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It's a long way down

When the end is near, there's no turning back

It was quiet around them, only the Impala created a soft noise while they crossed city after city. Dean wasn't in the mood to speak to either his brother nor the angel on his backseat. Even though he knew they were damned, hope was somewhere to be found. Maybe not with them right now but possibly around on the way to their destiny. A heavy sigh escaped him. Lucifer would be right after all but there was no way he would let Sam slip away that easily.

He hadn't said "Yes" to Michael and that wasn't necessary anymore, Adam took the job, but for Sam, it was different. They had to end all of this for once and according to the plan, they had 5% of a chance to win this, the rest was depended on luck and how bad their destiny wanted them all dead. Sam would say "Yes" and invite the damn devil to wear him for the bloody prom night and he would take control over his mind and trap him inside, he could do it.
With that thought kept in mind, Dean just drove on. His gaze straight on the horrizon, which turned into a pretty bright red-golden line far in the distance.

The silence started to annoy him. It almost felt like they had given in. Sam, his head leaning against the window, staring the the dark nothingness outside. He glanced into the mirror, Castiel sat on the backseat, his head lowered and starring at his feat, as usual.
No difference at all.
That's it!, the hunter thought to himself and turned on the damn radio. Some news about missing people, murder and burning schools didn't change the mood to any better. Growling to himself he was about to turn it off when finally the man introduced the next artist and a song started to play.

"Come on in son have a seat don't mind the screams, don't mind the heat."

How fitting, he let it play along even though the lyrics felt like they were written on his bones.
He knew the song well enough to know what it was about. What a coincident! It just felt so appropriate for what they were going to witness, if they couldn't stop this damn war, the world would burn like hell on earth.

"Did ya think son after what you've done, the Lord would let you slide?"

Tipping his fingers on the wheel to the catchy rhythm of the song and moving his lips to the lyrics, he kept driving. When the refrain started Dean couldn't controll himself anymore.
He turned the radio up and started to sing along.
"Welcome to hell!" he bursted out, making Sam jerk up in a straight position. Castiel didn't bother looking up and kept staring down, depressed at the thought this would seriously be the last time they're spending together. He got so used to it he couldn't imagine the end, not just yet. Dean didn't bother watching over to neither of them and just kept singing a little lower than before nearly mumbling.
"Right where you belong." Narrowing his eyes and tightening his grip on the wheel. Letting out his anger and sadness in that damn song he started to sing a little louder again, just to relieve a bit of stress and to cheer himself up.
"I don't know what you've been told but there ain't no virgins here!" he glanced into the mirror and met Castiels eyes for a brief second before he shook his head and smiled wickedly. As the refrain was about to start again he opened his mouth and exhaled.
"Welcome to hell!" Sam joined him into his singing, making the older Winchester stumble for a second and looking to his brother who just bursted out singing. His confused look met with his brothers quite upbeat face and a bright smile grew on Deans face, widening as he turned his head back to the street and rejoined him.
"Welcome to hell!" both of them knowing the meaning but didn't care right now. The song was just catchy. Sam didn't knew the lyrics too well but he tried to keep up with his brother. Doing this together, at least once. There wasn't much time left to spend moments together anyways, so rather do something than staring holes into the landscape.
"Your final sin got you in" Oh Dean knew the song and didn't even thought about stopping anytime soon. It felt right. Some people even said, singing was an act of relieving ones soul and to confess to yourself, others just thought it was annoying for the people around, especially when your voice sounded like a cat on fire.
Preparing themselfs for the refrain again they took a deep breath in and started over again.
"Welcome to hell!" Both Winchesters flinched as they heard the pretty deep but powerful voice behind them. Castiel had joined them but as he felt the gaze of the brothers he went quite again, feeling kind of trapped by their gaze. When he looked up again he met Sams grinning face and Deans cheerful smile. They turned around again and sang along, obviously being fine with his voice joining them.
"You did the crime now you'll do the time right where you belong!" they rocked on even banging their heads a little. Sam played air guitar on the keyboard, Castiel swayed to the music and Dean drummed the rhythm onto the steering wheel. Losing it.

"Welcome to hell!"
The three man grew louder even more and the voice in the radio wasn't audible anymore, just the beat. All the fear, the feature, hell, it was gone. All they knew was this moment would last for now. This damn song united them and brought unknown strength up from the bottom of nowhere. "And now your ass is mine." Dean yelled grinning like a maniac and making Castiel grin back at him, leaning back into the backseat, still wiggling his feat.
As the song reached its end, the mood vanished with it. Their singing died away quietly and the man in the radio took control over his song again.

"Welcome to hell, boy!"

"You're... gonna love it." Dean lowered his voice. Sam and Castiel already stopped singing a while ago. The song faded away and it felt like their strength died with it. Leading his attention back to the street and the way infront of them. The Impala getting them closer to their destination. The sun rose higher and turned the sky in front of them into a red burning sight. Maybe on another day it would've been beautiful but for them, it felt like the sky would mock them even more. Sam had rested his head back onto the cool window and Castiel did the same. The radio remained silent and only a silent whirring exceeded from it. They were out of reach. No turning back now. As the buildings of the arranged city came in view, the sky made it looked like it was already burning and turning into dust. Sweet illusion, Dean muttered to himself, nothing of his enthusiam left. Pressing down the pedal and increasing their speed. Bringing them closer to their possible death. A last faint smile crossed his face before it vanished into a stern, blank gaze.

"Welcome to hell."

End of the road.