to spill, I'll just rely on Mr. Jackson." Kronos smiled before cuffing my hands together.

Percy's POV

Saying that I was stupid was an understatement, when I left Annabeth over there alone, I had no idea. No plan at all… well except for one… I patted my pocket.


"Yes sir, I have the location of their main base of operations." Gabe said into his earpiece. His fingers slid across a silver coin. "It's encrypted into some kind of technology. No sir, I don't know what it is… but Pallas seems intent on getting it back."

I stood behind the door listening in on the conversation.

"Yes sir, Quintus created this to rival with Pallas' technology."

Another pause and Gabe stood up to walk over to his computer. "The boy has Quintus location and I'll make him tell you."

I shuddered. I knew who Quintus was… an old man who have helped me escape Gabe's grip a few times.

"Soon as he tells me, I'll send you the location and the image."

Gabe played around with the computer for a few more second before another picture popped up. A picture of a coin, a silver coin marked by an owl.

"The Mark of Athena. The very essence that can override Pallas' technology."

I stared at the coin, I knew where it was… it was with me. Quintus told me to keep it safe no matter what.

"No sir, the agency does not know my whereabouts-"

"Gabriel Ugliano hands up before we shoot.." A female's voice tore through my thoughts.

Gabe turned around slowly. "Well… well, if it isn't Pallas." Then faster than my eye can anticipate, he pulled out his own gun.

I squinted through the peep hole and heard three shot, rang loud and clear as Gabe dropped down dead.

*End of Flashback*

Let's just say it didn't help that she totally dropped the bomb on me when she kissed me. Not that a kiss scared me or anything, but I was completely sure that Annabeth had wanted nothing to do with me.

'We've kissed before…' I reminded myself.

Did she actually still love me like Thalia had said before? Or…?

I shook my head. I can't afford to be thinking about stuff like this. Creeping into the room, I saw Luke Castellan towering over Thalia.

"Thalia." Luke's voice rang through the corridors.

His eyes lingered on Thalia. Thalia on the other hand, just looked plain furious and pissed off.

I snuck behind the corner, trying to look for Nico but he was nowhere to be found.


Typical Thalia, even in a situation like this, she still manages to cuss her mouth off.

"Why did you leave?" Luke suddenly asked.

Thalia stopped her rant and looked at Luke. "Maybe it was to get away from a fucking asshole like yourself." She glared at him.

"I thought you were dead…" He said quietly. "You could've left a message, a note." Luke said after studying Thalia for a moment. "Just something to tell me that you were coming back."

"Where is Nico!?" Thalia yelled.

"He's in questioning." Luke answered. "Thalia… I don't want to hurt you. Kronos, he just want to get rid of the agency. You could help-"

"I'm not helping a bastard like you!" Thalia spat.

"All those times we talked about how the agency treated us like shit! They told me you were dead!"

"And I see you have changed… a lot." Thalia glared at him. "I don't even know you anymore."

"Yes you do." Luke tried to maintain his calm composure. "I'm still the same guy-"

"YOU KILLED PEOPLE! Luke I knew it was you who hijacked Percy's car. The Luke I knew didn't kill people!" Thalia screamed.

"So what?!" Luke scoffed trying to hide his pain. His eyes were brimmed red, "You're going back to your boyfriend?"

Thalia glared at Luke, "He was a better boyfriend that you'll ever be." Thalia struggled against the bounds, "The agency is shit, but they take care of stuff. They paid for your mother's hospital bills-"

"Oh yeah, they told my mom to complete the mission that destroyed her life then it was 'great job, now have a nice life with your new disabled state' who the fuck does that?!"

"I don't care! All I know is that you're doing the wrong thing-"

"There's no wrong thing Thalia. It's just opposing view! I might be the right one! What if destroying the agency is the right thing to do!? What have they ever done for us except made our lives horrible?" Luke slammed the table on his right.

"Even if the agency might be wrong, it doesn't give you a right to put millions of lives at risk." Thalia glared at him.

Luke quickly turned to Thalia. "I'm sorry for what I did-"

Thalia scoffed, "Really? You're finally sorry?! You think it's just because you're sorry that everything is going to be fine?! Kronos is a fucking terrorist! He's going to destroy this world with the agency's weapons and intelligence."

"No he's not." Luke insisted. "He only wants to destroy the agency. The same agency that doesn't give a damn about what we are feeling. He's not going to harm anyone innocent. Just because he goes against the agency wishes, they made him out to be a terrorist. The real terrorist is the agency themselves!"

"Are you any better than Luke? You're turning against your dad. You're turning against your old friends that used to be in the agency. You turned against me." Thalia said quietly.

Luke stayed silent. "You don't understand." Luke said quietly after a while. "Kronos group was the only place that made me feel like I am something. Did you know about the crap I get back in Connecticut because of my crazy mom and my fucking dad that don't give a fuck about anything?!" He stared at her as if trying to get her to understand.

For once in my life I didn't bother eavesdropping any longer, instead I creep around the other side and tried to reach Thalia-

"Going somewhere?"

I turned around and almost slapped myself.


"Luke you seriously need to keep better watch around the perimeters." The girl who managed to capture me said disapprovingly.

Luke sighed, "He's no threat Kellie-" I wasn't sure if Luke really think that or he was just trying to get Kellie away from me at this point.

"Kronos want information." The girl said smugly as she studied me. The two talked in low voices as Luke subconsciously glanced over at us every now and then. Kellie walked close to me, her smell was almost intoxicating. The Kellie girl was beautiful, almost like the dangerously beautiful type. "You know about the agency huh?"

My brain went into panic mood. I was warned years ago that people were after me because I had information. I knew the information and I swore on my life that I would never spill. "I don't even know what you guys are talking about, what makes you think I know information about the agency you guys are crazy about?"

"Oh come on." Kellie urged.

"Kellie stop it. You're messing everything up." Luke said, obviously annoyed with this girl. If I didn't know any better I would've assumed that Luke was hesitating.

Kellie laughed then gave a cold glare, "Since you can't carry out your job, it's only mandatory that I do mine." She bend down, face level with mine. "If you can tell me your little secret, I'll let you go. No harm done."

I stayed quiet, trying to keep a calm head. I remember all those time as a kid running from state to state just to be safe. A shudder passed through my body as I remembered how Quintus told me of the tragic consequence of knowledge. Then I remembered Quintus being dragged away by a couple men in black suits. I remember a scary woman approaching me and warning me to keep my mouth shut or harm will come to my mother.

For once I was thankful for Thalia's impulsive mouth.

"He doesn't know anything!" Thalia yelled. "Percy doesn't even know the agency exist, I'm the one that you want to deal with!"

Kellie walked over to Thalia, "And you are?"

Thalia spit in her face, "Why should I even tell a piece of shit like you?"

Kellie slapped Thalia across the face. Thalia didn't even flinch at the contact.

"KELLIE!" Luke suddenly shouted and pushed Kellie away from Thalia. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Luke's eyes grew worried and a look of panic crossed his face. The look disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Thalia scoffed as if not bothered by the pain, "Is that the best you got? You're going to get your ass whipped."

Kellie turned around to give Thalia another slap but was immediately stopped by Luke, "Listen here, she's my prisoner, and I need her alive. So if you even dare to touch a hair on her face…" He let that threat hung in the air.

"Whatever." Kellie glared at him. "Kronos is calling for you, so you better have some information ready."

"I will report to Kronos when I'm finished," Luke glared at her.

Right as Kellie left the room, Luke turned to me, "Why the hell do you always show up at the worst possible moment?" He glared at me.

I glared at him. I was already pissed at what he did to Annabeth, hell I was pissed at how he was involved with the club "Ruin Percy Jackson's Life".

"You're not going to answer me?" He asked again.

"What? Do I have to?" I glared at him.

"Well…" Luke shrugged. "It's really your choice. You can tell me and get out of here alive or die."

"Luke shut up!" Thalia yelled at him. "Stop bringing more people into this!"

"First the Di Angelo guy, now him?" Luke said obvious jealousy creeping into his voice.

'Really? Is that the best you got?" Thalia challenged.

"I'm not here to argue with you. My job is to get information from him." Luke directed his glance towards me.

"Good luck with that. There is no way I'm talk to a douchebag like you." I scoffed.

"I told you many times, he doesn't know anything." Thalia stubbornly said. "If you had any sense, you would realize that he's only here because Nico dragged him into here. The person you want to torture is me."

Luke laughed without humor. "What makes you think I want to torture you? I'm doing all of this for us! To get the recognition from the agency and overpower their reign of corruption."

"You're the one that's corrupted Luke." Thalia spat.

"I am not-"

"YES YOU FUCKING ARE!" Thalia yelled back. "The agency is shit, but they are better than this suicidal bombing terrorist group you got involved with, just like your mom, you're their pawn-"

"I'm here on my own accord no one-" Luke began.

"Except your mom had a sense of goodness in her heart, you're only doing this for selfish reasons!"


"Oh you didn't know? Did you know that this group was responsible for the death of millions of people? Did you know that they were the prime suspects for your mom's hallucinations and mental state? Did you even know why I was sent away?" Thalia glared at him.

"I don't care-" Luke began but he sounded unsure.

"Do you even know where you mom is even at? Have you even visited her in the past few years since I left?!" Thalia yelled at him. "She's dead Luke. The mother that you tried so hard to run away from while taking revenge for, she's gone! Your wonderful terrorist group, tried to pry information out of her and it resulted in her death. Do you want me to go into detail of how it happened?!" Thalia glared at him. "Don't you go bullshitting about this as a revenge plot against the agency because there is nothing to avenge except for a dead person."

Luke stared for a second at the ground then looked up at Thalia. "What did you say?"

"Your mom is dead, she's been dead! What lies have they been feeding you? They are taking good care of your mom? That's bullshit! They sent an assassin to kill off your mom Luke! She's dead! And if you had the decently to even bothered to visit her instead of sending lousy checks for her medical bills you would've known!"

Luke stayed silent, staring intently at Thalia as if his mind haven't comprehended her words yet.

Before he could provide an answer to Thalia, I heard the door open from behind me and Luke turned around. "Sir." Luke quickly bowed respectfully and stared at Thalia for a second. "I'll go check on the process of interrogation on Agent Di Angelo." He gave Thalia another glance before rushing out.

I didn't bother checking for Thalia's state because as the man walked closer and I was able to catch a better glimpse of his face. "You're-" I couldn't even speak.

The man looked at me as if noticing me for the first time. "Ah… the famous Percy Jackson is it? You know… you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble. But how about we save the trouble and you could give me the Mark of Athena that you've kept hidden for Pallas for so long."

I looked at the man. I could barely concentrate on what he was saying. All I could do was stare at the million, possibly trillion of stiches on his face. If anything this was what I imagined a real demon would look like. "You're… you are-"

"Satan? The Devil? The Crooked One?" The man laughed. It was not even a nice one. "Bring in Pallas."

My eyes went wide as I stared at Thalia who held the same look. "You are fucking with me." Thalia growled at the man, her tone indicted no surprise at the man's remark. "Pallas is dead." I knew Thalia was keeping up the charades, but the way the man talked, I knew it was useless. He knew Pallas was still alive.

The man raised an amused eyebrow, "I'm guessing your agency told you nothing Thalia Grace… or you're obviously just pretending, seeing that you've been living with Pallas for the past month."

Thalia flinched. Even I was surprised, Thalia's been living with Pallas? But she's been living with Annabet-

He quickly stepped aside and the person standing beside him, "Annabeth." I said quietly to myself. No one heard me, but Annabeth looked towards my way, her eyes trying to tell me something… but what?

"May I welcome Pallas." The man smiled.

"You have me Kronos." Annabeth said with an air of authority. "Let them go."

Kronos grinned, "I don't know. I'm quite enjoying this. You're in bonds. Members of the agency are trapped and can be killed as soon as I give the command."

I stared at Annabeth whose face was set as stone. Whatever anxiety she has expressed from before was gone under a cold mask. "You can't complete it without my help. I have knowledge and information that you will never think of. You can't kill me… no, you won't kill me because I am Pallas, the original mastermind of the agency and the brain that you need to get your organization into power."

He surveyed around the room. "This is what I wanted Pallas. Power and total domination. With the take down of the agency I can have all of that. Everyone will be living under my reign and no one… not even you… will stop me. I'll give you one last choice, to either join me, or perish along with your friends."

Thalia blinked twice.

"You're kidding me. You're not that blind are you? I mean… I understand the chopped into a million face and going through a billion plastic surgery to get that priceless face of yours, but last I checked Pallas was not in her twenties. You're a fucking idiot." Thalia spat her face filled with anger.

I stared at Thalia. Anyone could tell that I was probably the dumbest person here but Thalia's comment completely breaks the scale of stupidity. "Thalia what the hell are you saying?!" I exclaimed.

Kronos turned around to face Thalia. His face registered completely shock. For a terrorist mastermind, Kronos was pretty careless… but that doesn't mean Thalia could point it out blankly just like that.

Kronos laughed, "Oh how clueless you are towards the secrets of your agency. I understand that you are the head's daughter-"Thalia flinched. "But it looks like he doesn't care enough to stop you from walking into your death… even lying to you."

Thalia kept a straight face, "Do I need to repeat myself?!" Thalia's face turned into the 'don't mess with me or die' and glared at the older man. "YOU. ARE. A. FUCKING. IDIOT!"

"You know it's probably not the best time to be cussing your mouth off when your hands are in bonds." Kronos began before Thalia laughed.

"Old man, you're fucking shit. Actually no… your thinking is fucking shit. Everything about you is fucking shit, but no you don't give a crap. You destroyed that idiot-" Thalia motioned towards me, "-fucking life. You made Annabeth go without a mother figure in her life because Pallas was so fucking caught up in your affairs. You made me join the fucking agency that I never wanted to get involved with. You made Luke joined your fucking terrorist group and turn against his father. You caused his mother's death! WHAT MORE DO YOU FUCKING WANT?!"

Kronos smiled as he saw Thalia struggling behind her bonds. Kronos grinned and leaned down to meet eye-level with Thalia. "Ah… lots of spirit, I can see why Castellan was hesitant in killing you, but no matter… and in answer to your question, I want power. That's all." He said it so calmly that I felt sick. "Thalia Grace… it's a shame that you don't know the story behind your mother's death."

"You shut the fuck up-"

"She was a starlet? Right?" Kronos smiled as Thalia stayed silent. "Beautiful lady, if I remembered correctly, but ahh…. Right after her affair with your father, did you remember what happened? It was right after your brother was born."

Thalia's face was unlike anything I've ever seen before. "You pig-"

"She turned into an alcoholic right?" Thalia didn't answer and Kronos continued. "Your father left her, and in the end it resulted in her own death... by the hands of your father's enemy. Isn't it ironic that he's working together with the person who killed his lover? Or that you're working with the son of your mother's murderer?" Kronos laughed as Thalia stared hard at the ground. He knew he had hit a sore place in the agent. Kronos didn't just use force to get everything under his control, he destroys them mentally. Even someone as strong as Thalia… crumbled under his words. "Now you see why I want to destroy your father? He caused people so much pain. I just want justice for those people and the only way to get that justice is to attain power. You see…? This is why I want power."

"You don't want power you swine." Thalia glared at Kronos.

"I'm trying to avoid casualties here, but you're not making it easy for me."

"Casualties my ass!" Thalia spat. "You want to avoid casualties? How about let go of this whole madman scheme and go back to your hellhole!"

"I'll make you a deal Agent Grace. I won't kill anyone in the agency, but I want their whole system to collapse. I want them to suffer the consequences of all their sins. I want THEM out of power."

"And what? You in power?"

Kronos grinned. "That's actually a pretty good suggestion." He leaned down to level with Thalia's battered form. "But no one will be in power once all of them are eliminated, it'll be equal grounds… of course with slight changes with the world power."

"That's fucking chaos." Thalia gritted her teeth to keep from yelling.

"Your choice. I gave you a once in a lifetime offer of getting back at your dad and live a happy life with Agent Di Angelo… or Castellan." Kronos smirked knowing he got under her skin.

Thalia stared at Kronos, for a second it looked as if she's going to give in, but her face hardened. "Get your fucking head screwed on right before you talk to me again."

Kronos shrugged. "Have it your way, I'll leave you to rot with Agent Di Angelo in the interrogation room. I can't have you messing up my own interrogation with Jackson and Ms. Fake Pallas." He raised a gun.

"STOP!" I yelled knowing what he was about to do as Thalia's eyes went wide. "KRONOS YOU FUCKING ASS! STOP YOU CAN'T-"

"I can't? I'm not going to kill her yet." Kronos grinned.



Thalia's head drooped down as blood oozed from her left shoulder.

My eyes turned towards the older man. "What the hell did you-"

"She's asleep. Painful and effective. I like this gun." Kronos smiled. "She'll be in so much pain when she wakes up that it'll be impossible for her not to spill."

"NAKAMURA!" Kronos yelled. Immediately a guy in an eye-patch rushed in. "Take her to Castellan while I deal with these fools."

The guy nodded and quickly untied Thalia and carried her out.

It was only me and Annabeth… both of us without any training.

Kronos turned to Annabeth and I knew she was next. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" I had no idea where the rush of courage came from, but seeing Annabeth trembling in fear just…

Kronos ignored me and turned to Annabeth. "Tell me then," He directed his words towards Annabeth, "Let's say Pallas is your mother… then you would know where she is… wouldn't you?"

"Kronos, I'm the one with the real information."

"Let me ask you Jackson, did you even disclose that information to me yet?" Without even looking over, Kronos swung the butt of his knife in his hand right into my stomach. My slight blurred for a second before I was able to grasp what he is saying.

I coughed out some blood, "Just… leave her alone!"

His eyes got a gleam in them as if he was on to something. He turned back to Annabeth. "What kind of mother would let her daughter die?"

"My mother is dead!" Annabeth glared at him, the quiver was more controlled in her voice as she answered.

"I don't know… my sources say differently." Kronos mused.

"I said leave her alone! She doesn't even know anything! Didn't you want the information from Quintus Kronos?! You already messed up her life enough by killing off her mother!" I yelled at the dangerous man.

Kronos directed his attention to me, "Well then Jackson, would you like to tell me everything you know then?" His eyes gleamed as if he finally figured everything out.

I didn't answer his question, "I told you to leave her alone!"

Kronos grinned, "She means this much to you? How about we make a deal? Let's say Pallas is dead. You're the only one with the information that I need then right?"

I knew what was coming. I knew exactly what was coming.

"How about this? She gets to live and you… you tell me the information that I want to know."

"i… I…" For once I didn't know what to say.

"What's more important? The life of your friends? Or the fate of the agency? You pick Jackson." Kronos smiled almost too kindly. "I'll let the both of you go. I only wanted the agency. You can go after you tell me this. You won't be hounded by the agency and I get what I want. What do you say?"

I stayed silent.

I wasn't budging… yet.

And he knew it.

Kronos raised the knife in his hand. "I've always liked being dramatic. Maybe you just need a bit of a boast." The gun was held in its holster attached to his pants. He wasn't going to kill Annabeth… yet…


"Percy, you have to do this." Nico reminded me for the millionth time. He was trying to convince me to go against the agency's verdict… whatever it meant.

"Couldn't we just let the agency handle this alone? Why does it have to include me?" I whined. I didn't care if I sounded like a kid. I just wanted a normal life again. A normal life where I was the head of my father's company and living the life as a bachelor. Back on the topic of work, I could only hope that Emily is handling work okay and I still couldn't believe that I trusted the Stolls to handle the company for a couple weeks.

"I can't believe I'm feeding your already huge ego, but you are the one that Kronos want." Nico explained. "Plus there is no one that I would trust to be my partner."

"You know there's Thal-"

Nico sent me a glare that immediately got me to shut up.

"What's the point of doing this? Just give Kronos what he wants! Like you said before, he isn't going to kill everyone." I sighed.

Nico laughed. He actually laughed… well more of a sarcastic laugh. "He isn't going to kill everyone because everyone that he wants killed would've already been killed. All the rebels and people like you and me would be eliminated."

"What is his goal even? This doesn't make any sense."

"It doesn't have to make sense. That guy is a total psychopath! He is simply power hungry, he wants control of everything and will stop at nothing to get it!" Nico explained. "You want to know what exactly happened four years ago?"

I didn't have to ask to know that he was talking about the car accident.

"LBC, the guy that we're going to meet if you agree, he was the one who killed Silena and Beckendorf! It's not Rachel, it's not the agency, it's not you! This is all part of Kronos plan! Don't be a fucking idiot Percy. You want to know why Silena and Beckondorf was killed? Silena was a spy for Kronos. I'll deny ever saying this but Beckendorf was one of the top providers of the agency. He helped us developed all those technology!"

"Nico, I know you're pissed off but sprouting shit-" I didn't want to believe anything Nico is saying, it was way too bizarre.

"I'm not talking shit! Silena was the spy for Kronos, she was using Beckendorf for a time being to get into the agency's secrets-"

"But she was in love with Beckendorf!" I tried to argue. I didn't want my last memory of Silena to be one of a traitor to the man she was supposed to marry.

"She did love Beckendorf." Nico said grimy. "That's the reason why they died in that accident." Nico frowned. "Actually it wasn't the accident that killed them like you had thought, rather it was a bullet wound that had killed them. Beckendorf who probably tried to shield Silena from an oncoming bullet form LBC and Silena who later died of a second bullet."

"You're not making any sense."

"Silena love Beckendorf, Perce. She betrayed Kronos and fed them false information to save Beckendorf's life. But it's pretty obvious what would then happen to her. Anyone who stands in Kronos way would be killed without hesitation. The guy that we're meeting, he's one of the most trusted man of Kronos and he was the one who carried out the attack on Silena."

I stared at Nico. "Silena's and Beckendorf's death then…"

*End of Flashback*

I opened my eyes. I wasn't going to let anyone get hurt anymore. I don't care what's at risk. No one is getting hurt.

From beside me I could hear Annabeth scream with every slash by Kronos.

Kronos caught my eyes and raised the knife, this time not for the slash, but for the plunge. "Last words?" He smirked.

Annabeth was too tired to say anything, but I knew he directed those words towards me.

"Stop!" I could feel my eyes watering up as I tried to avoid the battered form of Annabeth. "I'll tell you everything… I'll give you it. Just let her go… please."

I reached towards my pocket.

Kronos smiled, probably noticing how desperate I was.

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