E/O Challenge Word:

hold /hōld/ v. – (of a favorable condition or situation) Continue without changing.

Spoilers/Warnings: none, pre-series

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 192...an almost-double drabble

Five-card stud, deuces wild, three kings in a row; I turned that diamond deuce and smiled. I gotta go. ~ Robert Earl Keen

The rumors were true.

He was awesome.

An awesome brother; an awesome hunter; and apparently an awesome poker player.


An awesome poker player who also happened to awesomely cheat, but still...

He was awesome.

Dean resisted the urge to smile and watched as the man across from him dealt the cards; deciding he would play one more hand and then leave; would take his winnings and head back to the motel to check on his 14-year old little brother.

Dean swallowed a sigh at the thought of Sam; pleased these past couple hours in the dark backroom of a bar had already yielded enough money to pay for medicine and a few more nights at the motel but still worried about his brother.

It had been a long time since the kid had been this sick, and John hadn't answered his phone in three days.

Dean blinked away the thoughts and refocused on the game as he glanced at his cards.

"Hope your luck holds out, boy," the man beside him commented suspiciously.

Me, too, Dean thought desperately, anxious to do what had to be done and get back to Sam.