Red eyes met blue.

The pure and unadulterated hatred of said red eyes towards Naruto was thicker than steel. Naruto could feel the Killing Intent being fully focused on him. This beast was easily 8 feet tall. He was a dark purple, and had black rings running down intervals on his body. He had massive fangs, though they were arranged in a way similar to that of a constrictor snake instead of a viper or other venomous snake species, presumably carrying venom in them from the way they were designed, and green eyes. He also had four horn-like protrusions on his head. His mere aura would blow the simplest of beings to their respective graves.

Naruto knew this was not your ordinary garter snake. This was a monster; a behemoth even. This monster was on a whole other level. He was not someone or something you crossed. No he was ready to do massive damage. Naruto looked around hoping to see a way out. 'Damn it! Nowhere to go!' Naruto slipped into the Hebi cobra defensive position as he looked directly into his possible harbinger of death's eyes. He gulped internally as he prepared himself.

On the other side, the snake-like beast grinned darkly at the boy. It's not every day you see someone imitate your fighting style. To be honest, he was a tad bit disappointed in the boy. The boy didn't seem to live up to the hype the other snakes were forecasting. The boy was short, week-looking. He didn't have the aura of someone that was strong enough to lead anyone. He was not even on the same level as Kakashi or even Itachi at his age. This was the one who was supposed to bring the rebellion to victory?

He was a joke!

To make it even worse was the fact that this boy was the one that the traitor Orenji has risked his family's life for. The boy was absolutely useless! He was nothing! Orochimaru had injected all of these top tier bloodline into the boy. Wasting all of that time, money, and favors for something that was clearly damaged. Orochimaru must be so damned proud of his experiment. He always believed he was in full control over everything. But then again, Orochimaru is just a mere pawn in the scheme of things. He should do Orochimaru this kind favor of eliminating the boy from existence. That was Orochimaru doesn't have to worry about what the boy becomes.

The snake spoke in a dark, gruff voice, "So we finally meet, boy! I've heard so much about you. Most of it was rumors though. I must say that you are not that much to look at." The way he looked at boy most assuredly put Naruto on edge. It promised pain as his venom fell onto the ground. Naruto was many things but stupid wasn't one of them. He could see that this was flight situation. 'His chakra levels are enormous! That could be used to my advantage. Its night out but a spike of chakra and ANBU is quick on his ass. I hope its quick enough.' Naruto was not going to let the snake to distract him. He flashed a few hand signs in rapid succession.

"Suiton: Se (Water Technique: Torrent)!"

Naruto blew a powerful torrent of water towards the Snake. The snakes ruby red eyes became wide as he was definitely not expecting the boy to know ninjutsu. The boy seemed to have massive chakra levels for him to be able to use that technique the Snake mused. He dodged it successful only to see the boy going into another jutsu.

"Fūton: Torune-do (Wind Technique: Tornado)!"

The wind surrounding the area started to swirl around the two. The snake hissed as the technique was no rally to hurt him but to blind him One he could he the boy was in trouble. Fortunately for the snake, the move also hindered Naruto from seeing as well. Oh yes the boy is in deep trouble, indeed. "M-my, my s-s-such chakra consuming jutsus for a lowly burlap sack. I didn't expect that from a burlap. Nonetheless, I'll take care of that." With speed Naruto had never seen, the purple snake struck.

Fortunately for the boy, his body did react as his scales blocked the incoming onslaught. The purple snake's massive scales was not strong enough to hold a toe to toe match with Naruto's. Naruto's scales have increased to a whole new level of hardness. It has grown almost to the point where it matched the level of diamonds. As a result, the snake hissed at his newly made scar. 'What's this? How was a mere human able to strike me? So he isn't normal as he was made to look like. Yet he isn't that strong. Well no matter. I'll take care of that really.'

The snake made a hissing noise alerting the boy. The snake flung his massive tail at Naruto. The snake's tail was something to marvel at. The tail had been cut about a third of a way. With the help of an extremely mad scientist, the snake was able to make a chakra infused metal tail. As such, for the boy to actually hit him, shocked the snake immensely. For Naruto, he was happy to be alive. 'Damn! His power is enormous! I have to be extremely careful.'

Naruto tried to do some hand signs to put at least some distance between he and the snake. This didn't help Naruto much as the snake's tail smashed Naruto into the wall. Naruto hit the ground with an 'oof'. His body felt like a shockwave went throughout his whole body. Naruto slid down the wall as twenty or so poisonous needles were coming at him.

His eyes were wide as he dodge the majority of the needles. The problem were the three needles in his arm, leg and chest respectively. Naruto winced at the pain as the snake laughed at the boy's plight. The poison that Naruto had been hit with is comprised of three neurotoxins. The three work in sequence. The first is the immediate effect where the nervous system intensifies the pain receptors in the body to extreme levels. The second causes the nerves to become fully numb causing the person to feel nothing. Finally, the third shuts down all the vital organs in one's body in approximately 15 minutes. Essentially the snake was playing with its food before he ate it.

Naruto struggled as he spat the over filling spit out of his mouth. His eyes closed as the pain coursed through his body His eyes screamed to the heavens. He felt as if his skin was close to being ripped apart on a cellular level. His blood curdled as he want to die. He tried to scream; hoping and praying someone will hear him. Here the fuck are the ANBU when you need them?

The snake was not going to have any of that. With his mighty tail, he smashed the boy. The smashing stroke caused a tremor throughout the city. The snake cursed as it wasn't meant to be that loud. 'I have to kill him quickly. That tremor could have woken up the First and Second Hokage.' Naruto tried to move but he felt another strike hitting him. He couldn't even gasp a word out.

The snake slithered to the barely conscious boy. He could only sneer at the boy. He supposedly had all this power. Power that Orochimaru had banked all his eggs into. It was a major disappointment. Well he could at least finish him off and the boy won't have to live knowing he was such a disappointment. Much to the surprise of the huge snake, Naruto fought to get up.

'What in the world! He should be dead! Why won't he die?!'

The snake circled around the boy. The predator has his prey down and beaten. The snake copies the form of a helix with Naruto's body. The snake met the boy's eyes as it squeezed the life out of the boy. The boy couldn't scream as his bones popped. His body was withering away it tried its damnedest to survive. The snake loved this part. He loved a challenge. He squeezed harder and harder and harder.

The snake's eyes became devious as the boy started to fade. He smiled with utter glee. The poor boy was not going to win. No it was very before it even began. He started to turn blue as the constriction took away any breath he may had. His eyes were fading. It was almost over.

His dreams were over.

He was never going to be Hokage!


Blue eyes became white.

White became red.

Zoruamaru felt a disturbance.

He was having a great day as he knew that after Naruto passed his exam, Naruto will be able to use him as a companion. He would finally be able to be with his master and every day. This wasn't a slight against Orenji as he loved learning from the elder snake/companion. However this will enable him to actually grow as a combat fox.

Such a thought brought a euphoric bliss to the fox. Yet, Naruto should have been home by now. Normally that is fine for a boy his age. However this was a different scenario. Naruto had promised that he will celebrate with Orenji and him first.

It did not help that Zoruamaru and Naruto has a chakra based connection. In essence, Zoruamaru could tell where Naruto is and how much he can access. Normally, it fluctuates but this this time it was a massive drop. 'Have to warn Orenji!'

"Orenji-senpai, something is going on with Naruto-kun!"

Orenji had been thoroughly exhausted over these years. While Naruto had went to the Academy, Orenji had broken himself into parts. He was a sensei to Zoruamaru during the day and worked different jobs at odd hours of the night. Naruto had to keep the utilities on somehow. As a semi-permanent summon, he was able to henge into a human and work. Luckily, Naruto and Zoruamaru were great learners. So it made it easier for him to teach. He replied with a tired yawn, "What is it Zoru-kun?"

"It's his chakra levels! They are deplet-AGH!"

Zoruamaru screamed in pain. His eyes became red. He felt anger and hatred. His body shook as red chakra started to rack through his body. Orenji instantly became on alert. 'What the hell is going on?' Orenji crawled towards him only to get expelled to the other side of the room with a thud.

"Stay the hell away from me!"

Zoruamaru screamed at the top of his lungs. His chakra was no longer blue but blood red. It started to mutate the poor fox. His bones creaked as his body became encased in a red orb. Orenji had picked himself up from the floor. He knocked the cobwebs out of his head as he thought, 'That power! Where the hell did it come from? This has to do with Naruto-kun but what? I have to help him somehow.'

In an instant, the red orb imploded into itself leaving a shadow. Orenji wiped the smoke away from his face to see Zoruamaru. His eyes went wide as this was on longer the fox he remembered.

Zoruamaru was indeed different. He was the same height as Naruto. He was now a bipedal, gray-brown fox with crimson and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears with red insides. It also has some red rimming its eyes and mouth. It has a large, red, voluminous mane with black tips, which somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a teal bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. It has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. HIs upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, and it has red claws on its hands and feet.*

The freakish looking Zoruamaru stared at his mentor with a bloodthirsty grin. "Naruto-kun is calling."

Red verses red



The snake felt dread and fear. This was a fear that he hadn't felt in a long. It sent a shiver down his spine as red chakra started emanating through the boy's body. The snake started to suffocate from the poisonous chakra. 'No! He was dead! He's supposed to be dead. He's-'.

As he choked on the pure unadulterated chakra, the snake suddenly realized that there was a hand crushing his windpipe. The snake looked as the boy was very different than a few moments ago. The snake was then thrown to the other side of the wall. The snake decided to grow a bit taller to try and intimidate the possessed boy. The boy then grew a huge smirk on his face. The bigger the opponent the bigger the target area. The snake rasped out, "Who are you?"

The boy smiled something sinister. He was encased with a blood red chakra. His eyes changed from a round form to a slitted, dark blood red. His nails and canine teeth grow longer and sharper. Naruto's hair also grows longer and spikier, and the whisker-like marks on his cheeks widen and thicken. The most significant manifestation are the tails that sprout from Naruto's body. One tail swished behind the boy.

He roared as the red chakra illuminated the village. The boys glare fixated on the snake. He said in an almost possessed voice, "Well, well, so this is the new body they put me in. Interesting. Not a female. Oh yes you. I remember you and your clan. I can smell that disgusting filth. You and your clan were the ones that decided they want to poison me. All it did was keep me asleep. I could have slept a lot longer but you decided to try and kill my container. I must admit, he is not one to die easily. And neither am I!"

In an instant, The Kyuubi possessed boy came at the snake. The snake knew who this possessed kid was and he knew this was plan has gone downhill. The snake felt a punch go through body. It wasn't a normal punch. No, it was punch infused with a pure, bubbling, hot chakra. The Snake screamed in pain as his face was melting. He swung his tail hoping to knock this monster out and kill him. The Kyuubi possessed Naruto used his chakra tail to deflect it. The metal tail was melted to bits causing the snake the snarl. The snake screamed, "You son of a Bitch! Why do you keep cutting off my tail! Why didn't you die all those years ago! "

It finally clicked for the tailed beast. He gained a dark mocking smile as he said, "Ahh yes I remember you. You were there all those years ago when I was a bit WILD! HA! It all makes sense! I cut your tail off! It was like a hot knife on butter. Yu miss it don't you. Such a shame that you are not even-"

"I'll kill you! You son of a –"

Before he could strike the boy, a black blur knocked him off into the wall. The snake hit the wall with an oof. He shook the cobwebs out of his head as confusion spread. His eyes were blurry as his disorientation was becoming a major issue. What the hell just hit him? He could only see was a black blur. On the other side, the Kyuubi possessed Naruto grew a huge smirk on his face. His laugh filled the air. 'The Calvary has arrived!' The beast was none other than Zoruamaru.

Zoruamaru growled at the snake, "I will not allow you to attack my master!" The ferocity in the mutated fox's voice caught the snake off guard. Dealing with one of these beasts was already a problem considering that the ANBU was most certainly on their way. The genjutsu he put up had definitely been broken by now. 'Shit! This kid has gotten reinforcements! Why wasn't I notified of this? I-'

He couldn't finish as two separate blurs, red and black respectively, came at him. His eyes were able to focus enough to deflect the two. It didn't help as the two blurs were chaotic in nature causing one to slash him on the side while the other punched him in the face. A huge hiss came from the snake as another scar was added to his collection.

"Don't tell me that is all you got snakey? You were looking for a challenge but you can't even handle a small boy! Disappointing! This is why it took a toad to take me down!"

That did it.

There were only a few things that a person could say that could piss of a snake. This was one of them. The huge snake snarled as he came at the boy and fox. They dodged the initial strike only to be knocked by the summon's half of a tail. While it knocked the fox off balance Naruto managed to hold onto the tail. With his dark smirk, Naruto jumped onto the snake's fifth crown horn. The snake squealed in pain as the hot, bubbly chakra was burning the crown. The snake thrashed around as Naruto held on even tighter.

"Let go damn you!"




"I said let go you fucking demon!"


"Not a chance in HELL!"


Time seemed to slow down as Naruto feel off the ginormous snake. In his hand he held the once proud snake's royal fifth protrusion. The snake's eyes went wide as pain coursed through his body. Fear overtook his face as anger, rage, desperation fought internally. The evil boy had ripped off his horn off his head. These horns weren't just some decoration. Each horn a snake possesses shows their rank starting from one to five. Each horn either gives or enhances their abilities such as ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. In essence, this was used for their hiearchy. The snake was able to reach the level of five. To have it snapped off meant that that power was no longer there and neither is the rank.

The Kyuubi possessed Naruto smirked as he mockingly wagged the horn at the monstrous snake. The Snake roared as he came at Naruto with the strength he could muster. The boy jumped away only to get slammed back against the wall. He slid off the wall only to get whacked once again. This wasn't an ordinary strike from the snake. No this was desperate and panic filled attacks. Naruto could smell the fear! He laughed manically as the thrill of the hunt coursed through his veins. He grabbed the snake's tail and flung him to the other side.

Something felt off.

The Kyuubi felt this form was starting to dissipate. He growled as he was just getting started. He was finally able to destroy this creature tortuously. However, he knew if he were to dissipate, the snake will kill the boy and ultimately him. He snarled as he unleashed a terrifying roar. "I will make sure we will fight again and I will kill you!"

The red chakra started to fade as Naruto's bloodshot eyes were going back to its normal blue. He slumped down. Chakra exhaustion was starting to settle in. Traces of the red beast hugged his body like a glove but it steadily disappeared. He was fading out of consciousness along with Zoruamaru on the other side of the wall.

The snake was in deep pain as his body sustained 3rd degree burns, gashes, cuts and most importantly a missing horn. He had lost almost all of his chakra that connect him to this world. He had to pump almost a third of his chakra from the other plane to sustain his position. He will admit that he thought the boy was simple and easily killable. But he proved to be a menace and strong. 'He is definitely a threat to the world as long as the Kyuubi is in him.'He saw the Kyuubi recede back into the boy's body. This made him smile as it was over. 'Without the Kyuubi, he is easy pickings. That chakra exhaustion is coming in nicely! Time to finish him!'

The snake towered over the boy. Naruto's eyes were half lidded as he saw himself feel the dread of death reaching towards him. The snake wasn't going to be merciful. No he learned that from the first time. He was going to bite him in half and finish the deal. 'Time to die!' As he reached back to bite the boy, he heard a voice.


The voice came out with venom dripping from with each syllable. Orenji slithered with an aura of a battle hardened soldier. No longer did have one horn but four. His face was merely a mask that contain unadulterated hatred for the snake in front of him. This was the person that caused him all the pain he has ever experienced. He was the one who damaged Naruto. Today will be the day he will pay.

Manda's lips curled. This was a perfect opportunity to get something out of this epic failure. He said, with blood coming out on the side of his lips, "Oh Orenji-kun! It's great to see such a well-trained failure come to see his worthless student die. I do hope that your whole life of being a traitor was worth all the pain that I'm going to inflict onto you. I must ask, seeing your student about to die do you feel it was worth it? Was it?"

Orenji gritted his teeth. He got into attack position. No more talking just plain out fighting. He jumped towards Manda. Manda deflected the attack. Orenji dug his sharp incisors into Manda's skin. The Purple snake howled in pain as the orange snake held on tight. He was able to get freed as he slammed the orange snake into the wall. He hissed in pain as blood dripped from his neck.

Orenji slid down the wall as he didn't expect that from Manda. Manda must have really been beaten up to not even up a normal fight. Orenji went back to focusing on the purple snake. Before he could do any more to the King of all Snakes, Manda spoke. "So you do have a backbone for the boy. Too bad it couldn't help those who went against me at home. The rebellion is over! I found the rebel forces and killed them all!"

Orenji snarled, "You could not have been able to kill off all of them you bastard! The Rebel Alliance will never fall!"

Manda laughed. It was not a normal laugh but laugh of mockery and pity. He did pity the man as he will know his little secret. "My poor little traitor. You do not realize just how much power I fully possess. You see there was this lady snake. She came from the high courts of the snakes. She was as strong as they come. She protected her dear children as their father went away searching for a dream. Oh how beautiful she was. She tried her damnedest to take care of the sniveling little garter snakes but she realized the time was near.

She had to pick a side. A side that had no way of winning. Poor Morena"

Orenji's body shook. Manda was talking about the love of his life, his wife, Morena. Tears grew on the side of his eyes as he whispered, "What did you do to her you bastard!"

It brought great pleasure to Manda to see the sadness and anger grow within the traitor. That's what he gets for betraying the King of all Snakes. "She tried to hide the traitors from me. She did a great job at it too. I wasn't until one of my spies led me right to her. When I captured her, it was magical to see her squirm. She wouldn't tell me where you were but we tortured her endlessly. Her resolve was strong. But we were stronger. We couldn't break her but the highlight was watching the light leave her eyes as we made her die in the most tortuous way a snake could die front of everyone!"

Manda's laughed echoed in Orenji's ears. He body rattled in pain. His wife is dead at the hand of that snake. Impossible! He couldn't have. He wouldn't. Tears flowed as the king laughed at his misery. "She can't be dead! She can't be!" Oh but she was, Manda smiled. He reached into a concealed pocket and threw the scroll at the Orange snake. The scroll opened on its own to show the orange color jewel embedded into a horn. It was Morena's.

"You are under arrest in the name of the Law! Come quietly or we will have to use deadly force!" In an instant 10 to 20 different police and ANBU squads came down. The purple snake cursed as he thought he had more time to kill the boy but no matter. He will get him another day. Now was his time to escape. He opened up a portal as he said to the ANBU, 'No, no not this time! Tell the old man that Manda said HI!" Manda disappeared with chilling laugh. The ANBU captain hit the ground with his fist as he saw Naruto on the ground unconscious. They picked the poor boy up and sent him to the hospital. The ANBU Captain sighed.

The Hokage was definitely not going to like this.

Meanwhile no saw a tearful Orange snake carry a black fox back home.

The Hokage was furious!


He slammed his fist onto the table nearly splitting it in half. He was more than furious! After he heard about A infiltrating the village, he was called into an emergency meeting at the Land of Flame with the leader of Hi no Kuni. This meeting irritated the hell out of the Hokage as he was going to have to make a few changes in the Konoha. Then he was awakened by a blast of chakra that could nearly wake up the dead. Another infiltration had occurred. Enough was enough. There was no way in the world they were supposed to be hit not once but twice.

It was the middle of the night and he had called all of the members of the Security Council. This council was made up after the Uchiha Massacre. Its sole purpose was to one fill the void of the Uchiha Clan and two to make sure the village was safe. It consisted of the Advisor Danzō, the ANBU Commander Tanaka, Jonin Commander Shikaku Nara, the Hyuga leader Hiashi Hyuga, the Inuzuka leader Tsume Inuzuka, and Ibiki Moreno the T & I commander. While they were tired, the look on the face of their leader told them they better sober up because this was going to be a doozy.

He lit his pipe as he said, "Yesterday will be marked as one of the worst days in Konoha's history. By chance do any of you have an inclination as to why?" No one dared to speak. To speak at this moment would mean death by Hokage. No one wanted that of course. This wasn't the grand kids old man Hokage. This was the Second War Hokage who was kicking ass and taking names. No they were cower and fear.

"Well since none of you are man enough to talk about what happen, I'm going to explain it. Two nights ago we were graciously met with the Raikage to be A. Now can someone explain to me how in Kami's green earth did A, one of the youngest and strongest Kages to be was able to infiltrate Konoha? This is not normal and could not be tolerated. What makes it worse is that it took a day, a motherfucking Day for my top operatives to tell me about this situation. Tanaka, you better have some Kami damn reason or your head will be rolling.

Before you start to explain how that happen, I need explanation from Hiashi and Tsume as well. You two lead the Konoha Police. That means that anything should occur your clans will be the first response. Yet, you allowed the man to walk in like a Sunday stroll. Hell the only reason, we knew he was here was because he decided to show his Raiton ability. How embarrassing! Somebody better start explaining!"

Surprisingly it Shikaku to speak. Normally, he would be the last person to speak as he came up with solutions. But this bothered him. How could someone as strong as A come into Konoha? This was not A's MO. Shikaku said, "Sandaime-sama, I do not question your knowledge on this matter. However, this does not fit A's motive and personality. He is a powerhouse and overall destructive ninja. Not an 'I'm going to do a hit and run' type. "

Tanaka took an inward sigh of relief. This could potentially put a lot of weight off of him. . In all of his time as the Commander of the ANBU, Tanaka Ishiro had never had a situation so dire. While he has been on the ANBU force for 8 years. He had never seen another village send their kage-to-be leader to fight another village during peace time. It was not even a covert type. He said, "Hokage-sama, I would like to apologize for my subordinates' failure to report this atrocity. I will make sure that they will be punished accordingly. As to rest of the council ANBU has a system that tracks all that comes in and out of the village. I have the report from the system. It looks as if the man were to have make it into the village he would have had to make it through the west entrance. It was open during the times of 1130 am to 1:15 pm. This was when it was going through maintenance. We had two Chūnin guarding that entrance. The lightning power that was shown was extraordinary to say the least. I do not know what he wanted but obviously he didn't get it."

Hiruzen was not amused as he let the information digest. He was not exactly thrilled. He took another puff as he said, "As great as that is, how in the world did you Hiashi and Tsume not have anyone at the post?" Hiashi wanted to say something but couldn't. There was no excuse. He had pulled some members back thinking the Hokage would not notice. He was a tad bit paranoid about his daughters. That equated more daughters more security. Tsume was utterly speechless.

Hokage replied curtly, "That's what I thought. Be advised. There will be a massive change for security. Now tonight there was another infiltration. This infiltration seem too close to the one before. It seems the traitor of Konoha has joined forces with Kumo."

Silence filled the room. Orochimaru was back but with the backing of one of the major villages. This brought shivers throughout their spines. Orochimaru had secrets of Konoha that even when they didn't know. This was not good. This was not good at all.

"Hokage-sama, I'm fearing the worst but what is the connection between the two?" Shikaku gulped.

"We have found reports from the Hyuga incident that connects the two. In addition, it seems like the king of snakes, Manda, attacked a one Naruto Uzumaki." They stiffened at this. This was not good. If Manda was involved then there is no doubt that Orochimaru is not far behind. Danzō, of course, was mostly afraid of what it could mean to Root.

He was mostly silent through this whole ordeal. He said, "Hokage-sama, what should we do about the situation with Kumo? DO we want to rage war?"


A thought that Hiruzen definitely did not want. Too many wars. He sighed as he said, "Let me find out from the boy if this is true. If it is then we will take care of the situation. "

Naruto woke up with near soulless eyes in a hospital. He was connected to several IVs. It didn't matter much to him. He's been here a few times but this time it was different. He couldn't forget what happened to him. For what felt like an eternity, he was in a state of limbo. He couldn't move. All around him was darkness. He heard voices screaming out to him to wake up and fight. He heard and felt the battle between two entities. Most of all it hurt. He felt his soul being cut to pieces. He had begged whatever god there was to just end this strife. Yet no one was willing to give this poor boy his sweet, sweet release. He didn't know what he had done to deserve this but-


Naruto's blue eyes wandered to the door as the man walked into the door. From what he could tell, it was the Hokage, three Jonin and an ANBU squad. Naruto could recognize the Jonin to be the legendary 3 man team Ino-Shika-Cho. Or for him Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji's parents. He couldn't truly describe his thoughts about them as they were not abusive to him but did ignore him. Which could be just as bad, as or even worse than being abused.

He shook out of his thoughts as the Sandaime Hokage spoke softly to him, "Oh, you are awake. Naruto-kun, how are you feeling?" The man's eyes were soft as were his hands when held onto Naruto's hand with empathy. Naruto sent the man a look. He could see that the man was here for another reason. While it might not be sinister in nature, it was an ulterior motive. You don't need a whole ANBU squad and three Jonin to ask how a person feels.

These thoughts of anger and discontent has been rising more and more. It was as if there was a voice bringing these ideas into his head. Maybe they were already there to begin with. Naruto didn't know but it was sure as hell making a lot of sense. He deadpanned, "I'm just fine Hokage-sama, although I will be much better when you tell me why you brought three Jonin and four ANBU members to the room." The Hokage was taken aback as he didn't expect the boy to see the four ANBU members as they are cloaked with an invisible seal. Then again Naruto did this 6 years ago with Itachi. But it is still surprising.

The three Jonin on the other hand were gravely surprised. It was unnatural to see a child that was in their children's class be able to sense the four concealed ANBU. Hell, they were not even able to sense the ANBU until they were Jonin. Actually it was not until they met-. A cough broke them out of their stupor as the Hokage glared at them. It was not the glare of a grumpy old man. No this was the glare of a battled vet.

The Hokage said with a slight edge and authority, "As I was saying Naruto-kun, these three men are here to speak to you about the incident that happened yesterday." Naruto's eyes rose at this. Now it all makes sense. They wanted to see what went wrong yesterday. Of course, this was the Hokage's ulterior motive. His eyes flashed for a moment before turning away. He felt something stab him on the side. What was it? He searched to see a horn. A horn!? Wait a minute, so it did happen. The fight anyway. But how in the world did he get it?

Before he could contemplate it, Shikaku walked to him. He kneeled down to look at him at eye level. He said in an empathetic tone, "Uzumaki-san, my name is Shikaku Nara. You probably know my son Shikamaru Nara." Naruto nodded to the man about knowing Shikamaru. Shikaku smiled inwardly as it made things a bit simpler. He continued, "Well Uzumaki-san, we just want to understand what happened last night. It's okay if you are scared or confused. I promise nothing will leave this room. We are just trying to piece together everything. Tell us anything that you can remember. "

Naruto's eyes searched the deception that filled the man's eyes. While the man clearly had secrets, this was not one of them. He said with a sigh, "I guess I should start with the Academy Test. The test was not too difficult but it did leave me drained. I'll admit, it wasn't something I ever felt before but I digress. I went walking after the test like normal. I was still deciding if I should go home and rest or train. Anyway I realized it was dark outside. I guess the overall decision was to just go to bed. That's when things became weird.

"Weird? How so?" Shikaku asked.

"I had this weird feeling. It felt as if someone or something was watching me. This is normal for me. I've felt glares before and I've seen people give me those grave stares." Its true Naruto has felt those stares before. They haven't tried anything in a while. 2 years to be exact but Naruto digress. "Anyway, this someone or something was had so much anger and hatred brewed into him or her. It was glaring it all on me. It seem to have follow me wherever I went until I met red eyes"

Red eyes.

This caused the four to stiffen a bit. So many thoughts roamed through their heads. For the Jonin in the room they were hoping it wasn't a certain Uchiha. Hiruzen said with a small shake in his old voice, "Naruto-kun were those eyes by chance spinning? This is really important." Naruto could tell the fear that was in Hiruzen's voice. It also helped that the three Jonin had turned a white pasty pale. He shook his head, no, at the apparent question causing a sigh of relief on their faces.

Naruto continued, "These red eyes belonged to a beast, a monster. He was a huge purple snake. His purpose was to come after me. He said that I wasn't what he expected me to be whatever that was. And then he attacked me. "

So it was true. Manda is after the boy, the Hokage surmised. This was the confirmation he needed. He had to do an overhaul on their securities. He excused himself from the room and created a kage bushin to take over for him during the conversation. He disappeared in a swirl of leaves back to his office. The Shadow Clone walked back in to hear, "He then wrapped his massive body around me. He bit me and I… I"

Naruto could not finish as tears leaked out from the sides of his eyes. It's not every day that you technically go into limbo not knowing if he was going to make it. The Hokage consoled him as it must have been terrible to face the King of Snakes. The Hokage said softly, "Naruto-kun you are free to leave home. Good luck on your exam. After your results, you will be one step closer to being the Hokage." The boy smiled as the ruffled his head. The three Jonin were given the signal to leave as Hiruzen left the boy with his thoughts.

Naruto's hair covered his eyes after they left. No longer was he going to cry. No longer was he going to be weak. It's time to take all of this seriously. It was a new day.

It is a new Naruto.

The Hokage knew it had to happen. He could not be punked in his own village anymore. He called in one of his special ANBU members. The man tall shinobi had messy brown hair. He wore a hood to conceal mostly everything. Hiruzen inward turmoil grew. He didn't want to do this but someone had to pay. He handed the document over to the ANBU member.

He said with a firm, authoritative voice, "Give this to Danzō and make haste. He will know what to do."

The ANBU nodded and disappeared from sight.

The consequences of a misunderstanding.

The forbidden scroll.

Orochimaru had been quiet for the last few years. He had detected from that cult after a failed attempt to gain the infamous Sharingan from Itachi Uchiha. He must admit that the Sharingan held something that he lust for, power. It was not just any power. No it held the secrets to copy anything. With the addition of his brilliant mind, there is no doubt he would be unstoppable. The gap between life and death would finally bridge.

There lies the problem. He needed a fully mature Sharingan to do so. He had tried to use a younger Uchiha in his late teens to transfer his body into. The boy did have the Sharingan activated with two tomoes. When he transferred into this boy he was locked into a genjutsu loop. If it wasn't for his assistant, he would have been there for life.

Orochimaru came to the conclusion that there was a genetic lock, almost a failsafe, in the Sharingan. To be able to transfer a Sharingan to another person, the Sharingan user must have three tomoes in the Sharingan. This was groundbreaking as it explained many things like why Kakashi was able to receive it in the first place. But that means that there must be a way to activate that level.

What was it?

It drove Orochimaru mad! The Uchiha were tightly lipped about their doujutsu. It was not the first clan to be cautious about their kekkei genkai. But this situation was different. Only a few people in the Uchiha Clan have ever reached a three tomoe Sharingan in the first place. Even then, those with it would not tell how they got it. It was as if talking about it was a dark secret. What was the secret?

That's where the forbidden scroll came into play. The forbidden scroll held secrets that not even he knew about Konoha. It held many clan jutsu and other goodies. As a person who trained with Sarutobi, he knew the time to add onto the scroll was drawing near. If that's the case then that means he should be able to retrieve it. From his spies he heard that Konoha had tightened up on their security. That meant the security will be buffed when the scroll comes out. It was only a minor setback.

"My Lord, you have requested me."

The man kneeled in front of the Hebi Sannin. Orochimaru smiled a sinister smile as an idea popped into his head. The man meant very little to nothing to Orochimaru. He was a useless pawn. "Ah yes, I have what you seek. But if you want it, you must do something for me. "

"Of course Orochimaru-sama! What is that you ask of your most loyal shinobi?"

Orochimaru inwardly laughed. This man thinks he is his most loyal shinobi. Ha! He was not worth the time. But the snake needed help so why not. He gathered a few documents off of the table. He handed to the man as he spoke, "I have a very important mission for you. If you are able to complete it, you will be given the power you have worked so hard to obtain. I need you to get the forbidden scroll from the Hokage. "

The man stiffened a bit. How in the world was he supposed to get the scroll? That scroll contained so much information, that the Hokage would never just leave it out. In addition, Konoha had tightened up on security to the point he had to have proof of a mission by the Hokage. Luckily, he was sent on a mission to kill some mercenaries. He said. "Orochimaru-sama, some of the best Jonin we have could not even infiltrate its securing place. How could I do it? "

Orochimaru frowned. It would have been easier if he just killed him and used his skin. At least there would be no talking and questions. He said in a soft, menacing tone, "Use the little ones to do you dirty work. They are gullible and ever so trusting. I even helped you out on your exit strategy. In your papers, you have a mission from the Daimyo of Rice. Now you figure out how to get it to me. But let me be clear, if you were to fail".

It didn't need to be said. The man did an audible gulp. He nodded as he said, "I will not fail you, Orochimaru-sama!" In an instant the man disappeared in the swirl of leaves. As the man left in a serial of leaves, Orochimaru's assistant appeared right beside his master. He heard everything.

He said barely above a whisper, "You do know he's going to fail miserably?"

Orochimaru grinned slightly, "Of course he is. That's where you come into play. While everyone goes after that buffoon, you are going to go to the Uchiha Compound."

"What am I looking for?"

"How to unlock the third tomoe of the Sharingan"

Naruto stood in front of his door. There were some damages to it like 'demon' drunkenly written. He honestly thought that this shit had ended a while ago. He was surprised to find it was actually the citizens and not the shinobi but he digress. He sighed as he used a water jutsu to wash off the ugly graffiti off his door.

"Package for a Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto turned around to see the carrier ninja. The ninja looked the same as the rest of the carrier ninjas but Naruto could distinctly remember this one. Wait a minute wasn't he the same one that gave him the package all those years ago. Naruto said, "Were you the one that sent me the package all those years ago?"

The man said calmly, "I do not have the knowledge that you speak. Have a good one, Uzumaki-san!" The man disappeared as quickly as he arrived. Naruto huffed as he looked at the package on the ground. The first was a letter from the Academy. While interested in its contents he was more excited by the boy. It was middle sized rectangular box with seals all around it.

Muttering something incoherent, he took the package inside the house. His house was nothing to look at. It was seemingly simple. It was blue inside much to Naruto's chagrin. All was peaceful except those invisible seals that covered the walls. Naruto smiled as he remembered the day fondly when he and Orenji put it together.

Speaking of which where is Orenji? Or Zoruamaru for that matter. He searched around to see his fox companion sleeping restfully. He seemed to have had a terrible training session if he is all out of chakra. He poured some more into him causing his breaths to be calmer. That solved one problem.

So where was Orenji? Naruto looked around to see that the orange snake was nowhere to be found. 'That's weird. He normally works nights. Maybe he's looking for me.' Naruto wandered around looking in the house until he saw the scroll on the table. He recognized the signing signature to be Orenji's. 'I wonder what he left me. It's probably some new techniques. Good! I need to her stronger. I will be damned to ever be put in that position again. Then again I can finally use my blade in actual battle. '

Naruto was too deep into his thoughts to notice Zoruamaru had woken up. The fox was sore. He was in more pain than he has ever been before. As he looked at his master, he could see the red aura that outline his existence. That's when all of the memories flooded his mind. That power it was blood thirsty, lustful, and hate filled. He hated every moment of it. It felt tainted. It was not normal to become a mutated fox like monster. It made him sick to his stomach. His biggest problem was he didn't know what caused it. He watched his master open the scroll.

It read:

Dear Naruto,

By the time you read this, it will be too late to stop me. For the past few years, you have been one of my brightest spots. You have essentially became my son. Your powers have grown exponentially since I first met you. You are growing into someone who will change the world.

Unfortunately, we were not able to save the world of the snakes. I had failed my clansmen as much as I have you. The supposed civil war had fizzled. They found the rebels and eviscerated anyone who went against Manda. I am one of the few left who can fight against him. He has taken it into his own hands to murder my dear wife.

I cannot forgive him.

As I have always said, there is a difference between justice and revenge. Justice can only exist if it is tempered with mercy. His crimes against his own clansmen cannot be tolerated! He will die by my hands and my hands alone.

I'm telling you this not for your forgiveness but empathy. I must set out on my new mission. I have failed my mission in bringing him into justice. Now he has taken from me the love of my life and I haven't even heard from my children. I must leave Naruto-kun. The likelihood of my survival is to none. This might be our final goodbye.

I want you to know a few things. First, you are going to be an amazing shinobi. You won't have to hold back on all of your abilities. Be careful, who you trust. People are after their own agendas. Protect and work with Zoruamaru. While we may have fought with lessons and other things, he was an extension of me as you are to him.

I hope one day we will be able to see each other again. I know it's hard to understand. I wish I could full explain why I must do this. Just like always. I am asking you to trust me as I trust you. I have set up a regiment for you for the next few months for you to work on. I believe in you Naruto-kun. I believe in Zoruamaru. I cannot wait to see how much you develop. Maybe one day I will show you my children and we will live in harmony. Keep the dream alive.



Naruto shook as the tears fell freely from his eyes. Orenji meant more to him than most people. He was not human but he was the father figure he never had. He went through many of his milestones. He was there for the good times and the bad times. He was there when Naruto's first bloodline showed. He helped pay for the bills to the house. He was the mentor to his best friend Zoruamaru. He was supposed to see them become shinobi Damnit! Why! It didn't have to be this way!

Naruto screamed as the emotional terror filled his body. He dropped the scroll as he walked away from Zoruamaru. Zoruamaru felt the depression of his master. This has been an emotional roller coaster that he has never seen or felt before. He walked over to the scroll to see what made his master act this way. It took a few moments for Zoruamaru to read the troubling contents of the letter. He felt his whole body be shaken to the core. He understood why but it was still too much to bear. Before Zoruamaru could start the grieving process, his master returned with a vengeance.

His eyes were puffy red but held a seriousness that Zoruamaru had only seen a few times. He had his blade on his side. He grabbed his armor and said, "Come on Zoruamaru. We're going to train." His voice told Zoruamaru that he was not taking a no for an answer. He nodded as he prepared himself for what he believes to be a hard practice session. As they walked out of the house, they would not realize the type of day they will have tomorrow.

The morning came quickly for the Hokage. The Hokage started his morning with a smoke. He was watching the village he loved so much. Sometimes, the best outcomes come from the worst decisions. He made some decisions that he wished he didn't. He wish he could say he was right on his thoughts. But this is the real world. Mistakes happen. People are sacrificed. All for some childish things.

He sighed as he took another puff. In an instant, one of his top operatives fell in front of him. He seemed to have had a hard time breathing. This indicated he was probably running for miles. The ANBU Operative panted as he kneeled. He did in fact run for miles. He had probably the most important news he ever had to give.

"Hokage-sama, the Sandaime Raikage is dead!"

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