E/O Challenge Word:

hold /hōld/ v. – Keep or detain (someone).

Spoilers/Warnings: none, pre-series

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 281...an almost triple drabble

Some sunny day – when everything seems okay – you'll find out you're all alone...'cause I'll be gone. ~ Alison Krauss

"I'm not holding you up am I, honey?"

Dean shook his head, his mouth too full of pie to answer.

The waitress smiled, tucking a strand of her graying hair behind her ear as she waited for the young man to chew the massive bite he had just taken.

"There's always time for pie, ma'am," Dean politely assured her after he had swallowed and then lifted another forkful of sweet, warm pecan goodness to his lips.

"This diner is famous for our pecan pie," she told him proudly in her Southern drawl as she turned and grabbed the milk from the small fridge behind the counter. "Want some? Makes it better, I promise."

Dean nodded distractedly, wondering how something that already tasted this damn good could possibly get any better.

"Hey, Mona!" somebody yelled from the kitchen.

The waitress glanced in the direction her name was called.

"Coming!" she yelled back and winked at Dean. "Be right back, honey," she promised, setting the milk carton on the counter before disappearing behind the swinging door.

Dean watched her go; then glanced around the empty diner before his gaze lazily settled on the milk carton sitting mere inches from his hand.

From the way the carton was angled, he could see the edge of a strangely familiar photo on the back; the space usually reserved for missing kids.

Dean narrowed his eyes, dropping his fork with a clatter as he reached to fully turn the carton for a better look; his heart suddenly slamming in his chest.

Have you seen me? the caption read, and then under it...

Dean stared, completely speechless as the face of his little brother smiled back at him.