It has been a few days since the Kyuubi no Kitsune has attacked Konohagakure no Sato. The Kyuubi had been sealed into a baby less than a few minutes old. This baby was a boy with shimmering blue eyes. Right now he is on the council table surrounded by the Hokage, his three advisors, the representative of the Three Sannin and the Shinobi Council. As he squirmed around, these groups of people looked at him with sadness, anger, and fear. The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed as he stood up. He looked around to see who was here. He said, "Hello everyone. I wish we were meeting on better terms but it is good to see that you all are here. For that I am grateful. It is unfortunate that the Yondaime Hokage has passed on to the other side. As a result of the Yondaime not choosing a successor, I have been reinstated as the Hokage. Now Shikaku, tell us all the ninjas were killed."

Shikaku has two scars on the right side of his face which are probably his most noticeable feature. He has dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears are also pierced. Shikaku wears a meshed shirt underneath his flak jacket, a deerskin coat over that and hand guards. He is the Jonin Commander and the main representative for the Ninja Council. He sighed as he spoke, "Hokage-sama, we lost more than one-third of our ninja populace. The north sector was completely wiped out. This included our premier Jounins, the Umino family and Yuhi family. The Uminos' son Iruka was able to escape with minor injuries. The Yuhi's daughter was on the South side of the war and only suffered minor injuries. The South side lost about half of their forces including the Mitarashis. Kurenai Yuhi was able to save a one, Anko Mitarashi from the battle. The west sector was evacuated safely with only one injury to a Kizashi Haruno the husband to Deputy ANBU Commander Saya Haruno. The east sector was not hit so no injuries to report on the east sector. We are still receiving reports on the injured and MIA. It does not look good Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen just sighed. His mind started to move a mile a minute as he thought about the aftermath of this horrible event. He said, "We are at our most vulnerable. I have always been against quantity over quality ideal. However because we have lost so many and will not be able to populate quick enough, we are going to change the Shinobi Academy. We will curve the classes making it so you can pass the Genin test by being able to use the Bunshin, Henge, and Kawarimi. In addition we will administer a new test for Jonin effective immediately. Ok, Fugaku what is the status of the police?"

Fugaku had short, black hair and onyx eyes with visible creases below them. He is wearing the standard flak jacket, along with a black shirt with the Konoha Military Police Force symbol on the shoulders, shin-guards and a black apron with white diamonds on the bottom. He is the second Jonin Commander. He said, "We lost about half of the police force. We should be able to get the exact amount tomorrow. We can bring it back to eighty five percent if we call back many of the ANBU members."

Hiruzen stroke his beard at this. He thought about it be dismissed it as soon as it came to mind. "We are not recalling those ANBU members. I thought about what we are going to do. Hiashi, since half of the branch members are not ninjas but are trained in ninjutsu, we are going to add them to the police force. Your brother, Hizashi, will be the other commander."

"Hokage-sama, you can't do that! We were promised this by your sensei. Are you going to effectively change the rules your sensei set in front of all these people?" Fugaku exclaimed. The history of the Police derives from the Nidaime. The Nidaime promised the Uchihas to have control over the police with certain rules applied.

Before Hiruzen could speak, Hiashi started to speak. He has long dark brown hair and featureless white eyes like all members of his clan. He normally wears very traditional, loose fitting robes. He has a tattoo of the Hyuga Clan symbol on his wrist. He is the clan head of the Hyuuga family and the third Jonin Commander. He said in his stoic voice, "Fugaku-san, this is not about tradition. We need to come together as a nation. You know that if are able to work together –"

"Hiashi-san, don't try to pull that patriotism crap. I know that you have ulterior motives that would bring your clan closer to the rank of Hokage." Fugaku seethed. 'Who does he think he is fooling?' Fugaku thought as he felt his power starting to wane. Hiruzen rubbed his temples as his could become a bad decision in the future.

He said, "Fugaku and Hiashi, we will discuss this later. There is a reason I called all of you here." The council started to murmur amongst themselves. Sarutobi continued, "Yes, there is a reason you all are here today. This discussion is about the baby in front of you". As if on cue, the young baby snored softly as he snuggled deeper into the blanket. Most of the leaders were swooned at how adorable he was.

Tsume said, "Hokage-sama, who is this little pup?" Tsume has an animalistic look that has made her the hottest MILFs in Konoha. She has long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. She is wearing the standard outfit of a Konoha Shinobi. She had to admit he is cute as he rocked himself from side to side.

Fugaku grunted in agreement. "Hokage-sama, who is this brat? Didn't we decide that all orphans are to be placed into orphanages?" Hiashi, although he didn't want to say it, agreed with Fugaku. The brat, although cute, is just a baby. What was so special about him that he was here? He activated his Byakugan silently to see the boy's chakra. He quickly shut the Byakugan off as he screamed.

Everyone including the giggling baby looked at the Hyuga leader with interested. The Sandaime Hokage voiced his concern, "Hiashi-san, are you ok?" Hiashi nodded his head saying he's fine. Hokage of course didn't believe him but let it go for now. Naruto turned over to look the Hokage in the face as he gave him his foxy smile. The Sandaime Hokage had a pain filled smile as he started to explain who this boy is. He said, "Well Everyone this boy is our savior. His name is Naruto. Minato was not able to kill the Kyuubi no Kitsune. There is no conceivable way to kill a massive unit of dark and evil chakra."

He let them all digest it before he continued, "Because of this, He, Jiraiya, Orochimaru*, and I came to a consensus. We could not possibly kill the beast but must keep it at bay. The only way we can keep something like that ferocious beast at bay is by sealing it." Gasps were heard as they realized that the Kyuubi was in fact not dead.

Hiruzen took a long puff of his pipe. He said, "To be able to seal a tailed beast, one must have his chakra coils not developed. In addition, one or more people must sacrifice his, her, or their lives for the sacrifice to the Shinigami. This process is extremely taxing on not only the sealer but the baby. The baby has the distinct possibility to break down because of the energy of another being. He or she could die and release the beast."

Inoichi has a long pony tail, darker in shade of blonde. He also has dark blue eyes. Inoichi is seen wearing the standard flak jacket over a black outfit, complete with hand guards, forehead protector and a sleeveless red coat. He is the Yamanaka Clan Leader. He said, "There is also the possibility that the brain could break down!"

Hokage sighed as he said, "Yes that is a possibility. Minato decided that because he could not kill the beast, he will seal it into a baby." Hiruzen paused as this digested into everyone's mind. Shibi stroke his dark chin. Shibi Aburame has his eyes obscured. He wears dark glasses with a tassel hanging down from them. He has very spiky short black hair and a moustache. He wears a high collared outfit and carries a large gourd on his back. He is the leader of the Aburame Clan.

He said, "With an educated guess this young one is the one with the Kyuubi inside him. I wonder why him? Why could it not have been an Aburame, Uchiha, Hyuuga or any of the major clans? Who were his parents?"

Orochimaru had to agree. Orochimaru is very pale-skinned man waist-length black hair. He has amber eyes with slits in his pupils and purple markings around his eyes. His garbs include black pants and a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back and blue tomoe-shaped earrings. He is seen wearing a black polo neck under it. 'Hmm S-Sarutobi-sensei, I must admit you have me intrigued. He will be a perfect specimen for my experiments. So Naruto-kun, who are your parents?'

The Hokage sighed. He said, "This is S-Class secret. The protocol for S-Class secret is treason and you will be killed with no hesitation." Everyone knew that this was a serious thing. Orochimaru was basically grinning as Naruto's parents must be very important. The Hokage took extra precautions. He closed all the blinds in the meeting rooms and put a sound barrier up so no one could hear a peep.

As the edge was set by the Hokage, everyone in the meeting was waiting to hear who this young child's parents are. The young boy squirmed as he felt the gaze of everyone around him. It was more of a confused gaze but a gaze nonetheless. The Hokage took a deep breath as he said with a heavy heart, "Naruto-kun's parents are Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. His godfather is Jiraiya."

The Shinobi Council's eyes were wide. Naruto started to cry as he could feel that they were talking to his parents. It hurt a few of their hearts seeing baby Naruto crying for his parents. However Orochimaru was not having such problems. 'Oh my Naruto-kun, you are indeed the best person for the job. Jiraiya seems to have been keeping secrets from me, oh well. Jiraiya does not matter but Naruto on the other hand. If I'm right then Naruto you will be the perfect host for what is coming soon.'

The one who had been extremely quiet was Chōza. Chōza has long red hair and has markings on his cheeks, with the latter being a common trait in the Akimichi Clan. He is wearing a samurai like outfit which entails a black suit completed with armor that has the clan symbol "food" on it. He also wears a rope belt, hand guards, and instead of a forehead protector, wears a piece of cloth tied to his head, possibly to hold back his hair.

He said, "Hokage-sama, you can't be serious! He is the son of the strongest Hokages to ever exist and the strongest ANBU member in the Crimson Red Death! How could we not have known?"

The Hokage's gaze was fixated on the red headed man. He said, "Chōza, I take high offense to that statement. You never talk about another leader like that in front of the current leader. However since that is not as important as this situation, I will let it slide. Don't let it happen again."Seeing Chōza gulp, Hiruzen continued, "Orochimaru, have you had any contact with Jiraiya on his mission?"

Orochimaru stood up and said, "Sarutobi-sensei, he has contacted me but we had no such luck. He has reached Taki and will be on his way to Kiba no Kuni in a few days. He will be back within the month."

Hiruzen nodded at this. 'Damnit Tsunade. Why are you hiding from?' He said, "Unfortunately Naruto-kun's Godfather is not around as he is on his mission. Now the question is where should we put him? I'm open to ideas."

Murmuring filled the room. Each clan had something to gain from having Naruto in their clan. Hiashi knew this opportunity would put the Hyugas over their doujutsu rivals, the Uchihas. Tsume Inuzuka saw this as a possibility to get a powerful animal ally. Shikaku really didn't want him for personal gain other than understanding of what possessing the Kyuubi can do. Inoichi was the same way as the Shikaku however they wanted to study the mind of the boy who had the Kyuubi. Chōza wanted to see how the boy's body would be affected by the Kyuubi.

Fugaku jumped first. "Hokage-sama, the Uchiha Clan would be honored to have Naruto in one of our ranks!"

Shikaku saw some deceit in Fugaku's jet black eyes. He reacted quickly and said, "Hokage-sama, it would be a disservice to the village. For the Uchiha to get Naruto would prove deadly to the village." Fugaku narrowed his eyes to the Nara Leader.

Orochimaru saw his one in a lifetime event in his grasp. He stood up and said, "Sarutobi-sensei, it would not be wise to give any clans. Each and every clan would have a distinct advantage over the other clans."

Sarutobi stroked his beard as the other clans were not exactly happy. Tsume growled at Orochimaru for the insinuation that her clan would use Naruto as an advantage. Many of the other clans were thinking the same thing but were silent. Sarutobi said, "Orochimaru, what do you suggest? It is very unlike you to start talking without having a suggestion."

Orochimaru grinned at this possibility. Sometimes it is good to have the leader of the village as your sensei. "Sarutobi-sensei, it seems you know me very well. Yes, I do have suggestion. As I said that each clan would have advantage over the other clans. So what if we do not give him to a clan but to a person who is not of any clan. Someone like me."

Gasps were heard after this. It is not normal for someone like Orochimaru, the Hebi Sannin, to adopt a child. Hiashi narrowed his eyes at the Hebi Sannin. He did not like that Orochimaru has been dismissing the clans so easily. Hiashi was not stupid by any means. This was the Hyuga's opportunity and he would be damned if he didn't go down fighting for it. He said, "Orochimaru-san, what makes you qualified to be the foster parent for young Naruto-kun? You have around the same amount of bounty on your head as Minato-sama. Could you be able to protect him if some should arise? At least I know that if something happened we would not only have the Main but the Branch there to protect him. "

Orochimaru frowned slightly. He knew the politics of Konoha. It will always be an uphill battle for people of non-clans to get something done. However he has a few snakes in the hole. He said in his calmest voice, "Hiashi-sama, it is true that I have a bounty over my head that could build four Uchiha districts. However that does not mean I do not qualify. When I am on a mission my snake summons are adept enough to take care of him. In addition, six days ago I was the fourth best fuinjutsu user in Konoha. The only ones who were higher were Kushina, Minato, and Jiraiya respectfully. Now I'm the best in Konoha right now. I am able to break down complex seals that would take you all a lifetime to learn and understand.

Naruto-kun's seal is one of the most complex seals to exist as it deals with the Death God, Shinigami. With a small mistake it is certain that you could lose your own lives and destroy your clan. I am slightly offended to be honest. What you have done disputing the care of a baby who has the potential to be great is appalling. Tsume-sama, it is like me arguing with you over an extremely rare white Cerberus. What would I be able to say, 'even though you and your clan are the animal trainers who specialize in dogs, I'm more qualified because it's an animal?'

To be quite honest, that would be asinine and inane of me to do that to Tsume-sama. So please explain to me why would you even consider doing that to me? Yet there is something that's been constantly tugging at my brain and that is the Uchihas. We've read the fairy tale about the Valley of the End, how Madara Uchiha summoned the Kyuubi and Hashirama defeated it. It occurs to me that Fugaku over here was the first to try and put Naruto into "ranks". It makes me wonder how much of that story is true.

Ladies and gentlemen, there it is on the table. The Uchiha would put him in one of their ranks not even in the family but a rank. It occurs to me and possibly all of you that when you pull ranks, you are merely a tool to that person. Perhaps even a means to reach the other 'tool'.

I have no such need for that. Not to sound cocky but I am one of the more powerful shinobi around. Imagine if something went wrong how many of you can legitimately go toe to toe with a pissed off Jiraiya. You have never seen Jiraiya pissed but I have. I wouldn't say it publicly but if Jiraiya was serious in a fight half of Konoha would be destroyed. He would wipe a whole clan right out.

So unless you can handle that man with a sweat beading down your face, I would suggest that you allow me to have and train Naruto."

Fugaku was visibly shaken. It was not from fear of Jiraiya. No it was something deeper. It was anger. This anger had awakened the Sharingan unconsciously from the brute man. 'How-how dare he? I will kill you nice and slow. If you get the boy I'll make sure your life will be without a doubt deadly. I will make you suffer.'

Tsume on the other hand was angry but understood. 'Damn you, Orochimaru! I hate to admit it but you are right. It doesn't matter Naruto-kun, I'll make sure that the Inuzukas respect you and you will be considered one of our own.'

Sarutobi was surprised that Danzō didn't say anything. He actually wanted Danzō to speak up as it would give him a great and legitimate reason as to delve in. He did have to admit that Orochimaru's points were valid. However once Jiraiya comes back he along with Tsunade would take care of the boy.

Hiruzen took a puff of his pipe. He didn't see any objections as to Orochimaru's plan. He said, "Well council due to the fact there are no objections to Orochimaru's proposal, I have decided that Naruto will being going to Orochimaru. There will be a meeting in three days. This meeting has been adjourned. Orochimaru you stay behind."

After the meeting was dismissed, Danzō reached the Root hideout. Danzō is an old frail man with a cane. He had black shaggy hair, and his right eye is kept bandaged. Danzō has had an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wore a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. He sat down his mind was processing everything that occurred. In a blink of a second, three Root ANBU ninjas dropped in front of the Root leader.

Tishio Namikuso is a muscular shinobi with pale skin. He said, "Danzō -sama, may I ask a question?"

Normally Danzō would say no, but he had a feeling this question pertained to the young boy. He tapped his scarred chin and said, "Go on Tishio-kun"

"Danzō -sama, why did you not try to retain the boy? Would it not be beneficial for the Organization? He would easily rise in our ranks especially if we trained him at this age."

Danzō nodded his agreement with Tishio. However there was a look in Danzō's eyes signifying something darker. He tapped his cane causing five more Root ninjas to appear in front of him. He closed his eyes as he spoke softly, "You are correct Tishio-kun. However that is why I did not put my cards in the pile."

Tishio was naturally confused about this. He voiced his confusion, "Danzō -sama that does not make too much sense. This was an opportunity to become the greatest hero in Konoha's lustrous history of heroes."

Danzō was eerily quiet. He had always been calm but this had as different feel to it and Tishio knew it. He started to shake in the inside. It took Danzō a few moments to speak. "Your right Tishio I would be. However that is what Sarutobi wanted me to do. If I put my cards on the line and try to get this supposed lottery pick, it would give Hiruzen a way to look into the Root organization. It does not help that the boy is Jiraiya's godson. That changed everything. It is almost too good to be true. "

"That makes a lot of sense, Danzō -sama."

It finally clicked for Tishio. Unfortunately for Tishio, it did not click quickly enough. Danzō looked at him deep into his eyes. In an eerily calm voice, Danzō said, "Keiriku, terminate Tishio." Before Tishio could move, Keiriku slit Tishio's neck with no hesitation. Danzō said, "Kirei, clean Tishio up off the floor and dispose of the body properly. I need everyone to leave to proximity. Fukusho, I need to speak with you at once."

In an instant the five Root members along with Keiriku and Kirei, who was carrying Tishio's body, disappeared in a swirl of leaves. A blurry being had kneeled in front of the Root leader. Danzō said, "Fukusho, I have a new project for you. I want to gather ten groups each having a sensor and a man and woman who could pass off as civilians ". Fukusho bowed his head and nodded. "Danzō -sama, what is your mission and when do you want it completed?"

Danzō simply tapped his chin. "Lately our program has become lax. It seems that my ninjas have been questioning my authority. The emotion test seems to be incomplete. We are going to start from scratch and rebuild. The Kyuubi attack might be a blessing in disguise for the organization. We have an abundant amount of orphans that neither the orphanage nor the foster care system can take complete care of. Your mission is to abduct deserving orphans pertaining to training also known as Operation ADOPT.

Your mission is to make the male and female to pose as civilians to "adopt" orphans and bring them here. Your sensors will first see if the orphan is worth the trouble. He will see if the children have regular chakra streams. If the chakra is over 0.005% and are infants those are the ones we want. If they are older the sensors will know which kid is able to tell if they are able to be an asset for the organization."

Fukusho asked, "Danzō-sama, how about the ones with kekkei genkais?" Danzō smirked.

"Good for us."

It has become dark out and Naruto was silently sleeping in Orochimaru's house. Orochimaru smirked as he saw the young boy snore slightly. He sent a shadow clone into the basement to get some things. He said out loud, "My, my Naruto-kun, I guess today is my lucky day. Thanks to the Akatsuki members' bloodlines, I have many distinct possibilities in which I can create the ultimate body. It is unfortunate that they want to gather the tail beasts. Well they are going to have hell on their hands when I get my new and improved body. Now little Naruto-kun, don't worry you won't feel the genetic change at first."

Orochimaru's shadow clone came back with metallic briefcases. The shadow clone said, "Orochimaru-sama, I have the Kekkei Genkai syringes. I primed them and was able to speed up the process. Once the syringe is injected into the boy's stream, it will cause these bloodline pathogens to start latching on to Naruto's blood and chakra. My theory is that the Kyuubi would purge the virus that the bloodline of the person could have but the kekkei genkai should be able to combine with Naruto's blood cells. Due to the fact he is so young, the result will be the chakra becomes confused and allows the Kekkei Genkai to form. It will still take some time my lord however."

Orochimaru expected this. 'Hmmm, I know I got to leave for the Akatsuki soon. So I will have a few of the snakes to watch over him. His abilities won't manifest itself until about the age of six or older.' He said, "Excellent! We are going to start with this one first."

He pulled out a jade green syringe with the label, "Mokuton". Naruto woke up and saw the sinister snake with a syringe in his hands. He started to cry. Orochimaru tried to comfort him. "Don't worry Naru-kun, you will feel so much better soon." With this he injected Naruto with what will be many syringes.

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