CHAPTER 7: Beautiful Heroes

As if there's no such thing as a perfectionist gamer.

The first PSP explosion does happen. A few days later, another. Sabin's energy is multiplying and starting to destroy stuff. The damages must be contained and the source must be stopped. Charlie's mad scientists inform him of the crisis and are begging Charlie to stop further production and have the video game recalled. Charlie refuses.

"No way! I finally get to play the perfect game, the way I want it, and not be disappointed. And I love Sabin! He is awesome!"

That gives Dr. Scientist an idea.

He develops intergalactic space travel and warp drive within a week, and then rockets Sabin over to personally speak to Charlie.

Dr. Scientist escorts Sabin out of the pod and into a building where they head down an echo-y hall and into a small room that resembles an interrogation room.

Sabin really does look awesome and majestic. Big biceps, triceps, deltoids, pecs, and glutes. A little bit of muted sparkle tumbles downward in the air around where he stands (just like Healen Lodge in Advent Children).

Charlie opens his eyes to the unbelievable sight before him. His lower lip starts to tremble. Tears well up. All the sensations in his body instantly migrate to his heart and together perform a backwards heave, if there is such a thing.

The inner assault on his being is met with a desperate fight to produce words for his beautiful hero.

"You came. Even though you're about to break. That's a good sign. So, why'd you come?"

Dr. Scientist and Sabin exchange confused looks, hoping one or the other knows what Charlie is talking about. Then the scientist scribbles some words on a notepad, hands it to Sabin, and signals him to just play along with it.

Sabin looks up at the ceiling and lets out a sharp exhale. "I think… I want to be forgiven. Yeah. More than anything."

"By whom?"

"Oh come on! This is ridiculous. Wasn't I supposed to get him to recall the game and stop the insanity?"

Dr. Scientist cuts off Sabin's ranting. "Wait, wait, this is good now… don't you see? He wants you to forgive yourself."


"You are responsible for this crisis, ne? You're pretty lucky he's so wise and compassionate and wants to handle this peacefully. If I were CEO I'd lose it. I'd have you beaten to a pulp, thrown in jail, and the universe would still be doomed by your explosive digital likenesses."

"Hey, hey, now, no- what are you guys thinking? It's the other way around. You and Charlie and all of Charlie Corp. did this. Those are your exploding creations out there."

"You're right…" Charlie wistfully looks upward with a peace and calm about him.

"It's only a matter of time before digi!Sabin consumes all the energy in the universe. That's why I'm going to protect it. Only a survivor of the Cetra, like me, can do it."

Charlie turns and walks a distance toward the door. He turns back to face Sabin. "The secret is just up here." He shakes his head. "At least it should be. ...I feel it. It feels like I'm being led by something." He cocks his head to one side and waves, cutely, femininely, childishly, to Sabin. "Then, I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over."

"He's possessed!" Dr. Scientist remarks.

"He's possessed?"

"He's possessed by the ghost of Aerith Gainsborough! That's straight from the original script! She saved Gaia and now she's going to help us save the Universe! Hoo hoo!"

"Do you mean that pink-dress chick from Dissidia 12? That's just a fictional story."

"Duh, dumbass. I'm talking about Final Fantasy 7, a true story from planet Gaia."

"Final Fantasy? Sounds like the title of a soap opera or a porno."

"You live in the Final Fantasy galaxy, you nitwit! Heh… I'll bet you've read the new magazine called The Milky Way Letters."

"What of it? …I mean NO! No, I haven't…"

"It comes from the Milky Way galaxy. The one I live in. Don't tell me you don't like all those nekkid girly photos."


"Our galaxies have been exchanging stories and information for many years now. Only Planet Gaia has intergalactic technology in your galaxy, and provides for the rest of the planets. Your planet just enjoys the benefits. And it's all for entertainment purposes, or, 'for cultural enrichment,' as Charlie Corp. puts it."

"And look how that all worked out. Let Charlie-slash-Aerith take care of the problem. I'm outta here."

"Sorry, but you're still not off the hook. Miss Gainsborough is going to save the universe from the current threat, but unless you can get Charlie to recall the game, the exponentially expanding explosions will start again and it will be all for naught!"

A polite knock knock knock summons their attention...

"Who is it?"

A/N: Currently I do not have another chapter in the works. It's writers' block. What should happen next? How should it end? Charlie wants Sabin, Dr. Scientist, Chuck Norris, and himself high-fiving and ascending into heaven. How would I reach that point from where I left off? I don't even like that ending. Sorry, Charlie, but I'm opening this up to suggestions.