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My hopes go up, then skydive down

Casey and I didn't wake up late that morning, we got up a half hour early, cautious and quiet. We walked down fully dressed together, made pancakes and drove to school, arriving 5 minutes early. I spent those five minutes pacing, while Casey watched each and every person run up the steps to meet friends. My hopes were up, high, until a red convertable pulled up and out stepped Maleah and Max. My hopes skydived right back down.

It's like my hope that they wouldn't come flew up in one of those planes, but the plane crashed, and they had to skydive down. So now, my hopes were lower than the earth's core. I could tell Casey's were too, as Maleah stepped out of the driver's seat in a jean mini skirt, (and I mean mini) a red v-necked shirt, (and I mean v-necked) red pumps, (man, did they pump up) dark sunglasses, and her hair was straightened, it had a bump-it, and her bangs were pulled back. Not only that, but she had enough makeup on to paint all the buildings in Santa Martina. Max was wearing a button up shirt with the top few buttons undone, and dark, sagging jeans.

Casey and I exchanged expressions of bewilderment. Maleah strided up to us, swinging her hips naturally, ignoring all the exploring eyes of the boys and wolf whistles. Except Casey of course. She stopped when she reached us, Max a few inches behind her. "Well," She began, pulling her glasses down to her nose, and looking at us over them with her red, manicured nails. "How about now, Acosta." She took a few steps closer, pressing her body against his, "Now do you still wanna date her?" She tossed me a look of disgust, "Or would you like to go out with me?" I rolled my eyes.

This was getting stupid.

I stepped in front of her and pushed her back, "Look, alright, just because you wear extremely short skirts, high heels, and put on enough makeup to paint all the buildings in California, it doesn't mean Casey's gonna change his mind." Casey slid one hand on either side of my waist,

"She's right. I'm not." He pulled me closer to him, but I pulled back and twirled around on him,

"And you, don't even get me started. You can be just as much as a jerk sometimes, I can't even believe you!" I screamed, twirled on my heel and stormed up the steps to my class. Everyone began to talk excitedly when Casey ran after me, but it was too late. I swirved around corners, avoiding everyone, until I got to the back door, where I shoved it open, still so mad I didn't notice where I was going.

A hand wrapped a cloth around my mouth, and before I could stop myself, I breathed in the clorophom and was knocked out.

I lifted my heavy eyelids to find myself nestled into someone's warm arms. It was dark, and a bit scary. I pulled myself out of Casey's arm, but the minute the door opened letting in a ray of light, I climbed right back in them. He moaned and pressed a hand against his forehead, the door snapped back shut and I kissed Casey's lips, "C-Ca-seyy...I'm scared." I whispered. He wrapped his arms around me, and soothingly rubbed circles in my back.

"It's okay, baby. I promise, I'll get you out of here no matter what it takes." He sat upright, leaned his back against the wall, and pulled me into his lap.

"Oh, really? You'll get her out of here, huh? I'd love to see you try!" I yelped and pressed myself closer against Casey. His arms tightened, and he began to rock me back and forth repedidly. The voice continued to speak, "Now, listen. No shenanagins, meaning no trying to escape, no playing tricks, and try to scream and I'll duct tape your mouths closed and lock you in seperate rooms. Clear?" He didn't wait for us to answer, just continued straight on, "I thought so, besides, we'll have a great time together." He laughed evilly, then I relized that even if I couldn't see, he was right next to us. Suddenly cold, hard fingers brushed my bangs back, and I winced. That wasn't Casey. He laughed again, and Casey shoved him, hard.

The man stopped laughing and brought his hand across Casey's face, making the exact sound I expected, 'Slap!' Then he left, making sure to lock the door tight behind him. I caressed Casey's cheek, "Casey?" He assured me he was okay, and held me tight against him, letting me fall deep into sleep.

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