A/N I think it was agreed that this needed a part 2, if for no other reason than to make sure poor Rose was able to get to a bathroom! And though not originally intended to be more than humor, a bit of sentimentality managed to creep into this. *sigh* I just can't help it with these two. I'll give a slight warning for a shared shower scene, but it's not explicit.

The next Ten/Rose story unrelated to this series that I'm in the process of drafting is shaping up to take a little longer than originally planned, so in the meantime there may be a few more short fics for this series yet to come.

Rose had not heard another word spoken by the Doctor since she'd dumped her blue banana juice on his head. He'd just pulled an impossibly-long handkerchief from his pocket and went about silently cleaning himself off as best he could. He had deserved it, she told herself.

She briefly cut her eyes over to him before looking away. Maybe she did have a justifiable reason for being upset, but Rose was starting to feel a little guilty, too. It was just that she'd had a flash of anger that had been building from this whole ridiculous predicament, and sometimes those emotional burst were lately hard to suppress.

"I'm sorry," she finally offered quietly.

The Doctor put on a neutral tone, not wanting to tip the scale further if she had any residual anger. "No, no. That's alright. I'm sure I deserved it."

Oh, now he was going to be understanding and make her feel even worse. Rose looked over at him and felt another flash of guilt. Maybe he was a little insatiable at the moment which had now caused their current problem, but he was right when he'd said she'd never complained about his insatiability before. Quite the opposite, in fact. And throughout this pregnancy he had been the most attentive, caring and concerned a man could possibly be. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't make her feel adored. And even now, after she'd just dumped a glass full of blue liquid on his head, he'd taken it without complaining. Much. A few pained sighs did escape him.

Maybe it just proved all the more that her moods were in flux, but Rose found she loved him just a little more right in this moment, irritation now aside. The least she could do was help him clean up. Rose scooted around to face him, kneeling beside his outstretched legs as she took the handkerchief from his hands. He just watched her with wide brown eyes, no doubt a little wary as he played it safe by remaining silent. Rose started to run the cloth down the side of his face, but paused as she took time to look at him properly in this current state. The blue liquid was drying into a clear sheen on his skin, from the sides of his face, down his neck and disappearing beneath his collar. She lifted her eyes to his hair, which was sticking up even higher than usual and also glistening. And he smelled deliciously like bananas. And she was craving bananas. Very, very much.

Rose couldn't help it. She needed to taste him. Moving to straddle his lap, she tossed the handkerchief aside and dove for his face, using a much better method for cleaning him: her tongue.

"Rose?" he squeaked, as the flat of her tongue trailed across his cheek. "W-what are you doing?"

"Helping clean you up," she mumbled against his skin, now moving down his throat.

"Ah, y-yes. And not that I'm complaining about your method in the least, but in case you haven't noticed – and I'm sure you have if my dripping head is any indication – I haven't exactly had very much control lately. And I am really trying very, very, very hard to control myself right now, but if you keep this up..."

Rose pulled back enough to look into his eyes. "Don't want you to have control," she whispered.

He swallowed hard. "But I thought you were..."

Rose sighed. "Angry? Yeah, I was. But I also love you..." She undid his tie and loosened the first button of his collar. "And want you..." She licked the exposed indentation of the hollow of his throat. "And need you. Always have and always will. And this is a very private cell with a very solid door..."

The Doctor was extremely proud of himself for managing to hold on to a shred of control. He needed to be clear about this before there was no stopping him. "So...so right here, right now, like this?"

Rose wiggled down firmly on his lap, and the Doctor's eyes rolled back as he groaned. "What do you think?" she whispered seductively.

"I think I should just stop thinking and start doing. My higher mental faculties aren't functioning at full capacity at the moment anyway."

The Doctor's lips dove to hers. He tasted, suckled, nibbled and teased her bottom lip before darting past and into her mouth. Rose moaned and sank her fingers into his gorgeous, sticky hair.

"I've been waiting a lifetime for this!" he spoke between kisses as his fingers triumphantly reached the zipper on her dress.

Rose giggled, and then gasped in surprise as the door to the cell opened right at that exact moment.

Rose had broken free from his mouth, but he refused to relinquish his hold around her and nearly screamed at being interrupted again. "Ignore them and they'll go away!" he pleaded as his lips sought hers again.

The green creature cleared its deep throat, and Rose brought her hand between their lips and insisted the Doctor stop as she slid off his lap, blushing at having been found in this rather compromising position. She was just thankful the Doctor hadn't gotten any further with her zipper.

The Doctor was panting hard, his eyes closed tight. He really didn't know if he could survive one more interruption.

"Your sentence has been reduced," the Booshlian creature announced.

"But that's not fair!" the Doctor cried, his eyes flying open. "Where's the justice in that? We committed a grave crime!"

Rose's eyes went wide and she shook her head frantically. "He doesn't know what he's saying! He's suffering from...well...he's suffering. But we're very grateful that you're going to let us go early." She shot him a desperate look. "Aren't we, Doctor? Don't you want to get back to the TARDIS, with no interruptions?"

The Doctor recovered a bit of his sanity. "Yes. Um...yes. Quite right. And...thank you. Even though you had to interrupt us to deliver the news." His teeth clenched a little as he spoke that last bit.

"This is not being done for your benefit," the creature grated out. "Your hideous blue craft has defiled our Sacred Fountain long enough, and it is becoming a disgrace to the entire city. You are to remove it at once and not return."

The Doctor stood to his feet, his eyes flashing and voice incensed. "Hideous? Hideous! You call the TARDIS hideous, but have you even taken a good look at that ridiculous fountain? Being adorned by the TARDIS is the best thing that's ever happened to it!"

Rose quickly stood to her feet beside him, clamping a hand over his mouth. "Like I said, he's not been well. But what he means to say is that he has the utmost adoration and respect for Booshly and its Sacred Fountain, don't you Doctor?"

The Doctor slowly nodded his head, her hand still clamped over his mouth.

"Very well," the creature grudgingly accepted. "Now leave here at once."

"Oh, before we go," Rose quickly spoke up, sounding a little desperate, "if you could just show me to the nearest loo..."

"There is a facility within your cell," he replied. A small green button on the wall behind them was then pushed, a panel sliding open to reveal a bathroom.

"It was there all along," Rose gasped.

"Oh, now I remember!" the Doctor said with a grin. "The brilliant little green button. Not that I've been imprisoned here before, mind you. But I remember hearing..."

Rose just groaned and made a beeline for the loo.


The first thing the Doctor did upon reaching the TARDIS was park them safely back in the Tyler guest bedroom. Rose checked their location herself just to be sure. She'd learned the hard way not to be too careful.

The second thing he did was remove his tuxedo jacket from the TARDIS' console and heave it to the floor in disdain, claiming all of this was to be blamed on the Tuxedo of Doom. It certainly wasn't his fault.

The third thing he did (and this came with a little trepidation because each time he touched it, something went horribly wrong) was not to lower the zipper on Rose's dress, but to rip it off the garment entirely, making certain it would never come between him and Rose again.

With those three necessities taken care of, their passion resumed with fervor and only met with a hitch when Rose's fingers got stuck in his still-sticky hair.

"I think," Rose murmured into his mouth that was currently doing exquisite things to hers, "that someone needs a shower."

"Mmm," was his only response as his lips left her mouth and began devouring her neck.

"And since it's my fault that your sticky self is currently in need of a shower, it's only fair that I help," she continued, now breathless as his clever tongue continued to work its magic on her flesh.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes, his voice a low rumble. "That is only fair, isn't it? And I am a firm believer in fairness."

Their clothes left a scattered trail from the console room to the en-suite, nothing left separating them by the time they reached the shower.

Rose took her slow time, meticulously washing his hair and enjoying the sensual massage of his scalp almost as much as he did as she ran her fingers through the thick lathered strands.

The frantic desperation the Doctor had been feeling all night settled to a slow yet insistent drive that afforded him the patience to take his time adoring every inch of the woman he loved. The Doctor decided Rose was in need of some thorough lathering herself, and he caressed every inch of her slick skin as he smoothed the frothy bubbles over her flesh. He went to his knees in front of her, the spray of water cascading down his back as he slowly caressed circles over the rounded softness of her expanding belly, mesmerized yet again by what they had created.

"You are so, so gorgeous, Rose," he breathed out, his breath hitching as he spoke.

Rose blushed a little under his intense scrutiny and glanced away. "I'm getting fat, is what," she corrected with a slight chuckle.

He was on his feet an instant later, shaking his head vehemently. "Our child is growing, just exactly as he should, and you are only taking my breath away more and more each day. Gorgeous doesn't even come close to how I see you."

Rose just stared at him for a second. "Blimey, why can't all blokes be like you?"

He smirked. "You know the answer to that, Rose. There has never been, nor will there ever be another like me." His eyes fell back down to her belly as his hands did the same, fingers stroking softly. His voice was barely audible now. "It's just that this is..." He shook his head slightly and briefly closed his eyes. "Having children was never anything like this for me, Rose. I've never experienced it in this way before. Never. And then seeing you like this...it just...makes me want you constantly, again and again."

Rose cupped his wet cheek and kissed him softly. Lips parted and tongues met, slow and unrushed. But with each stroke, each taste, the need for more steadily intensified.

With her belly still small enough for this particular maneuver, the Doctor turned and carefully braced Rose against the wall for support as he lifted her slightly in his arms and finally, finally satisfied the craving for both of them.



Rose lay curled into the Doctor's side in bed, languidly running her foot up and down the Doctor's lower leg, feeling the soft hairs tickle her toes. "So...," she purred, nuzzling her nose into the side of his neck. "Making love in the shower – that was number 24 on your list, wasn't it?"

He hummed happily in the back of his throat. "You remember my list."

She lifted herself up on an elbow, looking down at him. "How could I forget? You burned it into my mind over the course of dinner."

The Doctor framed her face with his hands and drew her down to his mouth, kissing her soundly. "That was the plan," he huskily replied.

Rose smiled seductively and traced a finger along his jaw, down his neck, across his chest. "Speaking of your list...I was thinking that maybe we could fulfill number ten while we're at it."

His smile grew wide, brown eyes sparkling and simultaneously smoldering. "I'll go get the bananas."